Natural Ways and Foods to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Natural Ways and Foods to Increase Breast Milk Supply

Breast milk contains nutrients that help develop the brain and the overall growth of the newborn. Decreased breast milk supply will make the new mom worry a lot as your baby likes to feed often. This is so because Breast milk is digested quickly. However, this does not mean that you are not producing adequate milk.
While breastfeeding, it is also essential to check whether the baby has latched on properly; sometimes, when your baby doesn’t latch properly, they refuse to feed. Today, we have a list of foods and a few simple methods that can help you increase your breast milk supply.

Foods That Increase Breast Milk:
1. Garlic
2. Green Leafy Vegetables
3. Sesame seeds (til)
4. Fenugreek Seeds
5. Oatmeal
6. Drumsticks
7. Carrots
8. Milk
9. Salmon

Methods to increase breast milk supply: 

Try using a Warm Compress: low blood circulation in the breasts is the main reason behind inadequate breast milk supply. If you feel this, you can use a warm compress on your breast before feeding sessions to increase the blood supply. Or pour some warm water over your breast while taking a bath; this will help to increase breast milk supply.

Avoid pacifiers and bottles: Pacifiers and bottles can lead to nipple confusion. Your baby may find it hard to latch on to your breast if they are used to sucking from bottles. You must give your baby only breast milk and avoid any other type of foods till they attain six months of age.

If you find a decreased breast milk supply, don’t stop breastfeeding and make your baby latch correctly. Breastfeeding 8 to 12 times a day can enhance milk production significantly. You can also try Shatavari powder( satavarex) in milk.

Staying hydrated is essential to improve milk production, so remember to drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Happy parenting!

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