Dylan Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Dylan Name Meaning and Origin

Dylan is a Welsh name that is traditionally bestowed upon boys. The nautical ties of this persistently popular name are further strengthened by its use in Welsh mythology, appearing as a ‘god of the sea.’ He’s a subtle choice for those looking to show their love of the oceans per the Welsh mythology since Dylan was connected with the Celtic word for “sea” or ‘god of the sea.’ Dylan can also mean “From a Large Sea’ or ‘Winner of Mind.”

What Does Dylan Mean? 

Derived from the Welsh dy, meaning “great” and llanw, meaning “sea” or dylif, meaning “flood,” Dylan refers to “son of the sea” or “born from the ocean.” In this regard, the meaning of Dylan can be understood to be someone with a great affinity for the sea and ocean. In this regard, it makes a great name for parents who love water activities or love the peace and tranquility that is associated with water.


Dylan is a surname and a unisex given name, meaning “son of the sea,” “son of the wave,” or “born from the ocean.” Dylan ail Don was a character in Welsh mythology. Still, the popularity of Dylan as a given name in modern times arises from the legendary Welsh singer and songwriter Dylan Thomas. They drew substantial public attention to the name in both England and Wales. 




  • Dill-an
  • Dih-luhn
  • Dul-an (Welsh)


2 syllable


5 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

The other spellings for Dylan with alternative spellings cater to some parents who like to think differently of a classic name. Here are some Dylan name variations that might sound phonetically different but carry a similar vibe as the given first name:

Name Origin
Dilan Irish
Dillan Welsh
Dylen Irish
Dyllan Welsh
Dylon Welsh
Dylonn Welsh
Dillen Irish
Dillon Irish
Dyllon Welsh
Dannon American
Daylan American
Dell English
Dilwyn Welsh
Dolan Irish
Delaney French
Dalan Irish
Danon English

How Popular Is the Name Dylan? 

Considering one of the most popular names for boys in the United States, Dylan has never really faded out of style. The Dylan popularity index as a first name is owed greatly to the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. In the 90s, the debut of Dylan McKay, the main character in the teen drama series “Beverly Hills 90210,” also contributed to its popularity. According to Social Security Administration data, Dylan remained consistently popular, maintaining its position in the top fifty since 2000. It even enjoyed a spot in the top 20 in 2003 and 2004, with the Dylan baby name ranking peaked in both years at no.19. It’s an alternative spelling, Dillon, which is often used fie percent. As per the latest data, Dylan ranks at the 43rd position as the most popular name for boys in the United States.

Interest in Dylan – Worldwide

Search trends for the name Dylan show a consistent value of over 38 over the last ten years, reaching 100 in Oct 2016 as per the search trends. The lowest score was 36 on Dec 2021 on the popularity scale.

Interest in Dylan – the US

Search trend in the US reached its peak up to 100 on Dec 2013. The lowest record value was 38 on Sept 2020 on the popularity scale.

The Popularity of Name Dylan 

URL: https://www.ssa.gov/cgi-bin/babyname.cgi

Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Dylan – Worldwide

According to the global trends, Dylan has been searched the most in Ireland, followed by Australia, New Zealand, the United States, and Canada in the last ten years. Due to Dylan has attained maximum popularity there. Due to the large presence of Welsh immigrants in Ireland, Dylan, with its Welsh origin, has found widespread appeal among parents.

Search Trends of Dylan – the US

Among the metro cities in the US, Vermont has registered the highest search value of 100 in the last ten years. Rhode Island, Maine, Minnesota, and Massachusetts have made it to the top five positions in the US, where search trends for Dylan have been recorded as the highest.

Middle Names That Go With Dylan 

Middle names have a unique appeal that honors family members or celebrates your heritage. Here are some double names with Dylan that sound good with it:

Xavier James
Lawrence Scott
Harper Patrick
Drew Snow
Jean Emmett
Sawyer Michael
Robert Henry
Grey Spencer
Luke Jude
Oliver Jared

Famous People Named Dylan 

Famous people called Dylan are the real inspirational role models that the younger generation needs to know about and idolize to draw inspiration from. Here are some fascinating options that may catapult your child to fame:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Dylan Ainsworth Canadian football player
Dylan Arnold American Actor
Dylan Baker American Actor
Dylan Brody American Writer
Dylan Bruce Canadian Actor
Dylan Cramer Canadian Musician
Dylan Everett Canadian Actor
Dylan Howe English Musician
Dylan Kirsch American Photographer
Dylan Larkin American Ice Hockey Player
Dylan Lupton American Racing Driver
Dylan Moran Irish Comedian
Dylan Axelrod American professional baseball player.
Dylan O’Brien TV Actor
Dylan Conrique TV Actress
Dylan Dauzat YouTube Star
Dylan Gilmer Rapper
Dylan Hartman TikTok Star
Dylan Jordan Instagram Star

Similar Names & Last Names 

Baby names like Dylan are similar yet different in their style and phonetic impact. Dylan’s family names can form a social address by virtue of which one is located in the social universe they inhabit. Here are some fascinating other names for Dylan that may fit your bill of a good baby name:

Similar Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Andras Dickson
Alun Dixon
Bryn Murray
Dai Hardes
Elgan Greig
Marc Harris
Osian Woods
Owen Clark
Price Gilbert
Tristan Gibson
Noel Davis
Grey Johnson
Isaac Brown
Silas Williams
Victor Miller
Rhett West
Zachary Monroe

Names That Sound Like Dylan 

Dylan’s rhyming names have the same or similar ending sound to create a poetic sound. Here are some names that rhyme with Dylan for a lyrical effect:

Ryan Brandon
Daniel Justin
Gareth Declan
Aaron Evan
Dixon Cian
Bran Dion
Dylon Damon
Dyllon Morgan
Dylan Dillon
Fabian Darian

Sibling Names Related to Dylan 

Parents like choosing sibling names that go with Dylan to form a cohesive family unit. Here is a list of suitable sister names for Dylan and suitable brother names for Dylan to match your children’s names:

Sister Names for Dylan Brother Names for Dylan
Madison Ethan
Emily Tyler
Kayla Austin
Hannah Brandon
Olivia Jacob
Emma Logan
Alexis Nathan
Hailey Gavin
Kaitlyn Matthew
Chloe Caleb
Ivy Rhys
Gemma Bates
Layla Bentley
Alina Atticus
Fiona Carter
Cara Chase
Isobel Damon

Nicknames for Dylan 

The most creative nicknames express affection that can be conveyed most endearing or funny manner. Here are some suggestions of nicknames that are shortened or modified variations on a person’s real name:

Dillon D-Boy
Dyne Dylan McKay
Dylaanz Dilster
D Ian Dean
Diego Daryl
Dalin Declan
Daredevil Donny
Dane Deli
Dully Dilly Bear
Lil Dill Dillan

Most boys named Dylan are adventurous in spirit and teeming with youth. Despite showing a steady decline in its popularity since 2004, Dylan remains a fascinating choice for anyone looking for a strong masculine Welsh name beginning with the letter D


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