Top 60 Moon Names for Boys With Meanings

60 Unique Baby Boy Names That Mean Moon

The moon is a wonderful celestial body known for its beauty and elegance. It puts on an elegant show, different every time in shape, nuance, and colour. Naming a child after the moon is very common and many people across the globe name their kids after the moon. Considering the different size and shapes of the moon and their significance there are a plethora of names of the moon, one can choose from. If you’re going to have a baby boy and are in search of names which mean ‘moon’, you’re on the right page. We bring you a list of moon names for boys. In this list, not all the names mean the moon. They could be moon-themed names just like names of the moon of other planets in the solar system.

60 Moon Baby Names for Boys With Meaning

Here is a compilation of male names meaning moon. Check out this list and find the best name for your little boy.

Name Meaning
Akay Akay is a stylish Turkish name for boys. It means ‘shining moon’.
Aku It is a mythological name of Babylonian origin. It is the name of the ‘Moon God’. This name also has Finnish roots; in Finnish, this name means ‘exalted’.
Aibak This name comes from the Turkish words ‘Aye’ and Beg’ meaning ‘The master of the moon’. The English meaning of the name is ‘a slave messenger’.
Apollo The name Apollo does not directly mean moon, but who can forget Apollo 11, the first human-crewed mission to land on the moon. Hence this name of Greek origin would certainly appear as one of the favourite names associated with the moon.
Arche Arche is a name of Old Norse origin. Arche is also the name of the moon of planet Jupiter.
Artemis A name of Greek origin, it is a female goddess of moon and hunt. But this name has been more popular as a boy’s name and is deemed as a unisex name.
Atlas The name has its origin in Greek mythology, and it means ‘enduring’. It is also an inner satellite of the planet Saturn.
Badar Bader is an Arabic masculine given name meaning ‘full moon’.
Badru Badru is a name of African origin which means ‘born on the day of a full moon’. In Arabic, the meaning of the name Badru is ‘full moon’.
Candra Candra is an elegant name of Indonesian origin. It means ‘the moon’.
Chakor It has the meaning ‘bird enamoured by the moon’, which has its origin in Sanskrit.
Charon In Greek mythology, Charon means ‘fierce brightness’. The dwarf planet Pluto has 5 natural satellites; Charon is the largest of them all.
Cupid This name is of Roman origin and one of its meanings is ‘desire’. Of the many moons of the Uranus planet, one of them is Cupid.
Deependu Deependu is a name of Indian origin. It means ‘moon’ or ‘bright moon’. This name has a royal touch, that would perfectly suit your royal boy.
Delano Delano is a sassy boy’s name you would love. This French name means ‘nighttime’.
Ehaan This name has an Arabic origin and means ‘a full moon’. The name bears the glow of moonlight and would suit your sweet little boy perfectly.
Ferdinand In this name, ‘Ferdi’ stands for ‘journey’ and ‘nand’ is for ‘daring’ and ‘brave’. It is an old Spanish Germanic name. It’s also one of the several moons of Uranus.
Francisco This is Spanish and Portuguese origin name. It is named after a moon of Uranus.
Gadja Gadja is an Aboriginal name. It refers to ‘the God of the Moon’.
Hang This is an Asian name that also has roots in Vietnam. Hang means ‘moon’ in Vietnamese.
Hespero Hespero is an old Greek name which means ‘evening’ or ‘evening star’.
Iah The name Iah means ‘moon’ in Egyptian. As per Egyptian mythology, Iah was called the ‘Moon God’ which was later identified as Toth (God of the moon, science, magic, speech, and writing). It is a classic Masculine name.
Io The name is derived from Greek mythology. Io is also the name of one of the moons of the planet Jupiter.
Ilkay A Turkish name which means ‘the first moon’. This lunar boy’s name has a certain charm to it, don’t you think?
Isonoe Isonoe is the name of one of the moons of the planet Jupiter planet.
Janus This name has a Roman origin and is one of the moons of planet Saturn. A classic name with flair, this would totally suit your beautiful boy.
Jericho This name is of Israeli origin and it means ‘moon’s city’. This is a unique moon inspired names for boys.
Kalyke The name is picked from one of the moons of the planet Jupiter. It has its origin in Greek mythology.
Kamari Another from the list of sophisticated Arabic names is Kamari. It means ‘moon’.
Koray A Turkish name meaning ’ember moon’. Most popular in Turkey, however, it is also becoming popular all around the world now.
Kerberos It is one of the moons of planet Pluto that is small and irregular-shaped.
Luan This name has a boyish charm to it. It means ‘moon’ in Portuguese and is quite a rare name.
Mahak Mahak is a well-known name of Arabic origin. It means ‘waning of the moon’.
Mahrukh This name means ‘face of the moon’ and is of African origin. You can also call your baby Mahru, if you like.
Mayank Derived from Sanskrit, this is a name of Indian origin which means ‘Moon’. It’s very prominent among Indian parents.
Mayar Mayar is a Turkish name that means ‘glow of the moon’. This comes under popular male names meaning moon and is one of the most attractive names.
Mazyar A beautiful Persian name was the name of an Iranian prince. It means ‘someone who is protected by the reverent moon’.
Muraco It is a Unisex name that has American origin and means ‘White Moon’.
Neil A name of Gaelic origin, it has become synonymous with moon ever since Neil Armstrong set his foot on the moon. He was the first man to go to the moon.
Oberon Uranus has a large moon called Oberon. It is also the name of a character in Shakespeare’s comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.
Prospero Another moon-related name from Spain which means ‘to flourish. Prospero is also the name of one of the moons of the planet Uranus.
Proteus Originating from Greek this name is strong and powerful that symbolizes masculinity. It is the second-largest moon of planet Neptune and one of the darkest objects in the solar system.
Purnama This name of Sanskrit origin means ‘full moon’. This name is widely used in Indonesia and India. A befitting name for your sweet boy more so if he is born on a full moon day.
Qamar In Arabic this means moon. The name has a masculine touch and your baby boy would love this name on growing up.
Quacey This name means ‘of the moonlight’. It is a unique Scottish baby boy name which would surely make your boy stand out if named after this.
Rodor Rodor is an Anglo-Saxon name for boys. It means ‘sky’.
Sao It’s the most inclined moon of planet Neptune. It has a Japanese origin.
Setebos It’s the name of the God that was worshipped in Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’ and happens to be one of the moons of Uranus.
Shashank The name Shashank has always been a popular name among Indians. This name of Sanskrit origin means ‘moon’.
Sora If you want a Japanese name for your little boy that relates to moon, then this could be a suitable option. Sora in Japanese means ‘sky’.
Titan This name is of British and Hungarian origin means ‘Giant Gods in Greek mythology preceding the Olympian Gods’. It is also the largest moon of the planet Saturn.
Tarvos In Celtic mythology, it is the name of Gaulish God that appears like a bull having three cranes on the back. It is also the name of a moon of the planet Saturn.
Trinculo It is one of the moons of the planet Uranus.
Triton It is the name of a moon orbiting the planet Neptune. This name has a Greek origin.
Tuncay It is the name of Turkish origin which means ‘bronze moon”. This is a unique moon-related name for a baby boy.
Thoth As per Egyptian mythology, Toth was an Egyptian God of science, magic, speech and writing and moon. He was born of the seed of Horus from the forehead of a set. He had a head of an ibis or a seated baboon. It makes a perfect masculine name.
Umbriel It is said to have been taken from the Latin word ‘Umbra’ meaning ‘shadow’. Umbriel is also the name of one of the moons of the planet Uranus.
Zunair It means ‘light of the moon’. This would make for a perfect name for your little boy. The name is of Islamic origin.

Celestial baby names are trending right now, so if you pick up a name from this list, it is most likely to be high on the baby names popularity chart. Moon is something which has fascinated the human race from time immemorial, so go ahead and pick a name for your baby boy from this list.

Happy baby naming!

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