Top 70 Jamaican Girl Names With Meanings

70 Unique Jamaican Baby Names for Girls

Nestled in the Carribean Sea, the country of Jamaica is known for its people and their lively nature. Therefore, when it comes to choosing baby girl names, it needs to be reflective of their culture. New ones and classics, these Jamaican girl names will bring a smile on the parent’s face and pride when your little princess grows up.

70 Popular Jamaican Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Here is our list of popular Jamaican girl names that you must consider:

1. Aayla

Aayla is a lovely Arabic name that means ‘top of the mountain.’

2. Abigay

Abigay is a beautiful gender neutral name which means ‘father of rejoicing’ or ‘the joy or happiness of Yahweh’. It is also the Jamaican version of Abigail. 

3. Alvita

Alvita is a lovely Latin name for baby girls that means ‘lively’.

4. Amancia

Amancia is a beautiful girly name of Jamaican origin. It means ‘someone who loves unconditionally’. 

5. Amelia

It is an Islamic name that refers to someone ‘diligent and hardworking.’ The sound and the meaning of the name are impressive.

6. Amancia

This name has a Jamaican origin. It means ‘someone who loves unconditionally.’ It is a sweet-sounding name for your lovely daughter.

7. Amoy

It is a popular Jamaican first name for girls. It means ‘a beautiful Goddess.’

8. Amy

It is a Jamaican origin name that means ‘dearly beloved and truthful.’ It is a sweet and short name.

9. Anna

It is an Arabic word that means ‘gift, full of grace.’ Wish your baby girl a life full of grace with this name.

10. Agape

It is a Jamaican name that means ‘love & affection.’ Your little bundle of joy will add to the love in your family with this name.

11. Angelia

This sweet-sounding name has a Greek origin that means ‘the messenger of God.’

12. Atalia

This Hebrew name means ‘God is praised.’ Sing the praises of Almighty by giving this name to your daughter.

13. Brianna

It is a Celtic origin name that means ‘a strong ascending woman.’ Don’t you want your daughter to be one?

14. Cedella

Cedella means a ‘beautiful princess.’ This Jamaican name is perfect for your baby girl.

15. Chandice

It has a Jamaican origin, and it means ‘one who is talented and smart.’

16. Cherry

This name has different origins, and all have beautiful meaning to it. In Jamaica, this name means ‘darling.’

17. Chloe

The name is a Jamaican name for a girl. It means ‘young green shoot.’

18. Chevelle

It is an American baby name that means ‘bold and beautiful.’ In Jamaica, the name has a different meaning ‘my God is a vow.’

19. Dale

It is an English name that means ‘living in a valley.’ This name has a sweet and lovely sound to it.

20. Dana

It is an Indian name and means ‘God is my judge.’ Everyone will appreciate this name for your daughter.

21. Delyse

Delyse is another beautiful Jamaican-origin name that means ‘delightful’. 

22. Deshane

Deshane has Jamaican roots and means ‘God is merciful’ or ‘the Lord is gracious’. 

23. Durene

Durene has both British and Nigerian roots. It means ‘everlasting’. 

24. Dymond

Dymond has ancient Norman origins, and it means ‘brilliant gem’.

25. Eralia

Eralia has Jamaican origins. It means ‘A woman who is well-spoken.’

26. Femi

Femi is a common Jamaican name for a baby girl. It means ‘God loves me.’

27. Fiorel

The name originates from Latin, and it means ‘flower.’ It is quite a beautiful name for your princess.

28. Gabrielle

It is a French name and is quite famous in Jamaica. The name translates to ‘God is my strength.’ Bless your daughter with this name.

29. Gabriella

The name Gabriella has French origin, and it means “God is our strength.” It has several variations and is quite popular in Europe.

30. Ini

This Jamaican name means ‘time.’ Let time always remain on your baby girl’s side with this name.

31. Irie

This Jamaican name refers to ‘one who believes in spreading harmony.’ It is a short name for your tiny princess.

32. Ionie

Ionie has Jamaican origins. It means ‘a violet-coloured stone.’

33. Iriye

Iriye means “cool, good, nice” or “peace, harmony”.

34. Jada

Jada is a unique feminine name, which is another variant of Jade- the precious stone. It has Arabic and Hebrew roots that mean ‘beautiful’. 

35. Jalissa

Jalissa is the name of unknown origin, and it means ‘a noble one.’ Not only does this name sound sweet, but it is also a meaningful name. Choose it for your daughter.

36. Jannah

Jannah is an Arabic name that means ‘heaven or garden of paradise.’ This name sounds different and suits your daughter.

37. Jaqweshia

Jaqweshia means half part of a queen. It is a short name for your tiny princess.

38. Jayden

Either from the name of the green stone, or from the Hebrew meaning “thankful”.

39. Jamie

It is a Christian name that means ‘one who supplants.’ Everyone will love this name.

40. Jenna

Jenna means ‘a little bird or a paradise.’ That’s precisely what your baby girl has turned your home into- a paradise.

41. Jessica

It is a famous name in Jamaica that means ‘rich, warrior, the grace of God’ whichever meaning you prefer, your daughter will love this name as she grows up.

42. Jennifer

This beautiful name originates from Jamaica, and it means ‘fair & smooth.’ Don’t you think this name will suit your daughter the most?

43. Jill

It is an old English name that means ‘youthful.’ It is another name worth considering for your daughter.

44. Jo

A rather short name but sweet nevertheless. It means ‘God is gracious.’

45. Kady

Kady is an English name that means ‘pure.’ Pure and innocent, that’s exactly how you feel when you hold her in your hands.

46. Kareela

It is an Australian name that means ‘southern wind.’ The name sounds interesting.

47. Kyndall

The name is derived from English, and it means ‘the ruler of the valley.’

48. Kenise

Kenise also has Jamaican origins; it means gorgeous or beautiful.

49. Kimona

Kimona Is an elegant and unique name having American origin. It means ‘enchanting’. 

50. Kiyana

Kiyana also has Jamaican origins. It means ‘Daylight or deity’. 

51. Ladonya

Ladonya has Jamaican roots, and it means ‘Woman Or Lady’. 

52. Lakresha

Lakresha means ‘Profit or Profitable’. It is a beautiful Jamaican baby girl’s name. 

53. Latoria

Latoria is a beautiful Jamaican name that means ‘one who is victorious’. 

54. Martisha

Martisha is a strong yet feminine name having Jamaican origin. It means ‘warlike or martial’.

55. Omnira

The name originates from Yoruba, and it means ‘liberation.’ It will be a unique name for your little princess.

56. Ora

The name is a Latin word, and it means ‘prayer or gold.’ It is a short and meaningful name for your girl.

57. Omario

It is a Jamaican derivative of Omar. It means ‘eloquent and articulate.’

58. Peta-gaye

Is an exotic Jamaican name. It means ‘blessing’. 

59. Raeni

The name is of Arabic origin that means ‘queen.’ It will suit your daughter the most.

60. Requiem

It means ‘rest.’ It is a Jamaican name that you can consider for your baby girl.

61. Ronica

It is a Jamaican name that means ‘true counsel or strong image.’

62. Sabryna

Sabryna is a popular baby girl that originates from the Roman name for the ‘Severn’, which is a river in Mid-Wales flowing into England. 

63. Shanise

Shanise is a Jamaican origin name that means ‘God of wine or Mountain of Zeus’. 

64. Tamila

Tamila is a Slavic term that means ‘languishing’. 

65. Taniyah

Taniyah is a popular Jamaican feminine name that means ‘beautiful and joyous woman’.

66. Tianna

It is a Greek name which means princess. 

67. Trinika

Trinika means pure, triad, a trio or as in the Holy Trinity.

68. Tyonna

Tyonna is the Jamaican name for ‘Princess’. It is a popular name in the Scandinavian countries. 

69. Vea 

The name Vea is primarily a female name of Spanish origin that means Seen.

70. Virtudes

Virtudes is a feminine name meaning ‘virtues’ and has a Spanish origin. It refers to the 7 Christian virtues in Spanish. 

With this, we have made your task a lot simpler by suggesting some cool Jamaican names for your baby girl. Some are funny names; others have a definite meaning attached to it. We recommend you choose a name that suits the looks and personality of your daughter. With this approach, you will find a name that not only suits your daughter but will also be admired by family and friends forever.

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