Top 40 Last Names for Boys With Meanings

40 Cool Last Names As First Names for Baby Boys

Congratulations! Welcome to the challenging yet blissful journey of parenthood! The arrival of your little bundle of joy would have left you thoroughly overwhelmed and busy. The next thought that comes to your mind is finding a suitable name for your son. Don’t worry, we have got you covered with these fantastic names which you can consider for the naming ceremony.

Good Last Names As First Names for Baby Boys With Meaning

So, let’s move on to the list of some uber-cool last names, which can be used as first names!

Names  Meaning
Abbott Abbott is originally a Hebrew name, which means ‘father’ or ‘the superior one.’ Abbott is a commonly heard last name, which can also be used as a first name for boys.
Anderson The meaning of the name Anderson is ‘son of Andrew.’ Anderson is more common as a first name than last name these days!
Alexander One of the most commonly used baby boy names, Alexander, is derived from Greek, which means ‘the one who protects his men.’
Brooks One of the top picks of the season, Brooks is an English name which means ‘one who resides by the brook!’
Beckett A strong choice of a first name, Beckett is inspired by the surname of the famous author Samuel Beckett.
Byron Byron is an ancient English surname, which means cowshed. It’s a unique and refined surname which is more suitable as a first name for boys!
Connor Connor means ‘the one who loves dogs.’ It’s a great pick for animal lovers! Connor is an Irish name and is quite popular since the 1900s.
Campbell A regal surname rooted in Scottish origins, Campbell would serve well as a charming first name for boys!
Carter Carter is a unique choice for a first name inspired by last names! It means ‘the one who drives a cart.’
Cooper One of the most stylish names, Cooper, is perfect for people looking for a trendy name for their son. It means ‘the one who makes a barrel.’
Davis Davis means ‘beloved.’ The meaning itself makes it an apt choice for last name crossover to the first name!
Duncan An apt choice of name for those who love Scottish historical novels or anything related to history! It means ‘dark warrior’ and is an unconventional name these days.
Dawson Dawson is an English patronymic surname, which essentially means ‘son of David.’ Dawson is a fresh and unique first name inspired by the popular teen show Dawson’s Creek!
Douglas Douglas is an Irish and Celtic origin name, which essentially means ‘dark water’ or ‘one from the dark river.’ Douglas is a common Scottish surname which would serve as an excellent choice of the first name!
Easton Easton makes a cute name for boys, and it essentially means ‘east facing.’ Directional inspired names are pretty common these days!
Evans Evans is a cute and stylish name that is quite popular among boys! Evans is an Irish name, which means ‘son of Evan.’
Finnegan A cute Irish name, which means ‘a fair little one!’ Finnegan would serve as a sweet first name for your little boy, and the nickname Finn would go well with the name!
Ford Are you a huge Star Wars fan? Then Ford is a great pick for you after the character Harrison Ford! It’s pretty cool and unique too!
Gibbs Gibbs is a Scottish name, which means ‘bright hostage.’ Inspired by the well-known football player Cory Gibbs, Gibbs makes a wonderful and short name for your son!
Griffin Griffin is one of those unique last names which would serve well as a first name too! Griffin is a Celtic origin name meaning ‘strong lord.’
Harrison Harrison is a common English name meaning ‘son of Harry.’
Hendrix A super cool and unique name inspired after the famous guitar player Jimi Hendrix! It means ‘the one who rules an estate.’
Jennings A perfect name for parents looking for a cute and unique name for their son! It means ‘Little John.’
Jackson It’s a fantasy for every kid to share their name with renowned personalities and who wouldn’t want to with the great ‘Michael Jackson!’
Jones Jones reminds us of two things ‘Jack & Jones’ and ‘Smith & Jones.’ Jones is an attractive surname and even cooler first name!
Lincoln One of the best choices for first names Lincoln was the last name of the highly appreciated American president Abraham Lincoln.
Marshall Marshall is an old Scottish surname meaning ‘Love of horses.’ It makes for a cute name for boys!
Miller A cool and classic name for boys, Miller, means a grinder of grains.
Mason Mason means ‘the one who works with stone.’ Remember the fictional character Perry Mason created by Erle Stanley Gardner!
Nash A perfect choice of one syllable name for boys, Nash is inspired by the last name of Steve Nash, a basketball star!
Parker Another one of an easy-going surname for boys, which can easily be replaced as a first name!
Penn A great pick for parents looking for a short and sweet name for their beloved son!
Sullivan Sullivan, the name itself has a boyish charm attached to it! Sullivan is an Irish surname inspired by the classic film ‘Sullivan’s Travel.’
Smith A fresh, sophisticated English surname meaning ‘blacksmith.’ It would serve well as a first name for boys!
Sawyer The name Tom Sawyer was immortalized by the classic tale ‘The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.’ It’s an endearing English surname meaning ‘woodcutter.’
Shaw One of the distinct and unique English surnames, Shaw, means ‘someone who dwells by the wood.’
Thompson Thompson is a strong Scottish surname meaning ‘son of Tom.’ It can be used as a classic first name for boys!
Walker Walker was once highly famous as the first name for boys during the 20th century. Johnie Walker is a famous Scotch whiskey brand founded by John Walker!
Watson Remember, Dr. Watson, the best friend, and confidante of Detective Sherlock Holmes? Watson is a trendy surname that can easily transition into a cool first name!
Wilson Wilson is another popular English surname meaning ‘son of William.’ It can serve as a classic first name for boys!
Wiley Wiley is a smart and confident English name, which means ‘determined protector.’ Wiley is a trendy and unique version of the common name William!

A name is what identifies each one of us; it’s the first thing you say about yourself when you meet a new person. Our name becomes an undetachable part of our identity from the first day of our naming ceremony. So, make sure that you research thoroughly before selecting the perfect name for your little one! And that makes the task all the more challenging but take our word on this it’s interesting too!

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