Top 120 Cherokee Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Top 120 Cherokee Names For Boys and Girls

Choosing a Cherokee name for your baby boy can help define his personality and set him up for success in the world. Cherokee names often have powerful meanings and connotations, making them a great choice for parents looking for strong and meaningful names for their little ones. Some common Cherokee boy names include Atsadi, Duyidv, and Oconostota. For those looking for a more versatile or fluid name, options like Sequoyah or Tsan-Usdi might be a good fit. Ultimately, the perfect Cherokee baby boy name will depend on your personal preferences and what you believe best represents your child’s future 

What Is The Cherokee Naming Traditions?

Throughout history, humans have distinguished themselves in society by name. The indigenous Cherokees are hardy and honorable Native American tribes that are as diverse as their languages, methods of communication, and cultural practices. The Native American culture has evolved significantly through the ages, and this change has influenced their habits, lifestyle, and choice of names. Being a part of an agrarian society, Cherokee native American names were mostly influenced by nature surrounding them. Spoken and written in the Cherokee language, these names were later translated into English by settlers who created the English version from the sound of the names.

The Cherokee people have a matrilineal society so that they could name children after their mothers. A naming ceremony is held within seven days of the birth. The tribe’s priest, the elderly, and revered women would gather together to name the baby based on their appearances or resembling something from nature. Traditional Cherokee names have been highly influenced by the colonization of America, unlike other cultures and countries where different reasons influence them. Children were given nicknames after birth to identify them. However, these monikers change with time depending upon their personalities, experiences, and accomplishments of life. Names for the Cherokee tribe are considered sacred. Hence, a lot of thought goes into naming their children. So, treat this compilation of strong Cherokee names with respect as they will usher in good luck to your child.

Popular Cherokee Baby Boy Names

Cherokee tribes often had male chiefs, and most boy names have roots ending in vowels. Revive these Cherokee names from pages of history and pick a Cherokee baby boy name with interesting meanings from the list given below:

1. Adohi

Adohi is one among nature, a Cherokee name that means ‘woods’ or ‘timber.’

2. Amadahy

Amadahy in Cherokee means ‘forest water.’

3. Atohi

As trees are considered sacred for Cherokees, this name means ‘trees.’

4. Attakulllakulla

Ada means ‘wood’ in Cherokee, and gulkalu implies something leaning to support some other object. Hence, this name means ‘leaning wood.’

5. Bidziil

Belonging to the Navajo tribe, Bidziil means ‘he is strong.’

6. Chasse

Chaske means “firstborn son.” As the Cherokees give a lot of significance to numbers, bearing a first male child is seen to be very auspicious.

7. Concotocko

Conocotocko means ‘standing turkey.’

8. Conchise

Conchise means ‘ the renowned warrior chief of the Chirichua Apache tribe.

9. Cuhtahlatah

Cuhtahlatah means ‘wild hemp.’

10. Dakota

Originating from the Sioux tribe, this name means ‘friend.’

11. Dustu

Dustu means ‘spring frog.’

12. Elu

Elu belongs to the Zuni tribe and means full of grace.

13. Enoli

Enoli means ‘black fox’.

14. Enna

Enna refers to ‘the waterfall.’

15. Gaagii

Gaagii belongs to the Navajo tribe and means ‘raven’.

16. Gala-gi na

This name means ‘Male deer’ or ‘turkey.’

17. Guwisti

Guwisti means ‘sieve’.

18. Hania

This cool name belongs to the Hopi tribe and means ‘spirit warrior’.

19. Hototo

Belonging to the Hopi tribe, Hototo means “warrior spirit who sings.”

20. Illanipi

Illanipi translates into ‘amazing.’

21. Incalatanga

Incalatanga means ‘double-headed.

22. Jacy

This popular name for boys refers to the ‘moon.’

23. Jistu

Jistu means ‘trickster rabbit.’

24. Kaiyatahee

Kaiyatahee means ‘corn tassel.’

25. Kamuna

Kamuna means ‘bullfrog.’

26. Kosumi

This unique baby boy name belongs to the Miwok tribe and means ‘fishes for salmon with a spear’.

27. Mato

Mato belongs to the Mandian tribe of the Cherokees and means ‘bear’.

28. Mohe

Mohe means ‘elk’.

29. Nahele

Nahele means ‘forest’ and belongs to the Hawaiian tribe.

30. Nakamo

If you aspire your son to become a singer or a musician, name him Nakamo, which means ‘to sing.’

31. Noya

Noya means ‘sand’.

32. Ohiyesa

Belonging to the Sioux tribe, this name means ‘winner.’

33. Onacona

Onacona means ‘White owl.’

34. Ostenaco

Ostenaco means ‘big head.’

35. Paytah

Originating from the Sioux tribe, Paytah means “fire.”

36. Salali

Salali means ‘squirrel’.

37. Salonitah

Salonitah means ‘flying squirrel.’

38. Seattle

Seattle means ‘man of high statuses, and it belongs to the Lushootseed tribe of the Cherokees.

39. Sequoya

Sequoya means ‘Sparrow.’

40. Tahoma

Belonging to the Puyallup tribe, this name means ‘giver of the water.’

41. Tayanita

Tayanita means ‘young beaver.’

42. Tokala

Belonging to the Dakota tribe of the Cherokees, it means ‘fox.’

43. Tooantuh

Toonatuh means ‘spring frog.’

44. Tyee

Belonging to the Chinook tribe and this powerful name means ‘leader’ or ‘chief.’

45. Utsidhi

Utisidhi means ‘man-killer.’

46. Wapi

Wapi belongs to the Sioux tribe and means ‘lucky’.

47. Wohali

The eagle symbolized great bravery and honor for the Cherokee tribe. Wohali means ‘Eagle’.

48. Woya

Woya means ‘dove’.

49. Yona

Yona means ‘Bear’.

50. Yonaguska

This Cherokee name means ‘the bear drowns him.’

Strong Cherokee Boy Names

Cherokee names are not only unique and beautiful, but they also carry deep cultural and historical significance. So, if you’re ready to add some Cherokee flair to your baby’s name, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to dive into a world of strong Cherokee boy names that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

1. Atsadi

Atsadi makes a strong male Cherokee name, as it means ‘wisdom’, ‘creativity’ and ‘discipline’.

2. Awenasa

A popular name in the list of male Cherokee names, Awenasa is a name of American-Cherokee origin that means ‘my home’.

3. Galilani

Galilani is a favourite among the numerous male Cherokee names, and it means ‘attractive’ and ‘nice’.

4. Gatlin

Gatlin means a ‘loyal companion’, ‘a fellow’ and ‘sincerity’.

5. Junaluska

In Cherokee, Junaluska means ‘perseverance’, ‘determined’ and ‘ambitious.

6. Kanati

In Cherokee mythology, Kanati makes a strong male Cherokee name as it means ‘the first man and guardian of the hunt’.

7. Moytoy

Moytoy is name of Cherokee and American origin, which means ‘rainmaker’.

8. Takatoka

A name with strong history behind it, Takatoka was one of the great leaders in the Cherokee Nation. It means ‘strength’, ‘leadership’ and ‘determination’, making it a very strong male Cherokee name.

9. Tsali

Tsali, means Charlie in Cherokee, who was referred to one of the greatest leaders in Cherokee history. It means ‘hardworking’, ‘consistent’ and ‘fearless’.

10. Uku

Uku is a name of American-Cherokee origin and it means ‘chief’. It is a popular name among many strong male Cherokee names as it refers to someone who is wise beyond their years.

Unique Cherokee Baby Girl Names

Originating from animals, plants, and other natural aspects, Cherokee baby girl names have delightful meanings of their own. Here is a roundup of some of the most beautiful Cherokee names for girls that would make your little angel a star.

1. Adisila

Adisila means ‘blossom’.

2. Agasga

Agasga means ‘rain’.

3. Ahyoka

This powerful baby girl’s name means ‘She brought happiness.’

4. Catori

Catori means ‘spirit’.

5. Chenoa

Chenoa has variants in Chenoah, Chen, Chenoha, Chinoa, Chenowa, Noa and means ‘white dove’. Chenoa is a city in Illinois, and this name may have originated from a Cherokee word for the Kentucky River.

6. Citlali

This unisex name means ‘a star’.

7. Ghigau

Ghigau refers to ‘beloved woman.’

8. Gola

Gola means ‘winter’.

9. Halona

Halona means ‘happy fortune.’

10. Hiawassee

Hiawassee means ‘meadow.’

11. Immokalee

Immokalee means ‘tumbling water.’

12. Kamama

Kamama means ‘butterfly.’

13. Kasa

Kasa means ‘dressed in furs.’

14. Kimi

Kimi means ‘secret’.

15. Koko

Koko belongs to the Algonquin tribe and means ‘the night.’

16. Lomasi

Lomasi means ‘pretty flower’.

17. Lulu

Originating from the Apache tribe, this name means ‘rabbit.’

18. Mika

Originating from the Sioux tribe, this name means ‘raccoon.’

19. Mitena

Mitena means ‘coming moon.’

20. Moana

Originating from the Hawaiian tribe, Moana means ‘Calm waters’ and means ‘bitter’ as per the ‘Zuni’ tribe.

21. Nanye_hi

Nanye_hi means ‘heron’.

22. Nazshoni

Nazshoni is a cool and unique Cherokee name that could mean “brave warrior” or “fierce protector”. It has a powerful ring to it and could be a great name for a strong, determined individual.

23. Ninovan

Ninovan means ‘our home.’

24. Odina

As per the Algonquin tribe, Odina means ‘mountain.’

25. Opa

Opa belongs to the Choctaw tribe and means ‘owl’.

26. Pavati

Pavati means ‘clear water’.

27. Pocahontas

This name from the Algonquin tribe means ‘playful one.’

28. Qaletaqa

This royal Cherokee name means ‘the guardian of the people.

29. Salalai

This cute-sounding name means ‘Squirrel.’

30. Selu

Selu means ‘Corn’.

31. Sequoia

Sequoia is a girl’s name of Cherokee origin meaning “sparrow.” The redwood tree was also named for a Cherokee Indian of the early 19th century who invented a system for writing down the Cherokee language.

32. Soyala

Soyala refers to ‘the time of the winter solstice.’

33. Tala

Belonging to the Iroquois tribe, this name means ‘wolf.’

34. Tsiyi

Tsiyi is another intriguing Cherokee name that might mean “eagle” or “bird of prey”. 

35. Tsistunagiska

This beautiful name means ‘wild rose.’

36. Tsula

Tsula is the Cherokee word for ‘Fox.’

37. Unega

Unega means ‘white’.

38. Walela

Walela means ‘Hummingbird.’

39. Winona

Belonging to the Sioux tribe, Winona means ‘the first daughter.’

40. Wesa

Wesa is a lovely Cherokee name that could mean “water” or “river”.

Popular Cherokee Names For Girls

These are a list of some of the most popular Cherokee female names. 

1. Atsila

Atsila, in Cherokee means ‘fire’.

2. Awinita

This Cherokee name means ‘fawn.’

3. Behita

Behita, is a powerful Cherokee name, which means ‘beginning of an event’ or ‘an eagle child.’

4. Dyani

Diani, Dayani, Dyani belongs to the Sioux tribe and mean ‘deer.’

5. Enola

Enola is a popular name in the list of beautiful Cherokee names, it means ‘magnolia’.

6. Fala

Fala is a strong Cherokee name which means ‘a crow’.

7. Galilahi

Galilahi is one among the most common Cherokee names. It means ‘attractive’ or ‘friendly.’

8. Inola

Inola, is a popular Cherokee name, which means ‘black fox’.

9. Istas

Istas, is a favourite in the list of beautiful Cherokee names for girls, which means ‘snow’ in Native American culture.

10. Kachina

Kachina, is a strong Cherokee name which means ‘spirit’.

Beautiful Cherokee Girl Names

If you are a parent searching for a name for your baby girl that’s as beautiful and unique as she is, look no further than the Cherokee language. Cherokee girl names are steeped in cultural and historical significance, and your daughter will carry a name that honors a rich heritage and reflects the beauty of her spirit. So, dive in!

1. Adawosgi

Adawosgi makes for a very beautiful name in Cherokee, which means ‘like water’. The fluidity and versatility of water are the quality the name embodies.

2. Adsila

Adsila is a Cherokee native American name, which means ‘blossom’.

3. Ama-edohi

This Cherokee name has a refreshing touch to it. It means ‘water-goer’ or ‘rainmaker’.

4. Chea

Chea is a popular name in the list of beautiful Cherokee names for girls which means ‘beautiful’, ‘healthy’ and ‘prosperity’.

5. Danuwoa

Danuwoa is a Cherokee name which means ‘the warrior’. It is imbued with generational honour making a beautiful Cherokee name for girls.

6. Enu

Enu means ‘destiny’, ‘heartfelt’ and ‘charming’.

7. Gawonisgi

Gawonisgi is a common Cherokee name which means ‘speaker’.

8. Kunokeski

Kunokeski is a native Cherokee name which means ‘young tassel’.

9. Leotie

Leotie is a common Cherokee baby name which means ‘flower of the prairie’. It means ‘beautiful’, ‘rare’ and ‘elegant’.

10. Scolaguta

Scolaguta is a native Cherokee name which means ‘leader, ‘responsible’ and ‘discipline’.

While baby name fashions come and go, some fascinating and powerful Cherokee names exude a charm and elegance that will always remain in style. So, find inspiration from this compilation of Common Cherokee names that, like a bottle of wine, will only get better with age!

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