70 Unique and Beautiful Persian Names for Girls

70 Unique and Beautiful Persian Baby Names for Girls

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Persia, with its glorious and beautiful past, has been a great example of a developed nation in ancient times. The Persian heritage and traditions are deep-rooted, even today. The exotic culture has many unique and beautiful names, especially for girls. This modern Persian girls name list is inspired by Arabic and other, religions, including Christianity. These unique names are meaningful and elegant. This list can help parents choose a Persian name for their baby girl that suits her unique personality.

Persian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Parents are always extra careful when naming their baby girls. They keep looking for a name that is beautiful, popular, elegant and virtuous. The name should positively reflect on her personality. Old names are classic and timeless and have the whole meaning to prepare for a proper name. On the other hand, some parents opt for more popular names that are known for their beautiful meanings and significance.

Choose from this list of popular Persian names of baby girls for the perfect name for your baby girl.

1. Aafreen

Aafreen is a beautiful Persian name for girls meaning “to praise” or “to give thanks” or “to congratulate”. The name is used as an expression to praise and show gratitude.

2. Abreshmina

This exotic female name of Persian origin means “made of silk”.

3. Abru

Abru meaning “honour, dignity” is a unique female name of Persian origin. This can be a great choice for parents who believe their child is a symbol of their honour and dignity.

4. Afra

Afra is a beautiful female name which means “maple tree” or “whitish red colour”.

5. Afsaneh

This Persian origin name means “a story about fairies”.

6. Afshaneh

This name of Persian origin means “scattering or sprinkling”.

7. Aghigh

Aghigh is a name of Persian origin meaning “priceless or precious.” It is the name of a stone which is precious and rare.

8. Aleah

This unique name of Persian and Arabic origin means “God’s being or exalted” referring to a person favoured by God.

9. Alizeh

This attractive Persian name means “wind”. The name has various variations such as Alissa and Eliza and the French version of this name is Alizee.

10. Armani

This beautiful name is a female variation of the Persian name Arman. It means “faith or desire”.

11. Arsia

Arsia is a sweet Persian origin name meaning “throne or someone worthy of a throne”. Another variant of this name is Arshiya.

12. Aryana

This elegant Persian female name means “noble” or “pure”. It’s a beautiful name and a variation of this name is Ariana.

13. Arzu

This Persian origin name means “desire” or “wish”.

14. Astrella

This name of Persian origin is the variation of the name Esther. The name means “star”.

15. Avaleigh

The name Avaleigh has a Persian origin, meaning “the desired song”. It can also be shortened to Ava which is a great name as well.

16. Avaley

This beautiful Persian name means “as pretty as a bird”. It’s a rare and unique name and might be the perfect one for your little girl.

17. Avalie

Avalie is a Persian female name meaning “strength and desire”. This name can be a wonderful start to raising a strong daughter.

18. Aytan

This name of Persian origin means “moonlike or serene”. This name is made up of the Turkish word “ay” meaning moon and the Persian word “tan” meaning body.

19. Azadeh

This Persian female name means “dry earth” and “detached”. This name represents a person who is free of worldly desires.

20. Azami

This name is of Japanese and Persian origin and it means “thistle flower” or “greatest”. The thistle flower refers to defiance in Eastern mythology.

21. Azita

This exotic Persian name means “noble, humble, or free”. The name is one of the famous Iranian baby names as it is the name of an Iranian princess.

22. Azizah

This exotic name of Arabic origin means “dear, beloved, or cherished”. Other variants of this name include Azzah and Azeeza.

23. Bahar

Bahar is a sweet name meaning “spring, beauty, or bloom”. This name has its origin in different cultures and is quite a popular name.

24. Bakhita

This elegant name of Persian origin means “the fortunate one”.

25. Bano

Bano is a Persian name meaning “princess, bride, or lady”. The name is used as an endearing term of affection.

26. Berin

This unique Persian name means “fair or fast”.

27. Berina

This female name of Persian origin means “best or highest” referring to a person who is the best or of high social stature.

28. Bolour

Bolour is an elegant Persian name meaning “crystal”.

29. Caspara

Caspara is a beautiful female name meaning “keeper of treasure”.

30. Cyra

Cyra is an elegant name meaning “sun” or “throne”. There are other variants of this name including Cyrah and Saira.

31. Damsa

Damsa is a beautiful name which means “white silk”.

32. Darsameen

This unique name means “valuable or expensive”. This name has a Persian origin and is one of the top trending names.

33. Darya

The name is the feminine version of the Persian name Darius, meaning “one who is good”.

34. Diba

Diba is a Persian name for girls meaning “a priceless brocade” or “fine silk”.

35. Dilara

This beautiful name means “ornamental beauty”. This name is popular in many countries and it is made up of two Persian words “del” meaning heart and “ara” meaning an ornament or beauty.

36. Dilnaz

Dilnaz is the Kurdish variation of the name Delnaz. It means “beloved or sweetheart”.

37. Dilruba

This sweet name is also a term of endearment. The name means “charming and beautiful”.

38. Ehteram

Ehteram is a unique Persian name meaning “respect, consideration, and admiration”.

39. Elaheh

The name Elaheh of Persian origin means “like a goddess”.

40. Emagine

Emagine is a Persian name, meaning “innocent or blameless”.

41. Esme

This beautiful name has its origins in French and Persian language. The name means “esteemed, beloved, or emerald”. The name is also a variation of Esmeralda, a name of Spanish origin.

42. Estere

Estere is a Persian origin female name meaning “star”. The name is a variation of the name Esther.

43. Farahnoush

This beautiful name has a Persian and Arabic origin, and it means “happy or joyous”. It is made up of the Arabic word “farah” meaning happiness and a Persian word “noush” meaning eternal.

44. Fareena

Fareena is a Persian origin name meaning “kind and merciful”.

45. Fariba

Fariba is a stylish Persian name meaning “captivating and enchanting”.

46. Fehmeeda

This virtuous Persian name means “intelligent” or “wise”.

47. Finna

This elegant name is the female variation of Finn. The name means “a fair woman”.

48. Firoja

Firoja is a beautiful Persian name which is also the name of precious stone, this name means “turquoise colour”.

49. Forouzan

This exotic female name of Persian origin means “shining and warm”.

50. Friya

This cute Persian name for girls meaning “beloved” or “affectionate”. An alternate spelling of this name is Freya.

51. Golnar

Golnar is a philosophical name of Persian origin. The name refers to “a person who needs inner quiet or desires to understand the world and the deeper truths”.

52. Gordia

Gordia is a virtuous name referring to “a person who is idealistic and has good leadership qualities”. Gordia is also the name of a character in Shahmaneh a long epic poem which is the national epic of Greater Iran.

53. Gulbarg

Gulbarg is a beautiful Persian name for your baby girl. The name means “petals of rose”.

54. Gulzaar

This beautiful name is the variation of Persian name Gulzar meaning “a garden of roses”.

55. Huma

Huma is a Persian name meaning “lucky bird” or “phoenix”. Huma is famous as a legendary bird in Persian mythology.

56. Jasmine

Jasmine is a beautiful girl’s name of Persian origin meaning “gift from God”. The names refer to the beautiful jasmine flower.

57. Kaamnoosh

This exotic Persian female name means “sweet wish or sweet desire”.

58. Laleh

Laleh is a pretty name of Persian origin, and it means “red tulip flower”. The name refers to ever-lasting love which is symbolised by red tulip flowers.

59. Layla

Layla is taken from the famous romantic story in Arabia and Persia, and it means “night or night time”.

60. Liana

This exotic Persian name means “to be bound by vines” or “my God has answered”.

61. Lila

The name is derived from the Arabic name Laylah, meaning “night” or “daughter of the night”. In Hindi/Sanskrit it means “play”.

62. Mehry

Mehry is a beautiful name derived from Mehr. The name Mehr means “the sun”. It also means kind and affectionate.

63. Mehzebeen

This beautiful Persian name means “as beautiful as the moon”.

64. Mina

This elegant name in Persian means “azure or like a crystal”. The name also has a German origin and it means “true or pure love”.

65. Nasrin

This Persian origin name means “wild rose”. Other variations of the name are Nesrin and Nazrin.

66. Niloufar

Niloufar refers to the beautiful water lilies. The name also means “saintly or holy”.

67. Pari

This beautiful name of Persian origin means “fairy”.

68. Roshanak

This exotic name of Persian origin means “shining star or luminous beauty”.

69. Soraya

This beautiful name for girls means “jewel”. This name is derived from the Arabic name for Pleiades which is a cluster of stars which is called “Thurayya”.

70. Zenda

Zenda is a beautiful name of Persian and Ukrainian origins. The name means “sacred”.

Persian names are popular across the world, especially in Arab countries and Turkey. These beautiful names are also gaining popularity in Western countries. Every parent in the world wants to name their baby girl with a unique and elegant name. So when picking a name for their baby, they give much emphasis on meaning and origin. A meaningful name is timeless and indicates good virtues. So naming your baby girl with a unique and thoughtful name will shape your little girl’s identity.


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