120 Adorable Twin Baby Girl Names with Meaning

Twin Baby Girls

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As soon as you find out that you are pregnant, your mind is sure to start whirring with questions about what you can do for the baby. You might have to delve into a lot of advice and have doubts about every single thing you do, and you are sure to provide only the best for your baby. On the day of the delivery, you might even be surprised by a pair of cute twin girl children.

However, most parents do not think extensively about what they are going to name their child when the baby is born. If the children are twin sisters, the prospect of calling them becomes even harder- twin names are twice as hard to decide. However, you have to remember that the names of your children are going to play a huge role in their lives- their personality and actions.

In this article, let us take a look at a 120 unique identical twin girl names so that you can select easily.

How to Choose Names for Your Twin Baby Girls?

The most important thing to remember is that the names should always be compatible. They should both either be traditional, or modern- avoid mix and match, as it does not sound good. You can also look for feminine names, or androgynous ones according to your wish. Here are a few points to remember while picking names:

  • The names should point towards the fact that they are a pair.
  • You could also honour someone else with their names.
  • If the names are a pair, you have to ensure that they do not sound too similar.
  • You should also check whether the initials or nicknames are embarrassing.
  • Keep in mind your family legacy and history before choosing the names.
  • Also, try not to name your children with words or monikers which are associated with bad memories.

Naming Twin Baby Girls

120 Best Indian Baby Girl Names for Twin Girls

Here are some of the best names for twin girls in India that you can try for your little ones.

Baby Girl Name Meaning Twin Baby Girl Name Meaning
Aadhira Moon Ava A voice, or a call from beyond
Aaradhana Adoration, Worship Aarti Singing praises to God, A form of Worship
Aarushi The first rays of the sun Ahaana The first rays of the morning
Aarya It is the name of Goddess Parvati; ‘Honorable, ‘noble and ‘wise Shaurya ‘Power’ or ‘heroism.’
Aasha ‘Wish or ‘desire Shaurya ‘One who wishes.’
Aashi Happiness Rashi A collection; sign
Abhinay Acting, or expression Abhinya An actor, or ‘the expressive one.’
Aboli A flower Kusum A flower, fire, the blossom
Aditi Freedom, Mother of god, creativity, abundance Smriti A memory, rememberence, wisdom
Ahaana First ray of the Sun Aarushi Dawn, rays of the sun, flame, bright
Aiden Powerful Usha The word for the first light of the morning
Aleina Light Leena Another name for Goddess Lakshmi; also means ‘splendour.’
Alekhya A beautiful picture or a fine painting Lekhya Earth, or the entire world
Amala It is another name for Goddess Lakshmi; ‘the pure one’ Kamala ‘The one born of a lotus’, or the ‘Beautiful one.’
Amani Used to denote the coming of Spring season Pavani A name of Lord Hanuman; sacred, true
Ambar Sky Divya Divine
Amuda ‘Divine nectar, which gives eternal life Kumuda The Sanskrit word for ‘Waterlily’ or ‘lotus.’
Amira A princess, One who commands Swara A sweet musical tone, Self shining
Amisha Beautiful, without decept, Pure, Truthful, innocent and without deception Ananya Beautiful, Goddess Parvati, Matchless, unique, different from others, charming
Anita A person who loves to be joyful Sunita One with wisdom or great guidance
Anjali Respectful, or the divine one Gitanjali A devotional song, sung in praise of Gods
Anjana The name of Lord Hanuman’s mother Aparna Another name of Goddess Parvati
Ansha Portion Isha A person who is the best at everything she does
Anupama ‘Unique’ in Sanskrit Nirupama Another word for ‘unique’, or ‘fearless.’
Anvika Powerful, Someone who is complete Anshika Minute particle, beautiful
Aparna A name of Goddess Durga or Goddes Parvati Suvarna Lustrous, or similar to gold
Archana A homage to the Gods Aparna The name of Goddess Durga
Arianna Very Holy Brianna strong, virtuous, honourable
Asha ‘Hope’ or ‘wish’ in Sanskrit Jisha The conscientious one, with great empathy
Asita A name of River Yamuna Asmita A word for ‘nature’; also means ‘pride.’
Asmita Self-respect, or pride Sushmita A woman with a dazzling smile
Astha Beautiful Sita The wife of Lord Rama
Bindu A drop or a point Sindu A large water body, like a river
Chandana The Auspicious one; The one who smells like sandalwood Vandana A bright star in the night, or ‘Worship.’
Charu Someone who is pretty, plesant, beautiful,cherished, Loved one Charvi A beautiful girl
Daiwika Little Goddess, Someone who is related to God Diyara A gift from the god,
Devina Blessing, Eyes of God Devika A minor diety, A river of the Himalayas
Dipanjali A homage to the Gods using lamps Navanjali Graceful
Divya A person with a divine aura Navya ‘Young’, or ‘one who deserves praise.’
Ganga The river Ganga, which has aided the life of many Gauri  ‘Mother Earth.’
Girija A daughter of the Himalayan mountains Vanaja A daughter of forests and nature
Gita The Bhagavad Gita, a Holy Book Gitika A small verse or song from the Gita
Gouri Another name of Goddess Parvati Sowri A bright star in the night sky
Haarika An extension of Lord Venkatesha Vihaarika The one who embodies positivity
Haripriya Beloved of Lord Vishnu Jayapriya One who is fond of victory
Harita Nature, or greenery Haarika Another name of Goddess Parvati
Hasini The one who is always laughing or joyful Suhasini One who is constantly smiling
Hemakshi With golden eyes Hema Golden
Himanshi Part of the snow, ice Ekanshi Of one part
Indrani Associated with Lord Indra Chandrani Moon-like or associated with the Moon
Iswarya A blessed one Soundarya The one who embodies beauty
Jalaja One of the names of Goddess Lakshmi, it also means ‘lotus’ Vanaja A daughter of the forest
Jaya The victorious one; a name of Goddess Durga Vijaya One who is never defeated
Jayda A prized possession Jayden A variation of the name of the God of victories
Jyoti An ever-shining light, or flame Jyotika One who is borne of a flame, or a light
Kalyan The wealthy one; also means joyful Karthika A variant of the name of Lord Murugan
Kamala One who is perfect in every way Vimala ‘White’ or ‘pure’ in Sanskrit
Kanya ‘Daughter’ in Sanskrit Karthika The courageous one
Kavana Poem Kavya The person who embodies beautiful poetry
Keertana A song is sung in praise of the Lords Sankeertana A part of every devotional song
Keerti One with a great reputation, or grand fame Samkeerti One who is always famous
Ketaki A flower Juhi A flower, Jasmine, light
Kirti A variation of Keerti Bharati Mother India; and another name for Goddess Saraswati
Kriti A beautiful work of art Krishi ‘Farming’ in Sanskrit
Kyra The Sun Myra A fragrant resin obtained from a tree, sweet, admirable
Lakshmi Goddess Lakshmi is the goddess of fortunes Parvathi Goddess Parvathi is the wife of Lord Shiva
Lasya Graceful dance performed by Goddess Parvati Bhavya Another name for Goddess Parvati; ‘brilliance’ or ‘splendour.’
Lavanya The Graceful One Karunya One who is kind or compassionate to everyone
Leelavathi Another name for Goddess Durga Kalavathi Another name for Goddess Parvati
Lekha A ‘line’, or the border of the crescent moon Sulekha The Fortunate one, or ‘distinguished.’
Madhubala A sweet girl Mansi A beautiful woman
Maya ‘Illusion’ or ‘unreal’ in Sanskrit Chhaya ‘Shadow’ in Sanskrit
Mayawati A person who is full of illusions Leelawati ‘Graceful’ or ‘charming’ in Sanskrit
Meena A jewel, or a rare stone Veena A musical instrument wielded by Goddess Saraswati
Meenakshi A person with wonderful eyes Kamakshi A name for Goddess Parvati and Goddess Lakshmi
Meghana Cloud, River Gangas Megha Cloud
Mohini Enchantress, charming, fascinatin, Jasmine, An Angel Menaka Beautiful, Celestial dancer, an angel,  Shakuntala’s mother
Mukti ‘Salvation’ in Sanskrit Yukti One with a strategic mind
Mulya Something of great value Amulya A priceless object
Navya Someone who is deserving of praise Ramya ‘Captivating’ or ‘delightful.’
Nayana A person with beautiful eyes Sunayana A person with beautiful eyes
Neela A person who is enchanting like the moon Leela A worthy creation of God himself
Nikhila A complete person Nirmala One who is pure beyond doubt
Nikhita River Ganga; also translates to ‘flowing’ Nishita A person who is extremely dedicated to the task at hand
Nilambari Blue like the sky Kadambari ‘Goddess’ in Sanskrit
Nisha ‘Night’ in Sanskrit Lisha A woman with great nobility
Padma The colour of a lotus Sadma A stroke of fortune
Pallavi ‘Youth’, or the shoot of a plant Anupallavi Verses in devotional songs
Pavitra The Pure One Sumitra One who is friendly towards everyone
Poojita One who is fit to be worshipped Premita A woman with love for everyone
Poorna The Complete One Sampoorna ‘Full’ or ‘complete.’
Preeti ‘Affection’ or ‘love’ Swati The Goddess of Learning- Saraswati
Radha ‘Wealth’ or ‘lightning’ in Sanskrit Anuradha A bright star in the night sky
Radhika Another variant of Radha Renuka The mother of Lord Vishnu
Rajani ‘Night’ in Sanskrit Sujani Pleasant, or easy-going
Rajeswari ‘Princess’, or the ‘Goddess of Kings’ Kameshwari The Goddess of desires- another name of Goddess Parvathi
Ramya ‘Captivating’, or ‘delightful’ in Sanskrit Gamya The beautiful One
Rani ‘Queen’ in Sanskrit Vani An eloquent speech
Rekha ‘Line’ in Sanskrit Surekha A person who is beautifully created
Reshma ‘Silken’ in Sanskrit Karishma A miracle, or a gift from God
Riddhi Fortunate, prosperity, wealth, success, superiority Siddhi Perfection, achievement
Riti Memory, well-being Akriti Shape, form
Roopali ‘Shapely’ or beautiful Sonali Made of Gold; the Golden One
Sagari One who is borne out of the ocean Sagarika A wave in the sea; of the ocean
Saila Another name for Goddess Parvati Sailaja A child of the mountains; Also a name of Goddess Parvati
Sajitha ‘Fortified’ or ‘ornamented’ Saritha Another word for a flowing water body
Sampati Wealth, fortune, success Sampada Wealth, blessing, achievement, destiny
Sanchita A collection of verses Sangita A person with great talent in music
Savitri A form of Goddess Lakshmi Gayatri A sacred verse, and another word for ‘Goddess.’
Sobha One who is beautiful beyond measure Sobhana ‘Splendid’ or ‘lustrous’ in Sanskrit
Srimati Another name for Goddess Lakshmi Charumati A person with a beautiful mind
Sruthi The ‘taal’ of a song sung with precision Preeti To Love, or be affectionate to everyone
Sushma A woman who is extremely beautiful Sushmita A person with an amazing smile
Tanya Fairy Queen, Belonging to the family Vanya God’s gift, The Forest Goddess,
Tara ‘Fragrance’ or ‘star’ in Sanskrit Mira ‘Boundary’; Lord Krishna’s devotee
Udaya The Dawn in the morning Hrudaya ‘Heart’ in Sanskrit
Urmila Humble, Enchantress Ujwala Bright and lustrous
Usha The first rays of the morning Uma A name of Goddess Parvati- translates to ‘fame’, ‘splendour’ or ‘light.’
Vanajakshi The queen of the forest Indrakshi A woman with beautiful eyes
Yashasvini One who is successful beyond measure Tejasvini A woman with a lustrous, shining aura

Choosing a name is perhaps the most important thing you can do for your children. So do as much research as you can, and give them names which have great meaning- their personality usually shapes up around those meanings.

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