50 Popular Ethiopian Baby Names for Girls

Ethiopian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Selecting a suitable name for your daughter, which sounds unique, cool and classic is a bit challenging task, especially when the competition is tough! We have observed that in the past few years, people have started using unique and hard-to-find trendy names for their children. So, here we present you with 50 unique Ethiopian female names, which you may consider for your daughter.

Ethiopian Baby Girl Names with Meanings

Take a look at the top trending 50 Ethiopian unique names for girls:

Names Meaning
Aida Aida is a classic Ethiopian name meaning ‘happy.’ This lovely name is deeply associated with Verdi Opera, which is a tale of an enslaved Ethiopian princess who sacrificed her life to protect her people.
Aisha A widely popular name owing to its charming feminine feel! Aisha was also the name of Muhammed’s most favorite wife, which makes it all the more lovely and appealing.
Afia A unique and classic choice of name, which means ‘born on Friday.’
Amara A trendy feminine name that has been introduced as a name in recent years. It’s an elegant variation of the name Mary, it means ‘immortal’ in Sanskrit and ‘peaceful’ according to Mongolian dialects.
Ayana A beautiful name which means ‘a beautiful flower.’ Make sure that you get the pronunciation correct that is ‘uh-ya-nuh.’
Anika A cute adorable Ethiopian women’s name meaning ‘sweetness of face.’
Bathsheba A regal choice of name for your daughter, Bathsheba, was the name of the daughter of queen Shea, the ruler of Abyssinia. It means ‘daughter of the oath.’
Belkis An unconventional Ethiopian name meaning ‘Queen of Sheba.’ A royal touch to this delicate feminine name makes it all the more appealing!
Behati Beatrice, a popular English name, falls in love with an African to give birth to the lovely name ‘Behati!’ It means ‘she who brings happiness and joy.’
Baraka Baraka is the feminine version of the name Barak. It means ‘blessing,’ it’s a popular name in Africa due to its beautiful meaning.
Cheren Cheren is a cute and unique Ethiopian name, which is the name of a town in Eritrea. Quite an unconventional name for those looking for exclusivity.
Dani A lovely name for girls which is the feminine version of the name Daniel. Similar names in this fashion include Danita, Dahnay, and Danielle.
Desta Desta is a happy Ethiopian name for your daughter, meaning ‘happiness.’
Diarra A daughter is a precious gift of god! What could be better than naming her with this beautiful Ethiopian name meaning ‘gift.’
Edna A semi-biblical name, Edna was the name of the beloved mother of Apocrypha.
Eshe Eshe is a classic combination of the name Asha and Aisha. It means ‘life.’
Faizah An excellent pick for parents looking for exotic names for their daughter! Faizah is an Arabic and African name, which means ‘victorious.’ It’s getting more popularity in the Ethiopian baby girl names list.
Fana A simple, feminine, delicate name apt for young baby girls! It means ‘jungle!’
Gabra An unusual Ethiopian name, which means ‘almighty is my strength’ or ‘gift of the offering.’
Genet A well-known Africa-Ethiopian name meaning ‘heaven.’
Halima A beautiful choice of name for girls, meaning ‘gentle and humane.’ It’s an African Muslim name that refers to the nurse of Prophet Muhammed.
Heloisa A strong and influential baby girl name, which means ‘famous warrior.’ Heloisa is a common Ethiopian name that has a French and German origin.
Izara Izara means ‘a section of a tree.’ Indeed, a beautiful rhythmic name for baby girls!
Jamila Jamila is a widely popular Arabic name, which is also famous in African countries. The name Jamila means ‘beautiful,’ just like your little princess!
Jahzara Gift the bliss of a royal name to your little princess with this classic name Jahzara, meaning ‘beloved princess.’
Jazarah Jazarah means ‘princess,’ it’s a trendy variation of the name Jahzara.
Kayla Kayla, originally an Arabic name, is now also popular in Ethiopia! Another famous bearer of the name is the fitness freak Kayla Itsines.
Kadida Kadida is the Ethiopian version of the Arabic name Khadija, meaning ‘premature child.’ The famous bearer of this name includes Kadida Jones and Khadija of the Maldives, one of the earliest female rulers in a Muslim nation!
Kamali A divine choice of name, Kamali, means an ‘African spirit that protects babies from illness.’ It’s a feminine version of the name Kamal.
Louam A cute rhythmic Ethiopian baby girl name, which means ‘sleep well.’
Liya Liya is a Hebrew name, which is also common among Ethiopians, it means ‘I am with God.’ Liya is also considered as the Russian variant of the name Lily.
Maya Another beautiful and elegant name popular in Africa, Arabia, and India. The short and sweet name has gained popularity in recent years.
Makda Makda means ‘high tower.’ Makda is an African version of the Hebrew name Magda or Magdalene. It’s an exclusive and rare name you’ll ever come across!
Mariam Mariam is an African and Arabic variation of Mary, one of the most beautiful bible names! The name Mary is going out of style these days, and instead, these beautiful variants are getting popular.
Melesse Melesse is an excellent choice of name if you are looking for unique Ethiopian girl names starting with M. The name means eternal.
Neela A traditional multi-lingual name that’s common in Ethiopia and India. The Sanskrit meaning of Neela is ‘sapphire blue.’
Nuru A quintessential feminine name which was derived from the name ‘Noor,’ it means ‘born during the day.’ This stylish name is embraced widely across many countries due to its simplicity and ease of pronunciation!
Nyala An exotic Ethiopian baby girl name, which means ‘mountain goat.’ It’s an excellent choice as a rare Ethiopian name starting with ‘n.’
Qwara A rare Ethiopian name starting with the letter ‘q.’ Qwara was the ancient name of Ethiopian tribe and the people of Ethiopia,
Subira A pretty Ethiopian name meaning ‘patience.’ Since it’s hardly common, it will be perfect if you are looking for rare and exclusive names.
Selam Introduce the bliss of peace in your little daughter’s life with this fresh Ethiopian name meaning ‘peace.’
Senalat A happy go luck Ethiopian name meaning ‘happy.’ One of the best names you can choose for your daughter.
Taci A short, sweet, and exotic Ethiopian baby name, which would be an excellent choice if you’re looking for stylish names! The correct pronunciation of this name is ‘Tah-shee.’
Tenagne Not everyone would agree when we say that Tenagne is an exotic feminine name! Tenagne means ‘I was given gold.’
Winta A famous Swahili name which means ‘desire.’ Winta is common in many countries, including America, Africa, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania.
Yeshi Emebet A perfect pick for those looking for classic Ethiopian orthodox baby girl names, Yeshi Emebet essentially means ‘mistress of thousands of people.’
Zanah Zanah is an Arabic origin name that is popular in Africa and America. It means ‘gifted god.’
Zeenat Zeenat is a traditional name that has an Arabic origin and is popular among the Muslim population of India and Africa. The name Zeenat has many beautiful meanings like ‘decoration,’ ‘beauty,’ and ‘the number 8.’
Zoya Zoya means ‘dawn,’ it’s an East African name which is well-known in African and Arab countries.
Zeina Zeina is a variation of the name Zena, which means ‘auspicious or good news.’ A cute nickname of Zee would go well with this name!
Zuri A classic, attractive name that is common amongst Africans and Americans. The Swahili meaning of this name is ‘pretty’ or ‘beautiful.’

What is there in a name? We feel that a name is something that naturally merges with one’s identity and personality. We never get to choose our names; it’s a gift our parents bestow upon us! So, as parents, it’s your responsibility to do the same for your children so that someday they feel positive and happy about the name you chose for them! On that note, we wish you all the very best on this exciting quest of finding the perfect name for your little one! Happy parenting!

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