80 Girl Names That Mean Smart, Intelligent, Clever, Wise & Genius

80 Girl Names That Means Smart, Intelligent and Wise

As your little bundle of joy has just arrived, one of the most important things is to name your child. It is a well-known belief all over the world that children usually grow into their names. So, it is essential for you to keep several things in mind. Every parent wants their children to have positive characteristics, of which being intelligent tops the chart. So, why not name your child that maintains the status of high intelligence and smartness? A name that means wise or intelligent will positively influence them whenever they call out the meaning of their name. Plus, girls are more highly ordered and smarter than boys. We have covered some of the most popular and suitable names for baby girls that mean smart, intelligent, and wise. From this list of smart baby names, pick a few names that suit your little one’s personality the most, and shortlist one name wisely you and your partner like, as this name will be with her forever.

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Names in different languages have different meanings, and that is why we have covered baby names originating from various languages for you. We have added the meanings of each name so that you can choose well.

Smart, Intelligent, and Wise Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Congratulations to you on the arrival of a cute adorable little angel in your life. Naming a newborn can be quite challenging. You are here at the right place to find amazing genius names for baby girls. We have made a list of top female names around the world, which mean intelligent, smart, wise and brilliant – all the good qualities that you definitely want in your children. An intelligent person makes great decisions and achieves success in life.

Check out the list below for girl names that mean intelligent. It will surely help you to find that one name which suits your baby the best.

1. Abbey

Abbey is a short little Hebrew origin female name. It was derived from Abigail which depicts beauty and intelligence. It can also be spelt as Abby.

2. Alberta

Of German origin, Alberta is the feminine version of Albert and means intelligent and bright. The name grew a fan following after Queen Victoria’s daughter Louise Caroline Alberta.

3. Alohi

Alohi is a Hawaiian origin name. It is a feminine form of male name Aloha. This is beautiful baby girl names meaning brilliant.

4. Alvie

Alvie is a English female baby name. It is a short variation of Alvina. It is a trendy little name for girls which means wise friend.

5. Arinya

Arinya is a fancy feminine name which means beautiful knowledgeable woman. A perfect name for little baby girl.

6. Athena

Athena is a beautiful female name with Greek origin. It was the name of goddess of wisdom and warfare.

7. Aqila

Aqila is fancy female name with Arabic origin. It is a variant of Akilaah. The name has no cultural limits which means wise and intelligent.

8. Ayden

Ayden is a Turkish origin name which is used for both male and female. The meaning of the name is enlighten.

9. Bahira

Bahira is an Arabic origin name which means dazzling, brilliant. It is different and unique name for a baby girls.

10. Belig

Belig is a beautiful feminine name which is very unique in itself. It is a Mongolian origin name meaning “clever, wise”.

11. Berdy

Berdy is a Russian girl name which is becoming very popular. The meaning of the name is very intelligent. It is a good quality that every parents want in their kids.

12. Bernadette

A classic one in English names, Bernadette means intelligent. Some may think of it as outdated because of ‘ette’, but it can make a unique comeback for Gen-Zs.

13. Bertha

Once a popular English name until the 1930s, Bertha lost its followers after the German cannon was named “Big Berth”. The name has the potential for a good comeback. It means the bright one.

14. Bridgette

Sounding similar to Bridget, Bridgette is a classic name of French origin. It means intelligent.

15. Brilliance

Does it require an introduction? We hope not, as the name itself reveals everything. This English origin name means high intelligence.

16. Busara

Busara is an eccentric name from Africa. It means wisdom.

17. Cassadee

It is a variant of Irish origin name Cassidy. It is a chic and classic name for girls which means clever or curly-haired.

18. Cassidy

Cassidy is a light-toned name. It has an Irish origin with a cowboy touch, which is primarily used for females these days. The name means clever.

19. Chalondra

Chalondra is lesser known name for girls which has its roots in Africa. The meaning of the name is an intelligent woman.

20. Dana

Of English origin, Dana is a cute and short name. It means wise and intelligent.

21. Dara

Dara is a very popular Hebrew name for girls. It is short and sweet name ideal for today’s generation. It means “pearl of wisdom” or “wisdom and compassion”.

22. Eagna

Another from the Irish gem of names, Eagna is a unique and rare name. It means wisdom. If you are looking for a rare name for your daughter, then this is the name for you!

23. Eibhlin

Eibhlin is beautiful feminine name of Irish origin meaning shining, brilliant. The name is pronounced as “EV-lin”. It is very uncommon and should be considered for its uniqueness.

24. Eirdis

Eirdis is a hidden gem. The name is of Icelandic origin and means wise.

25. Elina

Elina is one of the modern smart girl names of Spanish origin. The meaning of the name is bright one, intelligent, shining light.

26. Farzaneh

Farzaneh is a female name of Persian origin. The meaning of the name is wise, intelligent, or highly knowledgeable.

27. Felisberta

Felisberta is a German name which was once popular around the 1920s, but it hasn’t been around in recent years. The meaning of the name is intelligent.

28. Filbert

Filbert is a lesser-known female name with old German origin which means very brilliant. It could be a beautiful name for your baby girl.

29. Galena

Galena is a Spanish origin female name. It is ideal for little baby girls and means small intelligent one.

30. Ganya

It is a unisex name used for both male and female. The name has Hebrew origin. It is very popular in Russia which means clever.

31. Gundruna

This French-origin name is perfectly suited for those parents who are looking for a classic-sounding name for their daughter. Btw, the name means ruling with elf-wisdom and wise.

32. Hellar

Hellar is unisex name with German origins. It is classy name for girls which means bright and brilliant.

33. Hikma

Perfect sounding and easy pronunciation, what else do we want, right? Hikma is one such name of Arabic origin that is easy to understand and meaningful. It means wisdom.

34. Huberta

Of German origin, Huberta is a good option you can choose for your little daughter. It means brilliant mind. The name has been consistent in the top 50 for over a decade years back; thus can make a good comeback.

35. Huette

Huette is a french female name with old German origin. It is a variation of the famous name Harriet. The meaning of the name is Intelligent.

36. Hye

Hye is a crisp name of Korean origin. It means intelligent woman.

37. Imala

Imala is a cute female name of Native American origin. The name means strong-minded, one who is very determined.

38. Ismene

It is a Greek originated name of a beautiful girl. The meaning of the name is meaning one who is knowledgeable.

39. Ismintis

Latvian names are not very popular, but this one can be if you are searching for the rarest of the rarest gem for your little daughter. Ismintis in Latvian refers to a person with wisdom.

40. Jada

Jada is of Hebrew origin and means wise. We think this could be a good name for your daughter.

41. Karasi

Karasi is a friendly African name which means life and wisdom.

42. Kayla

Made famous from the popular television series “Days of Our Lives”, the name Kayla once trended at the 12th spot among super names in the 80s. It is an Arabic name which means wise child. If you are a fan of this series, you may want to consider this.

43. Kiara

Kiara is a Italian inspired female name which pronounced as kee-AR-É. It means bright, intelligent, smart.

44. Kyna

Kyna is an interesting name for girls. In Gaelic the meaning of the name is wise, knowledge, logical.

45. Labiba

Labiba is an old African name which many don’t use today. The name means intelligent and wise. We think it could be a novel name for your little one.

46. Labibah

Labibah is a Muslim baby name which originates from Arabic language. The meaning of the name is wise, intelligent.

47. Mackenzie

This name is of Irish or Gaelic origin and means son of the wise ruler. Earlier, a boy’s name, Mackenzie, made its mark in the line of female names too.

48. Maiara

Maiara is a creative name originated in native america. It is a female name which means wise in Tupi.

49. Mindah

Mindah is a variant of Minda which is an Indian origin name. It is ideal for baby girl names which means light of knowledge.

50. Minerva

Minerva is a feminine name that stands out. It is more likely of Etruscan origin. It was named after the Roman goddess of wisdom and war.

51. Moneisha

Moneisha is a variant of Indian origin name which means having great intelligence and intellectual. It is a beautiful name for baby girls.

52. Najyba

Najyba is a very uncommon name for girls which actually means excellent, intelligent. The name has Arabic or African origin.

53. Nuha

Nuha is an elegant Muslim name meaning intellect mind.

54. Nuriyah

Nuriyah is an indirect Quranic feminine name. It derives from the Arabic name NÅ«r meaning light, luminous, radiant, brilliant.

55. Orinthia

Orinthia is an Irish girl’s name meaning to stir the mind. We think that Orinthia has classic energy and would be ideal for your little

56. Pallas

It is a rare girl name with Greek origin. The name was developed after the classic Greek mythology Pallas Athena who was the goddess of wisdom and the arts.

57. Phoebe

Phoebe is a very popular ancient Greek origin name for girls. It means bright, sparkling, intelligent. It is everything that you want for your little girl.

58. Prudence

Prudence is Latin derived feminine name. It is a clever girl names which means good judgment, expert, wise.

59. Rae

Rae is a short little name with Scottish origin. It is an ideal name for little baby girls. The meaning of the name is wise, protection.

60. Ramona

It is a classic feminine name which means wise protector. The name was derived from the Spanish origin male name Ramon.

61. Reina

Want to try out something Spanish? Try Reina. The elegant name means wise.

62. Rhetta

Rhetta is a Dutch name meaning wise advisor. The name is easy to spell and could make a perfect name for your daughter, even if you live outside of the Netherlands.

63. Ruxana

Ruxana is a female name with Arabic origin meaning light, brilliant. It was also the name of an Iranian princess. The name is an excellent choice which is unique in its own way.

64. Saffi

Saffi is a Greek origin female name which means wisdom. It is rare name for girls which is pronounced as Safiya.

65. Sage

Sage is a Latin origin name for cute adorable baby girls. It is a small name that goes well with the trend. The meaning of the name is intelligent, kind.

66. Salvia

A synonym of the herb sage, Salvia is a feminine given name. The name gives out a younger and light feel and is suitable for Gen-Z.

67. Shanna

Shanna is a trendy and clever girl name which derives from an Anglicization of Sionna. The meaning of the name is possessor of wisdom.

68. Sofia

Sofia is a classic Greek origin name of a girl. It is a variant of Sophia which one of the popular girl names that mean wisdom.

69. Sofie

Sofie is fun variation to the Greek origin name Sophia which is known for wisdom. The name is quite popular in modern times.

70. Sophie

Sophie is a french form of ancient Greek name Sophia which means wisdom, insight, intelligent. It is a classy name with a modern twist to it.

71. Sonya

Sonya is a pretty feminine name of Greek origin. This is a unique baby name that mean wisdom. It is pronounced as SON-ee-É.

72. Tomoyo

If you want a rooted name for your girl, go with Tomoyo, which means ‘intelligent’ in Japanese. It is used quite frequently in Japan.

73. Ulima

If you are looking for an appealing name, this is the one! Ulima means wise.

74. Ulimah

Ulimah is a English form of Arabic origin name Ulima. It is a unique name for your beautiful little girl. The meaning of the name is wise.

75. Veda

Veda is a Sanskrit name which means knowledge and wisdom. It is an interesting name as it refers to the most sacred books of the Hindus. One of the famous bearers is the American actress Veda Ann Borg.

76. Veida

Veida is an English form of Sanskrit origin name Veda. It is a good name for little girls which means knowledge or wisdom.

77. Zakieh

Zakieh is a Muslim origin name for girls. It is a beautiful name derived from the Arabic word which means intelligent.

78. Zelmira

Zelmira is a feminine name of Italian origin which means brilliant one. It is a creative exotic name that will definitely stand out.

79. Zofia

A little similar-sounding to Sophia, Zofia is a Polish-originated word. It means wisdom. The name is quirky and unique and could be perfect for your little one.

80. Zosia

It is an unusual exotic female name that originated from Polish. It is a unique name for little baby girls and means wisdom.

These are the top baby girl names which mean wise, clever and intelligent. We have picked some beautiful names from around the world and you can select one that suits her best.

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