4 Letter Boy Names & Their Meanings

4 Letter Boy Names & Their Meanings

If you have recently given birth a baby boy, we know you must be in search of a unique name for him. Choosing a name for your baby is an important decision to make because that name will stay with him forever and will define his identity. While selecting a name for your bundle of joy, we know you will keep a lot of things in mind. The name should sound good, it should have a good meaning, and it should be simple and easy-to-pronounce, and the likes. We know what you want, and we can certainly help you with all things you want in a name for your baby. So, we bring you 4-letter names baby boy names which are trendy and easy-to-pronounce.

Top 50 Boy Names With Four Letters

A lot can be said in less! That is what our list of baby boy names is about. They are trendy and have just 4 letters, so look no further to find that absolutely cool and adorable name for your sweet boy.

Name                                                    Meaning
Aaru Aaru is an endearing name with its roots in Egypt. This name means ‘peaceful’.
Abel This name is a biblical baby boy name and has Hebrew roots. The two meanings of this name are ‘healthy’ and ‘breathe’.
Adel This German name is quite popular in today’s times. It means ‘noble’ and ‘elite’.
Alan Alan is an Irish name which means ‘handsome’ and ‘cheerful’.
Aldo Aldo is a German name that means ‘old’.
Amir It’s an Arabic name which means a ‘king’ or ‘ruler’. In Hebrew, this name means ‘treetop’.
Amos This is another biblical name which means ‘carried by God’. It’s a Hebrew name which is becoming quite popular in this day and age.
Beau This is a French name meaning ‘handsome’.
Bert It’s a Hebrew name which means ‘the son of the earth’.
Buell This cool 4-letter baby boy name is of Welsh origin and means ‘dwelling’.
Cade This name means ’round’ in old English.
Cale This name is a short form of Gaelic surname, Caol, which means ‘thin’ and ‘slender’. In Hebrew, the name means ‘brave’.
Carl The name is a French version of German name ‘Charles’, which means ‘a free man’.
Chad It’s an Old English name which means ‘protector’.
Cody This name has an English origin and means ‘helpful’.
Colt This English name means ‘a young horse’.
Dale Dale is an English name for a person who lives in the valley.
Dean This name has a Greek origin, and means ‘monk’ or ‘dignitary of others’.
Drew It’s a short form of the name Andrew and has a Greek origin. It means ‘strong’ and ‘manly’.
Earl It is an English name which stands for ‘nobleman’ and ‘chief’.
Elan It’s a Hebrew name meaning ‘tree’ or ‘friendly’.
Enos A biblical name which means ‘mankind’. It has a Hebrew origin and was the name of Adam and Eve’s son as per the Bible.
Ezra This Hebrew name means ‘help’.
Finn This name is of Irish origin and stands for a fair person.
Glen A name with a Scottish origin means ‘a narrow valley’.
Hugo A popular Latin name which means ‘intellect’ or ‘mind’.
Ivan Ivan is an appealing 4-letter baby boy name which starts with ‘I’. It is a Russian name which means ‘God is gracious’.
Jace This name has a Hebrew origin, and means ‘the Lord is salvation’.
Jeff Jeff is an English name and a short form of the name Jeffery. It means ‘a traveller’ and ‘peace’.
Joel This name has a Hebrew origin, and means ‘Jehovah is God’.
Josh This name finds its roots in the Bible, and means ‘Lord is my salvation’.
Juan Juan is a Spanish name which means ‘the Lord is gracious’. It is a very popular name among the Latin community.
Jude This is a Hebrew name which means ‘praise’.
Levi It’s a biblical name meaning ‘joined’.
Liam This name has a German origin, and means ‘a strong-willed warrior’.
Luca This name of Italian origin is a short-form of the name Lucus. It means ‘light’.
Nile This name of Greek origin means ‘from the Nile’.
Noah A Hebrew name which means ‘calm’ and ‘harmony’.
Owen This name has a Welsh origin and means ‘a young fighter’.
Qais An exotic Arabic name which means ‘lover’.
Quin This is an old French name which also has Irish and Galic roots. It means ‘counsel’.
Rael This name of Hebrew origin means ‘Lord of the light’.
Rafe This name has German, Scandinavian, and English origins, and means ‘a wise wolf’.
Ryan It’s an Irish name which means ‘little king’.
Sean This is another popular Irish name which means ‘God’s gracious gift’.
Seth This name has a Hebrew origin, and means ‘appointed’ or ‘placed’.
Thor This popular baby boy name is of Norse origin and means ‘thunder’.
Zeek This is a Hebrew name which is a variation of Ezekiel. It means ‘God provides strength.’
Zeki This name of Turkish origin means ‘intelligent’ or ‘clever’.


This is a list of boy names that are short and have only 4 letters in them. But, these short names can make an impact. We hope choosing a name for your little boy from this list would be fun for you as not only are they from diverse origins, but they also are pleasant sounding. Go ahead and select that perfect name for your child!

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