Top 120 Cute & Beautiful Boy Names With Meanings

120 Cute, Nice and Beautiful Names for Boys

Babies are the most adorable beings on the planet. They are cute and beautiful in their own little ways. Therefore, most parents search for baby names bring out their innocent and pure nature. Cute names for baby boys should not just define a child’s individuality; they should have a beautiful meaning too. If you are expecting a bay, there will be a host of name suggestions and references coming your way from close friends and family, and you will be visiting a large number of websites to search for that one, perfect name. Well, to make it easy for you, we have here, a list of 120 beautiful, nice, and cute baby boy you can choose from. What are we waiting for then? Let’s get started.

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120 Beautiful, Nice, and Cute Baby Boy Names With Meanings

These cute male names for baby boys given here with their meanings should help you make this important decision of a lifetime with absolute ease.

1. Aaron

This pleasant-sounding Hebrew name means ‘high mountain’.

2. Aiden

Aiden suits boys known for their stylish looks and means ‘fire’, ‘the fiery one’, or ‘born of fire’.

3. Alexander

This is a classic Greek name, and it means ‘defender of man’. The two popular names that often come to mind when one thinks of this name are Alexander the Great and Alexander Graham Bell.

4. Andrew

Andrew means ‘manly’ and ‘powerful’. This name appears as one of the apostles who would later be christened Saint Andrew.

5. Asher

This English and Germanic occupational surname belonged to the ash maker. Asher is the son of Jacob in the Bible who started the Tribe of Asher.

6. Anthony

This name is a derivative of the Greek Antonius. Anthony means ‘flower’ and is associated with Anthos.

7. August

Perfect for babies born in this summertime month, August means ‘great’.

8. Barney

This cute name means ‘son of comfort’. Derived from the Slavic name Barni, it is a common short form for Barnard.

9. Benjamin

This name suggests trust. Benjamin in the Old Testament was Jacob’s son and the founder of a Hebrew tribe.

10. Bertram

Bertram is a cuddly and cute boy’s name meaning ‘bright raven’.

11. Bruno

Bruno means ‘brown’ and is German in origin. German philosopher Bruno Bauer, Brazilian actor Bruno Campos, and American singer Bruno Mars have popularised this name.

12. Byron

The name Byron has an English origin, meaning `barn for cows’.

13. Baxter

This Anglo-Saxon and Scottish name comes from the English surname meaning ‘baker’.

14. Caleb

Caleb is a mythical name finding its roots in the Bible. The name means ‘devotion to God’.

15. Carter

Carter is an English name which means ‘Cart-user’. Reminding us of President Jimmy Carter, it has a funky, fresh, and effortless appeal, too.

16. Christopher

An English variant of the greek Christophoros, Christopher means ‘Christ-bearer’.

17. Charles

This royal name comes from Germanic Karl. Little Charles has a hunger for learning and works hard towards his goals. It means ‘free man’.

18. Chris

Derived from the Latin Christian or Greek Christianos, Chris means ‘bearer of Christ’.

19. Cooper

This occupational name has an English origin and means ‘barrel maker’.

20. Daniel

Daniel originates from the Hebrew word Daniyyel which means ‘God is my judge’. He is strong yet friendly, thanks to its nicknames Dan and Danny.

21. David

This name with a Hebrew religion means ‘beloved’ or ‘beloved uncle’. This Biblical name is familiar with David and Goliath who won a battle against a giant.

22. Dmitri

This sassy Russian is an all-time favourite. Dmitri comes from the Greek name Demetrius and holds the meaning of ‘earth lover’.

23. Duke

Duke is a worldly name preferable by noble societies and royals. This aristocratic boy’s name means ‘nobleman’.

24. Dylan

This Welsh name means ‘Born of the great sea’. Dylan has been used in Welsh mythology appearing as God of the sea.

25. Damon

This Greek baby names, Damon means ‘to tame’ or ‘gentle’.

26. Dominic

Mostly popular among Latin-Romans and Roman Catholics, Dominic means ‘belonging to God’ or ‘of the master’.

27. Declan

This name means ‘full of goodness’, and it has an Irish origin.

28. Earl

Another with an aristocratic feel, Earl means ‘nobleman’ or ‘warrior’. You may find this name common in Europe.

29. Ebenezer

Well, nothing could beat this vintage-feel name. Ebenezer is a sophisticated name meaning ‘rock of help’, symbolising a ray of hope.

30. Ezra

Ezra’s meaning of ‘help’. This sweet Biblical name has a surprisingly modern sound.

31. Easton

This Hebrew name means ‘from the East town’.

32. Ethan

Derived originally from the Hebrew, Ethan means ‘enduring and strong’.

33. Emilio

This short name is derived from the Latin name Aemilius and means ‘rival’.

34. Evan

This Welsh name is derived from ‘Lefan’ and means ‘God is gracious’. In Gaelic, it means ‘youth’.

35. Finley

This Scottish royal name is common and favoured. The meaning of the name is ‘white warrior’.

36. Francisco

Meaning ‘Frenchman’ or ‘free man’. Francisco is the name of Portuguese and Spanish origin.

37. Fernando

The name has a Spanish origin, and it comes from the word ‘faro’ which means ‘journey’ and ‘nand’ meaning ‘ready’ indicating a spirit of adventure.

38. Ferris

Ferris is a Celtic name meaning ‘rock’, which is possibly derived from Fergus. This anglicised form of Irish O Fearghuis or ‘descendant of Fearghus’ has its English variant as Farrar.

39. Gavin

Gavin is short, handsome, and masculine. It means ‘battle’.

40. George

George, with its Greek origin, means ‘farmer’. The name has made a comeback with the British royal couple naming their son as George.

41. Gilbert

Gilbert comes from Old French and means ‘shining pledge’. You may have heard of Elena Gilbert from the mystical TV series, The Vampire Diaries.

42. Gregor

A Russian diminutive of Gregorious, this name means ‘watchful’.

43. Harvey

Originating from the Normans, Harvey means ‘battle worthy’.

44. Heathcliff

Heathcliff never disappoints us with handsome and mysterious vibes. It means ‘heath near a cliff’.

45. Henry

This name means ‘home ruler’ from the German Heinrich. Popular among kings, a host of kings and emperors with this name have ruled across time and continents.

46. Hudson

Charming and stylish, Hudson means ‘Son of Hudde’ and has an English origin.

47. Harmon

This name with a harmonic feel has a German origin. It means ‘soldier’ or ‘warrior’.

48. Harrison

Harrison has an aboriginal origin. It means ‘son of Harry’. The name has a nice formal vibe to it, doesn’t it?

49. Isaac

Derived from the Bible, Isaac was the son of Abraham and Sara. The Green ecclesiastical form of Hebrew Yitzchak means ‘he will laugh’.

50. Ivan

This Slavic name means ‘God’s Gracious Gift’ or’ God is Gracious’. With six Russian rulers named after Ivan, it certainly bears a regal appeal.

51. Ian

This Scottish name means ‘God is gracious’ and feels cute with its short, sweet, and vowel initial.

52. Isaiah

Hebrew names are fast gaining popularity, and this name means ‘Yahweh is salvation’.

53. Irving

An apt name for your handsome child, Irving means ‘handsome’ in Irish.

54. James

Derived from the Hebrew name Jacob, James means ‘supplanter’, the one who follows.

55. Jacob

The name Jacob means ‘supplanter’ in its Hebrew origin Ya’aqob. Jacob was one of the important patriarchs of the tribes of Israel in the Bible.

56. John

A derivative of the Hebrew name Yochanan, John means ‘God is Gracious’. It stands for character and strength as well.

57. Jason

This Biblical name means ‘healer’. It comes from the Greek ‘Laso’ which means the Goddess of healing.

58. Kevin

Kevin has an Irish origin which means ‘handsome’ – derived from the name Caoimhin who is the patron saint of Ireland.

59. Kai

This name of Hawaiin origin means ‘sea’. In Europe, Kai has a Frisian origin used as a diminutive of Kaimbe which means ‘warrior’. And, in Japanese, it stands for ‘forgiveness’.

60. Kingston

Commonly used as elegant British surnames, this English name means ‘king’s town or settlement’.

61. Luke

Derived from the Greek name Loukas, Luke evokes strength and has been popular in Star War movies as well as the New Testament. It means ‘the bright one’.

62. Levi

This Biblical means ’joined together’, and has a Hebrew origin. Its ultra-cool vowel ending is apt for kids bursting with energy.

63. Liam

This Irish name means ‘resolute protection’, ‘strong-willed warrior’, or ‘guardian’.

64. Lazarus

This Hebrew name has a Biblical reference and means ‘God is my help’.

65. Maverick

This American name means ‘independent’. Distinct in sound and bursting with energy, Maverick certainly shapes a boy’s identity who doesn’t follow the crowd.

66. Michael

This Hebrew name means ‘the one who is like God’.

67. Matthew

This name of Hebrew origin means the ‘gift of God’ and has Biblical ties appearing in the New Testament.

68. Marcin

Marcin is a casual and joyful-sounding name derived from the Latin name Martinus. It means ‘warlike’.

69. Marvin

Derived from the Welsh name Mervyn, this name means ‘a person from Finland’ or ‘Great Lord’.

70. Mike

This cute name originates from Hebrew, and it means ‘he who is like God’.

71. Noah

This worldly Biblical name is known for its calm and peaceful vibe. The name means ‘comfort’.

72. Nolan

This Irish name is soft in its sound and means ‘descendant of the famous one’.

73. Nathan

This Hebrew name means ’He gave’ or ‘given’. Nathan is a Biblical name appearing as the son of David.

74. Nicholas

Derived from the Greek name Nikolaos, this name means ‘victory of the People’. It has become popular with Saint Nicholas and Bishop of Myra in Lycia.

75. Niles

Dignified and stately as it sounds, this name has an English origin, and it means ‘ river’.

76. Oscar

This Gaelic name means ‘gentle friend’. Made famous by the Irish poet Oscar Wilde it sounds cute and charming at the same time.

77. Orion

Orion is a Greek mythological name meaning ‘son of fire’ or ’rising star’. Apart from being the name of a constellation, Orion was the mighty hunter and son of Poseidon.

78. Oliver

Derived from Oliva or Olive Tree in Latin, Ollie being its common nickname.

79. Peter

This name is derived from the Greek word Petros meaning ‘stone’. St Peter was the keeper of the Gates of Heaven. A well-known Christian name, Peter signifies dependability.

80. Parker

This English name means ‘park keeper’. Named as an old English occupational surname, it has a beautiful yet down-to-earth feel.

81. Pax

This short and cute name is derived from Latin meaning ‘peace’. This name appears in Roman mythology as the Goddess of peace.

82. Phoenix

Symbolic of immortality, this name has a Greek origin and means ‘dark red’. Commonly referred to as the mythic bird that rose from the ashes, Phoenix will be a fighter.

83. Quinn

This name is derived from the Irish surname O’Quinn which comes from the Gaelic O’Cuinn (descendant of Conn). It means ‘wisdom’, ‘intelligence’, and ‘reason’.

84. Quinton

This name is often used as a surname. Considering its English origin, it means ‘Queen’s manor’.

85. Quantrell

This unusual surname has an old French origin and translates into English as ‘elegant’.

86. Reynard

Reynard is a handsome name with a classic and high-class feel to it. The name means ‘powerful advice’.

87. Ryan

This Irish name means ‘little King’ or ‘descendant of the king’. Somewhat cute and playful, little Ryan is always on the lookout for fun and adventure.

88. Rowan

Born of Scottish-Irish origin, Rowan means ‘from the Rowan Tree’ which is a tree with red berries.

89. Robert

Widely used in Continental Europe, this name of English and German origin means ‘bright flame’.

90. Sage

Don’t get distracted by its herby properties; it has much more potential in representing people other than treating them. Sage means ‘intelligent’.

91. Samuel

This Biblical name has a Hebrew origin Shemu’el, which means ‘name of God’.

92. Sasha

Sasha is one of the most popular Russian names meaning ‘defender of man’.

93. Sebastian

This well-refined Greek name is derived from Sebastos, which means ‘venerable’ or ‘honourable’.

94. Shawn

This Irish name means’ God is gracious’ or ‘Gift from God’.

95. Terence

Complement your little one’s calm and starry personality with this name. Terence means ‘soft and tender’.

96. Tom

Derived from Greek origin, Tom means ‘purity’ or ‘innocence’.

97. Thomas

Recorded in the Greek New Testament as the name of Thomas the Apostle, this name means ‘twin’ and ‘leader’.

98. Tyson

Originating from the French word ‘tison’ meaning ‘firebrand’, this name suggests a charming and loving personality for a boy.

99. Uri

This name has a Hebrew origin and means ‘my light’ or ‘my flame’. Little Uri is sure to light up your life with immense joy.

100. Usain

Usain means ‘beautiful’. This name of Arabic origin has been made famous by the Jamaican runner Usain Bolt.

101. Umar

This boy’s name of Arabic origin means ‘flourishing, or ‘thriving’ bringing in the hope of prosperity and longevity in your son’s life.

102. Van

Immediately thought of Van Damme? We did, too! This mid-century boy’s name means ‘of’.

103. Victor

This early Christian name has a Latin origin which means ‘conquerer’, and symbolizes Christ’s victory over death.

104. Vincent

Vincent means ‘conquering’ or ‘victorious’. Originating in the Middle Ages, this name suits boys who are smart, nice, and friendly in nature.

105. Valentino

This name with a Spanish origin means ‘strength’ and ‘health’. This Italian surname can predict good well-being for your son’s future.

106. William

This name with a Germanic origin as Willehelm means ‘desire’ or ‘strong-willed warrior’. From William the Conqueror to William Shakespeare, this name certainly sounds classy.

107. Walter

Walter has a German origin meaning ‘powerful warrior’ or ‘army ruler’. This steadfast name has a touch of grandness that might suit your son’s personality.

108. Warren

Dating back to the 19th century, this name comes from French and English origin and means ‘park-keeper’.

109. Wren

For your child’s kingly personality, this eccentric Welsh name means ‘rule’.

110. Xavier

This name descends from Arabic, Spanish, and Basque origin. It means ‘bright’ or ‘splendid’.

111. Xylon

The name Xylon means ‘the forest’ and has a Greek origin.

112. Xenos

The names Xenos means ‘hospitality’ or ‘guest’. Coming from a Greek origin, it sounds modern and distinct from others.

113. Yardley

This English name means ‘fenced meadow’. This beautiful name can be given to boys who love nature.

114. Yanis

This boy’s name of French and Hebrew origin means ‘Gift of God’. Boys with names are dynamic, versatile, and intelligent.

115. Yael

This name of Welsh origin means ‘mountain goat’ or ‘fertile moor’. Boys with this name tend to become scholars and teachers.

116. Zane

Zane is a Hebrew version of the Biblical name John and means ‘gift from God’.

117. Zander

Zander is a short form of Alexander, the legendary warrior. It has a Greek origin and means ‘defender of men’.

118. Zephyr

This name has a Greek origin and means ‘west wind’. Parents looking for their son’s name that is light and breezy can choose Zephyr.

119. Zenith

An inspirational name for your son, this name of English origin means ‘highest point’.

120. Zion

This name of Hebrew origin means ‘utopia’ for the religious group of Jamaica, the Rastafarians. It was also the ‘highest point’ in central Jerusalem.

I hope this compressive list of cute soft baby boy names has been able to help you in fulfilling your responsibility in an enjoyable way. Remember that choosing a name for your baby boy is a memorable experience and so trust yourself and make your child feel special in every way.


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