Elizabeth Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Elizabeth Name Meaning and Origin

There can is no competition for Elizabeth when it comes to classic and elegant female names that are timeless. This name is the perfect blend of sophistication and beauty, making it trendy despite its massive century-long popularity. The name, made famous by Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) in England, has not lost its appeal. It still ranks high in the top female names due to its royal and religious connotations.

What Does Elizabeth Mean?

Elizabeth is a Hebrew and Greek-origin feminine name. It is a feminine name derived from Elisheva. The biblical name is formed by combining two Hebrew words – El, meaning “God,” and Shava, meaning “oath.” The meaning of Elizabeth is “My God is my oath” or “My God is abundance.”

Due to its religious reference, Elizabeth is vastly popular with Christian parents. Elizabeth has been the popular name for many female saints and queens. It is also the name of two places: a borough in Allegheny County in Pennsylvania and ‘Elizabeth City’ located in North Carolina.


The name first appears as Elisheva in the Hebrew language in the Old Testament. Later it appears as Elisabet of Greek origin in the New Testament. Elizabeth is the variation of both these names. Elizabeth or Elisheva was the name of the wife of Aaron in the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament. In the New Testament, Elisabet was the mother of John the Baptist and the wife of the priest Zechariah.




  • eh-lee-zah-beth
  • el(i)-za-beth
  • uh-lih-zuh-beth


4 syllables


9 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Elizabeth is a biblical name, so the name is vastly popular in many cultures, languages, and ethnicities across the globe. In several languages, the name variations imply the presence of other spellings for Elizabeth. Below are some of the name variations in other languages:

Name Origin
Elisabeth Hebrew
Elisabed Georgian
Elisabeta Romanian
Elizabete Latvian
Elsbet Estonian
Isobel Scottish
Lisbet Nordic
Eilish Gaelic
Elisabeth French
Elisabetta Italian

How Popular is The Name Elizabeth?

Elizabeth is a classic female name that has always been popular. In the past 100 years, Elizabeth has been in the top 25 most popular female names in the U.S. Despite the years, the popularity of the name has never diminished, and it still ranks in the top 20 female names as per the Social Security Administration.

It was in the top 10 female names list in the U.S. from 1925 to1972. In 2000, Elizabeth as a baby name peaked at 9 in ranking, and then it kept switching while still maintaining its rank in the top 15 till 2019. In 2020 it slipped to 16th rank. Even in England, Wales, Canada, and Australia, Elizabeth has been in the top 50 girls’ names for the past decade. In Scotland and Ireland, it ranked in the top 100 popular girls’ names. In Moscow, the Russian variation ‘Elizaveta’ has been in the top 10 popular girls’ names in the past decade.

Interest in Elizabeth – Worldwide

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Search trends for Elizabeth in the last ten years show the immense popularity of the name worldwide. The popularity scale of the name has always been in the range of ’50s over the decade, reaching the range of 70 to 75 multiple times in 2017-18 and then touching upon 80s in 2020. The name achieved its largest scale of popularity at 100 in 2011.

Interest in Elizabeth – the US

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The search trends of Elizabeth in the United States are almost similar to the global search trends of the name. The name reached its highest popularity in 2011 with a popularity scale of 100. Apart from this, you can observe consistently moderate popularity across the next ten years in the range of 50s with few peaks in the following years.

The popularity of the name Elizabeth

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where is The Name Most Searched

Search trends for Elizabeth Worldwide

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As per the search statistics, Elizabeth recorded the highest interest in the past ten years in South Africa. It reached the peak popularity scale of 100 in South Africa and has been most searched in Australia, United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. The reason for its popularity in all these countries can be attributed to its royal and religious connotations.

Search trends for Elizabeth in the US

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Elizabeth shows the highest search trends in the sub-region of New Jersey, followed by Maine, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Massachusetts in generating the highest searches for Elizabeth in the US.

Middle Names That go With Elizabeth

A suitable middle name does wonders in enhancing the beauty of a name. Double names with Elizabeth have to be as elegant as the name itself to maintain its fluidity. You can choose from the below middle names that go well with Elizabeth:

Kate Joan
Avery Abigail
Catherine Mary
Evelyn Eleanor
Madison Scarlett
Grace Martha
Anne Mae
Emma Kimberley
Rose Alia
Katherine Jane



Famous People Named Elizabeth

As the name Elizabeth is hugely popular, there are numerous celebrities with the same name. This has helped the name maintain its appeal and hold its position as one of the famous girls’ names across the globe. Some of the celebrities named Elizabeth include:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous for
Elizabeth Banks Actress, Director
Elizabeth Ryan Tennis Player
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poet
Elizabeth Taylor Actress
Elizabeth Montgomery Actress
Elizabeth Fraser Scottish Singer
Elizabeth Strout Writer
Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom
Elizabeth Gillies American Broadway actress
Elizabeth Warren American Politician

Similar Names & Last Names

As the name Elizabeth is so popular, you choose a host of other names for Elizabeth that are equally beautiful yet unique. Baby-names like this may be different, but they maintain a similar meaning and impact. Below are some similar names along with the family names for Elizabeth:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Elisapie Carter
Eliso Thacher
Elysant Thompson
Lilibet Smiths
Lilybell Wilson
Babette Cutler
Liselle Warren
Lizeth Bunter
Mirabel Shaw
Aliza Mcdonnel
Bethany Adams

Names That Sound Like Elizabeth

There are many names that rhyme with Elizabeth. You can choose one of these to give your baby a distinctive name while maintaining elegance. Some similar-sounding names are:

Bezawit Annabeth
Elspeth Elsbeth
Elezebeth Lisbeth
Elixyvett Isabell
Yevette Elspet

Sibling Names Related to Elizabeth

To maintain the connection between all your kids’ names, you need appropriate sibling names that go with Elizabeth. Below are some sister and brother names for Elizabeth for you to choose from:

Sister names for Elizabeth Brother names for Elizabeth
Miriam Arden
Bettina John
Sarah Michael
Gloria Nathan
Isabel Gustav
Johanna Gabriel
Victoria Emmanuel
Joelle Theodor
Cynthia Timothy
Misha Samuel

Nicknames For Elizabeth

The name Elizabeth allows you to form many nicknames to call your little girl affectionately. Some suitable nicknames for Elizabeth are:

Bess Lilla
Beth Elle
Bessy Betty
Betsey Ellie
Eli Elza
Bettie Ilsa
Elske Lizzie

Elizabeth is the ideal name for your little girl. With its royal connotation and biblical reference, the elegant name has always been popular. With its numerous variations in several languages, Elizabeth is predicted to remain significant and famous for many years to come. So without any apprehension, name your baby Elizabeth and see her making an impact wherever she goes.


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