Top 60 Lord Murugan Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Top 60 Baby Names Inspired By Lord Murugan

Parents want to give the best of everything to their babies, including their names. Naming a sweet little boy with a unique and meaningful name ensures the baby will grow up with a distinct personality. His name serves as his identity where ever he goes. Choosing a virtuous name creates a favourable impression on the young baby and helps create a positive impact on him and others. So parents invest extra efforts in choosing a good name for their baby boy.

Names inspired by Lord Murugan are one of the favourite names parents choose for their baby boys. Lord Murugan is one of the prominent Hindu Gods of South India and the primary deity in most temples of South India. A per Hindu mythology, Lord Murugan is the elder son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, and he is the brother of Lord Ganesha. He is also the Senapati or commander-in-chief of the Hindu God’s army. Ardent Hindu devotee parents can opt for names inspired by Lord Murugan for their baby boys.

60 Popular Lord Murugan Names for Boy With Meanings

Here is a list of popular Lord Murugan baby boy names with their meanings for you to choose from:

1. Aranmakan

Aranmakan is a name that denotes Lord Murugan, also known as Aran. The name means ‘son of Shiva’. It is a good name for the son of devotees of Lord Shiva or for a person whose name is Shiva.

2. Arumugan

This beautiful boy’s name means ‘one with six faces’. It is one of the numerous names for Lord Murugan. This venerable name is ideal for the son of ardent Lord Murugan devotees.

3. Arumugathamudhu

This Hindu boy’s name means ‘one with six faces and is derived from Amudhu, meaning food. Amuddh is a name for Lord Murugan.

4. Bahuleyan

Bahuleyan is a unique Hindu boy’s name derived from the Sanskrit word ‘bahu’ meaning ‘a lot’ or ‘abundant’. The name is apt for a baby boy who bought immense joy into his parent’s life.

5. Balamurugan

Balamurugan is a combination of two words, ‘Bala’ and ‘Murugan’. Bala means a young person or a child. This name denotes the young Murugan. It is one of the modern names of Lord Murugan in South India.

6. Bhaktavatsalaya

This unique name means ‘praise to be Thee’ and is a good name for a boy of Lord Murugan devotees who want their sons to be ardent devotees like them.

7. Chetty

This adorable name is a synonym for Lord Murugan. This is one of the fancy Lord Murugan names in south India, and it means ‘mind’.

8. Chevatkodiyan

This name derived from the word ‘Chevat’ means ‘consciousness’, and is a unique Lord Murugan inspired name.

9. Dandapani

This is a rare Lord Murugan name. The name means ‘he who punishes’. The name also denotes or refers to Lord Yama.

10. Devasenapati

This name refers to Lord Murugan, who is the army chief of all Hindu Gods.

11. Deyvayanakantan

Deyvayanakantan means ‘consort of Devayani’. It refers to the husband of Devayani, Lord Murugan. Though it is a long name, it is one of the latest names associated with Lord Murugan.

12. Duraimurugan

This name means ‘king’ or ‘head’. It refers to Lord Murugan, who is the head of all Gods.

13. Dvinadhbhujaya

This unique Hindu boy’s name is considered one of the most traditional names. The name means ‘the Lord with twelve hands’ and refers to Lord Murugan.

14. Dvinanetraya

This name is one of the names of Lord Murugan. It means ‘the Lord with twelve eyes’.

15. Gangasiruvan

Gangasiruvan means ‘Ganga’s boy’. Goddess Parvati is the mother of Lord Murugan and the sister of the holy river Ganga. As river Ganga is the aunt of Lord Murugan, Lord Murugan is also known as her son.

16. Gangeyan

This name also means ‘son of Ganga’ and refers to Lord Murugan, who was partially raised by the river Ganga.

17. Gauranandan

Lord Murugan’s mother is Goddess Parvati, also known as Gauri. So this name means ‘son of Gauri’.

18. Guhaya

Guhaya is another name for Lord Murugan. It means ‘the invisible Lord’.

19. Guru

Guru meaning ‘teacher’ or ‘priest’. It is a short and sweet name for boys. The name refers to Lord Murugan as a teacher.

20. Ilammurugu

This name refers to the young Lord Murugan. It is used to denote the young version of Lord Murugan.

21. Kadamban

As per the folklore, it is believed Lord Murugan wields kadamba, so he got the name Kadamban. The name means ‘wielder of the kadamba stick’.

22. Kandan

Kandan means ‘cloud’, and it is another name for Lord Murugan. The name implies a gift from above or the clouds.

23. Karthikeyan

This is the most popular Lord Murugan name. The name means ‘of the Krittikas’ implying the star cluster Krittikas. It also means the ‘son of the six Pleiads’ or ‘giver of courage’.

24. Katireshan

This uncommon boy’s name means ‘lord of katir’. The name refers to Lord Murugan.

25. Kumaran

This timeless name has regal charm and is ideal for a cute boy. The name means ‘eternal youth’ and refers to the eternal Lord Murugan.

26. Kundrakkudiyon

The name means ‘the one who lives in the mountains’, and it refers to Lord Murugan, who is believed to live in the hills.

27. Kurinjvendan

Valli is one of the two wives of Lord Murugan. She is also known as Kurinji, so the name Kurinjvendan means ‘consort of Kurinji’.

28. Kuzhagan

This is a rare name for Lord Murugan.

29. Manoharan

The name means ‘one who steals hearts’. It is perfect for an adorable boy. as it refers to Lord Murugan, who attractive and graceful.

30. Mayil

Mayil means ‘graceful as a peacock’. It is an ideal name for a cute boy. The name refers to the vehicle of Lord Murugan, the peacock.

31. Mayon

Mayon, meaning ‘the black God’, refers to Lord Murugan, who has a dark complexion.

32. Murukan

Murukan is the derivation of Murugan. The name means ‘God of war’.

33. Muttai

The name in Tamil means ‘spheroidal or egg-shaped’. It refers to the third eye of Lord Murugan.

34. Pisidasaprabhajanaya

This unique name means ‘the destroyer of the Asuras’.

35. Sanatan

Sanatan means ‘the eternal one’ and refers to the eternal God, Murugan.

36. Sangat

This Sanskrit-origin name means ‘company’ or ‘presence’. The name refers to the dominant presence of Lord Murugan.

37. Saurjyesh

This unusual name refers to Lord Murugan, who is also considered the God of war. It means ‘the God of courage’.

38. Senapati

Lord Murugan is the commander of the army of Gods. The name Senapati refers to him as the supreme commander.

39. Sendan

This popular Hindu boy’s name means ‘youthful’ or ‘divine’ and refers to the divine Lord Murugan.

40. Sendhil

This Lord Murugan inspired name means ‘the formidable one’.

42. Shanmukha

Shanmukha, meaning ‘the first son of Lord shiva’, is one of the popular names for Lord Murugan.

43. Shivikahanar

This name means ‘the one who uses peacock as a vehicle’. It refers to Lord Murugan, who has a peacock as his vehicle.

44. Siddhan

Siddhan, meaning ‘accomplished’ or ‘successful’, is another name for Lord Murugan.

45. Singaravelan

This name means ‘the one who dresses up’ and refers to the colourful appearance of Lord Murugan.

46. Skandaya

This name means ‘the vanquisher of the mighty foes’. It is another name for Lord Murugan.

47. Subrahmaniyan

This name means ‘jewel’ or ‘precious’, and is perfect for your precious child. The name is a common name for Lord Murugan.

48. Suresan

Lord Murugan is considered a mighty and courageous God. This name means ‘the Lord of the Lords’ and refers to his status above other Gods.

49. Swami

Lord Murugan is the master of warcraft, so he is referred to as Swami or master. Another variation is Swaminathan.

50. Thakappanswami

This name means ‘Lord of Shiva’ as Lord Murugan taught lord Shiva the meaning of Om.

51. Thangavel

This name is another name for Lord Murugan. It means ‘God’.

52. Thanikachalam

This name means ‘the one who stays in Thanika’, referring to the Lord Murugan dwelling in Thanika.

53. Umasuta

Umasuta is another name for Lord Murugan meaning ‘the son of Goddess Uma’. Uma is another name for Goddess Parvati.

54. Vachspati

Vachspati is another name for Lord Murugan.

55. Vadivelan

Vadivel is the name of the spear of Lord Murugan. So this name refers to the one who wields vadivel.

56. Vallkantan

Velli is one of the wives of Lord Murugan. This name means ‘husband of Velli’.

57. Vallmanalan

Vallmanalan meaning ‘consort of Valli’. It refers to Lord Murugan, who is the husband of Valli.

58. Vel

Vel refers to a divine javelin spear. Lord Murugan is the God of war and wields a spear, so this name refers to him. Another variation is Velan.

59. Velmurugan

Velmurugan meaning ‘truth’, and it refers to Lord Murugan.

60. Vishakhan

This name, meaning ‘having many branches’, refers to the omnipresent Lord Murugan. It denotes he has branches everywhere.

Lord Murugan is the prominent deity of Hindus in South India and is worshipped by numerous devotees. It’s no wonder Hindu parents love to name their new-born baby with a beautiful name inspired by Lord Murugan. We hope you find the perfect one for your little boy.


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