Top 120 Scandinavian Girl Names & Their Meanings

Top 120 Scandinavian Girl Names & Their Meanings

Parenting is a huge responsibility and the most important phase of life where you need to teach moral values to your child. A name gives the first identity to the kid, and it has to be unique and special. Naming the new member and searching for names is a tedious job if you do not find proper assistance.

If you are of Scandinavian origin or wish to give your child a name of Scandinavian origin, we have you covered! Here is a list of Scandinavian girl names that you can consider for your little angel. These Scandinavian female names are given along with their meanings to make the baby-naming process easier. 

Scandinavian Baby Girl Names

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We have come up with a list of amazing, innovative name for your daughter. Let’s have a look;

1. Agnes

The meaning of this name is ‘a chaste woman’

2. Asta

For every parent, their life is situated in their child and thus this name is one of the top listed names as it means ‘love’.

3. Astrid

This Scandinavian name sounds very unique and it means ‘who is heavenly beautiful’.

4. Aino

This name as a beautiful meaning.

5. Aleksandra

The name was one of the epithets given to the Greek goddess Hera. It means ‘one who comes to save warriors’.

6. Alina

This sweet name is quite common and means ‘alone’.

7. Amalie

Amalie is a German variant of the name Amalia.

8. Andrea

It is a feminine form of the Greek name Andrew and means ‘brave’.

9. Anna

The name is the Greek form of the Hebrew name Hannah. 

10. Aurora

This beautiful name is indeed fit for a princess.

11. Birna

The name is a favourite in Iceland as it means ‘female bear’. 

12. Bimasha

This is a very philosophical name which means ‘a woman from the sea’

13. Botill

This is one of the unique names which means ‘one who likes to order or command’

14. Britta 

The meaning of this Scandinavian name is ‘strength’ 

15. Carianne

This name sounds very cool and sophisticated which means ‘a pure woman’. 

16. Carina

Every child is so close to their parents, so one should opt for this name as it means ‘dear one’.

17. Clara

It is the feminine form of the Late Latin name Clarus and means ‘clear’ or ‘famous’.

18. Dagmar

Every daughter one day will be ‘a mother’, and that’s what this name means

19. Dagna

This name comes from the land of Scandinavia which states ‘a special day’.

20. Dahlia

This floral name has its origin from the widely known flower, Dahlia.

21. Edda

This short, simple name means ‘clear vision of the future.’

22. Elizabeth

This is one of the popular Scandinavian girl names and is commonly used. It means ‘a person who is blessed by God and provides them with all happiness of life.

23. Else

This is a short but classy name which means ‘noble’. This name can be used as it is or as a short form of the name Elizabeth.

24. Erica 

The name means ‘a queen’

25. Erika

This is a very powerful name as it means ‘one who rules the world’

26. Esabell

This is another very popular and commonly heard name. If you are from a religious family then this name is the best option for you which means ‘lady who is devoted to the Almighty’.

27. Ebba

 It is a is a diminutive form of the Germanic name Eberhard or Everhard. It means ‘strong’.

28. Edith

 The name is derived from the Old English word ēad. It means ‘riches’ or ‘blessed’.

29. Eline

 The name is of Finnish origin and means ‘god has answered’.

30. Ella

 The name is a 19th-century shortening of Eleanor or Ellen. It means ‘fairy maiden’.

31. Ellinor

Ellinor is a Scandinavian variant of the name Eleanor and means ‘sympathy’ or ‘compassion’.

32. Emilie

 It is a variant of the name Emilia. The name means ‘ambitious’.

33. Emma

 Emma is derived from the Germanic word ermen and means ‘whole’ or ‘universal’.

34. Enni

 The name Enni represents someone who fights with a sword. The name is of Finnish and Old Germanic origin. 

35. Erla

 This sweet name is of Scandinavian origin and means ‘wagtail bird’.

36. Esther

 Being of Greek origin, this beautiful name means ‘like a star’ or ‘myrtle leaf’.

37. Freja

 Freja is a name of Swedish origin. This beautiful name means ‘lady’ or ‘noblewoman’.

38. Frida

 The name is derived from the Old Norse name Fríða. It means ‘beautiful’ or ‘beloved’.

39. Freya

A baby comes with lots of love and happiness in a family. So this is one of the most suggested names as it means ‘Goddess of Love’.

40. Gefjun

This is one of the unique names being used or heard. It means ‘prosperity’ which is very important in life.

41. Gersemi

For every parent their daughter is the jewel, they are beyond any value. Thus, one should opt for this name as it means ‘a jewel or a precious gem’.

42. Gry

 Gry is a beautiful name which is gender-neutral in nature. The name means ‘dawn’.

43. Guorun

 Guorun is a name which means ‘god’.

44. Harpa

 Harpa is an Old Norse word for ‘harp’. This name is perfect for parents who want to give their child a musical name. 

45. Hedda

 This unique name has multiple origins. It means ‘battle’ or ‘female warrior’.

46. Helena

 Helena is a name of Swedish origin. This beautiful name means ‘torch’.

47. Hilla

 This sweet name is quite popular in Finland. The name means ‘cloudberry’.

48. Hulda

 Hulda has many origins. The name means ‘sweet’ and ‘lovable’ in Old Swedish. 

49. Hanna

This is one of the highly popular and most used names from the lands of Scandinavia used all over the world.

50. Hanne

This is an amazing name to flaunt by keeping your daughter’s name. Women with this name are generally very charming, graceful and elegant.

51. Iben

 Being a gender-neutral name, Iben is quite a popular name. It means ‘yew wood’.

52. Ida

 Ida has ancient Germanic etymology which translates it to ‘industrious’ or ‘prosperous’.

53. Ilona

 The name is quite common in Finland as it means ‘as a joy’.

54. Ines

 Ines is of Swedish origin and means ‘sacred’ or ‘chaste’.

55. Isabella

 It is a variant of the name Elisheba. It means ‘God is my oath’.

56. Isla

 The name is derived from a Scottish place name Islay. It means ‘swelling island’.

57. Johanne

 Johanne is a popular name which means ‘God is gracious’. 

58. Josefine

 It is a Danish variant of the name Josephine. It means ‘Jehovah Increases’.

59. Julia

 Julia is the Danish, German and French form of Julia.

60. Jennsen

A baby is a gift of God to every parent. This name means ‘favour or a gift’, one can go for this name to show their love and affection to their daughter.

61. Kai

A child is the world of every parent. By giving your daughter this name you deliver your love as Kai means ‘earth’

62. Karalie

In this modern world, it is tough to find a true soul whom one can trust. Individuals with this name are generally found to be ‘a very genuine soul and trustworthy’

63. Karlie

This is a classy name which sounds very sophisticated. It means ‘a free woman’ who is self-independent and is confident to face all hurdles of life.

64. Kristinn

The one of commonly heard name these days. If you are looking for a religious name that this is it, Kristinn means ‘an individual who has faith and belief on Christ’.

65. Kaarina

 It is a popular Finnish name meaning ‘chaste’ and ‘pure’.

66. Karen

 Karen comes from the Greek word Aikaterine which means ‘pure’.

67. Laura

 The name is originally of Swedish origin. It means ‘crowned with laurels’.

68. Lea

 This name is also a variant of the name Leah and it, too, means ‘weary’.

69. Leia

The original form of the name is Leah and it means ‘weary’.

70. Leonora

 Leonora is a variant of the name Elanor and means ‘torch’.

71. Lilja

 Lilja is a popular surname and means ‘lily’.

72. Linda

 It is a nickname for names which contain the word ‘lind’. The name means ‘soft’ or ‘tender’.

73. Livia

 Livia can be considered to be a variant of various names. However, on its own, it means ‘life’ or ‘olive tree’.

74. Lo

 This is a variant of the name Lou. The name represents a lynx. 

75. Luna

 This name has the same meaning across cultures. This sweet name represents the moon.

76. Lærke

 It is one of the most popular girl names in the Scandinavian region. The name means ‘lark’.

77. Marie

 It is the Danish form of the name Maria. The name means ‘star of the sea’.

78. Mathilde

The name is highly influenced by Gothic culture and means ‘strong in war’. 

79. Maya

 This name has multiple origins but in Scandinavian culture, the name means ‘splendid’.

80. Meja

 This unique name means ‘power’ or ‘force’.

81. Merle

 This is a gender-neutral name and means ‘blackbird’.

82. Mette

 Being of German, Scandinavian, and Norse origin, the name means ‘pearl’.

83. Mia

 The name is of Italian and Scandinavian origin. It means ‘mine’ or ‘bitter’.

84. Mille

 The sweet name Millie means ‘decent scented flower’.

85. Nova

The name is derived from ‘novus’, and means ‘new’.

86. Oda

 ‘Point’, is the meaning of this unique name. 

87. Olivia

 In Nordic cultures, the name Olivia means ‘the kind one’.

88. Odda

It is one of the beautiful nordic girl names which means ‘a person to is perfect or complete from every aspect’ in their life

89. Oddny

This is another rarely used name which means ‘A chosen one’

90. Olafur

This name means ‘protection’, and indicates responsibilities.

91. Olav

If you are a parent who is concerned about their family morals and culture then the name is suggested to you as Olav, the name means ‘ancestor’s descendant’.

92. Onni

This name reflects ‘luck, success and happiness’

93. Quinnie

Every parent wishes that their child will grow and gain all wealth and happiness in life. Therefore, this name seems best as it means ‘one who lives a royal life’.

94. Ronja

A baby brings a lot of emotions in a family or between a couple. This name means ‘a joyful song of God’ and similarly, she can be your bundle of joy always.

95. Roselen

Name after flowers are highly on-trend now, from the name itself one can judge it is formed from a rose

96. Runa

This name is from Old Norse and means ‘secret lore’. It is the female version of the boy name Rune.

97. Sanna

The meaning of the name is ‘a flower, lily’. Your daughter is as pretty and delicate as a flower and so Sanna is an appropriate name for her.

98. Sigrid

This uncommon name can surely add an identity for your daughter. It means a person who brings victory in whatever she does.

99. Sigurd

A kid who has victory in her name can never be defeated. She will be growing as a strong human to handle all the odds of life easily.

100. Siv

This name means ‘bride’ in Old Norse and Siv, also called Sif, was the wife of Thor, God of Thunder

101. Smilla

Your baby is your bundle of joy, looking at her brings a smile on your face. This name in literal term means ‘a person who always has a beautiful smile’.

102. Sofia

This is a popular name all over the world, which means ‘wise’

103. Sunnie

From the name itself, we can figure out what it means ‘a gift of Sun’

104. Saga

 It is the name of the goddess of storytelling and means ‘she who sees everything’.

105. Sara

It is a variation of the name Sarah and means ‘princess’ or ‘lady’. 

106. Selma

 The name is a variation of the name Selim and means ‘peaceful’.

107. Sofie

 It is a variation of the name Sofia and means ‘wise’ or ‘wisdom’.

108. Thea

 This is a very popular name and means ‘courageous’ and ‘gift of god’.

109. Thora

This is a female name that honours Thor, the God of Thunder

110. Tonje

One of the unique Scandinavian baby girl names is Tonje. It means ‘one who is invaluable’, for every parent their child is precious to them and thus the name is highly suggested. 

111. Tuva

The name sounds so unique, it means ‘beautiful’ and yes, every daughter is very special and gorgeous in the eyes of their parents.

112. Uzma

Though this name is short but is very impactful, meaning ‘luxurious and supreme’

113. Venla

 It is the Finnish feminization of the name Wendell and means ‘to travel’ and ‘to proceed’.

114. Vera

The name is of Swedish origin and means ‘truth’ or ‘victory’.

115. Victoria

In Roman mythology, Victoria was the name of the goddess of victory

116. Viola

The name has multiple origins and means ‘violet’.

117. Wilma

This interesting name is of German, Scottish, and Swedish origin. It means ‘resolute protection’.

We hope our list of beautiful Scandinavian baby girl names was helpful to you and you have the chosen the best one for your daughter. All the best to you for your life ahead.

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