Top 70 Shakespeare Names For Boys and Girls 

Top 70 Shakespeare Names for Boys and Girls

Babies are assigned names as an identifier that marks a collection of traits that parents hope would manifest in their character later. Names from Shakespeare’s drama and plays reflect the times and society they inhabited and impressed parents across generations. Thus, if you find yourself losing sleep over selecting the name of your newborn child, this inventory of Shakespearean names will come to your aid.

Fondly known as England’s national poet and the “Bard of Avon,” William Shakespeare was a playwright, poet, and actor, considered the father of modern English Literature. Among his 39 plays, 154 sonnets, three long narratives, and a few other verses, he covered genres such as comedies, tragedies, histories, and tragic comedies. His plays are full of famous Shakespeare names belonging to characters ranging from kings, queens, jesters, warriors, and commoners who have heroic, romantic, and diabolical characteristics that have survived the test of time.

They all have charismatic names with relevant meanings that can serve as a pool of inspiration even for modern-day babies. Whether you’re a literature enthusiast, theatre lover, or history buff, here is an alphabetically organized list of some of the best Shakespeare baby names that have remained popular through generations and can make your children as famous as the characters they represent.

Unique Shakespeare Boy Names with Meanings

Read on to pick one from the list of Shakespeare baby boy names with suitable meanings that would trigger an association with the character bearing the moniker.

1. Adam

This Hebrew name means “son of the red Earth,” which comes from the word “Adamah,” meaning “earth” or ‘earth.’ He is an elderly servant in ‘As You like It.’

2. Abram

Abram is a Biblical Hebrew name that means ‘exalted father.’ He appears in Romeo and Juliet as Montague’s servant.

3. Arthur

Arthur is a Celtic name that means “king” or ‘brave and strong’ in Hebrew. He is the elder brother of John in ‘King John.’

4. Banquo

This Scottish name means “Advisor and Confidant.” He is a general in ‘Macbeth.’

5. Benvolio

This Italian name means ‘good wisher.’ He is Romeo’s cousin in ‘Romeo in Juliet.’

6. Claudio

This name of Spanish or Latin origin means “lame; enclosure.” Claudio is the young soldier from “Much Ado About Nothing.”

7. Charmian

This Greek name means ‘joy.’ He was an attendant in ‘Anthony and Cleopatra.’

8. Demetrius

This name is a Latinized form of the Greek DÄ“mḗtrios, which means “devoted to goddess Demeter.” Demetrius chooses Helena in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

9. Dennis

This Greek name refers to ‘Follower of Dionysius,’ who was the god of wine. He is Servant in ‘As You like It.’

10. Edgar

This Anglo-Saxon name comes from Eadgar, meaning ‘wealthy spearman.’ He is the main antagonist in King Lear.

11. Emmanuel

This Hebrew name means ‘God Is With Us.’ He appears in ‘Henry VI, part 2.’

12. Francis

This name appears in Henry IV. Francis has a Latin origin and means “Frenchman; free man.” Its Old French form is Franceis, Latin form Franciscus, and the Italian form is Francisco.

13. Fabian

Fabian is a member of Olivia’s household. This Roman name means ‘bean grower’ or ‘of the Fabius family”.

14. Ferdinand

This German name means ‘courageous traveler.’ He is the prince of Naples in The Tempest and the King of Navarre in Love’s Labour Lost.

15. George

This Greek name means “farmer, earth-worker.” He becomes the Duke of Clarence in Henry VI, part 2.

16. Gonzalo

This Spanish name means ‘battle.’ He is the advisor to King Alonso of Naples in The Tempest.

17. Henry

This English, French, and German-origin name comes from Emmerich and means ‘house ruler.’ Henry appears in multiple plays of Shakespeare.

18. Hamlet

This protagonist’s name in ‘Hamlet’ comes from French and German origin and means “home” or “village.

19. Hubert

This German name means ‘bright heart’ or ‘shining intellect.’ He is one of King John’s men in ‘King John.’

20. Iago

This name of Spanish, Welsh, and Hebrew origin means ‘supplanter.’ He is the villain in Othello.

21. Joseph

Derived from the Latin Greek Ioseph and Hebrew name Yosef, it means “He will add.” Joseph is a servant in The Taming of The Shrew.

22. Justice

This name of English and Old French origin means ‘upright,’ ‘equity.’

23. Jamy

This Hebrew name means ‘holder of the heel’ or ‘supplanter.’ He is the officer in the King’s army in King Henry V.’

24. Lorenzo

Lorenzo is the name of Italian and Spanish origin means ‘From Laurentum’ or ‘Laurelled.’ He is a young Christian man in “The Merchant of Venice.”

25. Lysander

This Greek name means ‘liberator.’ He is a military commander in 400 B.C in Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

26. Lucius

This Roman name means ‘light.’ He is the son of Titus in Titus Andronicus, a young servant of Brutus in Julius Caesar.

27. Macbeth

This Anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Beatha means “son of life,” implying holiness. He was the Scottish king in ‘Macbeth.’

28. Malcolm

This Scottish name means a devotee of St. Colomba. He is the son of King Duncan in ‘Macbeth.’

29. Nick

This Greek name means ‘Victory of the People.’ Nick Bottom is a character in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

30. Oliver

This Old Norse name means “ancestor’s descendants.” He appears in ‘As You like It.’

31. Puck

This English name means “mischievous” and belonged to a trickster in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

32. Romeo

This Italian name means “pilgrim to Rome.” He is the name of the protagonist in Romeo and Juliet.

33. Sebastian

This Latin name means “venerable” or “revered.” Sebastian appears in The Tempest, Twelfth Night, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

34. Toby

Toby comes from the Greek “towb,” meaning “God is good.” It also means “God” in Hebrew.

35. Ulysses

This Latin name means ‘wrathful.’ Ulysses is the hero of Troilus and Cressida.


Best Shakespeare Girl Names with Meanings

If you’re looking for Shakespeare-inspired baby girl names with a suitable meaning, then this list will help develop your child’s sense of self and propel them forward on a different life and career paths.

1. Audrey

Audrey appears in “As You like it.”  This Anglo-Saxon name means ‘noble strength.’

2. Adriana

Adriana is a lead character in “The Comedy of Errors.” This Latin name means “son of Adria” and ‘rich’ in Greek.

3. Alice

This German name means ‘noble.’ She is Princess Catherine’s lady-in-waiting in ‘As You like It.’

4. Bianca

This Italian name features in “The Taming of the Shrew” and “Othello” and means ‘white.’

5. Beatrice

This Latin name means ‘she who makes happy.’ She is the wise and witty romantic interest in Much Ado About Nothing.

6. Charmian

She is one of the Egyptian Queen’s attendants in “Antony and Cleopatra.” Charmian is a Greek name meaning ‘joy.’

7. Cordelia

This Latin name means ‘heart.’ She is the daughter of the king in King Lear.

8. Calpurnia

This Latin name means ‘chalice,’ or ‘cup.’ She is the wife of Julius Caesar.

9. Desdemona

Desdemona is a meek woman from “Othello.” This Greek name signifies courage and strength.

10. Dion

This Greek name means ‘God of Wine and revelry.’

11. Diana

This name of Greek, Latin, and Indo-European origins means “Divine.” She appears in ‘All’s Well that Ends well.’

12. Emilia

This character appears in The Comedy of Errors, The Winter’s Tale, and Othello. This Latin name means ‘To Strive’ Or ‘Excel’ Or ‘Rival.’

13. Eleanor

This Greek name means”bright, shining one.”

14. Emilia

This Latin name comes from “Aemulus,” which means ‘to rival,’ ‘excel,’ or ‘emulate.’

15. Gertrude

This German name means “spear” and “strength.” She is Hamlet’s mother and Queen of Denmark.

16. Helena

This Greek name from ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ means ‘light’ or ‘bright.’

17. Hermione

This Greek name from ‘The Winter’s Tale’ is derived from Hermes.

18. Isabella

Derived from the Hebrew name Elisheba, Isabella means ‘devoted to God.’

19. Juno

This Latin name means “queen of the heavens.”

20. Juliet

Juliet in French means ‘youthful’. She is the heroine of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

21. Jessica

Jessica means “vision” or “sight” in Hebrew.

22. Katherina

Katherina means ‘pure’ in Greek.

23. Leonine

This Latin name means ‘lion.’

24. Maria

Maria in Hebrew means ‘the star of the sea.’

25. Miranda

Miranda is the admirable heroine in ‘The Tempest’ and means ‘worthy of admiration’ in Latin.

26. Olivia

This Latin name means ‘olive tree.’

27. Ophelia

This Greek name means ‘aid” or “benefit.” She is the heroine in ‘Hamlet.’

28. Portia

This Latin name means ‘an offering.’ She is the wife of Brutus in Julius Caesar.

29. Rosalind

This Spanish name means ‘fair rose.’

30. Silvia

This Latin name means ‘wood’ or ‘forest.’

31. Titania

This Greek name means ‘Land Of Giants.’ She is a character in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

32. Rosalind

This German name with a Latin origin means ‘pretty rose.’ She appears in ‘As You like it.’

33. Ursula

This Latin name means ‘she-bear.’

34. Viola

This Latin name means ‘violet.’ She is a leading character in ‘Twelfth Night.’

35. Valeria

This Italian name means ‘strength’ and ‘healthy.’

Shakespeare-inspired names can be a crucial and determining factor in the personality development of a child. After inventing hundreds of words, he popularized many beautiful names in his works that represent a range of ancient and modern cultures. Diversity of thought and perspective is important for choosing a name from the Elizabethan era that Shakespeare belonged to. With these names inspired by Shakespeare and his plays, you can incorporate the inherent power of these timeless names that are stylish enough to be considered for your newborn baby.

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