Top 75 Japanese Boy & Girl Names With Meanings

Popular Japanese Baby Names for Boys and Girls With Meanings

Our world is becoming one big melting pot of diverse cultures. One of the cultures that are inspiring people globally is the ancient culture of Japan. From food to movies and music to philosophy, people are getting inspired by the Japanese culture and imbibing it in their lives. However, the most significant sign of the Japanese cultural influence is the trend to pick a Japanese name for kids. Parents across the globe want to name their babies with unique names that have cultural connotations, deep meanings and are virtuous. Japanese names, moreover, most all these criteria- they are full of meaning, based on ancient Japanese culture, and even sound melodious. Moreover, most Japanese common names are connected to nature, honoring the ancient civilization. Check out these beautiful Japanese names for baby boys and girls and some gender-neutral baby names to choose the perfect names for your little one. 

Naming Tradition in Japanese Culture 

Japanese names are closely connected with Japanese culture. Japanese names are packed with multiple meanings and constructed with kanji or Japanese characters. A single kanji can be inferred in various ways by how it is written. Japanese names are not just names; they are a story in themselves. So, before choosing a Japanese name for your child, you must first understand Japanese culture’s naming tradition. Here are some key points So the Japanese naming tradition: 

  • In the Japanese tradition, the family name comes before the first or given name. So it’s the reverse of the western naming process. 
  • Most Japanese names showcase their heritage or family. 
  • Japanese baby names also indicate the child’s place in the sibling hierarchy. 

Popular Japanese Baby Names for Boys

Most Japanese baby boy names have cultural and familial connotations, and they are meaningful, and most times, their meaning is related to good virtues or associated with natural elements. Therefore, naming your little son with a Japanese name will ensure your baby has a meaningful and admirable name. Here are some popular Japanese boy names for you to choose from:

1. Akifumi

This beautiful Japanese male name means “bright writings.” 

2. Akihiro

Akihiro meaning “bright autumn,” is a popular Japanese male name. 

3. Akihito

Akihito is a cute boy’s name in Japan, meaning “brilliant.”

4. Akimitsu

This Japanese male name means “shine.” 

5. Akinobu

Akinobu is a popular Japanese male name meaning “luminous.” 

6. Akito

This elegant Japanese boy’s name means “an intelligent person.”

7. Akiyoshi

This Japanese male name means “wise and blessed.” 

8. Atsuo

Atsuo is a virtuous Japanese male name meaning “kindness.”

9. Bunta

This popular Japanese boy’s name means “design.”

10. Daijiro

Daijiro is the perfect name for a second son as it means “second son.” 

11. Daitaro

This name meaning is “firstborn son” and is ideal for a first male child.

12. Enso

This unique Japanese name means “circle.”

13. Etsuo

This popular Japanese male name means “rejoice.” 

14. Fumihiko

Fumihiko meaning “prince,” is the perfect name for your son.

15. Fusao

This Japanese boy’s name means “male/husband.” 

16. Hiro

This cute Japanese boy’s name means “widespread” or “broad.” 

17. Ichiro

This name is ideal for the firstborn boy as it means “firstborn child.” 

18. Izumi

Izumi is a popular Japanese name that means “spring/fountain.” 

19. Katsumi

Katsumi is a poetic Japanese boy’s name meaning “win over the sea/to overcome.” 

20. Kosuke

This gorgeous name means “rising sun.” 

21. Tatsuo

Tatsuo is a powerful boy’s name meaning “masculine dragon.” 

22. Tetsu

Tetsu is a Japanese boy’s name means “iron/strong as iron,” “philosophy,” and “thoroughness.” 

23. Tomo

This Japanese male name means “wisdom,” “intelligence,” and “knowledge.” 

24. Yamato

Yamato is a popular male name of Japanese origin, meaning “old Japan/harmony.” 

25. Yoshi

This popular Japanese boy’s name means “silent”, “quiet”, or “respectful”. 

Popular Japanese Baby Names for Girls 

Japanese names for baby girls are melodious and cute; the Japanese names, Japanese girls’ names are traditional and based on nature and virtue meaningful. They are an excellent choice for naming your little princess with their base in nature and virtue. Here are some cute Japanese names for girls to name your little girl: 

1. Ahma

This beautiful Japanese name for girls means “black rain.” 

2. Bashira

This pretty name for girls is rare and sweet, meaning “joyful.” 

3. Chikako

Chikako is a beautiful Japanese girl’s name meaning “wisdom, friendly, parent.” 

4. Chiyo

This popular and cute Japanese female name means “a thousand generations.” 

5. Emi

Emi is a popular Japanese female name that means “beautiful smile.” 

6. Hayami 

This unique and popular female name means “rare beauty.” 

7. Hoshi

Hoshi is a beautiful Japanese girl’s name meaning “star.” 

8. Kiko

This short and sweet girl’s name is prevalent in Japan due to its beautiful meaning, “hope.” 

9. Kikuko

This magnificent name means “chrysanthemum,” apt to name your beautiful daughter. 

10. Koko

This simple and sweet name sounds like the French fashion name “Coco” and means “stork.” 

11. Mana

Mana is a beautiful Japanese girl’s name meaning “affection.” 

12. Miki

This cute Japanese name for girls means “flower stem/tree,” “beautiful or noble.” 

13. Risa

 This cute name means “growing flowers at home, reason, justice.” 

14. Takiko

This whimsical Japanese name for girls means “waterfall.” 

15. Tama

Tama is a short and contemporary-sounding Japanese girl’s name. The name meaning “jewel” is ideal for your precious daughter.

16. Tomoko

This beautiful name of Japanese origin means” great friend.” 

17. Tora

This powerful Japanese girl’s name means “tiger.” 

18. Urara

Urara is a unique Japanese girl’s name meaning “serene.” 

19. Uta

 Uta is a short and sweet name meaning “song.”

20. Wakana

Wakana is a unique Japanese girl’s name. This popular name means “harmony.” 

21. Youta

 This sweet Japanese girl’s name means “sunlight.” 

22. Yubi

This short and sweet name means “graceful” and is a popular Japanese name for girls. 

23. Yuka

This Japanese name means “reason,” implying a girl who is reasonable and intelligent. 

24. Yumena

This unique and aspirational Japanese girl’s name means “famous.” 

25. Yuko

Yuko is a sweet and short Japanese name for girls. This lovely girl’s name means “helpful, gentle child.” 

Gender Neutral Japanese Baby Names

As a would-be parent, you want to choose unique and beautiful names for your to-be-born child beforehand. However, sometimes, you don’t know whether you will be blessed with a baby girl or baby boy. On such occasions, you can choose a gender-neutral name for your to-be-born child. Unisex Japanese names are beautiful and meaningful, making them a popular choice for parents worldwide who want a unique name for their child. Here are some gender-neutral Japanese baby names for you to choose from:

1. Akane

This unique Japanese name, “deep red,” is ideal for both girls and baby boys. 

2. Aoki

Aoki is a sweet and cute gender-neutral name meaning “blue tree.”

3. Aoko

This short Japanese name is popular with both girls and boys. Aoko means “blue child.”

4. Asahise

This unusual Japanese gender-neutral name has a beautiful meaning of “happiness.” 

5. Asako 

Asako means “morning child,” a popular Japanese gender-neutral name. 

6. Ayumu

This beautiful Japanese unisex name is ideal for both girl and boy babies. The name means “dream.” 

7. Chisato 

Chisato means “knowledge,” which is a sweet Japanese virtue name suitable for both girls and boys. 

8. Daitan

Daitan is a strong gender-neutral Japanese name meaning “bold one.” 

9. Etsuko

Every parent loves this Japanese unisex name meaning “joyous child.” 

10. Fukiko

Fukiko, meaning “noble child,” is a beautiful Japanese gender-neutral name. 

11. Hidehisa

This unique Japanese name meaning “precious” and “Longevity” is popular for baby boys and girls. 

12. Ichiko

Ichiko is one of the most popular gender-neutral Japanese names meaning “first child.” 

13. Inari

This unisex Japanese name means “successful one,” and “the god of harvest” is adored by most parents.

14. Katsuko

Katsuko meaning “victorious child,” is a popular aspirational name. 

15. Motoko

This cute Japanese name, “child,” is perfect for both girls and boys. 

16. Naoko 

Naoko is an acute Japanese gender-neutral name meaning “obedient child.” 

17. Reo

Reo is a short and chic Japanese name meaning “wise, clever.” 

18. Yuji 

Yuji, meaning “second,” is a popular name for a second child.

19. Yuki

This gender-neutral Japanese name means “happiness.”

20. Yukia

Yukia means a “gentle tree.”

21. Yukiko

This Japanese gender-neutral name means “happiness, snow, child.” 

22. Yukino

Yukino is a Japanese unisex name meaning “like snow.” 

23. Yuta

Yuta is a Japanese unisex name that means “one with many friends.” 

24. Yuuki

This popular unisex Japanese name means “courage, bravery.” 

25. Yuya

This beautiful Japanese gender-neutral name means “carefree.” 

Parents adore Japanese names across the globe for their uniqueness and cultural connotation. They are perfect for parents who want a meaningful and inspirational name for their little ones. 

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