Top 100 Stylish Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

100 Stylish Names for Girls with Meanings

Now that the little one is on its way to announcing itself to the world, you must be eager to settle for that perfect name. Of course, you don’t want that typical name for your baby but one that will be easy to pronounce, spell and sound like music to the ears. Unique names that have meanings are quite popular with the millennial parents. But, also remember that a lot goes into choosing a name for your baby.


Family customs and religion have a powerful influence on how a baby’s name is chosen. Thankfully, Indian tradition and heritage provide a vast repertoire of names which are relevant in the modern world too. Since your little one will be carrying this name all her life, it is important to choose a name carefully. People often judge a person by his or her name and it is our name that travels ahead of us and hence should have a distinguished sound to it.

As parents, your children will hold you responsible for the name given to them, so it is wise to pay a good deal of attention to the name that you would be choosing for your little one. Ensure that you choose a name that stays true with time, has a personal meaning and essence for you, at the same time, suits the quirks of your little girl.

Stylish Names for Baby Girl

A baby girl is really special and your much-awaited bundle of joy deserves a sophisticated name that will accentuate the qualities you choose to inculcate in her. This tough job is but made easier with this easy and convenient list of stylish baby girl names with Indian roots, along with their meanings. You can sift through the list and pick the one that you think holds the most relevance for you, your spouse and your baby.

Name Meaning
Aadya First power. It is also Goddess Durga’s name
Aashna One who is devoted to love
Aahana First rays of the Sun
Aakriti Shape, Apperance, Form, Figure
Aaliya Top social ranking, Dignified, Honourable, Noble

One worth worshipping, First One

The blessings received from Lord Ganesha are called Aaradhya

Aashi Smile, Blessing, joy, Laughter
Aislinn Vision, Dream
Amalia Activity,Work
Ayesha Doll daughter of the prophet
Bani Words, Goddess saraswati, Earth
Binal Daughter of a King, Royal Princess
Bhavya Grand or Marvellous, Impressive person
Bhairavi A raga in Indian Classical Music, Challenging, Hindu Goddess
Bhoomi The Earth, Base
Cheryl Dear one, Beloved, Darling
Chhaya Shadow, Full of Lustre and life, Beautiful, Living

Reflection, Replica, Painting

It can mean that the baby is a reflection of its parents.

Chitrakshi One with beautiful eyes, lovely eyes
Chinmayi One who possesses supreme consciousness

A beautiful girl or woman.

It was the name of Kubera’s wife in Hindu Mythology

Devanshi Divine being, Godlike, One who is heavenly
Dhriti Strength, Courage, endurance
Damini Lightning
Easha/Esha Purity, Chastity, Name of Goddess Parvati, Pleasure or Desire
Evana Royal Lady, Peaceful, Good-looking
Falguni One who is born in the month of Falgun- A Hindu calendar month, Beautiful
Fara Sunset, Pleasant, Lovely
Florence Florence Nightingale, Flourishing, Prospereous
Gargi This name means ancient scholar wise women durga
Gayatri Mother of all Gods, The Chant of Salvation, Gayatri mantra
Grahita One who is acceptable to all, homely person
Garima Warmth, Person of cordial nature, Friendly
Gina Powerful woman, Pure, Well-born, Silvery, Born of a Race of Women
Gurleen The one who is absorbed in the guru
Harshika Laughter, Joyous, One who fills lives with joy, Giver of happiness
Hemashri One with a golden body,
Hritika One with a Kind heart, of Compassionate nature
Ishika Sacred pen belongs to god, Paint brush
Ishita One who has wealth, Mastery, Prosperous person
Ilisha Queen or ruler of the earth
Inaya Concern, Consideration
Ishana Desire, Variant of another name Ishaani
Januja Pretty daughter for her parents
Jasleen Absorbed in singing God’s praises
Jeet Victorious, Win, Mastery, Success
Jinal Lord vishnu, Loving, Good natured, Kind
Jivika Source of life, From whom life comes, Water
Jigyasa Curious about life, Inquisitive
Kavika Poetess, artistically inclined, One who loves art
Kashvi Shining, bright star, One who shines as an individual
Kimaya Divine, Miracle
Laasya Dance Performed by Goddess Parvathi
Laura Symbol of honor victory
Linda Preety, Beautiful
Loukya Intelligent, Worldly, Wise
Mayra Beloved, precious person. It is a lovely feminine name and modern too
Mannat Special prayer
Meera Prosperous, Affluent, Lord Krishna’s most famous devotee
Mihira Female form of Mihir, which means The Sun
Neila Sapphire Blue, Variation of the name “Neela”
Nyra Beauty of Goddess Saraswati
Naina Eyes, Name of a Goddess, Vision
Ojasvi Bright, Illuminated, Variant of “Tejasvi”
Oorja Affectionate, Energy
Oorjita Giver of Energy, Vigour
Ovya Beautiful Drawing, Artist
Palak Eye lid, Eyelash
Pari Angelic, Ethereal beauty, Fragile
Peehu Sweet sound, chattering of birds, Peahen

Heavenly or God’s Gift, Divine present

Just as Children are a gift to parents from the heaven

Parineeta Complete being, married woman, Skilful person
Parnika Tiny leaf, Name of Goddess Parvati, A unique and different name

Melody, Music, Name of Goddess Lakshmi

For parents who are musically inclined

Romila Hertfelt deeply or sincerely felt
Rishima Moonlight or Moonbeam, A rare yet simple name for a delicate girl child
Rajani/Rajni The entertainer, One who spreads joy and cheer, Delightful
Saarya Name of a pious woman, full of virtuosity
Sejal River water full of water
Siddhi Triumph, one who attains perfection
Saadhika Pious, Achiever, Name of Goddess Durga
Sagarika Born of the Ocean, Wave,
Trisha Noble, Honourable, It is derived from the name Patricia
Tejal Radiant, Talented, Brilliant, full of Energetic
Trayi Intellect, Brainpower, Rare name that speaks about intelligence
Udita One who has risen, Ascended being

Elevated, Eminent person, powerful personality

A person who is destined to rise to the top

Vanaja Blue-coloured Lotus, A forest Girl
Vedanti Person who knows Vedas, Knowledgeable
Yashika Successful, Bearing prosperity
Yogita, Yogika Enchanted, One who is able to concentrate
Yukta Focussed, Engrossed

Glorious, Victorious, Famous, Known across the seven seas

One who can conquer all

Zaara The Little one, tiny, petite
Ziya Glory, Graceful, The Enlightened one
Zara Little

With such a beautiful collection of girl names at your disposal, it will surely make it easy for you to choose the perfect name for your little princess. Make sure you choose a name that is easy to spell and pronounce and is in context with other names of those in the family. In the quest for unique names, do not select any tongue-twisters which can become embarrassing for your daughter later. With the proud history and culture standing tall behind the meaning of these names, you can take your pick and give your baby the most valuable gift of a lifetime, her name.

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