Nicholas Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Nicholas Name Meaning and Origin

Nicholas’s name is derived from ‘Nikalaos,’ a combination of the Greek words, ‘nike’ meaning victory, and ‘laos’ meaning people. Saint Nicholas of Anatolia was a 4th-century bishop who later became a patron saint of Russia, Greece, children, and sailors. In the Bible, Nicholas means ‘people of victory’ and was given to one of the Seven Deacons. Although it was used as a unisex name, parents nowadays opt for more feminine versions of the name, such as Nicole for girls and Nicholas for boys. Once common among the early Anglo-Norman settlers in Ireland, this name still retains its popularity. 

What Does Nicholas Mean? 

Nicholas is the product of the two words Nike and Laos, meaning ‘victory of the people. In other variations, the meaning of Nicholas is ‘victorious’ or ‘conqueror of the people. In its Latin version, Nicholaus, the meaning of Nicholas is ‘victory people.


Stemming from the Greek’ Nikolaos’, Nicholas is a name that shares its origins with Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. It also appears in the Bible as being given to one of the first seven qualified men of the 1st-century Christian parish. Nicholas refers to Sir Nicholas Vaux in Shakespeare’s King Henry the Eighth. In Greek Baby Names, the meaning of the name Nicholas is People’s victory. It is also inspired by St. Nicholas, the patron saint of children, sailors, and pawnbrokers. Santa Claus is based on this saint well-known for delivering gifts to children all over the world. St Nicholas, the patron saint of Greece and Russia, is the saint for children and sailors. Belonging to one of the Russian czars and a biblical name in the New Testament, Nicholas is a powerful moniker of emperors, actors, and philosophers that, with its deeply religious side, is hard to match.




  • Nick-oh-lus
  • Nik-uh-lus


3 syllables


 8 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

Nicholas has been translated into many different languages and can be used as a name for kids by parents from across the globe. The following is a list of other spellings of Nicholas and Nicholas name variations:

Name Origin
Nikola Basque
Nicolau Catalan
Mikoláš Czech
Nikusha Georgian
NicuÅŸor Romanian
Nikolai Russian
Nicklas Danish
Neacel Scottish
Nioclás Irish
Niklaus German/ Swiss

How Popular Is the Name Nicholas? 

In the United States, Nicholas, along with its variations, was the 17th most popular male name given to babies in 2006, with around 15,414 boys born that year bearing that name. However, its popularity was downhill from its peak in 1997 when 27,248 males in the United States were named Nicholas as per the Social Administration data records. After appearing in the top 10 from 2000 to 2003 and the top 50 from 2000 to 2012, Nicholas has remained in the top 100 for the past few decades. In this way, the Nicholas popularity index, particularly regarding the Nicholas baby name ranking, has remained consistent as both a first and a middle name.

Interest in Nicholas – Worldwide

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A consistent search value of over 60 has been recorded on interest for Nicholas, reaching 100 in December 2013. The lowest value was recorded was at 44 as of June 2021.

Interest in Nicholas – US

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Search trends for the name Nicholas show a search value of over 40 reaching 100 in September 2021. It scored the lowest value of 50 in September 2020.

Popularity of the name Nicholas


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search trends of Nicholas – Worldwide

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Interest for the name Nicholas has been seen to be highest in the United Kingdom in the past 10 years, followed by Australia, Singapore, Ireland, and the United States that have found a place in the top five positions. As this name was common among the Anglo-Normans, Nicholas has been passed down centuries and is widely appreciated in the United Kingdom.

Search trends of Nicholas – US

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Among the sub-regions in the US, West Virginia, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, and Massachusetts registered the most searches for the name Nicholas over the last 10 years.

Middle Names That Go With Nicholas

Middle names compliment a person’s first name and add a special significance to an otherwise common name. A few suggestions of the best double names with Nicholas that will garnish the name are:

Anthony Alexander
Christopher Hayden
Luke Parker
Maxwell Oliver
Owen Presley
Robert Thomas
Vance Steven
Vincent Tyler
Patrick James
Bryce Drake
Carter Phillip 

Famous People Named Nicholas 

Parents often consider the names that celebrities give their kids as potential names for their children. These are some of the most famous people called Nicholas, whose name adds to their significance:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Nicholas Sparks American novelist
Nicholas Hammond American-Australian actor
Nicholas Hoult English actor
Nicholas Tse Hong Kong actor/martial artist
Nicholas Green American baseballer
Nicholas Gonzalez American actor
Tsar Nicholas/Nikolai II Last Emperor of Russia
Nicholas Cage American filmmaker 
Nicholas “Nick” Jonas American singer-songwriter
Nicholas Cannon American actor

Similar Names & Last Names 

Baby names like Nicholas may have identical names that have the same aura as the standard name. Nicholas’s family names are usually carried on one after the other for generations and help a person stand out. Here is a list of some other names for Nicholas that may provide ample appeal:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Nico Di Angelo
Milo Boone
Spencer  Monroe
Lucas Cooper
Cole Barton
Nikolai Hagan
Homer Duff
Nikos Hamilton
Nicholson Ledger
Nicol Ford
Timothy Channing

Names That Sound Like Nicholas 

Names that rhyme with Nicholas sounds perfect and radiate poetic feels. Here are some names that sound like Nicholas yet have their charm:

Nicolao Nichole
Nicklaus Niccolo
Nikita Nicandros
Nicoll Nicholai
Nicodemus Nicostrato
Mikolas Micholas
Nieholas Nikkolas
Olas Legolas
Nigellus Nicollet
Nikolay Coulson

Sibling Names Related to Nicholas

Sibling names can help create a special bond between brothers and sisters. Here are some of the best sibling names that go with Nicholas to bring your family closer together:

Sister Names for Nicholas Brother Names for Nicholas
Bianca Gabriel
Juliet Patrick
Anneliese Jesse
Vivian Daniel
Emily Ethan
Cassandra Owen
Annabeth David
Daphne Arthur
Hazel Frank
Tessa Zachary
Lacey Emmett
Ivy Austin

Nicknames for Nicholas

Nicknames can be used to shorten a given name or add humor and playfulness to it. Here are some of the nicknames for the name Nicholas that you can bestow upon your child:

Nick Nicky
Nico Colin
Nicks Klaus
Nicolo Cole
Nix Cola
Nika Kolya
Nikon Nio
Nickolaz Nol
Nils Hal
Niles Caelan
Cas Miklos

Parents often find it hard to pick a name for their little one; after all, it is how they will be represented their whole life. Most people perceive Nicholas as a pleasing, stylish, diplomatic, gentle, and graceful personality. This Old Testament name with festive magnificence is a timeless and popular yet unique choice for parents to name their little ones.


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