Top 50 Bohemian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

50 Unique Boho Baby Girl Names

Choosing the perfect name for your little angel is probably the best part of parenting. A name is a gift you’ll give your daughter that will remain with her throughout her life. Our name defines us and is an integral part of our identity and personality. Although selecting one from an infinite list of beautiful names can be a confusing task, but it is interesting too!

50 Best Bohemian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Here we have a list of interesting Bohemian girl names you can consider for your daughter’s naming ceremony.




A beautiful name meaning ‘air’ and ‘melody.’ A perfect name for girls inspired by the famous television series Game of Thrones.


Ainsley means ‘one’s own meadow’ in Gaelic. Ainsley is an English name with Scottish origin. A highly recommended name as per the Boho spirit!


Amelie means ‘hardworking’ and has a French accent to it! When the name Emily meets with the Bohemian spirits, it becomes Amelie!


Spelled as a-Zahl-yea, Azalea is the name of a flower that originated in Greek.


A well-suited name for baby girls which means ‘grace’ and ‘elegance.’


A lovely wholesome name representing the free-spirits of Bohemian culture. It’s also one of the most beautiful seasons of the year!


Simply cool, blue is the color of our sky and sea! The blue color is a color of relaxation and stands for stability and serenity! Blue is a beautiful Boho name for girls!


Brione is an English name for baby girls, which means a flowering vine that is used in traditional medicine. It’s a rare, unique, and cute name for your little one!


Calia is a trendy Boho name for girls, which means ‘good or beautiful person’ in Italian. Perfect for your daughter!


Coral is a beautiful Latin name, which means ‘semi-precious sea growth mostly in deep pink or red.’ Coral is a semi-precious stone that is carved into beautiful jewelry!


One of the coolest hippie names that are truly Boho in nature! You might have heard of Cedarwood, Cedar is a tree that belongs to the family of Pinaceae, and it symbolizes immortality and elevation.


A slightly unconventional name with a deeper meaning attached to it! A quintessential woman is the persona of selfless love and the one who possesses a tender and forgiving heart! Cypress is the perfect name for a girl who possesses all these qualities.


Daisy is a cute elegant name for baby girls, which has many beautiful meanings attached to it! Daisy represents a flower, childbirth, motherhood, and fresh beginnings of life!


A traditional and unique Bohemain name for girls, which means ‘amorous,’ or ’delightful.’ Delilah reminds us of two things one is the temptress Delilah in the old testament who tempted Samson into revealing the secret behind his strength, and second is the famous song ‘ Hey there Delilah’!


Deja reminds us of the word ‘Dejavu.’ It’s a unique French and Spanish name, which means remembrance or something that has already happened!


One of the cutest names for girls, Daphne, in Greek means ‘laurel tree, bay tree’.


Elia is a Hebrew name for girls, which means ‘God has answered.’


A vibrant and bright name for girls, which means ‘spark burning low.’


A cute Spanish baby girl name, which is derived from the name Francisca. It means ‘a person of free-will’ or ‘free-spirited.’


Faye is a perfect name for your little angel, which means ‘fairy.’


Georgia is the Greek feminine form of the name ‘George.’ It’s a rich, luscious, and beautiful name for baby girls!


Gemma is a feminine name that means the name of a precious stone.


Hazel is a cute feminine name that has been derived from the name of the tree or the color. It is a popular English name for baby girls.


Just like the word, Ingrid means ‘fair and beautiful’ according to Norse mythology.


Indiana, the name reminds us of the rhythmic name of the famous adventurer series ‘Indiana Jones.’ Indiana is a cool feminine name for baby girls!


No doubt, Indigo is the favorite color of many of us! It’s one of the best Indie girl names you can give your little princess as it believed to have originated from India!


A perfect name for those who love flowers and fragrances! Jasmine is a refreshing name which has the goodness of both a beautiful flower and the pleasing fragrance attached with it, so why not name your daughter Jasmine!


Was your daughter born in June? Then Junia is the perfect name for her as it means ‘born in June.’


Kalinda is a lovely name that represents the divine Kalinda mountains in India. It holds the utmost importance in the Hindu religion.


In awe with the lovely Lilac flowers? Then why not name your daughter after it! The refreshing Lilac flowers come in vibrant hues of white, blue, violet, and magenta, each representing a deeper meaning.


Lark is a free-spirited Boho English name, which refers to the meadow birds known for their sweet singing voice! It’s an unusual name that will leave your daughter stand apart from the crowd wherever she goes!


Luna is an Italian, Spanish, and Romanian name, which means ‘moon.’ Luna is also the other name of the moon goddess, who is depicted as an enchantress riding on a white chariot in the sky! Wondering whether Luna inspired the word Lunar eclipse? Well, you might be correct!


Lyric is a French baby name closely attached to both poetry and music! It’s one of the most popular Boho names for baby girls!


Marlow is an unconventional English name, which means ‘driftwood.’ It is a place in Buckinghamshire, England.


Magnolia is a beautiful Boho name for girls, which was derived from Magnol’s flower, it was named after the French botanist ‘Pierre Magnol.’


An ancient unique name, Ophelia, was derived from Greek mythology, which means ‘help.’ Ophelia was also a famous character in the Shakespearean play Hamlet!


Olive represents the ‘olive tree,’ a symbol of peace and tranquillity, something which you’ll always want your daughter to experience in life!


We all know the charm and elegance of Pearl! Pearl is a rare and precious gem, just like your daughter!


Paisley is one of the best artsy girl names for your daughter! Paisley is a fabric design pattern which was in trend during the 70s and 80s.


One of the most commonly used Bohemian-inspired names, Rain, is as much mystical as it’s Boho!


Roxanne is an unusual ancient name which was derived from a Greek name Roxana; it means ‘bright,’ ‘radiant,’ or ‘dawn.’ It’s a cool and classy name for your daughter for which she’ll surely thank you later!


A rich and delicious Boho inspired name for baby girls! Saffron is one of the most expensive and exclusive spices used in cooking cuisines world over.


Although Sage is a unisex name, we feel that it sounds cuter for girls! Sage is a common family name and has many meanings attached to it; one of them is ‘Prophet.’ Sage is also a herb that has culinary and medicinal usage. Another meaning of Sage is ‘enlightened’ or ‘wise.’


Sasha is an endearing Russian feminine name, which means ‘helper of mankind’ or ‘ defending men.’


A cute season inspired Boho name for baby girls! Summer is an English feminine name that represents the warmest season of the year and the fun-filled activities with it!


Tamara is a lovely name that exudes class, elegance, and glamour. Tamara was derived from the Biblical name ‘Tamar,’ which means ‘date palm tree.’


Vivienne is a lovely name for girls, which means ‘life.’ The name has French roots but is commonly used as an English name.


A pretty feminine name, Waverly means ‘meadow with quivering Aspens.’ An ancient belief says that girls named Waverly have an amazing potential for greatness.


Zola is a Latin name that means ‘earth’ or ‘a ball of the earth.’ A girl named Zola will indeed stand apart from the crowd!


Yes, we know it’s the name of the famous designer store, but Zara is also a beautiful name for baby girls! In Arabic, Zara means ‘princess.’

We hope that the Boho inspired names in this list will help you choose the best name for your girl! Each of these names is beautiful and has a classic meaning attached to it.

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