130 Nature Inspired Baby Names for Boys & Girls

130 Beautiful Nature Based Baby Names for Boys & Girls

Nature is beautiful, mysterious, and free. It is inspiring, and if the beauty of nature astounds you, you will want a reflection of nature in all aspects of your life. If you are a nature lover, you would want to name your boy or girl inspired by nature. So, we have a list of all such common and unique nature-based names for boys and girls. The 65 names each for boys and girls mentioned below arise from different origins, but the meanings are all related to nature.

Why Go for Names Inspired by Nature?

Here is why you should opt for a nature-based name for your baby:

  • Nature-based names are secular by nature.
  • These names are literally simple elements of nature.
  • These names also have powerful meanings metaphorically.
  • Names based on nature are easy to explain.
  • Most of these names are easily memorable.
  • They are universal and can be used regardless of gender, race, or creed.

65 Nature Inspired Baby Girl Names

Nature-based names for girls have a pleasant sound to them and these names are popular for their simplicity. These names have been used from time after time because of their wonderful meanings. If you want to name your baby girl a nature-based name, then stop your search. We have collected 50 nature names for girls that you will love.

Baby Girl Names Meaning
Adara Fire, Associated with qualities of brightness, energy, assertiveness.
Adhira Lightning, Symbolises destruction of ignorance and awakening of the mind.
Adrika Small mountain, Hill.
Ahaana First ray of sunlight, Dawn, Ray of light.
Amber Reddish yellow gamestone.
Amya The rain that falls at night. Rain symbolises (among many other things) birth and rebirth. It even symbolises a new beginning.
Arundathi Morningstar (it was named so, after a climbing plant) Unrestrained, hence the one without boundaries.
Arundhati Morning Star.
Avni Earth, Associated with nurturing, stability, patience, and harmony.
Barkha Rain, Associated with birth, beginning of a new year, calmness, and peace.
Bhoomi Earth, also Goddess Earth, Associated with peace, nurturing, growth
Blossom Flower-like.
Brooke A tiny stream, Associated with purity, innocence, young.
Champa A flower; Spirit of the Moon. Champa is a flower of worship and is associated with healing.
Chandana Parrot, Sandalwood
Damini Lightning, Symbolises loss of ignorance and opening of the mind.
Dharini Protecting, Keeping, The Earth
Ellora Clouds (among many other) It is associated with higher intelligence of emotions and mind. It also symbolises as a gateway to the heaven.
Faleesha The Indian tulip flower, Associated with charm and freedom.
Ganga The sacred river of India. Associated with purity.
Gazala Deer, Associated with quickness, youth and beauty.
Haima Snow; as white as snow, Associated with purity.
Himani Made of gold, As precious as gold, Goddess Parvati, Snow.
Ila Woman of Earth. Associated with Light, affection and nurturing.
Ishya Spring season, It reflects joy, growth, and birth.
Ivory The colour and preciousness of an elephant’s tusk. It symbolises purity and prosperity.
Jasmine A flower
Kairavi Moonlight.
Keya The monsoon flower, Known for healing.
Lathika A beautiful creeper, a delicate climbing plant. This flower is known for its sensitiveness.
Madhu Honey. Known to be as sweet and pure as honey.
Mahnoor Moonlight. Light and radiance.
Manjari Blossoming flower. Symbolises beauty and growth.
MeghaMeghana Clouds. Messenger of Gods.
Meghna Thander, Cloud.
Nakshatra Star. Associated with radiance and guidance.
NilavNila Twilight. Associated with beauty, love and beginning.
Nira Light. Associated with guidance and illumination.
Nisha Night. Symbolises innocence and feminity.
Omala Earth. Associated with growth.
Padma Lotus. Known to be identified with the spiritual enlightenment.
Pallavi A leaf. One who is tender.
Parijata A flower that blooms at night. This flower is known for beauty, spirituality, and healing properties.
Prachi Morning, East.
Prakruthi Nature. Associated with fertility and feminity.
Prakruti Goddess Lakshmi, Beautiful, Nature, Weather.
Raveena Fair, Bright, Sunny.
Ritu Seasons. Associated with love.
Rose A flower. Symbolises love and elegance.
Roshini Light. It symbolises radiance and awakening.
Salena Moon. Suggests: One who clears the darkness.
Savera Morning. Symbolises a new beginning.
Shakti The kinetic or moving energy of the Earth. Also known as feminine power. The power to give life, nurture and destroy evil
Shikha Flame.
Shristi Universe. Associated with the power to create.
Silas A word that means “From the forest”.
Tulsi Indian Basil. It is known for its purity and healing properties.
Tusharika Water Drops, Particle of snow, Frost, Snowflake.
Udipti Fire. Symbolises spark of life.
Vajra Diamond. Suggests preciousness and brightness
of a diamond.
Vatika Garden. Suggests fertility, life, and fullness.
Venilla Full bright moon. It also means radiance.
Yami A twinkling star. Suggests light in the darkness.
Zil River. Suggests strength and persistence
Zorana The light of the dawn. Suggests new beginnings.

65 Baby Boy Names Inspired By Nature

Nature is very powerful and has masculine elements in it too. So, you can name your baby boy a nature-based name too. These masculine names are variant: powerful, subtle, energetic, and radiant. These 50 nature names for boys represent masculine and subtle elements of nature.

Baby Boy Names Meaning
Aditya The Sun, Suggests brilliance and radiance.
Aiden Fire, Suggests spark of life.
Akash The sky, Limitless.
Arka First ray of sunlight. Suggests new beginnings.
Arnav Ocean. Associated with massiveness and depth.
Arslan Lion. Associated with majesty, masculine power, and courage.
Arun Dawn, Sun, Calm.
Arush Brilliant, Another name for sun, First ray of the sun.
Badal Clouds. Associated with purity, healing, and calmness.
Baka Crane. Associated with happiness and eternal youth.
Basil A herb. Known for its healing powers.
Bhuvan Universe, Home, Human, Palace, One of the three worlds.
Chaman A flowering garden; A prosperous garden that brings joy.
Chand The moon. Associated with guidance and protection.
Dala A leaf. Associated with hope and revival.
Dhruv The pole star. Known to guide lost souls
Divakar Sun.
Dyau Space and sky.Symbolises freedom, beginning, and limitless.
Edha A type of wood. Edha is considered sacred and holy.
Eila Earth. Its masculine symbolism is stability and power.
Esca River. Suggests persistence.
Fawn Young deer. Suggests quickness and beauty.
Gatu The Indian cuckoo, Associated with music and desire.
Giri A mountain. Associated with power and majestic personality.
Himanshu Rays of the Moon. Symbolises calmness.
Himavat Full of snow.
Hira Diamond.
Ikshav Sugarcane. Symbolises sweetness of sugarcane, a new year.
Irma Wind. Nature of the wind.
Ishan The lord, Sun, Lord Vishnu.
Jala Water. Symbolises healing power of water
Jiv Life. Associated with growth and progress
Jugnu A firefly. Suggests light at a time of darkness.
Kamal Lotus. As soft and beautiful as a lotus.
Kohi Falcon. Associated with success and victory.
Kshitij Point where sea and sky appears to meet, horizon.
Loha Metal. As strong as an earthen metal.
Magh Rain. Symbolises birth and rebirth.
Mihir The Sun. Symbolises radiance.
Mithran Sun.
Mora Peacock. Symbolises pride and beauty.
Neel Blue sky; bluewater. Symbolises a cooling effect or calmness.
Oliver The olive tree. Associated with peace.
Orion Rising in the sky. Symbolises progress.
Pawan Wind, Air, Breeze.
Prakruth Nature. Symbolises energy.
Quara Water. Associated with calmness and healing.
Rahul Son of Buddha, Able, Moon.
Raka The full moon. Suggests glorious life.
Ravish Desires the sun.
Ridge A mountain ridge. Associated with bridge and pillar.
Sagar Ocean. As deep and limitless as ocean.
Salil Water. It symbolises calmness.
Shashank The moon.
Shirish Rain tree.
Surya The Sun. As powerful and radiant as the sun.
Suryakanth A kind of flower, Effulgent like Sun.
Tejan The bamboo.
Terra Planet Earth. Symbolises stability.
Udadhi Ocean.As massive and as deep as the ocean.
Vaishant Star. As radiant and bright as a star.
Vale Valley. Symbolises life and spirituality.
Vihaan Dawn, morning.
Zana Lily. Symbolises humility and devotion.
Zia Sunlight. Symbolises energy and warmth.

Nature names are loved by all because of their simplicity. These baby names related to nature are largely individualistic in its identities. Nature names are both feminine and masculine, so don’t worry whether it will suit your baby or not. Just pick what you like.

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