Ways to Interact With Your Newborn

Playing with your baby is the happiest thing and interacting with him/her is the most important thing for their development. Initially, your baby may not respond to you, but regular interaction will make him/her feel secure and comfortable. Then, your baby will start showing interest, and this helps develop a bond between you and your baby.

Ways to Interact With a Newborn

1. Try to maintain eye contact.

Always try to maintain eye contact with your child as it develops a bond. The baby will start feeling comfortable with you, which is very important for newborns. From here, their visual skills develop

2. Make some sounds.

One of the easiest ways of interaction with babies is by making sounds. Make some funny sounds to entertain them and repeat their coos to grab their attention. Clapping in front of them or singing a song can immediately make them look at you.

3. Show some objects and explain.

While changing diapers and at the time of massage, show some dark-coloured object in the middle of the session and explain and talk to your baby. This helps the baby develop learning and listening skills.

4. Give them skin to skin touch.

Infants may interact with many people other than the mother in their daily life, but they feel more comfortable with their mothers. Feeding, massaging, dressing your baby are some more ways to develop the bond with your baby. Comfort comes through the mother’s touch; it differentiates you from other people. So, giving skin to skin touch is one of the best ways of interaction.

5. Hold them and give a smile.

The first and second month-old infants don’t respond much, but from the third month, babies start showing interest in humans. So, if you hold your baby and smile at him/her slowly, your child gets habituated to the actions and starts responding to your smile.

While all of this can help you develop a bond with your child, make sure to know your baby’s interest to play and interact with him/her accordingly.

Yes, babies may cry in the middle of a fun activity. It happens when they lose interest, and there will be many reasons to cry. Having too much fun may also irritate them; they may get tired or feel sleepy. Therefore, comfort them according to their interest, and while you are doing it, you will be developing a strong bond with your little one.

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