Has Infertility Hijacked Your Life? - Be Hopeful, Miracles Do Happen!!

Has Infertility Hijacked Your Life? – Be Hopeful, Miracles Do Happen!!

Firstly we need to believe that God values every human life. He creates and plans for every birth, So we need to be strong. Everything comes to us at the right moment. Be patient!?

The main culprit behind our problem is that we start focusing our entire life on Infertility. This leads to emotional stress and depression, especially in ladies. I really don’t mean to say you should ignore infertility but I only want people dealing with this problem to understand that there are many ways to handle feeling this way.

Please don’t feel guilty for what you have not done. Waiting to have kids is not wrong but getting yourself into depression and stress is not the way to live your life. It may seem easy for me to write all this and difficult to understand the situation of the person but I’m only trying to motivate people around me who are suffering from this problem because “One in every eight couples experience this problem”.

I literally saw my sister-in-law crying whenever she got to know that someone is pregnant or the news that someone had a baby. I don’t think I’m really that big with a brave heart to cope with such a problem. I completely understand that it is 100% normal to behave like this in such a situation especially when you are going through the same problem for years….

People still don’t understand what the person goes through, how emotional and how difficult it is to overcome such a problem and be strong enough in front of everyone. By God’s grace, my sis-in-law is now blessed with a baby girl and I can see the happiness on her face every day! I actually know how the little angel has become her life. May God bless them ?

So do not worry and keep thinking about it day and night. Leave everything up to God because he has planned everything for us and maybe he has something better in store for you.

Truly said by Robert H Schuller: Let your hopes, not your hurts shape your future!!!

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