250 Modern and Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names

250 Modern and Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names

Choosing a name for the baby is an important task. As a first-time parent, you want to set the trend by choosing a unique baby name. Parents today envision a lot for their children even before they are born. They want an unconventional name but one that also appeals to the masses. The name should also have cultural, mythological, religious, and historical relevance. If you want your children to become style icons and trendsetters, what better way to start than by giving them an iconic name? Here’s a list of modern Indian baby boy names to serve as inspiration along your naming journey!

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names

Modern Baby Boy Names

In this section, we have cherry-picked modern Indian baby boy names that resonate with the sophisticated parents of our times. They also symbolise the myriad personality traits that all your little bundles of joy display!

1. Aaban

This is the perfect name for your little blessing from above, as it refers to the ‘name of an angel.’

2. Aadavan

Aadhavan means the ‘sun,’ and bestowing this name is the perfect way to let your son shine just as bright!

3. Aagney

One who is born from fire (Son of the fire); Karna, The great warrior, Son of Fire

Aagney - Modern and Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names

4. Aakaar

A unique name for your little boy, Aakar translates to ‘form and ‘shape.’

5. Aakav

Short and straightforward, Aakav means a “form or shape.”

6. Aamirah

Another unique name on this list of modern baby boy names, Aamirah, stands for ‘inhabitant.’

7. Aashman

Aashman is a quirky name whose meaning is a bit of a tongue-twister! It means ‘son of the sun!’

8. Abbot

It’s a vintage name that has been given a modern revamp! Abbot means ‘father’.

9. Abhibhava

A bold name for your little champ, Abhibhava means ‘victorious,’ ‘powerful,’ and ‘overpowering.

10. Abhimand

A rare Indian modern name for boys, Abhimand means ‘happiness,’ ‘joyful,’ and ‘gladdening.’

11. Adair

Adair is a sauce modern boy name that means ‘fortunate and powerful.’

12. Ajinkya

 A classic name that is also timeless, Ajinkya translates to ‘invincible,’ ‘supreme,’ and ‘one who cannot be defeated.’

13. Alec

A simple but mighty name for your son, Alec, stands for ‘defender of mankind.’

14. Alif

Alif is a modern name with historical significance that translates to ‘the first character in Hijaiyah.’

15. Amr

An old Arabic name that has seen a resurgence, Amr stands for ‘long life.’

16. Aranya

Originating from Sanskrit, this charming, modern Indian baby boy name means ‘forest.’

17. Aubrey

An English name meaning ‘power’ or ‘fair ruler of the people.’

18. Aadesh

An Indian name of Sanskrit origin, Aadesh stands for ‘command’ and ‘message.’

19. Aadrik

Aadrik is a name that evokes serene imagery as it translates to ‘the rising sun between the mountains.’

20. Aahan

Another modern name for your ray of sunshine is Aahan, which means ‘dawn’ and ‘sunrise.’

21. Aakash

A short but stylish name for boys of Indian origin, Aakash stands for ‘sky.’

22. Aarav

Aara is a modern Indian baby boy’s name with Sanskrit roots that stand for ‘wisdom.’

23. Aarnik

An unconventional name for your baby boy, Aarnik stands for ‘being one of a kind’ or ‘unique.’

24. Abhay

Abhay is the ideal name for all the brave little warriors out there! It means ‘fearless.’

25. Adhyan

A contemporary name for boys, Adhyan refers to ‘one who is rising.’

26. Adit

Adit is a short but chic modern Indian baby boy name that means ‘from the beginning.’

27. Ansh

Another cute and succinct name for your bundle of joy is Ansh, which stands for ‘portion.’

28. Bharat

A commanding but stylish name for your son, Bharat means universal monarch’ and ‘fire.’

29. Bhargav

This modern name has religious undertones and abundant blessings. It refers to ‘Lord Shiva’ and a ‘good archer.’

30. Balamohan

A classic Indian name for your son that is still trendy, Balamohan means ‘one who is attractive,’ ‘the younger one who is attractive,’ and ‘young Krishna.’

31. Barun

A variation of Varun, Barun stands for ‘Lord of the Sea.’ The name has a tranquil effect on one and all!

32. Bashir

Bashir is a modern name that aptly describes the presence of your baby boy in your life. It translates to ‘harbinger of good and positive things.’

33. Bhadrak

Bhadrak refers to the ‘King of Anga.’ According to the Puranas, the name also means ‘handsome,’ ‘brave,’ and ‘kind.’

34. Bishr

A jovial name for your tiny tot, Bishr translates to ‘joy,’ ‘happiness,’ and ‘cheerful.’

35. Brahmadutt

Brahmadutt is a mighty name for your son that stands for ‘dedicated to Brahma.’

36. Bryant

Another name that means ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ is Bryant, a name made famous by legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant.

37. Chahel

A cute and modern Indian baby boy name that means ‘cheerful’ and ‘happy.’

38. Chaitya

Chaitya is a blissful name that means ‘perceivable’ and ‘place of worship.’

39. Chandramauli

An unconventional Indian boy name, Chandramauli means ‘Lord Shiva’ and ‘the one who wears moon on the head,’ about Lord Shiva. 

40. Charun

A great alternative to the common name Varun, it means ‘one who has beautiful eyes.’

41. Chitral

Chitral is a vibrant name that means ‘a variety of colours.’

42. Chitrarath

Chitranth is a bright and stylish name for boys and another name for the Sun.

43. Cole

A name favoured by many famous people, Cole stands for ‘Prince of Red Roses.’

44. Connor

An excellent and charismatic name for sons, Coonor refers to a ‘lover of hounds/wolves.’

45. Cordero

An adorable name of Spanish origin, Cordero translates to ‘lamb.’

46. Chandan

A fragrant name for a baby boy, Chandan stands for ‘sandalwood.’

47. Chetan

For all the noble little men, Chetan stands for ‘full of consciousness.’

48. Chirag

For the shining light in your life, Chirag is the perfect name! It means ‘lamp’ or ‘light source.’

49. Daksh

There isn’t a more perfect and stylish name to describe the gift that has entered your life! Daksh translates to ‘precious son,’

50. Darsh

A suave name for boys, Darsh means ‘sight’ or ‘handsome.’

51. Darshil

Darshil is a name ideal for all the handsome young Indian boys! It stands for ‘perfection’ and ‘beautiful.’

52. Deepak

Another name describing your ray of light, this name means ‘bright future.’ It captures the hopes you hold for your little boy.

53. Dev

Dev is a short but stylish name that means ‘divine’ or ‘God.’

54. Devansh

Another religious choice for your son, Devansh, means ‘part of God.’

55. Dhruv

Dhruv is a cool name for boys and translates to ‘pole star’ or ‘faithful.’

56. Dhruvam

A mythical name for your son, Dhruvam means ‘heavenly.’

57. Dilip

Dilip is a name tailor-made for all the caring little angels out there! It means ‘protector.’

58. Dipankar

A unique and modern baby boy name, Dipankar, stands for ‘one who has the lamp in his hands.’

59. Divyansh

Divansh is a soulful name that means ‘part of the divine being.’

60. Daiwik

Another name full of blessings, Daiwik, stands for ‘grace of God.’

61. Daniel

It’s a popular Christian name for baby boys. Daniel stands for ‘God is my Judge.’

62. Danish

Not to be confused with the dessert, Danish translates to ‘merciful,’ ‘forgiving,’ and ‘clever.’

63. Deekshant

Deekshant aptly describes what your bundle of joy means to you! It stands for ‘gift of God.’

64. Deveshwar

A godly name that is also stylish, Deveshwar means ‘Lord Shiva’ or ‘Lord of the Devas.’

65. Dhir

Your child will value patience and persistence if named this name as it means “perseverance.’

66. Ebadaah

A chic Muslim name for your little boy, Ebadaah stands for ‘prayer to the omniscient Allah.’

67. Ehit

If your little one is a Prince Charming in the looks department, this should add smiles to his persona! It stands for ‘one who is always smiling.’

68. Ekachith

A singular name for your son, Ekachith, translates to ‘with one mind.’ It is an ideal Hindu name

69. Ekadant

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Ekdant, is a cute name for your cuddle bug!

70. Eklavya

The name of a student who learned archery only by observing, Eklavya is a character in the Hindu mythological epic tale, the Mahabharata.

71. Eshaanth

Another name for Lord Vishnu is Eshaanth, and it is filled with blessings for your baby boy.

72. Erish

A name with a cute twist, Erish means ‘to cherish.’

73. Faaris

Faaris stands for ‘horseman’ and ‘knight.’ This name will bring a sense of courage to your little one!

74. Fanishwar

Another name for the Lord of Serpents – Vasuki, Fanishwar- is deeply significant to the Supreme Lord in Hinduism.

75. Fintan

This spectacular Irish name that has gained popularity in India, Fintan, means ‘white fire.’

76. Fravash

The perfect name for the apple of your eye, Fravansh, stands for ‘guardian angel.’

77. Frey

Of Scandinavian origin, it means the ‘exalted one.’ It has gained popularity in India recently.

78. Fuad

A cute name for little boys, Fuad stands for ‘heart,’ aptly describing what your son means to you!

79. Gadin

One of the many names of Lord Krishna, it is a different and unusual name if you want to name your child after a Lord!

80. Garrett

A chic and modern Indian baby boy name that means ‘spear strength.’

81. Garry

Another edgy name for boys, Garry stands for ‘spear.’

82. Grahish

One who is the Lord of the Planets, this name could help your star write his destiny!

83. Granthik

Granthik translates to an ‘astrologer’ or ‘narrator.’

84. Gulzar

Meaning a ‘gardener,’ this name would be ideal for that child who brightens up his parent’s life.

Gulzar - Modern and Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names

85. Gaurav

A stylish Indian baby boy named Gaurav means ‘honour.’

86. Gautam

For the ray of light in your life, Gautam is the ideal name! It means ‘remover of darkness.’

87. Govinda

The ‘finder of Vedas,’ Govinda is made for the intellectual little brainiacs!

88. Gurdeep

Gurdeep is an enlightened name that means ‘light of the teacher.’

89. Hari

Hari is a versatile yet stylish name for boys that translates to ‘lion,’ ‘light,’ ‘moon,’ and ‘man.’ It is another name used for Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and Indra.

90. Harish

Harish, a name that perfectly encapsulates your little munchkin, means ‘proud’ and ‘delicate.’

91. Harsh

Another cheery name for boys, Harsh, means ‘happiness,’ ‘joy,’ and ‘excitement.’

92. Harshad

Aptly describing the value of a baby boy in your life, Harshad translates to ‘bringer of joy.’

93. Hemant

A calming name for your angel, Hemant, refers to the’ winter season.’

94. Hitansh

Hitash is a name for all the kind and gentle souls out there! It stands for ‘helper.’

95. Hiten

Hiten succinctly describes what your son means to you – ‘heart.’

96. Hrithik

A name made famous by Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan, this suave name means ‘from the heart.’

97. Haarith

Derived from Arabic, this modern Indian baby boy name means ‘ploughman.’

98. Hariaksh

One of Lord Shiva’s many names, Hariaksh is an unconventional yet stylish choice for your boy!

99. Harin

Meaning’ pure,’ the name is fast gaining popularity amongst Indian parents.

100. Harishva

Yet another name for Lord Shiva, Harishva is a charming name for your tiny tot.

101. Haroon

Haroon is the name of a prophet and is of Arabic origin. It is an elegant name for your baby boy that means ‘exalted’ and ‘hope.’

102. Henley

An English name meaning ‘high wood’ or ‘high clearing,’ Henley is an elegant choice for a baby name!

103. Horatio

A regal name for your son, Horatio means ‘timekeeper.’

104. Ibhanan

It is another name for the Elephant God, Ganesha. Ibhanan is a contender as it is unconventional yet modern.

105. Idhant

A bright name for your shining light, Idhant translates to ‘luminous’ and ‘effervescent.’

106. Iham

Meaning ‘expected,’ Iham is a name with a certain uniqueness!

107. Ikshan

Originating from Sanskrit, it means ‘sight’ or ‘superintendence.’

108. Irish

No, don’t be baffled! Irish refers to someone from Ireland but also means ‘Lord of the Earth’ in Hinduism.

109. Indra

Indra is a commanding modern Indian name that means ‘possessing rain’ and ‘God of the sky.’

110. Ishaan

A handsome Indian baby boy’s name, Ishaan, translates to “sun.’

111. Ishank

Ishank is a majestic name that refers to the ‘peak of Himalaya’ and ‘Lord Shiva.’

112. Ivaan

Ivan is  a cool name that translates to ‘God’s glorious gift.’

113. Jagan

A name that aptly captures what your son means to you, Jagan stands for ‘world’ or ‘universe.’

Jagan - Modern and Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names

114. Jai

A short yet stylish name, Jai means ‘victory.’

115. Jatin

A blessed name for your baby boy, Jatin means ‘the auspicious one.’

116. Jeet

Another name denoting ‘victory,’ Jeet is a handsome choice for all the young achievers!

117. Jyotiraditya

An unconventional name with a mighty meaning, Jyotirditya refers to ‘the resplendence of the sun.’

118. Jaabir

For all the little ones that fill our lives with reassurance and joy, Jaabir means ‘consoler’ and ‘comforter.’

119. Joshit

Joshit is a name made for all giggly babies! It means ‘pleased’ and ‘delightful.’

120. Jyran

It means ‘lost love’ and could bring much love and warmth with its authenticity.

121. Kahan

Another name for the Lord Krishna, this name is ideal for all the naughty and full-loving babies!

122. Kanal

It means ‘shining’ and could brighten your child’s life forever!

123. Kanav

It is a name that sounds pleasant yet has a lot of depth; it means ‘an old yet wise sage.’

124. Kabir

Kabir is a mighty name for your tiny warrior, which means ‘powerful’ or ‘great.’

125. Kairav

An elegant Indian baby boy name, Kairav translates to ‘white lotus’ or ‘born of water.’

Stylish Indian Boy Names

For babies today, the world is their oyster! From the best clothes to the latest toys, the tastiest food, and the most creative outlets, the world of babies has received a massive upgrade! So it is only fair that your naming customs keep up with the changing times! Here’s a list of stylish names for boys of Indian origin, curated to appeal to everyone and turn heads instantly!

1. Kamal

Kamal is a name that describes all that your son is for you! It stands for ‘lotus,’ ‘beauty,’ and ‘perfection.’

2. Kanishk

A regal name for your son, Kanishk refers to a celebrated ancient Indian King.

3. Karan

Karan is a popular modern Indian name for boys that translates to ‘clever’ and ‘skilful.’

4. Karthik

Karthik is sure to be everyone’s best friend as it refers to ‘one who gives courage.’

5. Kavyansh

Kavyansh is an apt name for all the bright and creative little minds! It stands for ‘intelligent’ and ‘one who is born poetic.’

6. Krish

Krish is a name that can be used to describe your son’s features! It translates to ‘dark-skinned one’ or ‘black or blue,’ in reference to Lord Krishna.

7. Kshitij

An otherworldly name for your bundle of joy, Kshitij stands for ‘horizon’ or ‘Mars.’

8. Lakshit

If you already have a future mapped out for your tiny tot, then this name is your starting point! Lakshit translates to ‘target,’ ‘goal,’ and ‘aim.’

9. Lakshya

An ideal descriptor of qualities you hope your baby boy possesses, Lakshya refers to a ‘person who has high aims in life.’

10. Lalit

A timeless classic Indian name for boys, Lalit translates to ‘beautiful’ or ‘desirable.’

11. Lavish

Lavish is a cute name for your sweet one, which stands for ‘rich’ or ‘lovable.’

Lavish - Modern and Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names

12. Labeeb

Labeeb is a quirky name that is also modern. It means ‘sensible’ and ‘intelligent.’

13. Lakshan

Lakshan is a top choice for your son if he has any significant birthmarks! The name stands for ‘auspicious marks.’

14. Lathan

Meaning ‘God has given,’ Lathan aptly describes the blessing you have received in the form of your baby boy from above!

15. Leon

For the fearless little warriors, Leon is the perfect name. It is another name for a ‘lion.’

16. Levi

Meaning ‘joined’ or ‘attached,’ Levi is a suave Indian name for boys. It was made famous by the globally renowned denim brand Levi’s, created by Levi Strauss.

17. Maharth

For those who value honesty, Maharth is the ideal name as it means ‘truthful.’

18. Mahin

Mahin is a name that means ‘Earth,’ and it unifies you with your creator.

19. Manayu

Manayu is sure to be a dutiful and loving son as his name stands for ‘devoted’ and ‘desirous.’

20. Mayin

Derived from the Rig Veda, the name means ‘one who has the skill to enchant.’

21. Milo

Milo is a name that is both resilient and kind. It means ‘soldier’ or ‘merciful.’

22. Monty

Monty is a mighty name that translates to ‘mountain belonging to the ruler’ or ‘steep mountain.’

23. Madhavaditya

Madhavaditya is a name that evokes stunning imagery of nature. It refers to ‘springtime.’

24. Mayank

An adorable name for your tiny angel, Mayank means ‘moon.’

25. Madhavan

Like most religious names, Madhavan is a stylish Indian name for boys, a variation of Lord Shiva’s name.

26. Malhar

A melodic name that also captures a natural phenomenon, Malhar translates to ‘raga used in Indian music’ and ‘giver of rain.’

27. Manish

Manish is the ideal name for all the quick-witted little munchkins out there! It stands for ‘God of the Mind.’

28. Manoj

Manoj is a name that combines two valuable things in life – ‘intellect’ and ‘love.’

29. Manvik

Manvik is a clever name that translates to ‘one who is conscious’ and ‘intelligent.’

30. Mihir

A name that combines all the essential elements of nature, Mihir stands for ‘clouds,’ ‘sun,’ and ‘wind.’

31. Miransh

A majestic name that encompasses the value of each life, Miransh means ‘small part of the ocean.’

32. Naitik

Instilling good values in your son starts with a name! Naitik stands for ‘ethical’ and is the perfect choice for your son!

33. Navin

Navin is a melodic name that means ‘new’ and ‘young.’

34. Neil

Neil is a chic modern Indian baby boy name that translates to ‘champion.’

35. Nihal

Nihal aptly describes your emotions and hopes for your baby boy as it stands for ‘joyous’ and ‘successful.’

36. Nikunj

A name that both captures what you have built for your family as well as the personality of your son, Nikunj means ‘loving home’ and ‘Lord Krishna.’

37. Nirav

Nirav is a cute Indian name for boys that translates to ‘quiet’ or ‘calm.’

38. Nitesh

Hoping your son turns out to be a future lawyer? Then Nitesh is a good choice for him! It stands for ‘God of Law.’

39. Naksh

A modern Indian baby boy name that is also handsome, Naksh means ‘features’ and ‘the moon.’

40. Nakul

Named after a famous character from Mahabharata, Nakul is the twin brother of Sahadev. It is also another name for Lord Shiva.

41. Naman

Originating from Hindu mythology, it means good fundamental nature

42. Nayan

Nayan is the perfect name for the apple of your eye, which means ‘eye.’

43. Neer

Neer means ‘water’ in Sanskrit, and it is the perfect name to describe how invaluable your little one is!

Neer - Modern and Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names

44. Omkar

Omkar is a name full of blessings derived from the Hindu syllable’ Om,’ which is a religious incantation.

45. Onain

Onain means ‘vision’ and perfectly evokes the future you have envisioned for your little one!

46. Orman

If your baby boy seems like an adventure seeker, this is the name for him! It stands for ‘seaman.’

47. Om

A name filled with life’s essence, Om stands for ‘creation.’

48. Pankaj

A name that represents the national flower of India, Pankaj translates to ‘lotus flower.’

49. Parag

Just as your son adds beauty to your life, so does his name; it means ‘pollen.’

50. Parikshit

A royal name for all the little princes out there, Parikshit refers to the ‘name of an ancient king.’

51. Parth

Parth, a modern name for boys, refers to a ‘person who never misses a target.’

52. Parthik

An angelic name for the apple of your eye, Prathink means ‘lovely.’

53. Parthiv

Prathiv is a tranquil name that is also mighty. It stands for ‘son of the Earth’ and ‘brave.’

54. Prashant

Prashant is a tender name for your baby boy that means ‘patience,’ ‘calm,’ and ‘quiet.’

55. Prateek

An excellent name for all the little champs out there, Prateek means ‘symbol.’

56. Pratham

No matter what, your baby’s birth is a win in your book! But this name sweetens the experience as Pratham means ‘first.’ It 

57. Pratyush

Another contemporary and stylish Indian name for boys, Pratyush, translates to ‘sunrise.’

58. Pathin

For the adventurous souls out there, Pathin is the ideal name. It stands for ‘traveller.’

59. Phoenix

Phoenix is an Indian name of Greek origin that means ‘dark red.’

60. Posha

Posha is an eccentric Indian name that has an endearing meaning. It translates to ‘growth’ and ‘prosperity.’

61. Pravir

Pravir is a modern name that means ‘brave.’

62. Purav

Purav is a name that fills your little one with positivity with this name, which means ‘east.’

63. Qaisar

Born to rule, Qaisar is a name that means ’emperor.’

64. Qays

Quays is an unconventional yet stylish Indian baby boy name that means ‘firm.

65. Rakshan

Meaning the ‘protector’ and ‘preserver,’ it is said to ward off the evil eye!

66. Rathik

‘Rider of the chariot’ or ‘loved one,’ this name will turn heads!

67. Remy

Remy is a French name that is also popular in India. It means ‘oarsmen’ or ‘oar.’

68. Rodas

This contemporary name translates to ‘heaven’ and ‘earth.’

69. Raghav

Raghav is a serene and chic name that means ‘ocean.’

70. Rahul

Rahul is a resilient name that means ‘conqueror of all miseries.’

71. Rajesh

A regal name for your little prince, Rajesh means ‘lord of kings.’

72. Rajiv

A precious name for your baby gem, Rajiv means ‘lotus flower.’ 

73. Raunak

Ruanak is a name tailor-made for the apple of your eye. It stands for ‘pride.’

74. Reyansh

Reyansh is a charming name that means ‘part of a stream.’

75. Rishaan

A loving, modern Indian name for boys, Rishaan means ‘Lord Shiva’ and ‘good human being.’

76. Rishaank

Rishaank is a soulful name for your son. It means ‘devotee of Lord Shiva.’

77. Rishabh

A righteous name for your good boy, Rishabh, means ‘superior’ and ‘morality.’ 

78. Sachin

Sachin is the centre of your universe, aptly captured by the meaning of this name, ‘essence.’

79. Sachit

A cute but meaningful name, Sachit stands for ‘joyful’ and ‘consciousness.’ 

80. Sahil

Sahil is a name made for babies who love taking the initiative! This name translates to ‘leader.’ 

81. Sai

A celestial name for your little boy, this short but stylish Indian name for boys translates to ‘one who is divine.’ 

82. Samar

Samar is the perfect name to encapsulate your baby boy’s presence in your life. It stands for ‘reward’ or ‘fruit.’

83. Samarth

Another popular and stylish Indian name for boys, Samarth, means ‘competent’ and ‘strong.’

84. Shamit

A peaceful name for your little munchkin, this name translates to ‘peacemaker,’ ‘prepared,’ and ‘calm.’

85. Sharvil

For your baby that seems to be on your mind all day, Sharvil is the name to pick! It means ‘omnipresent’ or ‘universal,’

86. Sabhya

Sabhya is the representation of a gentleman. It stands for ‘refined.’

87. Sahas

Sahas means ‘bravery’ and ‘courage,’ and it is made for the lion-hearted little kings!

88. Sahir

An Urdu name meaning ‘charming’ and ‘enchanting.’ Sahir is an apt name for your little angel!

89. Salil

A calming yet modern Indian name for boys, this name means ‘water.’

90. Sankalp

Sankalp means ‘determination’ and is ideal for all the tiny go-getters!

91. Sarin

Sarin embodies kindness as it translates to ‘the helpful one.’

92. Taizeen

Meaning ‘encouragement,’ Taizeen provides the nudge your child needs to succeed in life!

93. Tanay

A concise name for the straight shooters, Tanay means ‘son.’

94. Taraksh

Taraksh means ‘mountain,’ a name that will motivate your kid to scale new heights.

95. Tarosh

A name perfect for your blessing from above, Tarosh stands for ‘heaven.’

Tarosh - Modern and Stylish Indian Baby Boy Names

96. Tavish

A debonair name for your excitable son, this name means ‘strong’ and ‘energetic.’

97. Tanmay

Tanmay is a name made for all the inquisitive little ones! It means ‘engrossed’ or ‘fully absorbed.’ 

98. Tarak

Tarak is a name made famous by the comedy show, ‘Taraak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah. Contrastingly, it has a rather sweet meaning, ‘protector’ or ‘star.’

99. Tejas

Another dashing name for a baby boy, Tejas, means ‘strength,’ ‘valour,’ and ‘brilliance.’

100. Tushar

Tushar is a charming and modern Indian baby boy name that translates to ‘cold,’ ‘snow,’ and ‘fine drops of water.’

101. Utkarsh

An urbane name for the dashing young boys of today, Utkarsh stands for ‘prosperity.’

102. Udit

Udit is a short but stylish Indian name for boys that translates to ‘rise.’

103. Ved

A reference to the Vedas, this name means ‘scripture’ or ‘text.’

104. Vihaan

Vihan is a tranquil name that means ‘the time of dawn, just when the Sun is rising.’

105. Vyan

Originating from the Sanskrit word’ Vyana,’ it means ‘breath of life’ or ‘giving.’

106. Vaibhav

Babies are as regal as they are adorable! Vaibhav is a name that perfectly encapsulates that. It means ‘glory’ or ‘majesty.’ 

107. Vansh

Vansh aptly describes the latest addition to your family. The name stands for ‘dynasty’ or ‘clan.’

108. Varun

A mystical yet modern Indian baby boy’s name, Varun, translates to ‘water God.’

109. Vatsal

For all the gentle babies, Vatsal is the ideal name. It means ‘affectionate’ and ‘gentle.’

110. Veer

A name that will inspire, Veer is a stylish Indian name for boys that means ‘brave.’

111. Vehant

A name made for all the brilliant young minds, Vehant stands for ‘intelligent.’ 

112. Vivaan

Vivaan is a funky name for your gem of a son! It means ‘to twist,’ ‘full of life,’ or ‘to plait.’

113. Vyas

Vyas translates to ‘great sage’ and is made for all the scholars in the making!

114. Vyom

An all-encompassing name for your little one, Vyom stands for ‘universe’ and ‘origin.’

115. Waahid

The perfect name for your one-of-a-kind angel, this name means ‘unequal’ and ‘unique.’

116. Wuar

A rare gem, Wuar is a modern Indian baby boy name that means ‘fire.’

117. Xander

Abbreviated from Alexander and pronounced as Zander, this name means ‘to defend.’

118. Yajvan

Yajvan is a Sanskrit name that means ‘calm’ and ‘peaceful.’

119. Yuvan

Yuvan is a positive Indian name that means ‘healthy’ and ‘young.’

120. Yakshit

For the ever-lasting bond with your baby, Yakshit is the name to choose! It stands for ‘someone who is made forever.’

121. Yash

Yash is a common yet contemporary baby boy name for ‘splendour’ and ‘majesty.’

122. Yashvir

Yashvir is a name made for tiny tots with a fighting spirit! It means ‘glorious’ and ‘brave.’


An apt name for a baby boy, Yuvaan translates to ‘youthful,’ ‘strong,’ and ‘healthy.’

124. Yuvraj

Yuvraj, a royal name for a little one, means ‘the crown prince.’

125. Zev

Zev is a rare stylish Indian name for boys, meaning a ‘deer’ or ‘wolf.’ It is unique and is sure to turn heads!

The baby’s name becomes his identity, making it essential to choose the perfect one with a solid meaning. Our Baby Names tool makes it easy to find a name for your baby boy according to gender, numerology, rashi, religion, and more, which is both modern and meaningful. You can make this a fun activity with your better half or family or go through the list until you find the name that stands out! Trends keep changing, and you want to stay with the tide. This compilation helps you narrow down names for your little one. Short names for babies are also common these days. Stay updated, and enjoy the process of naming your son!

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