Top 60 Norwegian Girl Names With Meanings

60 Norwegian Girl Names & Their Meanings

Choosing the perfect name is something every new parent looks forward to. Some want the name to be connected to their family history, while some people wish to give modern names to their baby. No matter what reason you have for choosing a name, the purpose is to find one that resonates with your baby’s persona.

The Norwegian traditional naming system is based on Norse mythology, which is as beautiful as Norway is, with its forests and mountains. Many baby names given here are traditional ones, and there are also a few English names. Also, the meanings are derived from different languages, including, Greek, Scandinavian, Russian, Hebrew, Teutonic, and French. With varied origins, this list can really help you choose the best name for your little one.

Popular Norwegian Baby Girl Names

The list here is a compilation of names from many origins but widely used for baby girls in Norway.

Name Meaning
Agnes It has Greek origins and was the name of a famous Christian saint. The literal meaning is “pure”, a befitting name for your holy child. It is one of the most common names starting from the letter A.
Agnetha This name means “holy” and has a Scandinavian origin.
Andrea It has a Greek origin, and its meaning is “brave”.
Anine A Spanish name by origin, it means “grace”.
Anja A name of German and Russian origin, it means “merciful”.
Ase It is a Hebrew name, meaning “healer”. It was also the name of the king of Judah.
Asta A name of Greek origin, this one means “divine strength”.
Astrid This name has been used in Norway’s royal family for many years. It has Scandinavian origins and means “godly strength” or “divine beauty”.
Asvoria This is a beautiful Teutonic baby name that means “divine wisdom”.
Audhilda This is a Norse name by origin and means “rich warrior woman”.
Aundy A name with Norwegian origins, it aptly describes the new arrival in your life as it means “new prosperity”.
Benedicte This is another unique name with French origins and means “blessed”. Another variant of this name, Benedict is the English spelling and is commonly used in America or England.
Beret This is one of the traditional names in Norway. It means “glorious” or “bright” and will be perfect for your little girl.
Bergdis This is a beautiful Norwegian name which means “spirit protection”.
Bertine This is a German name which means “intelligent maiden”.
Bestla This one’s an Old Norse name with Germanic roots as well. It is the name of a mythological figure who is considered the mother of 3 Gods, Odin, Vili and Ve.
Bifrost An Old Norse name, this means “a rainbow bridge between heaven and earth.”
Birgit A name with Viking origins, this one means “the strong one”.
Bodil A Danish baby name meaning “commanding,” this is a powerful name for your little girl.
Celine A name of French origin, this name means “heavenly”.
Cornelia An Irish baby name, it means “strong-willed”.
Dagrun This is an intriguing Norse name which means “secret of the day”.
Dina It is a biblical name and was the name of Jacob’s daughter. It has Hebrew and Greek origins and means “from the valley” like a fairy.
Eline A Dutch name for a girl, it means “sunshine”. Also, in old German and Hebrew, it means “noble or kind”.
Embla In Norse mythology, this is the name of the first woman on Earth.
Erika A great name which means “eternal ruler”. This name has Old Norse roots.
Fanny This comes from the French name Frances meaning “the free one”.
Felicia This name means “happy things”, and it has Latin roots.
Frida A popular name meaning “beloved” or “peaceful”. It has a German origin and is a popular name in Scandinavian countries.
Grethe A German name derived from the name Margarethe, and it means “pearl”.
Hanne This name has a Hebrew origin and means “grace”.
Heidi A name of German origin, it means “of noble birth”.
Helene This was King of Sparta’s wife’s name. This name has Greek origins and means “light”.
Hella Derived from the Greek name Helen, this means “rays of the sun” and also comes from “Helga” in Old Norse.
Hilde This name is derived from the Old Norse name Hildr which means “battle maid”.
Henriette A name of French origin, it means “keeper of the hearth”.
Inger In Norse mythology, the god of Earth’s fertility is called Ing. In Scandinavian, Inger stands for feminine of Ing, and it means “Ing’s abundance”.
Ingrid An ethereal name which has roots in Norse, the name Ingrid means “beautiful”.
Irene Another form of the Greek name Eirene, this name means “peace”.
Jorunn This name has Norwegian origins and means “love of horses”.
Karina This name means “pure” or “clear” in French. It is also a variation of the Latin name Katharina.
Karoline This is a German name and aptly defines a girl as it means “feminine”.
Lilian Derived from the flower name Lily, this name means “pure” or innocence”.
Linnea This name has a Swedish origin, and it means “twinflower” or “lime tree”. It is connected to the name of the famous Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus.
Maiken It is derived from the Hebrew name Miryam. It has many meanings, one of them being “wished for child”.
Malin This name has Scandinavian, Swedish, and Finnish roots. It means “high tower or woman of Magdela”.
Mathea It is a Hebrew baby name which means “gift of God”.
Mathilde This name means “strength” in German.  It was also the name of Saint Matilda who was the wife of the German king Henry I.
Maya With its roots in Hebrew, Spanish, and Greek, this means “water”. Another meaning of this name is “illusion”.
Mette It comes from the Scandinavian name Margaret and means “pearl”.
Nina In Spanish, Nina means “little girl”. As per Babylonian mythology, Nina is the goddess of fertility.
Norah In English, this name means “honour”, while in Hebrew it means “light”.
Olivia This name of  Latin origin name means “olive tree”.
Runa An old Norse name which means “secret tradition”.
Selma An Arabic name by origin, it means “peaceful”.
Solvi It is an Old Norse name which is very befitting for your strong baby girl as it means “from the house of strength”.
Sophie It is taken from the ancient Greek name Sophia which means “wisdom” or “insight”.
Torill It is derived from an Old Norse name “Porhildr” which means “Thor’s battle”.
Unni This comes from Old Norse names like unnr or unna. The meanings are diverse and include meanings like “to wave” or “to love”.
Viola A trendy name, this one has a Latin origin. It signifies many positive things like “rhythm of the music” or “a flower”.

This list of beautiful baby names might have given you an idea about the kind of name you want for your precious girl, but if you’re not able to figure out the exact one, you will find it all here.

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