Top 110 Weird & Strange Girl Names With Meanings

110 Weird and Strange Baby Girl Names That You’ve Ever Heard

If you have been blessed with a little angel recently, you might be a parent struggling to find the perfect name for your baby. So, find inspiration in the most unusual and odd girl names below and let your child have a unique name to cherish forever. You may also feel overwhelmed by the name suggestions you receive from the people around you. Forget the struggle to find a unique and strange baby girl name for your little one, as you are in the right place. Here, we present to you a list of the weirdest girl names.

Weird Baby Girl Names With Meanings

People embody the names bestowed upon them, And while timeless classics might sound elegant, they are cliche and predictable as well! On the other hand, unconventional names add a bit of ‘je ne sais quoi’ to their personalities, turning them into unique individuals who turn heads everywhere they go! Here’s a list of unusual names for girls to do that!

1. Akiyo

Akiyo is an unusual Japanese name meaning ‘clear world.’

2. Amabel

Amabel is a name older than that of the famous movie character Annabel. Amabel is a distinctive and uncommon name revived in the nineteenth century.

3. Apolline

Girls should grow up to be independent and strong women; hence, a name like Apolline is a beautiful choice. I derived Apolline from the mythological name Apollo, which means ‘strength.’

4. Aimee

Your daughter might grow up to be your best friend one day. Aimee is a regal name which means ‘a beloved friend’ in French.

5. Aurelie

Welcome the most precious member of your family with a name like Aurelie, which means ‘gold.’ Aurelie is a rare and cute name derived from French.

6. Athena

Athena is a strange and uncommon girl name with a beautiful meaning. Athena is a Greek word that means ‘Goddess of wisdom.’

7. Amorette

The name Amorette sounds strange and is an elaborate variation of the name Amoret.

8. Allegra

Allegra sounds different as a name as it is a medicine used to treat various allergies. Off late, Allegra is also a name that parents consider when choosing a unique name.

9. Azariah

If you are looking for an unusual baby girl name starting with the first alphabet in English, then Azariah is the one to consider. Azariah means one who hears the Lord.

10. Abigail

Welcome the new member of your family who is always a daddy’s pet with a name like Abigail, which refers to ‘my father is joy.’

11. Abilene

Abilene is a rare name and also the name of an ancient area of Syria. It is derived from Greek, which means meadows.

12. Adia

Adia is a strange name and a variant of the famous name Ada. Adia refers to ‘adornment.’

13. Adina

Let your baby enter the world with good vibes and a name like Adina. Adina is a variant of the Hebrew name Adena, which means ‘high hopes.’

14. Bay

Bay is such a weird name one could ever imagine for their baby. Bay is one of the names influenced by nature in recent times.

15. Branwen

Branwen is a Welsh name and is derived from mythology. It is a variation of the name Bronwyn.

16. Beatrice

If you are a family who often goes on vacation, then Beatrice might be the name you would love to consider for your daughter. Beatrice means ‘voyager’ and is a variant of the Latin word Beatrix.

17. Birdie

This cute Germanic name is an informal way to call a little bird. It also means ‘famous.’

18. Calico

This rare English name means ‘multicoloured.’

19. Canyon

This unique name combines beauty with ruggedness! It is of Spanish origin and translates to ‘footpath.’ The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a great example.

20. Ceil

If you are looking for a name influenced by nature, check out Ceil. Ceil is an evocative French name that has a beautiful meaning. Ceil is a short name and refers to ‘sky.’

21. Celia

Celia is a rare name and a variant of the much common name Cecilia. Celia means ‘heaven,’ and this name has Latin roots.

22. Couture

Couture might be an exciting name for a fashionista in your baby girl. Consider this strange name and be a parent who always thinks out of the box.

23. Clio

Clio is an exciting and unusual name with Greek roots. It is a popular name in Italy and refers to the ‘muse of history.’

24. Colette

Showing the path of success to children is not easy, so a name like Colette reminds your baby to reach heights. Colette means ‘victorious’ and is a French name.

25. Delicia

A Latin name that translates to ‘pleasure’ or ‘delight,’ it aptly describes what having your baby in your life means to you.

26. Delilah

Delilah is a name derived from Hebrew, and it means ‘delicate.’

27. Desma

This mostly unheard-of name is of Greek origin and means ‘blinding oath.’

28. Disney

Imagining oneself to be a Disney princess one day is a thing for every girl. A name like Disney reminds your baby to live like a princess.

29. Desta

We know that your baby girl brings loads of happiness into your life. The name Desta might interest you as it means ‘joy.’

30. Desire

If you are an adventurous namer, consider naming your baby girl ‘Desire.’

31. Ebba

Ebba is quite an uncommon name one would have heard of. Ebba is an excellent choice for other common names, such as Emma and Ella.

32. Echo

This Latin name would look cute and chic on your daughter. The name Echo means ‘reflected sound.’

33. Eira

Eira is a short and sweet, unique name for your adorable princess. It is a Welsh name that refers to snow.

34. Envie

Envie is a variation on the feeling ‘envy.’ This unusual name for girls stands for ‘jealousy.’

35. Eudora

Eudora is the name of one of the five minor goddesses in Greek Mythology. The name Eudora means ‘good gift.’

36. Empriss

A baby girl is always daddy’s princess, so how about a beautiful version of the word Empress as a name? Empriss sounds like a perfect name for your little princess.

37. Esperanza

Another modern yet strange name is Esperanza. It is a name derived from a Spanish word which means ‘to hope.’ Esperanza is a variant of the Latin name Speranita.

38. Fawnia

This unique-sounding name comes from French and refers to ‘young deer.’

39. Feline

A cute yet alluring name, Feline translates to ‘cat-like’ and might be a fun choice for your little kitten!

40. Fionnuala

Fionnuala is a weird name derived from Irish mythology, and it means ‘white shoulder.’

41. Felicity

Your bundle of joy is the most precious member of the family. The name Felicity is bizarre but has a beautiful meaning as it refers to ‘happiness.’

42. Federica

Federica is a feminine name that means ‘peaceful ruler.’ Federica is derived from Italy and is a Latin version of the common name Frederica.

43. Faye

Faye is a short and weird name from the letter F. It is a name inspired by a storybook. Faye is also a variation of the name Fay.

44. Gem

This name has us tugged at the heartstrings. This beautiful name means ‘jewel’ or ‘precious’ in Latin.

45. Gemini

Gemini in Greek stands for both a zodiac sign and a twin.

46. Genevieve

Check out a rare German name like Genevieve for your daughter. Genevieve refers to the ‘famous bearer.’

47. Gracia

Gracia is a beautiful and unique Spanish name that represents plenty of gratitude.

48. Gwyneth

We all know that you consider your daughter to be the most precious gift from God. So, consider naming her Gwyneth, which means ‘blessed.’

49. Hallelujah

Hallelujah means ‘God be praised.’ If you are religious, this can be a unique name for your little girl.

50. Harbor

Harbor means ‘shelter port’ or ‘port where ships, boats and vessels dock.’ It can be a fitting metaphor for your family unit!

51. Honesty

Honesty can be a perfect name if you want to instil a righteous quality in your little girl.

52. Hyacinth

Hyacinth is a distinctive name of Greek origin. Hyacinth is the name of a pleasant-smelling flower.

53. Holiday

If you are a chilled-out parent looking for an uncommon name free of any clutches, then the name Holiday might be something you should consider.

54. Ilsa

Ilsa is a modern name with German roots. Ilsa refers to ‘pledged to God.’

55. Indigo

Indigo is a Hebrew name for a plant that produces blue and purple coloured ink.

56. Ireland

If you hail from Ireland or are patriotic, this country name would be ideal for your daughter.

57. Jayla

For the most memorable member of the family, a name like Jayla is an excellent option, as it refers to ‘one who is special.’

58. Journey

Journey is a cute name meaning ‘travelling to another place.’

59. Joyous

To build your little girl a happy and cheerful personality, Joyous could be a good name. In Latin, it means ‘lord.’

60. Kale

Kale is an exciting name choice as it might remind your girl to stay healthy for life. Kale is the name of a vegetable and a trending name.

61. Kamala

Kamala is a Sanskrit name for the lotus flower.

62. Kenyon

Well, this is one of the top weird names for girls. Kenyon, in English, means ‘from the mound of Einion.’

63. Lake

Yes, people do name their daughter Lake. We still don’t know why!

64. Lark

It is a very different and unusual name that many parents avoid. But since you are looking for weird ones, this one could be your choice. Lark in English means ‘bird.’

65. Lyrical

While Lyric is a common name for both boys and girls, Lyrical is an uncommon name and a feminine version of the name Lyric.

66. Mariposa

It is a good choice for those who love Spanish a lot. Mariposa, in Spanish, stands for ‘butterfly.’

67. Moon

Never thought of it before? Now you do. The moon is Earth’s natural satellite and is a celestial name to give to your magical little one!

68. Mildred

Yes, Mildred is indeed a name we all have not heard often. Mildred means ‘gentle strength.’ It reminds your daughter to become better every single day.

69. Maple

The sweetest thing you have ever got is your baby girl. Why not try a name like Maple, which sounds so delicious?

70. Nala

Nala has different meanings and different purposes. While this meaningful name in Africa means ‘successful,’ and was the name used for the lioness who was Simba’s friend in ‘The Lion King.’

71. Namora

Trust us; we found it pretty unique, too. In English, Namora means ‘created name.’

72. Nivea

We all know Nivea is a famous brand name, but this is also an exciting name for baby girls.

73. Nixon

Nixon is an Old English name that translates to ‘son of Nicholas.’ However, this name is chosen more for its sound than its literal meaning!

74. Nevaeh

Nevaeh is the reverse of the word Heaven. It is an interesting pick for your baby girl as it is one of the famous names these days.

75. Ocean

Well, this name has its fan following. Ocean is a beautiful Greek name for ‘sea.’

76. Olenna

Suitable if you are looking to raise a fiery and bold personality in your daughter. Olenna in Slavic means ‘torch.’

77. Oktober

Oktober is a name with a different spelling than the month ‘October.’ However, if your baby girl is born in the same month, then this might not be the wrong choice of name.

78. Oceana

It is an interesting name as it represents the big ocean. Oceana is a variant of the common name Oceanus. According to Greek mythology, Oceanus was a Titan father of rivers.

79. Pandora

Pandora is certainly a unique name for girls. The meaning of this name is ‘all gifts.’

80. Parson

Parson is an English name for ‘clergy’ or ‘minister.’ I think we’ll have to think twice about this one!

81. Pistol

This name is as rugged as they come! This unusual name for girls refers to a ‘small handheld firearm.’ It might be tiny, but it packs a punch like your baby girl!

82. Queen

Want your little girl to rule the world just like she rules yours? Go for it!

83. Rain

It can be called ‘ precipitation ‘ if you are looking for a scientific meaning. Dad jokes apart; rain would look cute on your little girl.

84. Rainbow

If you are a fan of fantasy, then this is undoubtedly the best choice ever made. A Rainbow is a ‘spectrum of light which gives different colours.’

85. Sage

Sage is a wonderful-sounding girl’s name, which refers to a sage plant.

86. Sanity

A Latin word that translates to ‘sound of mind’ and ‘healthy mind.’ This name is a quirky girl’s name, if there ever was one!

87. Sasha

Sasha is a unique pick and a Russian short form of Alexandra for baby girls.

88. Shady

Shady is a weird name to consider from the letter S for your munchkin. Shady is derived from Arabic, and it means ‘open-minded.’

89. Sadie

Sadie seems like a beautiful yet unique name, as it means ‘princess.’ It is a strange name derived from Hebrew.

90. Sundae

Who can say no to delicious Sundae ice cream? Naming your cutie pie Sundae shows that you are a parent who wants a name that makes your child stand out.

91. Sabine

Sabine is one of the rare names starting from S. Sabine, a Latin name that means ‘of the Sabine tribe.’

92. Tabby

Tabby is Aramaic stands for ‘gazelle’. The name certainly has us intrigued.

93. Tansy

Tansy is a weird name that parents can choose for both boys and girls. Tansy means everlasting and has Greek roots.

94. Titania

The name is taking the love for grandness to a whole new level. Titania in Greek means ‘giant.’

95. Uma

Uma is a Sanskrit name for ‘goddess Lakshmi.’

96. Unique

And the weirdest name for girls award goes to ‘unique.’ What can we say? Everything is fair in search and found.

97. Valley

This is giving your love for the countryside a perfect meaning. A valley is a low area between mountains.

98. Vida

Vida is an uncommon name that you might look into for your daughter. Vida is a name derived from French, which means ‘victory.’

99. Violet

Take some inspiration from nature to consider a unique name like Violet for your baby. Violet reminds us of the colour and the lovely flowers.

100. Violina

Violina has multiple meanings. It can refer to the ‘strings of a violin’ or be translated to ‘violet.’ Either way, this is a rare but charming choice for your little angel!

101. Virtue

We all want our girls to be virtuous in everything they do. If this is your wish, too, virtue could be a weird, suitable name.

102. Viviana

Viviana is a rare yet cool name for your baby. Viviana is a name derived from Latin and refers to ‘alive.’

103. Whisper

Soft, unfussy, and simple to pronounce? Try Whisper as a name! It means ‘soft speaking.’

104. Wisteria

Wisteria stands for ‘purple flower.’

105. Yoga

There are no surprises here; Yoga refers to the Indian meditation practice derived from Sanskrit. This is a fun way to teach your baby the calm of meditation!

106. Yoki

Try this if you want to stay connected to your roots while naming your little girl. Yoki is a Native American name for ‘rain.’

107. Zahrah

Finding a name from Z is a task. Zahrah is a unique name derived from Hebrew, and it means ‘white.’

108. Zephyra

Zephyra is a name with Greek roots and is one of the names from old-school poetry. Zephyra refers to ‘of the west winds.’

109. Zofia

A fancy to spell Sophia? You got it! This variant of Sofia or Sophia means ‘wisdom’ in Greek.

110. Zora

Zora is an adorable short name for your baby girl. Zora is also the name of a literary heroine.


1. In what ways do parents choose a weird name for their baby Girl?

Parents might choose unusual names for girls based on their sonorous qualities rather than literal meanings. They might also add quirky spelling variations to existing words, combine two words to form a new name, combine familial names to create a unique new one, or take well-known objects, feelings, and even brands to turn them into names for their little angel!

2. What are some advantages and disadvantages of having weird names for girls?

Some advantages of having a weird or unusual name might be the unique ability to differentiate yourself from others and stand out from the crowd. It is a fun way to express individuality and develop personality. On the other hand, weird names can attract juvenile behaviours like bullying, teasing, and being turned into the butt of jokes. It can also cause professional and everyday difficulties like documentation, spelling, and pronunciation on the part of others.

A name grabs one’s attention and depicts one’s individuality and identity. Choosinga name is hard, but it is a vital parental responsibility and needs attention. Some of the names listed above are pretty unbelievable as they sound weird and strange. But the fun part is that your child will have a distinct name compared to her friends.

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