Malachi Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Malachi Name Meaning and Origin

In the current trend of searching for unique names with beautiful connotations and mentions in the Bible, Malachi is one of the most trending names. Not only does the name convey a beautiful meaning rooted in Christianity, but multiple variations of it also make it easy to choose a name that is sure to stand out. Keep reading to know more about the name Malachi.

What Does Malachi Mean?

Malachi is a biblical name derived from the Hebrew language and translates to “God’s messenger.” Malachi is a male given name that is derived from the Hebrew language. The meaning of Malachi in Hebrew can also translate to “God is gracious.”

The name Malakhi was chosen for the organization because it is derived from the Hebrew word Malakhi, meaning “my/our messenger” or “my/our angel,” depending on the speaker. According to historical sources, Malachi was one of the 12 minor apostles mentioned in the Bible.


Malachi is a biblical name for one of the Twelve Minor Prophets. The title comes from the Hebrew word Mal’akhi, which means “my prophet or messenger” (Lord Jesus). Puritans, known for their spiritual strictness, brought the term to America during the 17th century Reformation. Because of this, Malachi is linked to the Irish surname Malachy, which means ‘worshipper of St. Seachnall’ (one of St. Patrick’s earliest followers). When Ireland was fighting for independence from Britain, King Maoileachlainn fought off Viking raids. Over time, the Irish surname Malachy became linked to the biblical surname Malachi.




  • Ma-luh-kai
  • MAL-uh-kih
  • MAL-É™-kie


3 syllables


7 letters

Name Variations/Spellings

Numerous ethnic groups have distinctive traits regarding the spelling, pronunciation, and permutations of the given name Malachi. There are other spellings for Malachi in numerous civilizations and religions, which help explain the historical significance of the highly similar name in various cults, countries, and ethnic groups. The following are just a few of the Malachi name variations documented across many ethnic groups:

Name Origin
Malki Hebrew
Melacio Spanish
Malak Spanish
Malik Arabic
Maleki Arabic
Malechy Hebrew
Malaki Hebrew
Malakia Hebrew
Malaquias Hebrew
Malachy Hebrew

How Popular Is the Name Malachi?

Malachi’s popularity ranks 157th for boys and the 14968th most popular name for girls. In the year 2020, Malachi was given to 2,354 boys and five girls. In 2020, one in every 778 males and one in every 350,209 females were named Malachi.

According to some estimates, a group of 10,000 people with the same surname was given the name Malachi, and only seven males and zero females were given the name Malachi. For someone who goes by the name Malachi, there is a 99.86 percent chance of meeting another male who also goes by the name Malachi, and a 1.38 percent chance of meeting a female who also goes by the name Malachi.

In the United States, it is estimated that Malachi’s have a 27.029 percent chance of attending school with a boy named Malachi in 2010, and a 0.06 percent chance of attending school with a girl named Malachi in 2010.

This means that the Malachi baby name ranking will have a 43.289 percent chance of meeting a boy with the same full name and 0.148 percent meeting a girl with the same proper name.

Interest in Malachi – Worldwide

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The global Google search trends for Malachi imply that the popularity has been considerably volatile in the last 10 years. Its level of popularity has consistently remained above 40 across the popularity scale, with the sole exception of April 2019 when it recorded 39 on the popularity scale. On the contrary, the name reached its peak popularity at 100 only once in April 2017.

Interest in Malachi – US

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Similar to the global search trends, the trends in US were considerably volatile as well. While the least interest and popularity were recorded at 33 in June 2011, the name reached the peak value of 100 only once in April 2017.


The popularity of the name Malachi




Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Malachi Worldwide

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As per the global search trends for the name Malachi for the last ten years, it can be noted that most searches were generated out of Zambia. This is followed by Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, Zimbabwe, and Ghana. This implies a greater interest in the name among the African population compared to other parts of the world.

Search trends of Malachi in the US

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Regarding searches in US sub-regions, Louisiana had the most searches across the last ten years. Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina make up the top 5 sub-regions where the name was searched the most often.

Middle Names That Go With Malachi

To maintain the overall beauty of your newborn child’s name and retain the spectacular importance of the name, choosing suitable double names with Malachi is also necessary to ensure a cohesive sounding name when spoken together. Some examples of double names that include the letter Malachi that you might use for your children are as follows:

Aaron Alecto
Abbott Alexis
Albert Alexander
Adam Alex
Alec Ada

Famous People Named Malachi

Malachi’s fame has grown dramatically in recent years as the namesake of popular personalities. Due to its traditional roots and attractive meanings, it is expected to regain the favor or be more generally seen as a middle initial.

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Malachi Dupre American football player
Malachi Davis American Sprinter
Malachi Cush Northern Irish singer/songwriter
Malachi Curran the politician in Northern Ireland
Malachi Bogdanov British theatre director
Malachi ben Jacob HaKohen Talmudist, methodologist, and Kabbalist
Malachi Throne American Actor
Malachi Thompson American Jazz trumpet player
Malachi Martin Catholic priest, writer, and commentator
Malachi Jones Bermudian cricketer
Malachi Favors American Jazz bassist
Malachi Flynn American basketball player

Similar Names & Last Names

Malachi has become one of the most popular baby names like the first, middle, or last name. There seem to be several ethnic characters, family names, and other names for Malachi that fit the appellation. Malachi is also referred to as:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Micah Wolfe
Norice Wilson
Aset Taylor
Sariel Davis
Zion Jones
Nai Garcia
Rehael Brown
Isda Williams
Rhamiel Johnson

Names That Sound Like Malachi

When it comes to names that rhyme with Malachi, the possibilities are endless. Using a unique name like Malachi allows you to give your newborn child a one-of-a-kind moniker that incorporates the religious overtones of the name while remaining contemporary.

Ezekiel Judah
Micah Isaac
Isaiah Jonah
Josiah Levi
Elijah Eli

Sibling Names Related To Malachi

It is critical to choose acceptable sibling names that go with Malachi to ensure that most of your children have names linked and complement one another. The table below includes suitable sister names and brother names for Malachi:

Sister Names for Malachi Brother Names for Malachi
Elizabeth Isaac
Rebekah Zeke
Anne Zion
Esther Enoch
Mariam Darius
Rachel Clement
Delilah Artemas
Esther Jude
Tabitha Tobias
Selah Ezra

Nicknames For Malachi

(Nick-name) Acronyms are a great way to call your child fondly without ever saying their given name. There are various nicknames for Malachi’s name that parents might use to call their child affectionately in informal contexts.

Mal Mala
Malky Malak
Chi Malchi
Kai Achi
Ky Malach

The name Malachi has a wide range of connotations among people of different races and nations, mainly owing to its biblical origins. It has regained popularity in this regard due to the presence of young celebrities with the name Malachi. The name is becoming increasingly popular as a first or middle name in most nations due to this trend.

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