120 Adorable Twin Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Imagine having not one but bundles of joy crawling and squealing around the house spreading happiness everywhere! Such gems deserve a name matching their personalities which not only represent them but are also pleasant to the ear. Naming baby boys can be a task indeed. So finding names for twin baby boys is double the effort. There was a time when keeping similar sounding twin baby names was widely practised everywhere. However, recent years have proved that it necessarily isn’t the only way you have to name your babies. So here we have a list of baby boy names specially crafted for naming twin baby boys; a set of unique, popular, downright adorable and pleasant names. We hope you can find the names which strike the right chord with your rays of sunshine!

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How to Choose Names for Twin Baby Boys?

There is no set way of choosing a name for your boys. Because they, as fingerprints are as unique despite sharing some similar traits.

  • They both can be named with the same starting letter. This fad has been there times unknown and is still very popular with the parents’ community. Especially with Identical twins as it adds more to the illusion of being identical.
  • On the contrary, they can also be named like the opposing forces in nature. Perhaps of two things that aren’t the same but still get along well.
  • Or they can be completely unrelated to each other. Your boys’ names can be based on how they look or their personality rather than being similar to one another. This adds a streak of uniqueness to their personality despite being sharing similar traits.
  • You may also choose the names having exactly the same meaning for the pearl of your eyes. It shows the similarity the twins share among them.
  • Most of the parents like to give rhyming names to their twins such as Om and Som, Amit and Sumit and so on.


120 Best Indian Baby Names for Twin Boys

Here is the list of names with their meanings which can be the best name for your boys.

Name Meaning Name Meaning
Aadesh Instruction; order Sandesh Message
Aadi Beginning, the start Anant Infinite, uncountable
Aahan Sunrise, a good morning Aarush First ray of sun in the winter
Aakash Sky Avan Ruler of the earth; one who rules the earth
Abhay Without Fear or Fearless Nirbhay Fearless or without fear
Achal Constant Akhil Complete, World
Adikya Authority Aditya Lord Surya
Adin Beautiful, noble of spirit Adil Honest, judge, sincere
Advik Unique Advait Unique
Ahil A person who shows the way to others, Guide Rahil The one who often travels, Traveller
Ajit Invincible, Irresistible, Unsurpassed. Ranjit The delighted one, Victorious, One who is entertained
Akbar Greater, Bigger, The rule of kings Birbal Brave Heart
Akshit Eye Rakshit Protected, Guarded
Amar Immortal, long-lived Azhar Luminous, Brilliant, Radiant, Shining, or Clear
Ambak Lord Shiva Ambar Sky
Amit infinite or immeasurable or boundless Sumit A good friend; Well measured.
Amrit Nectar, Nectar of immortality Arpit To donate, to give or offer something, dedicated.
Anish Supreme, the ultimate Tanish Ambition
Ankit Conquered Arpit To donate, to give or to offer
Ansh A portion of something, a part Vansh Coming generation of father or Generation
Anuj Younger brother Tanuj Rising Sun
Anuroop Handsome, attractive Anuraag devotion, passion, attachment, and eternal love
Archit Worshipped Lakshit Distinguished
Arnav Ocean, foaming sea Pranav Hindu trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva)
Arohan To rise Aradhan Prayer or worship
Arsh Dominion or Crown or Thrown Darsh Lord Krishna
Arth Meaning Samarth Lord Krishna; Powerful; A powerful man; one who is efficient
Arun The crimson glow of rising sun, Dawn, Passionate Varun Lord of water, Neptune, A supreme Vedic God
Atharv Lord Ganesha and the name of the first Ved Ayansh Part of parents
Atul Incomparable or matchless or unique Amul Valuable, having high value
Avik Brave Avin Beauty
Ayaan Gift of God, rays of the rising sun, or Soaked in the divine Kayaan Name of a dynasty of king Kaikobad
Ayan The lucky one Yuvan Strong; Healthy; Young; A Name of Lord Shiva.
Ayush Age, a man, long-lived, one having a long life. Khush Happy, joy, delight
Azaad Liberal, free, independent Shazaad King’s son, a prince
Bevis Handsome face Bevan Son of Evan
Brian High or Noble Ryan Little king or Illustrious
Chand Sincere wish, The Moon, To shine Chandan Sandalwood, Auspicious, Perfumed
Daniel God is my judge David Beloved
Deep A lamp, Brilliance, Beautiful, light Deepak Lamp, Kindle, Brilliance
Devraj Ruler of gods Uvraj A prince
Dhruv The pole star or Constant or Faithful or Firm Tara Star, In Irish it means where the kings met.
Ehsaan Perfection or Excellence or Benevolence or Compassion Imraan A Prophet’s name.
Ekant Solitary, Silence Vishant Another name of Lord Vishnu
Ethan Strong Aidan Help; Intelligent
Farih Delightful and Happy Fariz Determined and Promising
Gagan Sky, Heaven Neel A mountain, sapphire, a champion
Harsh Joyfulness Sparsh touch
Hemal Golden Heman Gold
Himir Calm and cold Mihir The Sun
Hitesh Lord of Goodness Ritesh Lord of truth
Hrithik Truthful, honest Kartik A name of one of the month according to Indian Calendar, A Hindu month,
Ishan Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Agni and Surya,  Generous Jihan The universe, world
James Supplanter Jacob The holder of the heel
Joseph May Jehovah add increase Joshua To save
Kabir The great Ranbir The brave warrior
Kalyan Welfare, good Kulin High-born, noble
Kanish Caring, thoughtful, Krish Short form of Lord Krishna’s name
Krish Attraction, a name derived from the name of Lord Krishna Rish Brave and dominant ruler
Lakshay Target, goal, Aim Akshay Forever, Infinite
Lalith Elegant Lohith Red, made of copper
Laurel Laurel tree Hardy Bold and courageous
Lava Piece Kush Talented, Skillful, mastery
Madhur Sweet Milan Union
Manav Man Abhinav Novel or innovative
Matthew Gift of the Lord Michael Who is like god
Mayank Moon, distinguished Priyank Very dear husband
Mohit One who is attracted Rohit Red
Moksh Salvation Taksh God Ganesha; Strong; Eyes Like a Pigeon.
Mridul Soft, Delicate or Tender Mukul Blossom
Mridul Water, delicate, gentle Vidul The Moon
Nahil Quenched, appeased, Satisfied Sahil Seacoast
Nakul Lord Shiva Mukul Blossoming
Naman Bow to god or Salutation or Renowned Kanan A forest
Naveen New Naval Wonder; New; Modern
Nayan Eye, Decorum, directing, community Naman Bowing, salutation, to pay homage
Neer Water, one of the five elements, the essence of life Vayu Wind, Air, one of the fifth element
Nigam Victory, vedic text, town Shubham Auspicious, good
Nikhil a man who is “Complete” or “Universal” and “Resilient”, Complete without boundary Nikhit Sharp or Earth or Ganges,
Nilay Lord Vishnu’s name, Heaven, Vinay leading, guidance, politeness, humility and modesty
Nilesh Lord Krishna, moon Elesh King
Nirpesh King of kings or Emperor Adesh Command; Message; Message; A message or command; to make a statement.
Nitin Master of the right path Kritin Wise, intelligent, skilled
Pinank Lord Shiva Piyush Dairy milk
Pralay Ending, Dissolution Malay Fragrant, Sandalwood, A mountain range in south India famous for its spices. A mountain, Fragrant,
Prashant Calm and composed Nishant Dawn, break of the day
Punit Pure or holy Priyam Love, Beloved
Ronav Handsome, Gracious, Charming, good-looking, attractive Ronak Radiance or Celebration or Embellishment or Brightness or
Rutvij Guru, Teacher Ritvik Priest
Sachit Consciousness Rachit Invention
Sanket Signal Sankalp Determination
Saransh Summary Devansh Devine or part of god
Satyam Honesty, truthness Shivam Auspicious, Another name of Lord Shiva,
Saurabh Fragrance Rishabh A musical note, excellent, bull, superior
Shishir A season Mihir Sun
Shiven Name of Lord Shiva or one who maintains a balance between life & death Devan Food offered to the Gods or holy
Shwet White, Pure Shikhar The peak of a mountain, Ultimate
Siddhant Moral, Principle Vedant Hindu philosophy or Ultimate wisdom
Siraj Light or Lamp Dhiraj Patience or Consolation
Sneh Love and affection Vinay Politeness and modesty
Suchet Alert, Attentive Sumedh Wise, clever, sensible,
Sushant Quiet, Peaceful Shashank The Moon
Tanay Son Shanay Ancient, immortal.
Tanvir Bodily brave and strong Ranvir Hero of battle or war
Tapan Sun Tapas Heat
Uday Blue lotus, To rise Ubhay Blessing
Veer A brave person Daiwik By God’s grace
Vel A divine javelin spear associated with Hindu war God Karthikeya, Lord Murugan Vetrivel Son of Parvati
Vidyut A spark of lightning, Brilliant Vibhut Strong, powerful
Vinith Unassuming, Knowledgeable, Modest, Venus, requester Vijith Invincible, Winner, unstoppable.
Vir Courageous, Lightning, Thunder,
Warrior, Strong
Viren The lord of warriors
Viral Priceless Hiral Lustrous
Vivaan Lord Krishna Vihan The first ray of sun
Waman Short, the 5th incarnation of Lord Vishnu Wasan Idol, statue
Wedant Someone with knowledge of the Vedas, Theology; King of all The scriptures, a Vedic method of self-realisation Sedant A variant of Siddhant, truth
Yash Victory, reputation, glory, success, celebrity Tejas Light, Brilliance, Gold, Power, Might, Sharpness, Brightness, Tip of the flame, honour, Fire, Spirit brilliance
Yuvraj A prince Viraj sovereignty, excellence or splendour
Zayant Victorious, star Zeehan Brightness, whiteness, Drought
Zenil Victorious, victory of blue Zenith The very top, peak
Zian Self-peace Zavian New house, light, or a variant of Xavier

Whether you want to choose rhyming names for your cute ones or the names with opposite meanings, it is a crucial stage in every parent’s life as the name you will choose for your kids will stay with them for forever. That’s why it is recommended that you think well before deciding on it. Apart from this, the happiness you feel while naming your kids is of course, out of this world.

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