Tips to Feed Your Baby During the Summer

In the hot months of summers, babies and kids don’t eat properly. Sometimes, they refuse to eat completely. And it can be a real struggle for parents to get their children to eat anything. If your little one does not eat properly, you need not worry. There is no need to concern yourself if your kiddo is drinking milk daily. But if you want to make sure that your baby’s nutritional requirements are met, here is what you can do.

Try the tips mentioned below to make sure that your child stays healthy and eats properly.

  1. Make sure your baby drinks plenty of water.
  1. Stress more on liquid food items like buttermilk, fresh fruit juices like apple, mausambi, or watermelon juice.
  1. Give freshly prepared smoothies of mangoes and bananas to your little one. Always give smoothies or shakes in transparent glasses so that your baby will be attracted by the colour and won’t fuss.
  1. Feed your baby when you are having your own food.
  1. Do not feed the same food every day, else your baby will develop an aversion for that food. For example, if you give dal to your baby regularly, do not include dal in his diet for a day or two and include something else. Make the food look appealing so that your little one is tempted to eat it.
  1. Sattu is one of the healthiest options which you can give to your baby in the hot months of summer.
  1. If your baby does not like to have plain water then you can give flavoured water like boiled water with saunf and mishri. Saunf is very good for the tummy.
  1. Bottle gourd or lauki is also very good in summers. It cools down the liver. You can make lauki soup with a spoonful of oats and add a pinch of black pepper. It tastes yummy.

Lastly, don’t lose patience if your baby is not having his meals. Make regular efforts to feed him. Don’t lose hope. Feeding him even one to two teaspoons of his meal would be helpful and gradually, he will start eating more.

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