130 Indian Baby Boy & Girl Names That Mean Joy and Happiness

130 Indian Baby Names Meaning Happiness

Happiness is a feeling of joy, contentment, and well-being. When people are safe, successful, or lucky, they feel happy. It is the feeling that comes to you when you know life is really good and you cannot help but smile. As this is a feeling everybody loves, many people wish their children to have names that mean ‘happiness’.

List of Baby Names Meaning Happiness or Joy for Boys and Girls

Here are some very nice Indian baby girl names and Indian baby boy names meaning happiness.

Baby Names Meaning Happiness

Baby Boys Names

Names Meanings
Aahlad Aahlad means ‘happiness and delight’. ‘Joy being spread’ is also another meaning of the name.
Aarjav This name is unique. The meanings are ‘sincere’, ‘happiness’ and ‘honest’.
Alazae This name is very unique and it means ‘great happiness’ or ‘being joyful’.
Amitosh ‘Infinite happiness and joy’ is the meaning of this name.
Amod This name means ‘pleasure’ or ‘happiness’.
Anand Anand means ‘joy’ and ‘one who is blissful and delightful’.
Anandamay This unique name means ‘the one who is full of happiness’.
Basant The name Basant means ‘the wonderful season of spring’. It means ‘spreading happiness’.
Binod Binod means ‘playful’ and ‘full of joy’. The  person is said to have a good sense of humour and happiness.
Chitranjan This nice name means ‘having an inner joy’ and ‘being peaceful at heart’.
Denish This wonderful name means ‘being joyful and happy’.
Dhruvin The name Dhruvin means ‘being a great person, happy, and versatile’.
Divit ‘Being immortal’ is the basic meaning of this name. It also means ‘happiness ‘and is a really nice Hindu baby boy name meaning happiness.
Farhat The name Farhat means ‘delight and happiness’. ‘Majesty and decency’ are other meanings.
Hardik ‘Happiness from the heart’ is the basic meaning of this name. It also means ‘the son of god’ and ‘heartfelt’.
Harsh ‘happiness, joy, and feeling a sense of excitement’.
Harsh Veer The meaning of name Harsh Veer is Joy, Delight, Happiness.
Harsha The name means that the person will be very ‘delightful and happy’. Joy will always surround them.
Harshat The meaning of Harshat is ‘Happiness’.
Hasan Hasan means ‘being very good or happy’. The name has multiple meanings like ‘laughter’ and ‘handsome’.
Hitansh The name Hitansh means ‘always being favourable’ and ‘wishing for happiness’.
Hrishit Hrishit means ‘One who brings happiness’.
Indirveer Indirveer means ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’. It is also used to refer to ‘God’s warrior’.
Jhoshil This means ‘A kind of happiness’.
Joshy The name sounds like ‘joy being filled all around’. The meaning of this name is happiness.
Khushwant ‘Having a life filled with happiness’ is the meaning of this amazing name. It also means ‘prosperity’.
Kshem Kshem means “Salvation, Happiness, Safety, Peace,”.
Kushalin This unique name ‘being skillful’ and ‘really happy’. The person would be ‘wise, healthy, and really successful’.
Malav Malav means one of the Ragas and it means ‘happiness’.
Masud ‘Being lucky and blessed’ are the meanings of this wonderful name. It also means ‘successful’ and ‘fortunate one’.
Mod The baby name Mod refers to ‘Happiness ,Modesty, Fragrance’.
Nanda Nanda means ‘a great achiever’. It is also related to ‘happiness, youth, and wealth’.
Nehaan ‘Being marvellous and merciful’ is the meaning of this wonderful name. It also means ‘joy’ and ‘happiness’.
Neyan Neyan means ‘being an admirer of life’. The other meanings are ‘lovely’ and ‘happiness’.
Paramnihal ‘Being able to have supreme happiness’ is the meaning of this amazing name.
Prasanna The name Prasanna means ‘cheerful’ and ‘always smiling’. It also means ‘happiness’.
Prasannjit Prasannjit means ‘Who has won happiness ,Joy’.
Raunak The name Raunak is really unique and means ‘happiness or the giver of light’.
Raunak Meaning of Raunak is “Light of Happiness”.
Razi The name means the person will generally be ‘happy and satisfied’.
Ritvaan This unique name has a basic meaning of ‘pure happiness and joy’.
Saadat It means ‘pure blessing’ and ‘honour’. The name also means ‘being blissful and happy’.
Santhosh Santhosh means ‘happiness’ and ‘being satisfied with everything in life’.
Sarman Sarman means ‘protection’ and ‘shelter’. It also means ‘being very delightful and happy’.
Satish Satish means ‘Happiness ,Lord of hundreds, Ruler of hundreds’.
Sayid This name has a number of meanings like ‘chief’, ‘master’, ‘leader’, and ‘lord’. It also means ‘happiness’.
Sharmad ‘The one who confers happiness’ is the true meaning of this name. It also means ‘everlasting’.
Shreeharsh This means ‘God of Happiness’.
Shreyash The name means ‘prosperity and good fortune’. ‘Happiness and welfare is spread’ and it also means ‘credit of fame’.
Shubh The name clearly refers to ‘happiness’ and ‘fortunate’. It also means the person would be very ‘successful’.
Sneharsh This meaning means that the person is ‘full of love and steady happiness’.
Sudheep ‘Being very bright and spreading light’ is the meaning of this name. It also means ‘happiness’.
Sudip This name refers to ‘very bright’, ‘happiness’.
Sukha This name is almost unique. The name basically means ‘happiness’ and the person will always be ‘joyful’.
Sukhdeep Sukhdeep refers to the ‘lamp of peace or an island of peace’. It basically means ‘the lamp of happiness’.
Sukhesh This is the name of the ‘lord of happiness’ and it also means ‘having beautiful hair’.
Sukhit It means ‘Complete Happiness’.
Sukhvinder Sukhvinder is the ‘God who gives happiness’. It is the ‘peace god of heaven’.
Sukhwant Sukhwant refers to “Pleasent, Full of Happiness”.
Sunny This name has a bright tone to it. It means ‘cheerful and full of sunshine’.
Sutosh Sutosh means ‘the one who easily becomes happy’.
Tate Tate means “Happy and Cheerful”.
Thanish This name is really unique as it means ‘diamond’. It also means ‘happy’ or ‘pleasant’.
Vaibhav This name means ‘intelligence’ and ‘desire’. Other meanings are ‘happiness’ and ‘richness’.
Winston “Joy of stone”, Win or Winnie would make a viable nickname for Winston.

Baby Girls Names

Names Meanings
Aaramya This name has a thoughtful meaning. It means ‘one who does not depend on external objects to be happy’.
Ada This name has a number of meanings like ‘graceful’, ‘noble’, brightness’ and ‘happiness’.
Ananda The Beautiful meaning of Ananda is “Joy, Happiness”.
Anandamayi This name means ‘being full of joy and filled with happiness’.
Aneeksha This name is very unique because of the meaning ‘bringing happiness’. It means that the person will ‘spread joy’.
Ashi It has so many beautiful meanings like ‘night’, ‘happiness’, ‘stars’, ‘smile’, and ‘peace’.
Bahja The Beautiful meaning of Bahja baby name is “Happiness”.
Bhagya This name means ‘fate’ and ‘happiness’. It is another name of the Goddess Lakshmi.
Bismita This name means ‘being happy’ and ‘brave’.
Busr ‘Being happy and joyful’ are the meanings of this name. Another unique meaning is ‘unripe dates’.
Chimayi ‘Beautiful’ and ‘happiness’ is the meaning of this name. It also means ‘gift from God’.
Delisha The name Delisha means ‘delight’ and ‘happiness’.
Desiha The name Desiha means ‘happiness’.
Fareeha Being ‘cheerful’ and ‘joyful’ is the meaning of this name.
Farha The meaning of Farha is “Happiness”.
Fathiya ‘Spreading joy’ and ‘new beginnings’ and is a really nice Muslim baby name meaning happiness.
Gourangi “Another name of Goddess Radha, Giver of Happiness, Fair complexioned”.
Harisha ‘Being a lioness and a cultivator’ are the general meanings of this wonderful name. It also means ‘happiness’.
Harshika Harshika means “Laugh, Happiness”.
Hasti The meaning of Hasti is ‘happy’ and ‘laughing’. It also means ‘existence’.
Hrithvi The meaning of this name is ‘happiness’ and ‘right guidance’. It also means ‘scholar’.
Hriti Hriti baby name refers to “Happiness”.
Ida Ida means ‘being prosperous in life and staying happy’. This is one of the nicest Christian baby girl names meaning happiness.
Iniya This pretty name means ‘being kind’, ‘happy’, and ‘sweet’.
Khurmi Khurmi baby name refers to “Leisure, Happiness”.
Khushali ‘Spreading happiness all around’ is the meaning of the name Khushali.
Khushi The name Khushi means ‘being happy’ or ‘delight’. The other meaning of the name is ‘smile’.
Khushika Khushika means “Happiness”.
Lajitha This name means ‘beauty’ and ‘happiness’.
Lisha The name Lisha means ‘sweetness’, ‘full of mystery’, ‘honesty’, and ‘truth’. It also means ‘happiness’.
Lithisha The general meaning of this name is ‘happiness’.
Mahiya Mahiya baby name refers to ’Exultation, Happiness’.
Mithra Mithra means ‘friend’ and ‘happy’. It also means ‘rising sun’.
Muskan This name is not common at all and it means ‘happiness’ and ‘smiles’.
Mysha It means ‘always being in a happy state of mind’ or ‘being happy the whole life’.
Nandana This name means ‘happiness’ and ‘celebration’. Goddess Durga is known by this name too.
Nawrah ‘Blossom’, ‘happiness’, and ‘flowers’ are the meaning of this wonderful name.
Nazira The meaning of this name is ‘one with a face glowing with happiness’. It also means ‘joy’.
Oshika The unique name means ‘success’ and ‘happiness’. It also means ‘limitless’ and refers to the sea queen.
Rada This name means ‘being glad’ and ‘happy’. It also means the person will be filled with care.
Rafa Rafa means “Prosperity, Happiness”.
Ria Ria means ‘love’. It also means ‘happiness’, ‘river’, and ‘fragrance of a flower’.
Rifa The name Rifa means ‘happiness’ and ‘prosperity’.
Sadat Sadat means “Bliss, Honor, Blessing, Happiness”
Samrudhi ‘happiness’, ‘success’, ‘wealth’, and ‘supremacy’.
Sania Sania means “Moment”, “Queen of water”, “Happy”
Saraa It means “All in one”, “Happy”, “Pure”.
Sarah The meaning of this name is ‘happy’ and ‘princess’. It also means ‘a woman of high rank’.
Sashana ‘Radiance’, ‘prosperity’, and ‘happiness’
Shagufta The name Shagufta means ‘happiness’ and ‘blooming’.
Sree The meaning of this name is ‘happiness’ and ‘radiance’.
Sriharsha ‘Being really happy and fortunate’ is the meaning of this unique name.
Sriparna The meaning of this pretty name is ‘happiness’ and ‘prosperity’. It also gives the meaning ‘tree adorned with leaves’.
Sudaravadivu The meaning of this name is ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’.
Tamasha This name means ‘festival and entertainment’ and ‘joyous or happy occasion’.
Tesha This beautiful name has various meanings like ‘happiness’ and ‘survivor’.
Tharsika The meaning of this unique name is ‘happiness’.
Tirsa ‘The person who brings the sight of satisfaction’. It also means ‘happiness’ and ‘affectionate’.
Tisha ‘Being very strong-willed and happy’
Tusti The meaning of Tusti is “Peace, Happiness, Satisfaction”
Ushta It refers to ”Illumination, Everlasting happiness”
Uvaha ‘The one who brings happiness’ and ‘spreading joy’
Vinodhini Name of Goddess Radha and is a Hindu baby girl name meaning happiness.
Yoga Its meaning is ‘meditation’ and ‘energy’. It also means ‘the art of achieving happiness’.
Yumnah It means ‘happiness’ and ‘success’.

Everybody looks for happiness in everything they do. This thought of experiencing something good makes us feel emotionally better. All the names we have listed above mean ‘happiness’ and you can choose the best one you like.

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