80 Adorable Names That Mean Light for Baby Girls and Boys

80 Adorable Names That Mean Light for Baby Girls and Boys

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Picking a name for your newborn can often be challenging. There are so many names which are unique, fashionable and trendy now that make it even more confusing. But, it is vital to choose a name that suits your child and brings positivity and success into his life. Therefore, using a name which means “light” can be an excellent choice. It signifies your child as the little sunshine who illuminates your life too.

The word light has a beautiful and versatile meaning to it. Babies born at Hanukkah or New Year’s sometimes are given names that mean light to denote warmth, welcome, knowledge, and home. Names that mean light also hint a new beginning, or an end to the darkness. Light can be a symbol of so many positive things in life, like sunshine, brightness, dawn, optimism, hope, and happiness, which makes it a popular choice. Here, we have 80 beautiful names that mean “light in the darkness” and even some names that mean “lightning” or “electricity” for your baby. We hope that with our list of these wonderful names that mean ‘light’, it will be less daunting for you to pick a name for your bundle of joy.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Light With Meanings

Take a look at the top 40 popular and unique names which mean “light” for baby boys:

Names Meaning 
Aberash It is a unique name which means “giving off light” or “shining” in the Amharic language.



It’s a unisex name which means “splendour” or “light” in Sanskrit.

Abner A Hebrew name, which means “light” or “father of light”.
Anwar This word is of Arabic origin, and it means “light” or “brighter”.
Beacon This beautiful name means “signal light”. This name has old English roots.
Bhaskara This name is a mix of the Sanskrit words bhasa and kara, which mean “light” and “maker”, respectively. It is also another name for sun and the great Hindu God, Shiva.
Burusk Burusk comes from the Arabic word barq, which means “lightning”.
Cahaya This name has a Malay and Indonesian origin, and means “light”.
Chand It is a Hindi name which directly translates to “the moon”.
Elior It is a Hebrew name which means ‘God is my Light’.
Elnur Elnur comes from a combination of the Turkish word el meaning “country” and the Arabic word nur meaning “light”. In Azerbaijani, it has a meaning of “light of the people”.
Elouan The name possibly comes from a Breton word meaning “light”.
Endrit This word comes from the Albanian word “dritë” meaning “light”.
Epifanio A Spanish name, which means “bringing light”.
Gerel This name has a Mongolian origin, and means “light”.
Gulnur Gulnur means “rose light” in Turkish.
Ivar This Hebrew name means “light”.
Jomei Of Japanese origin, this name means “spreading the light”.
Kiran This name has a Sanskrit origin and means “ray of light”.
Lucian The name means “light”, and it is of Latin origin.
Lucifer This name means “bringing light”. It comes from the Latin word lux, which means “light” and ferre, which means “to bring”.
Mechoir This name possibly has Hebrew roots and could be a combination of the words melekh and or, which mean “king” and “light”, respectively. It is said that Mechoir was the name of one of the three kings who visited newborn King Jesus.
Meir This a beautiful name for a boy means “giving light” in Hebrew.
Ming Ming is a Chinese word which means “light”, “clear” or “bright”.
Mitsuaki It comes from a Japanese word meaning “bright and luminous”.
Ner This Hebrew word means “candle or light”.
Oran This name has Aramaic and Gaelic origins, and it means “light”.
Photios Derived from the Greek word photo, meaning “light.”
Prabhakara Prabhakara comes from Sanskrit words prabha and kara, which mean “light” and “maker”, respectively. In the ancient Hindu texts, this name has also been associated with the sun.
Pradip Derived from Sanskrit pradipa meaning “light” or “lantern”.
Raiden It is one of the unique names that means lightning or electricity. This comes from 2 Japanese words rai and den, which mean thunder and lightning, respectively.
Ray This is a popular English name, which means “beam of light”. A lot of famous characters and celebrities have used this name.
Toshiaki It is a Japanese name derived from the words Toshi, meaning talented or handsome and aki meaning light or bright.
Uri This Hebrew name means “my light.”
Uriah The is another Hebrew name which means “light”. Uriyah means “YAHWEH is my light”, “light”, “flame”.
Udup This is an Indian name, which means “moonlight”, making it a lovely name.
Yildrim Means “lightning” in Turkish.
Yota This name comes from the Japanese word yo meaning “light”, “sun”, “male” and ta meaning “thick” or big”.
Zain A Hindi name, this means “Godly light”.
Zohar Means “light” or “brilliance” in Hebrew.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Light with Meanings

Baby Girl Names Meaning Light with Meanings

To help you choose a name for your daughter, we have some beautiful baby names meaning “light”.

Name Meaning
Adna Adna means “pleasure” or “delight”. The name originated from Israel.
Afroze Afroze is a unique name, usually seen in Africa. It means “enlightening” or “illuminating”.
Akiko This name comes from Japan. It means “light” and “bright”.
Alesea Alesea originated from England. It means “full of light”.
Alina This girl name means ‘bright’ in Gaelic and ‘light’ in Greek
Annalina This lovely girl’s name originates in Sweden and means “graceful light”.
Anora Anora is another beautiful name meaning light. It is commonly used in England.
Aura This unusual name hails from Latin America. Aura means “glowing light”, which is a beautiful, meaningful name for a baby girl.
Aurora This name is a term for the Northern lights. The Goddess of dawn is also called Aurora.
Chiara This beautiful Italian name means “light” or “clear”.
Ciana This name also means “light,” and has Italian roots.
Dawn Dawn, as we all know, means the first appearance of light in the sky. It makes it an excellent choice for a name.
Eileen It is a Scottish name meaning “light”.
Ellen This name comes from the Greek language and means “sun”, “ray”, “shining”, and “light.”
Faven This unusual name comes from Africa. It means “light”.
Ilene Variation of a Greek name meaning “light”.
Iliana This Spanish girl name means “ray of light”.
Ilona A Hungarian version of “Helen’, this means “light”.
Leora This Greek name means “compassion” or “light”,
Lita Lita is of Latin origin and means “light”.
Lucia This pretty Latin-origin name means “light”. Another version of this name is Luciana.
Lucy Meaning “light”, this name has Latin origins
Luz This is a Spanish name which also means “light.”
Mahina This Hawaiian name means “moonlight.”
Meira Meaning “light”, this name has Hebrew roots.
Nera Nera is a Hebrew name that is trending these days. It means “candle” or “light”, and is a name given to girls born during Hanukkah in Israel.
Nahara This Aramaic name means “light”, and is an exotic name for a baby girl.
Noor The Jordanian Queen Noor popularized this name. It is of Arabis origin and means “light”.
Nura Nura is an Arabic name, and it means “light”.
Oralee Meaning “my light,” this name has Hebrew origins
Phoebe The name comes from Greek mythology, and it means “brilliant” or “radiant”.
Orli This Hebrew name means “light”. It is a beautiful name to choose if your baby is born around the time of Hanukkah.
Roxana This lovely girl name means “the first appearance of light” and was the name of the wife of Alexander the Great.
Thea This Greek-origin name is the moniker of the Greek Goddess of light.
Twinkle It is a baby name that means “shining with an unsteady light”.
Uriela It is a unique and unusual baby girl name of Hebrew origin that means “light of God”.
Yetta It is a pretty Hebrew name meaning “light”.
Zia This Arabic name means “splendour” or “light”.
Ziv This Hebrew-origin name means “radiance” or ‘light of God’.
Zora Zora is a biblical name that means “dawn light”.

A name is the first gift from the parents, so let it be a gift of love. A name stays with a person their whole life. Having one that suits your identity is important. Choosing a name with a brilliant meaning will help your babies live a wonderful life. A name which means ‘light’ will bring happiness and success to your little, one and everyone around them. These precious babies bring light into our lives, and hence, a name that means light would be the ideal choice for your little one.

“Light” baby names are appropriate for a baby due in summer, spring, or midwinter. We have selected the best baby names that mean light in different languages. Each name is special, unique and beautiful in its own right. As future parents, choose a name for your child that they will always feel happy about. We wish you all the best in this exciting journey of choosing a name for your soon-to-arrive baby. After all, nothing lights up a family quite the way a new baby does. Happy parenting!