Top 90 Saint Girl Names With Meanings

90 Saint Names for Baby Girls

Getting Baptized at the church is a wonderful experience, and when your beloved daughter receives a Catholic name, it makes the moment even more special.

Catholic baby girl names have a deep meaning to them. If you are looking for Roman Catholic saint names for baby girls or simply hunting for name ideas, you have come to the right place.

Divine Catholic Saint Names for Baby Girls with Meanings

From Italian saint names for girls to names that originate from Greek and Hebrew, we have rounded up a list of the finest baby girl saint names for you. Have a look and choose the best one for your little one.

Name Meaning
Abigail Abigail is a Hebrew name meaning “father’s joy”. St. Abigail for known for taking care of the sick and for her love for bees.


Albina is a feminine name derived from the Roman cognate “Albinus”  meaning “white” or “bright”.

Ada Ada has two different meanings – “adornment” and “nobility”. It is of Hebrew origin and is given to girls of high stature. Saint Ada was also known for keeping herself pure for Jesus.
Adele Saint Adele served God and took care of her family. She became a nun after her husband died and did many works of mercy. Adele means “nobility”.
Amanda Amanda is a variation of Amand and Saint Amand was the father of monasticism during ancient Belgium. The meaning of Amanda is “worthy of love”.
Alma Alma became the abbot of Scotland and was previously a Cistercian monk in England. The meaning of the name Alma is “loving”.
Alice Alice was one of the youngest female saints to enter into a Cistercian convent at the age of seven.  The meaning of Alice is “noble cheer”.
Ambrosia Ambrosia means “immortal” and comes from the name of Saint Ambrose of Milan. I knew him for his gift of preaching.
Barbara Barbara means “stranger” and she was a female saint who had found a way to get Baptised by a priest when she was locked up in a tower by an abusive person.


The name Beatrix is girl’s name of Latin and Dutch origin that means “she who brings happiness’


It is a feminine name derived from Hebrew and Latin and means “garden” or “vineyard”.

Cornelia Cornelia stands for “horn” and Saint Cornelius, which is the name where the word comes from, was a pope.


Dymphna: derived from the  Irish name Damhnait, meaning fit or eligible. 


Elisabeth: Elisabeth means “Consecrated to God”. It is a feminine name derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, biblical wife of Aaron


In Latin, this feminine name  means ” Fortunate”

Fina The name Fina means “He shall add” and Sain Fina was known for her immense devotion to Jesus Christ.
Faith Faith means “complete trust in God or unquestioning belief”. Saint Faith was a young girl when she was martyred by Romans and she refused to sacrifice her faith.
Gabriella Gabriella means “woman of God” and is an Italian name. The name is a feminine form of Gabriel who was one of the seven archangels in the Bible.
Grace The meaning of grace is literally, grace. The name traces back to Saint Gratia who had worked on sea in the trade until he became a saint by being deeply moved by a sermon in a church.


Gwen “: Gwen is rooted in the Welsh dialect and is the feminine form of Gwyn meaning white, bright, or pure

Helena Helena translates to “light”. Saint Helena was an important figure in Christian history.


Hyacinth: Hyacinth is a popular gender-neutral name derived from a Greek word meaning “the blue larkspur flower.

Hilda The meaning of Hilda is “battle maiden” and Saint Hilda was known for her spiritual wisdom and nobility.
Ignatia Ignatia means “fire” and is a name of Latin origin. It comes from the name of Saint Ignatius who is the founder of “Society of Jesus”.
Illuminata Illuminata refers to “the light of the Divine Grace” according to Christian tradition. It means “illuminated, shining, pure, or learned”. I celebrated Saint Illuminata for her holiness.


IngIngrid is a baby girl’s name of Scandinavian origin meaning “fair”.

Jacobina Jacobina is a Hebrew name which means “he grasps the heel”. The name comes from the name of Saint Jacob who was known as the “Moses of Mesopotamia”.
Josephine Josephine comes from Saint Joseph who was chosen by God to take care of Mary and Jesus. The meaning of Josephine is “increase”.
Jacqueline Jacqueline is a French name that means “may God protect”. The name traces back to Saint Jacqueline of Rome whose feast day is celebrated on April 1st.


Juliette is a popular feminine name of Latin origin. It is a variant of Julie, meaning “youthful,”.


Katharine: Katharine is a girl’s name of Greek origin which means “pure.”


Lydia is a feminine name derived from the Greek word “Ludía” which means pure beauty.


One of the most well-liked Catholic girl’s names is Mary, which is also known as the Mother of God and the Blessed Virgin Mary.


This is a female given name derived from Old English, meaning “ mild” or “ strength”.


Patricia is a female given name of Latin origin. Derived from the Latin word patrician, meaning “noble’


Regina is a Latin feminine name meaning “queen”.


Feminine version of Roman, from the Late Latin name Romonus, meaning “Roman” or “from Rome”.


This is a Spanish Baby name meaning Gift of Saturn


Teresa is a feminine name that reflects warmth and restorative nourishment.


Winifred is a girl’s name is Old English and Welsh origin, and means ‘holy’

Other Popular Saint Names for Girls with Meanings

Here is a list of the few more popular saint names for your princess in vogue these days.

Name Meaning
Ann Saint Ann was known for being the grandmother of Jesus and the mother of Mary. The meaning of Ann is “grace”.
Angela Saint Angela was a saint who lost her sight during her pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The name’s meaning is “angel”.


Antoinette means Highly praiseworthy and is rooted from a Roman clan name

Audrey Audrey was a female saint who was once known for showing off her wealth before she converted and became a saint. The name’s meaning is “noble maiden”.
Beatrice Saint Beatrice da Silva Meneses was known for founding the Congregation of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The meaning of Beatrice is “happiness”.
Catherine Saint Catherine was a female saint who was commissioned by Jesus to spread his devotion and prayers, serving as a spiritual guide to the masses. The meaning of Catherine is “pure”.


Claudine: Claudine is a popular female name having French origin that means crippled.

Charitina The name of many saints, the name Charitina means “love” and grace. Saint Charitna was known for her piety and strict chastity.
Cecilia Cecilia is an English baby name and its meaning is “blind”. Saint Cecilia was known as the patroness of musicians.
Deborah The name Deborah means “bees” and Deborah was a prophetess that appeared often in the Old Testament Book of Judges.
Delphine The meaning of Delphine is “dolphin” and the bearer of this name was a famous 13th-century nun, Delphine of Glandeves who dedicated her life to helping the poor.
Edana Edana means “fire” and the name belonged to a 7th-century Irish saint and monk.
Emily Emily is a Latin baby name and it means “industrious and striving”. Saint Emily is known for starting the congregation Sisters of St. Joseph of the Apparition.
Esther Esther was known to be the Jewish queen of Persian King Ahasuerus and the meaning of Esther is “star”.


Flavia is a Feminine name for the Roman name Flavius, which means “yellow” or “golden.

Felicity Felicity means “happy” and Saint Felicity represents young mothers who are expecting babies.
Flora Flora was known as the Goddess of Flowers and Springs in Rome. She was the wife of Zephyr The West Wind and the meaning of Flora is “flower”.
Frances Frances means “free” and God had sent Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini to spread his message in the West when she grew older.
Geraldine The meaning of Geraldine is “spear ruler” and the name come from the name of a saint who joined a monastery to spend time in solitude in his prayers.
Germaine They mistreated Saint Germaine as a child.  God taught her how to forgive her family for all the abuse and neglect she faced before. The meaning of Germaine is “kin”.


Gladys is a popular baby girl name having Welsh roots meaning royalty.

Gretchen The meaning of Gretchen is “pearl” and Saint Gretchen was the daughter of Saint Margaret of Antioch, a pagan priest whose control Saint Gretchen escaped from.
Hope Saint Hope had two siblings and all three of them suffered for the sake of Jesus. Their mother was Saint Wisdom (also known as Sofia).
Irene The name Irene means “peace”. Saint Irene was known for her tremendous faith in the Holy Scriptures and was put to death since she refused to pay sacrifice to the pagan gods.
Inez The meaning of Inez is ‘poor, pure, or chaste’. It also references to St. Agnes who was a Christian martyr.
Jessica The name Jessica is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘God beholds.’ and it also refers to Saint Jane who was devoted to Mother Mary.
Julia The meaning of Julia is “downy” and it is a variation of the name of Saint Julian. Saint Julian dedicated his life to caring for the poor and was a patron saint.
Justina The meaning of Justina is “just or fair” and comes from Saint Justin Martyr who once studied various philosophies.
Karen The meaning of Karen is “pure, clear” and it derived from the Latin name Katherine. Saint Catherine received a from Jesus Christ and spent her life being devoted to the vision.
Katherine The meaning of Katherine is “pure”. Saint Katherine served the Kingdom of God and spread the teachings of Christianity.
Louise The name Louise means “famous warrior” and she a female saint who devoted her life to assisting Saint Vincent de Paul in serving the poor.
Lucy Lucy was a female saint who vowed to marry Jesus. The meaning of Lucy is “light”.
Marcia Marcia means “God with us”. The name comes from the name of Saint Mark who helped spread the message of Christianity.
Margaret The meaning of Margaret is “pearl” and it is of Persian origin. It also refers to Saint Margaret who escaped from her father’s pagan teachings.
Nancy The meaning of Nancy is “favour, grace” and it was first used in Britain during the 13th-century. It also a variation of the name Ann who was a saint and the mother of Mary.
Olivia Saint Olivia was a saint who was martyred in Hadrian in 138. The meaning of this name is “olive” and its Hebrew meaning is “brightly” or “to be brilliant”.
Sylvia Mother of Saint Gregory the Great, Saint Sylvia raised her children to lead holy lives when they grew up.  Sylvia means “to be of the forest”.
Tillie Tillie was a saint who had married a king. She would often visit prisoners and ease the hearts of those who suffered using her holiness and power. The name Tillie means “glorious in battle”
Trudy Trudy stands for “spear strength” and refers to Saint Gertrude who was a gifted student and who almost strayed away from the holy faith until Jesus visited her in a vision and summoned her back.
Ursula Saint Ursula was a holy saint who loved children and taught them how to lead austere and pious lives. The meaning of Ursula is “little bear”.
Veronica Saint Veronica cared for Jesus by wiping his face with a towel. The meaning of Veronica is “victory bringer”.
Yvette Saint Yvette dedicated her life to caring for Lepers and was a mystic. The meaning of this name is “praised”.
Zita Zita means ‘little hope’ and Saint Zita was a saint who would frequently give away her food to the needy.
Zoe Saint Zoe and her husband were Christian slaves who were once martyred. The meaning of Zoe is “life”.

Now that you have a list of the top saint name for your baby girl, choosing something that resonates with you becomes easy. Take your time, don’t rush the process, and talk to your pastor and family members or friends before settling down with one of them.

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