Top 110 Italian Last Names or Surnames With Meanings

110 Italian Surnames or Last Names

Italy, as a country, and its culture are quite popular. From pizza to soccer, vacation to films, literature to olive oil, it has been accepted and appreciated across the globe. Nowadays, common Italian last names are also gaining popularity as names for babies. If you’ve been searching for some, you will find this list pretty helpful.

70 Italian Family Names or Surnames With Meanings

There are a number of trendy and popular Italian last names that are really sought after. Let us look at a list of such names.

1. Accardi

This name comes from the word Achard. The name means ‘brave’ or somebody who is quite ‘hardy’. It is a common Italian surname.

2. Abate

It is a word that originated from Late Latin. The name means ‘priest’ or ‘the high priest’. It is also a common Jewish name.

3. Abato

Abato is an Italian name for boys meaning servant of a priest.

4. Abbruzzese

Abruzzese is an Italian surname, meaning ‘Abruzzian’.

5. Agosti

Here is another Italian name that originated from a Latin word (Augustus). The name means someone who is ‘blessed with good omens’.

6. Abella

Abella is a common habitational name heard around many places including Catalonia, Santander and Galicia. The name means ‘a bee’, and describe a person who is small yet active.

7. Armani

This is another Italian surname, effortlessly popularised by a luxury brand of the same name. The name means ‘man of force’.

8. Ajello

This is an occupational Italian surname derived from the Latin word ‘ager’ (meaning field).   The name is borne mostly by the farmers.

9. Allegro

This is another Italian last name related to music and musical instruments. It means ‘cheerful’ or ‘brisk tempo’.

10. Accetta

This is one of the old names of Italy from the medieval period. It is derived from the Latin name ‘acceptus’, meaning ‘welcome’ or ‘well-liked’.

11. Amato

This Italian name is derived from the Latin word ‘amatus’, it means ‘beloved’.

12. D’Angelo

This is another beautiful Italian name; it means someone who is ‘angelic’.

13. Badaracco

Badaracco is a pop family name or surname in Argentina that means ‘hero’.

14. Badolato

This is a habitational name from Badolato in the Catanzaro province of Calabria.

15. Bianchi

The name means ‘white-haired’ or ‘pale’.

16. Bianco

This one sounds quite close to the last name. It means ‘white’.

17. Barberio

This is another occupational Italian surname sourced from the Italian word ‘Barbiere’. It means ‘the barber’.

18. Baio

This is an interesting name for a family where everyone has reddish or light brown hair (or beard). It also means ‘horse.’

19. Barone

Remember ‘Bloody Baron’ from the Harry Potter series everyone was afraid of? This Italian name is also related to ‘bravery’ or ‘courage’.

20. Badami

It is a Sicilian name that is believed to have an Arabic etymology. It means ‘almond’.

21. Bernardi

This is another Italian name that means ‘strong’ or ‘hard’. It originated from the word ‘Bernhard’, a combination of the words ‘bear’ or ‘hard’.

22. Bruno

This name is popularised by films like ‘Bicycle Thieves’ and is adapted by races worldwide. The name means ‘people having brown hair’.

23. Ballerini

This is one of the most graceful and cool names popular among Italian people. The name is apt for the one who dances. It is an occupational name for a dancer.

24. Bella

Be it ‘Twilight’ or ‘Money Heist’, the name Bella is iconic, considering popular culture. The name means ‘beautiful’ or ‘gift of god’s favour’.

25. Colombo

It is an Italian surname that shares its name with the Capital city of Sri Lanka. The name means ‘dove’.

26. Cacciatore

This is a popular Italian occupational name that means ‘huntsman or hunter’.

27. Cacciola

Cacciola is of Italian origin and means ‘to chase or hunt.’

28. Carbone

This typical Italian surname is another occupational name borne by the ‘coal miners’. The name means ‘coal’ or ‘charcoal’.

29. Capone

This name is perfect for headstrong people. It means someone who is ‘arrogant’ or ‘large-headed’.

30. Cattaneo

This Italian surname means ‘captain’. This family name is derived from a family that captained a group of ships in the Medieval ages.

31. Costa

Costa or Di Costa is a very famous Italian surname (at least for soccer lovers). The meaning of the name is ‘a slope’ or ‘a coast’.

32. Coppola

Coppola is another famous Italian last name that means ‘beret maker’. It implies the makers of little round hats called berets.

33. Conte

This popular Italian surname is one of the rich names given to those who used to work for the count. The name means ‘companion’.

34. De Niro

You would be surprised that this world-famous Italian name does not mean ‘taxi driver’. It rather means ‘someone with black/dark hair’.

35. DeVille

It is another cool Italian name that means ‘a villa’ or ‘a village’. Some also say that the name means ‘the settlement of God’.

36. Di Maggio

This uncommon Italian surname means ‘the eldest son’.

37.  Donato

The origin of this name is the Latin word ‘Donare’ which implies ‘to give’

38. Di Caprio

This name doesn’t need introduction, thanks to its world-famous bearer. It is derived from the Latin word ‘Capra’, meaning ‘goat’. The name defines the residents of the island ‘Capri’.

39. Damone

In Greek, the name Damone is ‘Gentle or to tame’.

40. Danella

Danella is a Hebrew name Meaning ‘God is my Judge’.

41. Evangelisti

Evangelisti is a derivative of the Greek word euangelos which means ‘bringer of good news’.

42. Evola

Evola is a topographic name derived from ebbio ‘danewort’, having Latin roots.

43. Esposito

‘Castle’ fans might recognise this Italian surname instantly. This popular name originates from the Italian word ‘esposto,’ meaning ‘to expose.’

44. Ferrari

This Italian occupational last name is an equivalent to the English surname ‘Smith’, meaning ‘blacksmith.’ The famous race car brand has popularised the surname.

45. Farina

Farina is another occupational last name in Italy. The name meaning ‘flour’ is mostly given to millers or flour merchants. It is also a perfect name for girls with a pale complexion.

46. Floris

This beautiful Italian surname means ‘flower blossom’, to bloom’, or ‘to flourish.’

47. Fontana

This surname has a musical origin derived from the Latin word ‘Fon’. The name means ‘spring’ and is given to the people who live near a spring.

48. Fabbri

The Italian surname Fabbri is derived from the Latin word ‘faber’ which means ‘craftsman’.

49. Fabbro

Fabbro is an occupational name for an ironworker or smith derived from the Latin word.

50. Greco

The Italian name Greco is derived from the Latin word ‘Graecus’, which means ‘Greek’ or ‘someone who originated from Greece’.

51. Gallo

The popular Italian surname originates from the Latin word ‘gallus’, which means ‘rooster’.

52. Gatti

Gatti is an Italian surname from the word ‘Gatto’, which means ‘tomcat’.

53. Gentile

Gentile is a very popular Italian surname that originates from the word ‘Gentilis’. The word means ‘from the same stock’.

54. Gennari

Gennari is an Italian surname that means ‘goldsmith’.

55. Gennaro

Gennaro is a baby boy’s name having Italian origin and means ‘of Janus’.

56. Giudice

This is one of the popular Italian surnames, which means the ‘judge’ or ‘justice’.

57. Giordano

This is a surname which is derived from the Italian version of ‘Jordan’, the holy river. The name means ‘flow down’ or ‘descend’.

58. Grasso

The Italian surname Grasso refers to somebody who is stout.

59. Guerra

Guerra is another very strong name for a courageous baby. It is a common Italian surname that means war. Usually, this last name refers to soldiers.

60. Guiluliani

This is a very popular surname in Italy. It originates from the Latin word ‘Lullius’, which means ‘somebody who is youthful’.

61. Jacaruso

This name is a compound word rooted in the southern Italian language that means ‘lad boy’.

62. Jacobucci

Jacobucci is a popular Italian surname that means ‘joyful’.

63. Lacobucci

The surname Iacobucci was first found in Florence and means ‘the follower.

64. Lacovelli

This is an interesting surname derived from the ancient Hebrew name “Yaakov” which means “following-after.

65. Lombardi

It is a popular name for someone who hails from Lombardy.

66. Leone

This is a popular Italian surname that means ‘lion-hearted’.

67. Longo

This old Italian word literally means ‘long’ or ‘tall’.

68. Lastra

This is a beautiful name for a baby girl derived from an Italian last name that means a ‘huge slab of rock’.

69. Leto

The name itself means ‘joyful’ or ‘cheerful’.

70. Lagorio

This is an Italian and Argentinian nickname from the Ligurian dialect that means ‘green lizard’.

71. Laguardia

Laguardia is an Italian and Spanish nickname that means ‘guardian’.

72. Lamagna

This is an Italian ethnic name for a member of the Alemanni which is an ancient Germanic town.

73. Magliozzi

Magliozzi is an Italian patronymic or plural form of Maglio.

74. Magnani

Magnani is a popular Italian occupational surname derived from the word locksmith.

75. Mancini

This is another common surname in Italy. The word means ‘ambidextrous’ or ‘someone who’s right and left-hand work with equal dexterity’.

76. Marchetti

Marcus is the Roman God of war. This surname is derived from the words Marcus and refers to him.

77. Mariano

This is another popular Italian surname derived from the Roman God of war Ares.

78. Martini

Rome is known for its rich heritage and mythology. So, most Italian last names are derived from mythological connotations. Martini is derived from Mars, the Roman God of War.

79. Manzo

This is another mythological Italian last name which means ‘a person resembling an ox’.

80. Morelli

Morelli is a name derived from the ‘moor’ community of Rome and refers to a person of brown or dark complexion.

81. Mazza

This is an Italian surname that means ‘club’, ‘mace’ or ‘hammer’. This is an occupational surname popularly borne by toolmakers.

82. Monti

This is one of the most famous Italian surnames. It originated from the Italian word ‘Monte’ this word means ‘the mountain’.

83. Marino

This last name is habitational, and is derived from the Latin word ‘Marinus’. It means ‘of the sea’.

84. Messina

The name means ‘someone who is from the city of Messana’.

85. Moriotto

One of the stylish Italian surnames, Moriotto is derived from the Italian word ‘Moretto’. It means ‘dark hair’.

86. Netto

Netto is a Portuguese descriptive name, meaning ‘grandson’.

87. Neve

Neve is a feminine name of Latin origin that means ‘snow’.

88. Pacione

Paciaone is a popular Italian name that means ‘calm or peaceful’.

89. Pacitti

The surname Pacitti is derived from the Latin word ‘pax’ that means peace.

90. Pesci

This Italian name means ‘fisherman’. It is an occupational surname.

91. Piazza

This name means ‘town square’.

92. Porzio

Another mythological Italian surname, Porzio, refers to ‘hogs’.

93. Ricci

Be it an American TV show or an Italian film, this Italian surname is always a popular name. Ricci means ‘the one with curly hair’.

94. Romano

Quite as it suggests, the Italian surname means ‘someone from Rome’.

95. Rabito

Rabito is a short form of the arabic ethnic name that means ‘follower’.

96. Racanelli

This is an occupational name derived from the Italian local dialect meaning ‘knitted or woven material’.

97. Susi

Susi as a girl’s name is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning of Susi is ‘lilly’.

98. Sutera

This is derived from the Japanese word meaning ‘star’.

99. Sala

This is a popular surname which means ‘room’.

100. Testa

This is one of the royal names. It means ‘the head’.

101. Tabacchi

Tabacchi is an Italian patronymic name that means the plural form of Tobacco.

102. Taddeo

This is another Italian name derived from the local Latin term Thaddeus.

103. Uberti

Uberti is the plural form of Uberto that is a short form of the ancient Germanic word meaning ‘famous by birth’.

104. Uccello

Uccello is a popular Italian name used for someone with bird-like characteristics.

105. Villa

This surname is famous among soccer lovers. The name means ‘someone from the village’.

106. Vanni

A popular Italian name, Vanni means ‘God’s grace’.

107. Vannucci

Vannucci is derived from the biblical name ‘Yochanan’ which means ‘someone who is favoured with a son’.

108. Zaffino

Zaffino is derived from Jafina, an Arabic name that means ‘Paradise’.

109. Zanca

This Italian surname means ‘bow-legged’ is derived from local Mexican dialect.

110. Zanella

 Zanella means Italian wool or twill fabric used by natives.

Popular Italian surnames can also make really good first names. Some of these names are trendy and unique; their popularity is increasing with time. If you want to embrace the trend, you can pick any of these last names to make your kid’s name sound smart!

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