Are Inclined Sleepers Safe for Babies

As newbie parents, you may be tempted to buy almost every baby gear for your newborn baby to make him feel cosy and comfortable. If you have an inclined sleeper on that list then reading this post may prove to be fruitful! This post discusses various aspects of inclined sleepers and whether or not these gears are a safer bet for your munchkin, read on to know more!

What Are Inclined Sleepers?

inclined sleepers

If you haven’t seen one before or don’t about these inclined sleepers for infants, these sleepers look like hammocks for babies and are made of soft fabric that hangs from the frame. There are many variants available in these sleepers that can range from the ones that can blow air or vibrate to ones that can play music too. These sleepers had become quite a rage in the early 2000s but, recently, these sleepers were considered dangerous by the AAP or The American Academy of Pediatrics.

Why Are These Sleepers Desired By Parents?

There is no denying that taking care of a newborn baby is a 24*7 job for parents and they are on a constant lookout for options that may ease their job and at the same time is comfortable for their munchkin, too! Especially for parents who do not have any support, this is where gears like inclined or reclined sleepers come into the picture. Most parents feel and think that keeping their little ones in such devices is safe and comfortable for babies and help them sleep better, even when there may be no claims or suggestions made by experts on the use of such devices for babies.

Another significant reason why most parents consider buying these sleepers is that they believe keeping their babies in these sleepers may help in reducing or preventing spitting up or reflux. Most parents also find these devices extremely convenient and handy in the house or even when moving out as it helps them to relax while the baby rests or sleeps in the sleeper. These devices also come with various add-ons to suit various needs.

What Makes Inclined Sleepers Unsafe for Babies?

The device may be convenient for parents but baby gear such as new-born incline sleepers may not be safe for the babies. With your baby in an inclined sleeper, the danger may always be lurking around because babies do not have better head control, especially in the first couple of months after birth. This means that if the baby slouches while sleeping, then the baby may tuck his chin onto his chest. Being in this position can be dangerous for a newborn baby because babies do not have the muscle control to manage their heads and thus may not be able to breathe properly. If the parents or caretaker are in close proximity or watching over the baby, it may not appear too grave an issue. However, if no one is around,  this could turn into a life-threatening situation.

These inclined sleepers may look all fancy and comfortable but it may turn out to very unsafe and dangerous for infants. If a baby rolls slightly and gets his face on the side of the sleeper, it may make it difficult for the baby to breathe or the baby may get smothered. Another risky situation is if the baby rolls over and falls off the sleeper. Babies may roll even while they are asleep and that may come as a shocker to many parents that small babies can roll over in their sleep and such instances can prove to be fatal for a baby.

Should Inclined Sleep Products Ever Be Used?

incline sleeper

Well, the simple answer to that question would be that these devices or baby gears are useful only when parents or the caretaker is keeping a close eye on the baby or the basic baby sleeper safety measures are taken into consideration. This means such devices may be useful in situations when it is used under observation for tending to baby’s needs but it may not be safe for putting babies to sleep when no one is close to the baby or when you leave the baby unattended.

These may be a good option for rocking your baby before putting him to sleep or simply to soothe a cranky baby. However, if you are planning to move away from the baby, it is advisable to take the baby out of the sleeper.

It is important for the parents to understand the dangers and risks associated with this device before buying any such device. Also, buying such devices may not be a good idea because if you are using it for only soothing a baby then it may still be okay, however, if you are using it for putting your baby off to sleep then shifting the baby from the sleeper to crib may not be comfortable and convenient for the baby as well as the parents.

What to Do With an Already Bought Sleeper?

It is quite clear from the above points that using an inclined sleeper may not be a good idea for your little one but if you have already bought one then the most important thing to do is not to use it when you are not with your baby. You may use it to rock or soothe your baby but never leave your sleeping baby in the sleeper, especially when you are not around.

There is no doubt that it is a risky device and ideally you should stop using it completely because, after all, it concerns the safety of your baby which should not be compromised at any cost. You can return the device if you haven’t used it or you can even resell it online.

Parents must exercise caution whenever it comes to buying and using any kind of baby equipment. You should know the pros and cons of any baby gear or equipment that you are deciding to buy, to reduce any associated risks or dangers.

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