500+ Girl Names That Start With L

500+ Girl Names That Start With L

A newborn baby is like a new beginning of all amazing things and feelings – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.  A baby girl is like a miracle that can never cease to be exciting. Now the most important task a parent has is to find a perfect name for their little angel. Naming an individual can be amazing, yet challenging at the same time. It is important as the baby girl has to take that name forward through their life. You may already have a good idea of what you are looking for in your baby’s name, but different people may have different opinions. Parents also want their kids to have powerful names that sound very respectful. However, choosing a name doesn’t have to be an exhausting experience.  It can be enjoyable. Baby girls are one of the best things in your life. Choose the best name of your lovely little girl. Here is an inclusive list of L letter names for girls.

The letter ‘L’ is a sign of love, laughter and life, ‘L’ has an airy and light feel that gives perfect meaning to the naming, so it will not surprise you, that female names that start with ‘L’ are top on charts. These lass names are often associated with femininity and softness.

Popular Baby Girl Names That Begin With L

You have come to the right place if you are looking for amazing American girl names and other trending options. These names are popular and unique in their wonderful ways.

Lavera Laylee Liboria Loni
LaBreeska Laylon Lidda Lonie
Lacey Layne Liddy Loralye
Lachlyn Layomi Lidewei Loranda
Laci Lea Lidian Lore
Lacia Leaf Lidija Lorea
Lacole Leah Liduvina Loredana
Lacy Leahla Lieke Loreen
Ladasha Leahona Lien Lorelei
Ladeca Leanira Lienna Lorelie
Ladonna Leanna Liesbeth Lorelle
Lady Leanor Liesl Lorelotte
Laerke Leanora Ligaya Lorena
Laeticia Lear LightLihini Lorenza
Lagertha Le’Asia Lihi Loreto
Lai Leayiona Liisa Lorette
Laia Leda Lila Lorial
Laigh Ledora Lilach Loriana
Laika Ledoux Lilah Loriann
Laiken Lee-Ann Lilaina Lorianne
Laikyn Leeba Lileas Lórien
Laikynn Leela Lili Lorinda
Laila Leeloo Lilia Lorine
Lailah Leena Lilian Lorisha
Lailee Leesa Liliana Lorraine
Laine Leeza Lilianna Lorrein
Laineigh Legacy Lilias Lorri
Lainey Legend Lilibeth Lorrie
Lainie Legna Lilienne Losana
Laiyah Lehanna Liliosa Lottchen
Lakaiah Leia Lilium Lotte
Lake Leialoha Lilja Lotus
Lakelyn Leigh Liljana Lou
Lakenn Leighla Lill Loucia
LaKenya Leighsaide Lilla Louella
Lakin Leighton Lillah Louise
Lakken Leila Lillian Louisianna
Lakshmi Leila Lilliana Loukritia
Lakyn Leilah Lillibet Louressa
Lakynn Leilani Lilly-may Louvenia
Lalage Leilany Lilou Lovely
Lalaine Leilia Lilwen Lovelyn
Lale Leilyn Lily Lovette
Lally Leiomy Lilya Lovey
Lamai Leire Lilyana Lovice
Lameeha Leisa Lilyanna Lovie
Lamia Leisel Lilyanne Loviisa
Lana Leitis Limn Lovisa
Lanae Leja Limor Lowena
Lanah Lela Lind Lowri
Lanaya Lelah Linda Loyal
Land Lelia Linden Loyce
Landree Lemon Lindley Loyola
Landrie Lempi Lindsey Loys
Landry Lena Lindsie Lua
Landy Lenai Line Luan
Lanee Lenaila Linet Luana
Lanette Lencha Linit Luanne
Laney Lenée Linley Luca
Lani Leni Linn Luce
Lanie Lenia Linnea Lucerne
Lanis Le’nique Linnet Lucey
Laniyah Lennika Linnete Lucia
Lannaya Lennis Linsay Luciah
Lannie Lennon Linza Luciana
Laoighse Lennox Linzee Lucianne
Laoise Lenora Lio Lucienne
Lapis Leo Lioba Lucija
Lara Leoba Lionel Lucile
Laraine Leomi Lionese Lucilla
Laraline Leona Lior Lucinda
Laramie Leonela Liori Lucine
Lareesa Leonia Liorit Lucrece
Larelie Leonie Liquia Lucrecia
Larin Leonor Lira Lucretia
Larina Leonora Lirah Lucrezia
La’rissa Leonore Liraz Lucy
Larka Leor Lisabella Ludmila
LaRonda Leora Lisa-Marie Ludmilla
Larsen Leoris Lisane Luella
Larue Leota Lisanna Luisa
Larysa Leotie Lisanne Luise
Laryssa Lera Lisbet Luisianna
LaSalle Lerin Lisbeth Lujing
Lashonda Lesage Liselotte Lujza
Lassen Lesedi Liseth Lulu
Lassie Lesia Lisette Lumina
Latanya Leslee Lisha Luna
Latasha Lesli Lisieli Luna-belle
Latetia Leslie Lismely Lundy
Laticia Lesly Lissa Lunette
Latikah Leslye Lissette Lupine
Latisha Lessia Lissianna Lurlene
Latonya Letesha Lissy Lusine
Latrice Letisha Lita Lutana
Latricia Letitia Litzy Luvenia
Lauden Letizia Liu Luvianna
Laudina Leto Livana Luvinia
Laudomia Lettie Lively Luxi
Laura Letty Livi Luz
Laura Leven Livia Luzetta
Lauralei Levi Livian Lydie
Lauralin Levia Liviana Lylene
Lauran Lexa Livianna Lylia
Lauranne Lexany Livienne Lylliann
Laure Lexi Livier Lyna
Laurel Lexie Liviya Lynda
Lauren Lexine Livna Lyndee
Laurena Lexis Livvy Lyndsay
Laurence Lexzandra Livy Lynelda
Laurenda Leya Liya Lynelle
Laurene Leydi Liz Lyness
Laurentien Leyla Lizanne Lynette
Laurentine Leylani Lizzet Lynn
Lauri Leyna Lizzeth Lynnae
Laurianne Lezah Lizzie Lynne
Laurie Lhotse Ljuba Lynnea
Laurina Li Ljubica LynneAnne
Lauryn Lia Llio Lynnette
Lava Liadan Lloyd Lynnezi
LaVaughan Liadawn Locklyn Lynnie
Lavenia Liah Loida Lynnix
Lavergne Lian Loki Lynnzi
Laverne Liana Lola Lynnzie
Lavinah Lianna Loleta Lynsey
Lavonne Lianne Lolita Lynx
Layali Liara Lollia Lyris
Layan Libbie Lolo Lysandra
Layce Libby Loma Lysanne
Layla Libellula London Lyssa
Laylah Libertad Londyn Lystra
Laylani Liberty Lone Lyubov
Layle Libi Lonette Lyvia

These are some of the most popular and unique names. We hope you enjoyed reading these names that have deep meanings and are distinct in their ways.

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