How to Make Your Baby Brainy and Smart

How to Make Your Baby Brainy and Smart in All Ways

I am sharing a few words about my daughter’s activities of brain development in 1 year 3 months.

When she was 1.3 years old, she started putting rings in the cone accurately from biggest to smallest. (Motor skills). Then I started buying some brain development activities for 2-year-old baby for developing cognitive development. She used to do these kinds of toys in 1.5 years itself. For making her smart from the age of 6 months itself I started showing her black and white contrast videos for visual development and showing some right brain education videos. And also giving brain development foods like walnuts, almonds, broccoli, etc. That’s giving my daughter a good result.

Now my baby is just 1.7 years old. But she is saying more 50 words and she is playing tangram puzzle on mobile which is placing correct shapes in right place. For developing brain activities I bought stacking cups, nuts and bolts, puzzle ball, pegging game, pipe cleaners, wooden tangram, wooden shapes, wooden fruits, vegetable, wild animals, ABC, etc.

For developing her creativity, I used to buy clay and finger paint. For entertainment, I used to buy drums, xylophone, piano etc.

In phone, I used to show spark abilities, olives word, cocomelon rhymes. And also making her reading practices, I used to buy brown bear, hungry caterpillar books. For numerical ability, I used to buy beat maze, abacus beats, sakaro geometry etc.

Usually, I take my child out for play area for swing, slide, climbing. She loves to play these things. And she tried to swim in the kids pool. There also she was trying to push her legs in the right manner.

These activities also make her more enjoyable. If we search brain development activities for babies online, you will find many things. But you should be aware of choosing things for the baby. I usually search international baby development activities pages. I am eager to give more activities to her.

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