50 Lord Of The Rings Names for Boys and Girls

Are you looking for Lord of the Rings baby names? Are you an ardent fan of this classic book or its movie adaptation? If yes, you are certainly in the right place. LOTR inspired names are quite rare to find in this modern era. However, the movie has so many memorable names that you can choose. Keep reading for some of the coolest Lord of the Rings inspired baby names.

Lord of the Rings Baby Names for Boys

If you are looking for LOTR inspired boy names, consider yourself as lucky. Throughout the movie, you will come across plenty of boy names that are both rare and meaningful. Most of the names have roots in history and Medieval times. Maybe, this is what makes the names interesting. Let us check the list of LOTR inspired baby boy names right away.

1. Arod

It was the name given to Rohan’s horse. And, the name beautifully translates to swift.

2. Aragorn

Aragorn was the true heir to the throne. He is famously known as the Strider. The name Aragorn means “royal zeal”.

3. Bilbo

Frodo’s Uncle and dearest friend is Bilbo. He has a vital role in the trilogy. The name translates to “short sword”.

4. Bregalad

The meaning of this name is “quick beam”.

5. Beorn

The master of Carrock was called “Beorn”, and the name translates to “A man of valour, or hero or a true warrior”.

6. Boromir

Throughout the book, Boromir is a fearless warrior. And, this name translates to “faithful jewel”.

7. Denethor

Denethor was the father who killed himself after learning about the death of his son. He was the steward of Gondor. The name means “disambiguation”.

8. Elessar

The Elves named Aragorn as “Elessar” in the movie. The name translates to elf stone.

9. Elrond

Elrond is an essential character in the group of Rivendell Elves. During the second age of middle earth, Elrond defeated Sauron. And, Elrond means “Vault of Starts” or “Elf of the Cave”.

10. Eomer

Another character related to Rohan and Theoden would be Eomer. Eomer means “horse famous”.

11. Faramir

Faramir is a much-forgotten character in the entire movie. However, he plays a crucial role in helping Frodo and Sam to Mount Mordor. Faramir means “more than one concept or character”.

12. Ferdinand

The name Ferdinand translates to a bold voyager.

13. Frodo

The talk about Lord of the Rings names for boys will be incomplete without Frodo. And, Frodo means “wisdom”.

14. Gimli

Gimli is a brave dwarf who decided to fly with his friend. The list of LOTR inspired names will be incomplete without Gimli. It means fire.

15. Gloin

If you are familiar with the book, you will be aware of Gloin. He is one of the main dwarfs in the film “The Hobbit”. The name means “elegance” and “self-expression”.

16. Gollum

How often would you find parents naming their little boy Gollum? Well, if you are forced to give this name to your little one, here is its meaning: unformed or amorphous.

17. Halbarad

The name Halbarad translates to “noble” or “hidden hero”.

18. Hasufel

Rohan’s horse was known as Hasufel. The name means “dark skin”. And, in some parts of the world, the name translates to “grey”.

19. Isildur

Isildur is yet another uncommon name from The Lord of the Rings. This name has a touch of fantasy. The name means “lover of the moon” or “devoted to”.

20. Orald

If you are looking for a cool LOTR inspired names for buys, Orald is a pick for you. This name means “eagle”.

21. Saruman

Another interesting but uncommon name for little boys would Saruman. The name translates to “man of skill”.

22. Sauron

The entire book/movie of Lord of the Rings would have been incomplete without Sauron, which means “abhorred”.

23. Theoden

Theoden belongs to royal blood. He was the king of Rohan and, Theoden means “king”.

24. Tintalle

A lot of parents confuse this name as a Lord of the Rings girl name. However, this is a LOTR inspired boy name which means “star kindler”.

25. Wormtongue

Very rarely (or never) would you hear a parent naming his/her child worm tongue. This is not an appealing name. But, it means something different and unique. Wormtongue translates to “helmet” or “mask”.

Lord of the Rings Baby Names for Girls

Moving on, here are some of the best Lord of the Rings girl names for your little princess. Most of these names are exciting and filled with hidden meanings. Keep reading to find more LOTR baby names for your girl.

1. Angelica

Angelica is one of the hobbits in the Shire. The name means “Angelic”.

2. Arwen

Arwen is a beautiful elf, which is known for her power and indescribable beauty. The name means “noble maiden”.

3. Berylla

There were so many hobbits of the Shire in the movie Lord of the Rings. And, yet another hobbit would be Berylla. She was the wife of Bilbo Baggins. The birth and death of this role are never seen in the movie. Nevertheless, she will be remembered! And, her name means “sea green jewel”.

4. Camellia

In the trilogy, Camellia is believed to be a noble, beautiful and kind character. She belongs to the Sackville lineage. And, the name means “kamel’s flower”. Of course, this is also the name of a flower associated with perfection, wealth, water and the moon.

5. Chica

Chica is the wife of Bingo Baggins. She was a hobbit from the shrine. And, her name means “young or small”.

6. Daisy

Hamson and Halfred’s sister in Lord of the Rings would be Daisy. The name means “days eye”. It is also a nickname for the very famous “Margaret”.

7. Dori

Indeed, Dori is the name of a dwarf in the movie. However, you can give your little princess the name Dori. It can be used for boys and girls. The name Dori means “gift of God, adored or bountiful gift”.

8. Eowyn

There are very few human characters in the movie, and Eowyn is one of them. The name means “I am no Man”.

9. Esmeralda

In the trilogy, Esmeralda was born to Took. The name means “emerald”.

10. Estella

Estella was a companion Sam, Pippin, Merry and Frodo left behind at the beginning of the trilogy. The name Estella translates to “star”.

11. Freda

In the trilogy, Freda belongs to the clan called “Rohirrim”. She has an important mission in the movie. And, Freda means “Elf strength” or “good counsellor”.

12. Galadriel

Yet another elf known for her wisdom and power would be Galadriel. The name means “maiden crowded in bright radiance”.

13. Gilly

Another hobbit from the Shire would be Gilly. And, the name means “decorative lacing” or “hunting guide”.

14. Goldberry

Goldberry is the partner of Tom Bombadil. The name means “river daughter”.

15. Haleth

Haleth is a prominent and much-remembered role in the movie. The name translates to guard or chief.

16. Hilda

If you watch the trilogy, you will come across a woman who sells Athelas plants and is an efficient market trader. That would be Hilda. The name means “battle”.

17. Luthien

The name Luthien means enchantress or blossom. This is a beautiful choice from the list of Lord of the Rings inspired baby names for little girls.

18. Malva

Wouldn’t you want your little girl to be confident all the time? If yes, name her after this headstrong role in Lord of the Rings. Malva translates to “delicate or slender”.

19. Merry

Merry is the shorter version of Meriadoc. Though Meriadoc is a male character in the movie, Merry is a name fit for a girl! Merry plays a vital role in the film. And, the name means joyous or mirthful.

20. Morwen

The name Morwen means “maid or white sea”.

21. Nimrodel

Nimrodel is another elf in the trilogy. She gets lost in her journey. Yet, the name translates to “Lady of the white grotto”.

22. Nessa

Every parent wants his/her child to be fast and famous. Though Nessa is a lesser-known role in the movie, she was fast. The name Nessa translates to chaste or pure.

23. Rosie

Rosie is not a primary character in the film. However, this is a fun-loving character. And, Rosie means “rose”.

24. Varda

The role of Varda is to outline all the stars in the heavens above. And, the name means “pink or rose”.

25. Yavanna

This is a lesser-known name from the trilogy. Nevertheless, the name translates to “yew wood”.

On the whole, there are so many more Lord of the Rings inspired baby names. These names have been around for decades. However, they are uncommon and rarely used by parents for their little ones—all the more reasons to give LOTR inspired baby names to your child.

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