Beautiful Journey Towards Being New Parents and Embracing Parenthood for the First Time

I still clearly remember that moment when I saw my baby’s face and heard him crying. It was a mesmerizing experience and there is nothing else that can compare. After going through more than 15 hours of birth pangs, I saw him, and he immediately stole my heart. All the memories of the throbbing pain that I had experienced earlier disappeared within a fraction of a second. All I was able to focus on was those tiny little feet, hands, eyes and cute little nose.

And now that he is 20 months old, I look back and am grateful for all those newborn parenting days. These days made me patient, stronger than ever and have thrown a light on that side of my personality (motherhood), which I would have never experienced had it not been for him. Here he is running all over the house shouting “Mumma, Mumma!” and “Daddy Daddy!”. This transition from being a happy couple to new parents has made our relationship stronger than ever.

With the news of his arrival, my husband and I were on cloud nine and at the same time were a bit worried about the responsibilities and the impact this new change was going to make on our lives. Then came the regular gynaecologist visits, few medical tests, captivating ultrasounds, food cravings, food restrictions, baby shower and few sleepless nights.

It was Saturday, June 9, 2018 when our little monster arrived in this beautiful world. His arrival also marked the beginning of our sleepless nights with our charming night owl. Those late night feeds, diaper changing sessions, burping spells, swaddling, those cuddles, cute little smiles, crankiness, etc. became an everyday affair. Our parents and other elders in the family had their own concepts about parenting a newborn which were bombarded on us one by one. Though this newborn parenting phase felt to be never-ending, eventually the sleepless nights turned into comparatively better nights. Our little one went on to a solid diet, the baby rolls turned into crawls and the crawls into tiny little steps. The vague sounds are now turning into meaningful words. This journey with our baby till now has been filled with varied moments of joy, excitement, happiness, exhaustion, irritation, etc. But despite all this we look forward to all those unexplored stages of his growth and development.

When we think of it now, the entire journey of parenthood feels to be a miracle.

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