Top 20 Ugandan Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Top 20 Ugandan Names for Boys and Girls

If you are looking for an African name for your newborn, then you are at the right place. We bring you a list of 20 popular Ugandan baby names for girls and boys that you can consider while selecting the perfect name for your baby!

Ugandan Baby Boy Names

Read on to follow the latest Uganda boy names:

1. Adroa

A trendy Ugandan baby boy name meaning ‘God’s will.’ This name has a musical ring to it!

2. Balinda

This name does sound from a Shakespearean play. But it’s a well-known Ugandan name which means ‘fortitude and patience’.

3. Balondemu

Balondemu is a traditional Ugandan name for baby boys. The meaning of this name is ‘The chosen one’.

4. Damba

Damba though seems unfamiliar, it is a popular name in Uganda. It means ‘boy of peace’.

5. Gonza

Gonza is a cute romantic name. The meaning of this name is ‘love’.

6. Irumba

The name Irumba means the ‘first born after twins’.

7. Jendyose

A trendy, unique and beautiful name meaning ‘this child is my honour’. It is a unisex name.

8. Mukisa

Mukisa is a popular Ugandan name for boys. It means ‘good fortune.’

9. Ochieng

Ochieng is a cute and unique name which means ‘born during the day time’. It is believed that Ugandans prefer to name their children based on the time of day they were born.

10. Kaikara

Kaikara is a traditional Ugandan name for boys. It is a traditional name of God.

Ugandan Baby Girl Names

Listed below are the famous and traditional Ugandan girl names you can consider for your baby girl:

1. Achen

This name of Ugandan origin means ‘twin’. Achen is an uncommon feminine name for a twin sister!

2. Abbo

A sweet and simple name meaning ‘accessory’.

3. Afiya

A strong, beautiful and attractive name, Afiya means ‘good health’. By good health, they mean all aspects of life physical, mental and spiritual! Doesn’t that make it the perfect name for your little princess?

4. Dembe

The name would go well with your little angel’s personality. Dembe means ‘peace’ in Ugandan.

5. Masiko

Masiko is a name as well as a surname in Uganda. Masiko is a classic Ugandan name which means ‘hope’.

6. Miremba

A classic Ugandan name meaning ‘peace’. Miremba is a beautiful and attractive name for girls. It’s an ancient name, but the modern feel attached to it makes it all the more appealing and sophisticated.

7. Namazzi

A sweet and rhythmic name meaning ‘water.’ Namazzi represents calmness and serenity and is very appealing for girls!

8. Namono

This stylish name has recently gained popularity in Uganda. It’s a perfect name if you have twins! Namono means ‘youngest twin,’ so technically it was used for the second-born twin!

9. Nasiche

If you’re looking for a traditional name for your baby, then you should go for this name. Nasiche is a slightly uncommon name which means ‘given life during locust season’.

10. Natukunda

Natukunda is a strong and classic name which means ‘God loves us’.

These are some popular Ugandan names for boys and girls. We hope you liked these and consider them while selecting a name for your little one.

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