Declan Name Meaning, Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Declan Name Meaning and Origin

Derived from Irish origin, Declan is a masculine name that means ‘full of goodness.’ This traditional name belonged to an Irish saint, Declan of Art Mor, belonging to the 5th century. He was one of the earliest missionaries to bring Christianity to Ireland before St Patrick. Therefore the name aptly refers to ‘man of prayer.’ Thus this historic name has attracted the attention of parents of Christian faith in both Europe and America.

What Does Declan Mean? 

Declan is an anglicized form of the Gaelic name “Deaglan.” The name is comprised of two elements, in which “Deagh” means “good, excellent, or worthy,” and “lan” means “full.” Put together, the meaning of Declan is “full of goodness,” while in Greek, it is ‘messenger.’ Therefore, this beautiful meaning of Declan can represent your child who is born a pure soul.


Declan is the Anglicized form of the Irish or Gaelic name Deaglan. St. Declan was one of the first missionaries to bring Christianity to Ireland, preceding St. Patrick. Belonging to Wales, St. Declan founded the monastery of Ardmore in Ireland, and St. Declan’s Stone has purportedly been the site of many miracles.




  • Dek-lin
  • Deck-lan


2 syllables


6 letters

Name Variations/Spellings 

The other spellings for Declan have the capability to wow with their phonetic styles and finesse. Here are some of the Declan name variations that may appeal to the sensibilities of new-age parents:

Name Origin
Isaac Hebrew
Joel Hebrew
Ronan Irish
Harper English
Rhett English
Lachlan Irish
Devlin Irish
Deke  German
Daquan English
Deklyn Gaelic

How Popular Is the Name Declan? 

Declan, the amiable and appealing name of an Irish saint, appeared on the American list in 1998. Although it started ranking in the Top 1000 names in 1998, Declan has maintained its steady ground for a while and is quite a common name in Ireland, Scotland, and other English-speaking countries. The Declan popularity index reached its peak in 2019, with the Declan baby name ranking occupying the No.95th spot, entering the Top 100 names. However, it dropped out of the Top 100 ranking at No.102 in 2020. Declan Porter is a notable character on the TV show Revenge, and Cyndi Lauper spelled her son’s name Declyn which has brought the immense name fame in recent times. Declan’s fictional characters include Declan Coyne from the television show Degrassi: The Next Generation and Declan Rand from Psych.

Interest in Declan – Worldwide

Declan shows a consistent value of over 20 over the last ten years, reaching 100 on July 2021 as per the search trends. The lowest score was 22 on Aug 2016 and Sept 2016, respectively, on the popularity scale.

Interest in Declan – the Us

The search trend for Declan in the US reached its peak up to 100 in Dec 2018. The lowest record value was 23 in June 2012 on the popularity scale.

The Popularity of Name Declan 


Where Is the Name Most Searched?

Search Trends of Declan in Worldwide

Declan has been searched the most in Ireland as per the global trends. United Kingdom, Uganda, Australia, and New Zealand follow close behind to reach the top five positions in the popularity index. Due to its Irish origin and wise meaning, Declan has made its way to the hearts of parents of Ireland.

Search Trends of Declan in the Us

Among the metro cities in the US, Vermont has recorded the highest search value of 100 in the last ten years. Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York have made it to the top five positions where search trends for Declan have been recorded as the highest. 

Middle Names That Go With Declan 

Placed between a given name and last name, the perfect middle name can draw attention. Here are some double names with Declan that are limited only by your imagination:

Corbin Brody
Harrison Wyatt
Madison Christopher
Elliott Benjamin
Anthony Arthur
Alistair Francis
Jake Keith
Leo Isaac
George Harris
Micah Patrick
Oliver Nathaniel

Famous People Named Declan 

Famous celebrities named Declan to make it easy for parents to choose a baby name due to their immense star appeal. Here are some great names of famous personalities who have made a name for their outstanding achievements:

Celebrity Name Profession/Famous For
Declan Bennett Singer 
Declan Rudd Soccer Player
Declan Donnelly TV Host
Declan Mulholland Actor
Declan Farmer American ice sled hockey player
Declan Hughes Irish novelist, playwright, and screenwriter
Declan Joseph Oliver British Actor
Declan John Galbraith British Musician
Declan Michael Laird Scottish actor
Declan Patrick McManus Irish-English singer-songwriter
Declan Shalvey Irish comics-artist and writer
Declan Porter Character in the TV series “Revenge”

Similar Names & Last Names 

Baby-names like Declan may generate equal interest among parents due to their similar vibe in pronunciation. Family names for Declan may establish a formal tone to a name by lending it a social identity. Here are some other names for Declan that may sound interesting despite differences in spelling:

Other Baby Names Suitable Family Names
Decca Smith
December  Johnson
Decia Brown
Dechtire Davis
Flynn Garcia
Keagan Green 
Kevin Swift
Liam Long
Nolan Robinson
Logan Benson

Names That Sound Like Declan 

Rhyming names for Declan can be creatively hatched to sound and look great together. Here are some names that rhyme with Declan to create a rhythm or a repeated pattern of sound:

Aaran Aban
Abarran Abran
Aekerman Cormac
Aiden Dillon
Cameron Kellan
Brayden Lochlan
Owen Devon
Ryan Darian
Quinn Daquan
Callum Deacon

Sibling Names Related to Declan 

Sibling names that go with Declan can be selected while establishing a pattern between them. Here is a list of suitable sister names for Declan and suitable brother names for Declan that might clearly suggest the sibling status within a family:

Sister names for Declan Brother Names for Declan
Daphne Finley 
Cora Bailey 
Rebecca Bridget 
Poppy  Emmett
Lily Oliver 
Cecelia Sebastian
Charlotte James
Delaney Archer 
Lydia Tobin
Rosie Frances

Nicknames for Declan 

Nicknames are like pages that are commonly used among family members. Let the apple of your eye know how much they mean to you with this impressive list of nicknames for Declan suggested below:

Dec Decs
Dee D-Lan
Dex Dax
Deke Decker 
Lan Deck
Ducky Deco
Deckee Deccy
Decklin Lenny
Dekso Dash

Americans have always had a love affair with Irish names due to their unique and ethnic appeal. Since its debut, Declan has shown an upward momentum on the U.S. popularity charts. However, as it still gets used in moderation, Declan, with its beautiful meaning, is a safe choice for your child who can stand out in the crowd among overused names.


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