Top 120 Hispanic (Spanish) Boy Names With Meanings

120 Unique & Popular Hispanic Baby Names for Boys

As a parent, you tend to search for a meaningful and charismatic name for your little one. Choosing the right name for your child might seem to be a daunting task with the number of options available on the internet or the various suggestions you get from the people around you. But, worry not. We present to you a list of 120 cool yet rare Hispanic names to choose from for your little one.

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Cute Hispanic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Have a look at the 120 top Hispanic boy names below:

1. Aaron

Name your little boy with a strong name like Aaron which means ‘enlightened’ and make your life brighter and better.

2. Abad

This cute and short Hispanic name refers to someone ‘who is eternal’.

3. Abejundio

Abejundio is a stylish Hispanic name that means ‘relating to a bee or abaje’.

4. Abelardo

Not a very common name in the Latino community, Abelardo can be an ideal and unique name for your little boy. The name means ‘noble’ and ‘strong’.

5. Abelino

Abelino is a pleasant-sounding boy name, but the meaning may sound a bit off – ‘unsure pet form of Avila’.

6. Abilo

If you are looking for a confident name for your smart champ, then this is the name! Abilo in the Hispanic community refers to someone ‘who is proficient and skilled in whatever he does’.

7. Adalberto

This classy-sounding boy’s name is a winner. Adalberto is of Spanish origin and means ‘the shining noble’.

8. Adamo

A variation of Adam, Adamo does sound classy Hispanic! The name means ‘the first man to come to life’.

9. Adan

This amazing four-letter baby boy’s name is a winner. This is a popular Mexican name among Americans and means ‘son of the red earth’.

10. Addis

A name of many origins, Addis is a worldly name with multiple meanings, including ‘son of Adam’ and ‘man of the red earth’.

11. Adelio

Another to top the charts of Spanish names is Adelio. The name refers to someone ‘who is kind and honourable’.

12. Adrian

Adrian has been surprisingly upticking in popularity in recent years. The name, in actual, is of Latin origin meaning ‘man of Adria’. Some of the notable names/characters bearing this name include Adrian Pucey (a Harry Potter character) and Adrian Monk.

13. Afonso

Afonso is a cute and humble name meaning ‘a noble person’.

14. Agapito

Agapito is a masculine name which means ‘beloved’. It is a wonderful Hispanic name derived from Latin.

15. Agustin

The popularity of the name Agustin has spiked in recent years. This name of French and Romanian origin means ‘great’.

16. Agusto

You won’t believe it, but Agusto is a German variation of the Latin Augustus. It means ‘magnificent’ and ‘great’.

17. Alamar

Alamar is an Arabic name in nature but happily adopted by the Hispanic community, which means ‘coated in gold’.

18. Alarico

If you are looking for a very strong name then Alarico might be a great choice as it means ‘power and the ruler of all’.

19. Albano

Albano is an eccentric version of the name Alban. This Latin origin name refers to ‘man from Alba’.

20. Albion

Albion means ‘Whiteland’ and is an excellent Gothic name for your little one.

21. Alejandro

The name Alejandro has a unique pronunciation and is a cognate of the popular name Alexander. It means ‘a warrior’.

22. Alejo

You would certainly want your son to grow up to be empathetic and kind. Alejo is a beautiful Hispanic name which means ‘the defender’.

23. Alessandro

Coming from Old Greek, Alessandro is a popular name used in history many times. It is a variant of Alexander and Spanish-origin Alejandro and means ‘defender of men’.

24. Alexander

This name is a great choice for your little prince. It was the name of several rulers of Greece.

25. Amador

The name means ‘the lover of art or nature’ or ‘the lover’. Wouldn’t it be amazing to generate love for nature in your child by naming him Amador?

26. Arturo

The meaning of this popular Spanish name is ‘noble’. Arturo is a unique name and a variant of a much common name Arthur.

27. Alfredo

A stylish and adorable name like Alfredo is a variant of the name Alfred. It means ‘the counselor of the elves’.

28. Alwar

A variant of the name Gothic name Alvaro, Alwar is well-loved in the Hispanic community. It means ‘guard of all’.

29. Andres

Naming your little one with a powerful name like Andres which refers to ‘a warrior’ might be an excellent choice.

30. Armando

Another interesting name is Armando which is a Spanish form of Herman and means ‘the army man’.

31. Alarico

Alarico is a powerful name meaning ‘one who is the ruler of all’.

32. Amancio

You love is unconditional towards your baby. Then why not name him Amancio which means ‘loving’.

33. Aureliano

The name Aureliano refers to ‘golden’ in Latin.

34. Amidio

Amidio is a unique Hispanic name for your baby boy. It means ‘demigod’.

35. Benito

This simple yet unique Hispanic name has a Greek origin and refers to ‘blessed’.

36. Carlos

Carlos is a Spanish variant of the Eglish common name Charles which is widely used in England, Australia, and Germany.

37. Cesar

Cesar is a powerful Hispanic name which is a variant of the name Ceaser. It means ‘long-haired’.

38. Cristobal

Cristobal is a wonderful choice of Hispanic name for your baby boy which means bearer of Christ. It is a unique name with a Greek origin.

39. Caleb

According to the Bible, Caleb was amongst the two followers who reached the promised land along with Moses from Egypt.

40. Daniel

This name originates from Hebrew and refers to ‘God is my judge’.

41. David

This adorable name means ‘beloved’, perfect for your beloved little son.

42. Deniel

Deniel is a male given name and a variant of the name Daniel. It means ‘God is my judge’.

43. Diego

This popular Hispanic name is a shorter version of the name Santiago. This lovely name means ‘supplanter’.

44. Esteban

Esteban is a name with a touch of class and is a variant of the name Stephen. You would love to see your boy rule the world with a name like Esteban which means ‘crown’.

45. Emigdio

The name is another interesting and popular Hispanic name that refers to ‘demigod’.

46. Enrique

Enrique is a classy name that is quite famous in Latin America. It means ‘home’, ‘ruler’ or ‘power’.

47. Edmundo

The name means ‘protector of prosperity’ and a perfect one for your little prince.

49. Felipe

Felipe is a wonderful Hispanic name and a variation to the English name Phillip. This name has a Greek origin and it means ‘lover of horses’.

50. Florencio

Florencio is a sweet name that means ‘blossoming’.

51. Fonsie

Your prince deserves the best of everything and hence the name Fonsie is a great choice. It means ‘noble and ready’.

52. Facundo

This wonderful name for baby boys means ‘eloquent’. It has a masculine ring to it and can be an intriguing choice for your son.

53. Gerardo

It is a Spanish form of the British name Gerard. This powerful name means ‘the courageous one who rules by the Spear’.

54. Guillermo

This wonderful name means ‘a resolute protector’. It is considered as a Spanish form of the popular British name William.

55. Goito

Another cute and stylish Hispanic name for your munchkin is Goito which refers to ‘watchful’ and ‘vigilant’.

56. Gilberto

The name ‘the bright one’. It is a spanish form of the name Gilbert.

57. Gustavo

Another adorable Hispanic name is Gustavo. It is a variant of the Portuguese name Gustav. It is a popular Spanish name which refers to ‘royal staff’.

58. Gael

Gael is a stylish name with an Irish origin. This Hispanic name refers to a member of the Gaelic race, and became popular with the Irish-pride.

59. Gualtiero

Gualtiero is a Hispanic name that means ‘the ruler of the army’ and is popular with Australia and Germany.

60. Hermenegildo

Teach your son the art of giving and encourage him to be kind by naming him Hermenegildo. This is an interesting Hispanic name that refers to ‘giving’ or ‘sacrifice’.

61. Horacio

It is a favorite Hispanic name meaning ‘the one who has good eyesight’. Horacio sounds stylish and is a unique name for your baby boy.

62. Hugo

If you are looking for a simple and elegant name, then Hugo might be the one you would love. The name means ‘bright in mind and spirit’.

63. Hernando

A beautiful name starting with the letter H is Hernando. It means ‘dedicated to peace’. Bring your son to the world with lots of peace and calmness with this adorable name.

64. Harnan

Let your son spread peace in the world. Harnan is an excellent Hispanic name which means ‘ardent of peace’.

65. Isaac

You might want to check out a traditional name like Isaac for your baby boy as it is a beautiful name with Hebrew origin that means ‘he will laugh’. According to the bible, Issac means the son of Abraham.

66. Ian

Ian is a famous Hispanic name meaning God is gracious. This name is considered to have a Scottish origin.

67. Injgo

Your son will be an adorable baby to you no matter what. Injgo is a peculiar Hispanic name which means ‘my little one’.

68. Ivan

Your baby is the most precious gift you could ever ask for. This name means ‘God’s gracious gift’.

69. Jacobo

Jacobo is a catchy Hispanic name which means ‘supplanter’. Jacobo is a popular variant in Spain for the English name Jacob.

70. Josue

If you are looking for a name with a traditional touch, then Josue is the name to consider. This wonderful name for baby boys means ‘God is salvation’.

71. Joaquin

You have been blessed with a baby boy to light up your space. Why not name him Jaoquin which refers to ‘God establishes’.

72. Javier

Javier is a fancy Hispanic name for your baby boy loaded with charisma. It means ‘a new house’.

73. Jaime

The name is small and adorable Hispanic name that means ‘supplanter’.

74. Julio

The name Julio means ‘the soft-haired’ or ‘downy-bearded’ and signifies youth.

75. Jeronimo

Another unique Hispanic name for your child is Jeronimo. It means ‘a holy name’.

76. Jesus

Jesus can be a perfect name for your little prince. The name Jesus means ‘Yahweh is salvation’. This traditional name is immensely popular in Chile, Mexico, and Spain.

77. Jorge

Jorge is a famous variant of the name George. This name is widely used in countries like Spain, Australia, and Britain.

78. Jose

Jose is a shorter and sweeter version of the name Joseph. It has a Portuguese origin and means ‘God will increase’.

79. Juan

Juan is a stylish variant of the English name John. Juan means ‘gracious’ and it sounds like a perfect name for your little one.

80. Luis

Luis is an unconventional Hispanic name starting with the letter L. It means ‘famous in battle’. This is a wonderful name with a Spanish origin.

81. Lorenzo

Lorenzo is a wonderful variant of the name Lawrence. This unique name refers to ‘a man from Laurentum’. It is a masculine name with an Italian origin.

82. Lucas

Another regal choice of name for your baby boy is Lucas which essentially means ‘bringer of light’.

83. Leonardo

A trendy masculine name like Leonardo might be a perfect pick for your baby boy as it means ‘brave as a lion’. Leonardo is a name with a German origin and is quite popular amongst the Spanish.

84. Leocadio

Your love for your baby is pure and is meant to light up your baby’s future. The name Leocadio refers to ‘bright clear light’.

85. Leoncio

The name Leoncio is a powerful and masculine name that means ‘lion-like’. It can be a perfect name for your son if you want him to get tougher and bolder to thrive in this world.

86. Ladisloa

Brighten up your child’s life a little more with a name like Ladisloa which means ‘one who rules with glory’. This is a regal name that starts from L.

87. Mario

A short and adorable name like Mario is a great choice for your little boy. It is a popular Hispanic name that refers to ‘a man’.

88. Mateo

Your baby is the best gift you could ever ask for. The name Mateo is a wonderful Hispanic name meaning ‘gift of God’.

89. Marco

Marco is a traditional Hispanic name and a beautiful variant to the name Marcus. It means ‘warlike’.

90. Maximiano

If you are wondering about the best thing you could give your baby then, a name like Maximiano might be a great option as it refers to ‘the greatest’.

91. Macario

You would want your child to have the best of everything. Macario is a beautiful Hispanic name that means ‘blessed’.

92. Marcio

Let your baby boy shine in the world by overcoming the challenges with a name like Marcio which means ‘defense’. It is an adorable and stylish Hispanic name you might want to check out.

93. Moises

Looking for a Hispanic name that is stylish and catchy, then name your son Moises that means ‘drawn out’.

94. Matthew

Matthew is another trendy and evergreen Hispanic name for abby boys. It has been derived from a Hebrew name Matityahu which refers to’Gift of God’.

95. Mauricio

Mauricio is a unique and classy Hispanic name that has a Latin origin. It means ‘dark-skinned’.

96. Miguel

A traditional Spanish name you might want to consider for your baby boy is Miguel. It is a splendid name which means ‘who is like God’.

97. Nazario

Another interesting hispanic name with the letter ‘N’ is Nazario. It means “from Nazareth”, and is widely used in Australia, Italy, and Portuguese.

98. Natalio

Even if your baby boy is not born on 25th December, you can name him Natalio. The name means ‘Christmas Day’ to celebrate and welcome the love of your life.

99. Natanael

Name your baby with a wonderful Hispanic name like Natanael which means ‘given by God’.

100. Nicolas

Nicolas is a regal name that means ‘victorious people’.

101. Octavio

This is a modern and chic name which simply means ’eighth’. If your son is born on the 8th, then this might be an ideal choice of name for him.

102. Oscar

It is a popular name worldwide which is possibly derived from Gaelic words. Nonetheless, it is a classic name that is sure to make your son stand out.

103. Patricio

Your little prince is a priceless gift you would want to bring up with all the love and care. The name means ‘of noble birth’; perfect to celebrate the bith of your little baby boy.

104. Primo

A simple and unique name like Primo is the choice of modern parents. Primo means ‘first’, and is a perfect name if your son is born on the 1st or if he is your first child.

105. Placido

Being calm and welcoming might be one of the qualities you might want your child to have. The name Placido means ‘calm’ and is a soothing name for your baby boy.

106. Pedro

How interesting is the name Pedro for your little prince? Pedro means ‘rock’ and is a wonderful variation to the common name Peter. This name is believed to be of Spanish origin.

107. Pablo

Pablo is a simple and elegant name of Latin origin that means ‘small’. It is also a variant of the name Paul.

108. Quique

You would want your son to emerge as a ruler of the world with all the strength and power. The name Quique is unique and it refers to ‘home ruler’ or ‘ruler of the estate’.

109. Ruben

Ruben is a powerful Spanish name and a variation to the English name Reuben. In Hebrew, this name means ‘behold, a son’.

110. Ramon

A modern and classy name like Ramon is widely used in Spain. It is derived from the name Raymond which means ‘wise protector’.

111. Rafael

Believing in God and going forward in life is one of the lessons life teaches us over time. Rafael is a popular name and a variation of the name Raphael. It means ‘God heals’.

112. Raul

A short and sweet name like Raul is a variation to the common English name Ralph. The name means ‘wolf counsel’.

113. Ricardo

Ricardo is a wonderful name and a Spanish version of the common name Richard. Ricardo means ‘strong ruler’.

114. Ramiro

Check out this beautiful and stunning Hispanic name of Latin origin. It means ‘wise and famous’.

115. Santiago

If you are looking for a unique name starting with the letter ‘S’, then Santiago is a great choice. Santiago means a ‘supplanter’. It is a name with a Spanish origin popular across China, France, Japan, and Portugal.

116. Sebastian

An adorable Hispanic name like Sebastian is a wonderful pick for your son. This name is derived from a Greek word which means ‘revered’.

117. Salvador

For a classic Hispanic name, you could go for ‘Salvador’, which is a popular name in Mexico. It has a Latin origin and means’ savior’.

118. Santos

Santos might be the perfect hispanic name for your son. It means ‘saint’.

119. Sergio

This name is quite popular in Spain and Italy. It means ‘servant’.

120. Victor

Teaching a child to work towards victory is a wonderful thing. The name Victor means ‘victorious’ and reminds your child to achieve victory every time his name is called.

A name is the best gift parents bestow upon their children, which they identify with. Names also represent individuality. Selecting a name for your baby is amidst the most important thing you could bless your child with. So, choose the one that resonates the most with the hopes and dreams you have for your little baby boy, and also gives him a direction in life.

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