116 Unique Mexican Boy Names With Meanings

116 Mexican Baby Names for Boys

Your name is one of the most important things about you. It is something that forms the main part of your identity. Every culture has its own list of names that are not only charming but have many different yet wonderful meanings. Mexico happens to be a melting pot of many different cultures, and sometimes, this is reflected in the names that we know to be very popular amongst the Mexicans. With many of the names originating from different parts of Europe, the names are now also known to be Mexican as they are so commonly used and loved by the people.

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116 Adorable Mexican Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Mexican Baby Boy Names

If giving your little boy a Mexican name is appealing to you, go through this list of common Mexican boy names, and you may stumble across something you really like.

Name Meaning
Abundio This Latino name is unique and has the meaning “abundance.” It is a name that carries a positive meaning and will be a blessing to your child.
Alejandro The most common meaning of the name Alejandro is “defender of man.” The name Alejandro is also said to be another variation of the name Alexander.
Alex  Simply means “defender of humankind.” This Greek-origin name is gender-neutral that is sure to encourage a chivalrous and fierce protector in the baby.
Alfredo   This Italian and Spanish origin name translates to elf counsellor” and makes for a wonderful choice to connect the baby with their mythical spirit.
Alvaro Alvaro is not just a name used in Mexico, but it has roots in other countries such as Italy, Spain and Portugal. Meaning “all guard” or “cautious,” it is a name that sounds like a great choice for any baby boy to make him really stand out.
Aitor The name is said to have derived from Spanish or Basque origin. It means “to have good fathers”.
Amador With meanings like “Lovable” and “Lover,” boys with this name will definitely have charm, right from the introduction.
Antonio Famous due to the character Antonio from one of Shakespeare’s most common plays, The Merchant of Venice, the name itself means to be worthy of praise. Antonio is one of the most well-known Mexican boy names, starting with ‘A’.
Armando A suitable name to raise a strong and self-sufficient boy. This Spanish and Mexican-origin name means “armed man” or “soldier”.
Arturo There are many different meanings for this name, depending on who you ask. The most common meanings are “strength of the bear” as well as “courageous” and “noble.” This name certainly symbolises strength. It is said to be another version of the name “Arthur”.
Beltran This name came to Mexico from Spain and carried the meaning “bright raven”.
Benedicto “Blessed” is the meaning of the name. It is a name that not only sounds good but also has a wonderful meaning.
Bernardo Simply meaning “bold as a bear,” this is another strong name for your little boy.
Berto This name is said to have been derived from Alberto. The name generally means “intelligent”.
Bruno Bruno is a name derived from the German “brun” and basically means “brown”.
Cali Cali is a gender-neutral name of Latinorigin, meaning “cup,” “fairest,” “beautiful,” and “lovely.”
Camilo This name means one who helps the priest. This is the male version of the name Camilla.  
Carlos The name can be said to be derived from the German word “karl“, which means man. “Strong” is another commonly accepted meaning of the name.
Cedro The name itself means “Strong gift” and is a name rarely used, making it quite unique.
Ciro With the meaning “throne” or “sun,” Ciro is a royal name that your baby boy will be proud to have.
Cristobal Meaning “Christ-bearer,” the name has its root in Spanish origin. Cristobal is certainly a unique name that you can pick for your baby boy.
Danilo This is the Spanish form of the name Daniel. The name itself means “God is my judge” and is a unique way of giving your child one of the more common names.
Dante With roots in Latin, this name has the special meaning, “everlasting”.
Dario Dario means one who upholds good. It is a wonderful name for a baby boy.
Diego This name became common to the world due to the hero from the Mask of Zorro. The name means “to supplant”.
Domenico Domenico means “of the Lord” and is a great pick for those who want to honour God in their child’s name.
Donatello Though the name has a beautiful meaning, “gift from God”, this name became very popular due to the cartoon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Eduardo The name simply means prosperous or wealthy guardian. It is also another version of the English name, Edward.
Emanuel With the meaning “God is with us,” this is one of the most well-known, though rarely used boy names.
Emilio With various meanings, Emilio is a name that means to rival, to strive or to excel.
Enrico Enrico is a name that symbolises a ruler as the name means ruler of a home or estate. It is also sometimes claimed to mean “king”.
Enrique The name means “home-ruler.” This name is widely popular because of the famous Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias.
Esequiel A variant of Ezequiel, the name means “God strengthens”.
Eugenio Another royal name that means “one of royal birth”.
Fabio Fabio is a name that means “one who grows beans” or simply “beans”.
Fausto Fausto is the perfect name for your lucky charm as the name means “lucky” or fortunate”.
Felipe Said to have a Greek origin, the name is now used around the world by those from different cultures. It means, “lover of horses” or just “love”.
Felix This Latin name means “lucky” or “happy” and so it is the perfect name for a happy go lucky little boy.
Fernando For a young boy you want to be adventurous, Fernando is the perfect fit. The name means “adventurous” or “daring”.
Fidel A more modern version of the Latin name “Fidelis,” Fidel means “faithful” and is a wonderful name for a child.
Frederico Sometimes spelt “Federico” the name means “one who rules in peace”.
Gabriel This Hebrew name makes for a perfect baby boy name. It means “God is my strength,” “God is my strong man,and “hero of God.
Gaspar Finding roots in Greek and Persian, the name means “treasurer.” It is also said to be a different version of the name Caspar as well as Jasper.
Geraldo Finding its roots in Spanish, this name means “one who rules by the spear”.
Gilberto Meaning “bright pledge” this name has been used throughout the centuries all over the world. It can also be spelt Gilbert, which is the English version of the name.
Godfredo In Spanish, this name means “friend of God”.
Gregorio This name comes with an Italian background and is now used all over the world. It means “watchful”.
Guillermo A name of Mexican and Spanish origin, Guillermo is an excellent choice for a baby boy name. It means “strong-willed warrior” and “with gilded helmet”.
Hector While Hector is a common name in Mexico these days, the name was taken from the name Hektor. Hektor was the Trojan prince who was killed by Achilles. The name means “to hold fast” or “tenacious”.
Henrique Meaning “ruler of the home” this name is the Portuguese version of the German, Haimric.
Hernando This Spanish rooted name means “adventurous,” “voyageur,” or “bold”.
Hugo Hugo is an interesting name which became known all over the world because of Hugo Boss. The name generally means intelligence in mind, body and spirit.
Iago With its roots in Hebrew, Welsh and Spanish, the name Iago means “one who supplants”.
Isaias Originating in Spain, this name means “God is salvation”.
Isidoro With its beginning in Greece, Isidoro means “gift of Isis”.
Ivan Ivan is a name that originated from Hebrew. It means “gift from God”.
Jasper Best known for being a gem, Jasper is one of the rare male gem names. The name itself means “one who brings treasure”.
Javier Hailing from Spain, this name is one of the most beloved by the Mexican people. The name means “bright” and suggests that your little baby boy will have a bright future.
Jose Jose is a variation of the name Joseph and in Mexico, is pronounced “ho-zay.” The name means “May God increase”.
Josias Derived from the Hebrew name Josiah, it means “the Lord heals” or “the Lord helps”.
Juan This name is the Spanish version of the name John. It has the same meaning, “God is gracious or merciful”.
Julio Julio is pronounced “hu-leo” in Mexico and means “youth”.
Lazaro Lazaro means “God helps” or “help of God” and is perfect for the devout.
Leonel It is the Spanish version of the name Lionel and it means “lion”.
Lorenzo A name that pretty much means “from the laurel trees” and is another variation of the name “Laurence”.
Luis The name means “famous warrior” or “fighter”.
Manny Manny is one of the popular names in Mexico for boys. It can be seen as a short form of the name Emanuel, but most people use it as a real name by itself. Like Emanuel, it means “God is with us”.
Marco A name that means “hammer” or “warring,” the name has its roots in Latin and is often linked with Mars, the God of war.
Martín  This Latin-origin name means “dedicated to Mars,” “warlike” or “warrior.” This could be the ideal title for a baby with a strong personality.
Mateo This name is a variation of the common name Matthew, and it means “one who is devoted to God”.
Miguel Derived from the name Michael, one of the most famous Archangels, Miguel means “who is like God?”
Nataniel Originally a Hebrew name, the name Nataniel has been changed slightly to suit different cultures and languages. The name essentially means “God has given” or “Gift from God”.
Neron With the meaning “strong” or “stern” this is a great name for a strong baby boy.
Nicolás  A variant of Nikolaos, the name means “the victory of the people.” The name is said to have a Greek origin and is used by people all around the world for their little ones.
Norberto A name with mixed roots, it means “bright north” and is another variation of the name Norbert.
Normando Normando has Spanish roots and means “man who comes from the North”.
Oliverio Another variation of the popular name “Oliver” the name essentially means “of the olive tree”.
Orlan A name that means “famous in the land,” Orlan is a great name to give your baby boy to bless him with a great future.
Oro This name originates with the Spanish and it means “gold.” It is not one of the very popular Mexican male names, but it is a great name to give your child if you are opting to be unique when it comes to your child’s name.
Oscar While this name originates from the Gaelic language, it is a very popular name in Mexico, and it means “dear friend.” The meaning of the name can be seen when you look at the words used to make it. “Os” means “dear” and “cara” means friend.
Pablo This is one of the most famous Mexican boy names and appears in many places. The name means “small” or “borrowed”.
Pacorro This rather unheard-of name has its roots in Latin and takes on a French and Spanish variation. The name means “man from France” or “Free”.
Pasqual Pasqual is a name that relates closely to Easter. It is based on the “Passover” and will be a name loved by the devout.
Patricio Patricio is the male version of Patricia. The name means “noble” and is a fine name for young boys that you envision growing into gentlemen.
Pedro A different variation of the name Peter, Pedro means “rock” or “stone” and is a strong name for your strong little baby.
Pirro Pirro means “red hair” or “hair that is on fire.” If you have a little red-headed boy, this is a very accurate name for him.
Pueblo Although the name may sound similar to Pablo, they have very different meanings. Pueblo means “from the village or town”.
Quinn Quinn is the perfect unisex name and can be used for little boys as well as girls. It was originally an Irish name originally and means “descendant of Con”.
Rafael Another version of the name Raphael, the name is well known for being the name of one of the archangels. It means “God heals.” This version of the name originated first in Spain, before making its way to Mexico.
Raimundo With origins in Old German, this name is now common in places like Mexico. It means “to protect wisely” and is another version of the name Raymond.
Ramirez A variant of Ramiro, Ramirez is a name that means “judicious” or “renowned counsellor” It has roots in Old German, Portuguese and Spanish.
Raul A popular Mexican American baby boy name, Raul originates from the Spanish language and means “Wolf Counsel”.
Renaldo This name has its roots in different places and many variations of the name that are still used today. It is a variant of names such as Reynold, Reginald and Ronald. It means “ruler” or “counsellor”.
Ricardo Ricardo is a variant of the name Richard and it means “strong or powerful leader” The name signifies strength and power and is a great name for you baby boy.
Roberto With roots in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, the name Roberto means “bright” or “famous”.
Roderigo The name means “famous power” or “famous ruler” and is a variant of the Old German name Roderick.
Rodolfo Meaning “famous wolf,” Rodolfo is said to be a variant of Rudolf and has roots in Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
Rosario Rosario is the Spanish name for Rosary and this name is another wonderful unisex name that will not fail to please.
Rubén A great pick for a baby boy name, Rubén means “behold, a son.” This Spanish-origin name stems from the Hebrew name Reuben, the first-born son of Jacob in the Bible.
Salomon This is a variant of the name Solomon and means “peace.” The original Solomon is rooted in Hebrew and is well known even today because of King Solomon, who was considered to be the wisest man in the world.
Salvatore Coming from Italian and Latin, Salvatore is a great name for any boy child. The name means “saviour”.
Samuel The name means “God heard” or “name of God,” and is a Hebrew name from the Old Testament of the Bible.
Santiago It is commonly said that Santiago is a name that hails from Spain and is a derivative of the name Jacob. It is also connected with Saint James, brother to the apostle John.
Sebastián A name derived from Latin origin, Sebastian means “venerable” or “revered.” The name becomes popular with the telling of the Biblical story of Saint Sebastian.
Sebastiano A Latin-based name to bless your child with, Sebastiano is a variant of the name “Sebastian” and means “the revered one”.
Silverio Silverio is a name that has been derived from the Greek name Sylvanus, which refers to the “god of trees” that appears in Greek mythology.
Teodoro With roots in the Greek language, Teodoro is a variant of the name Theodore. It means “gift of God”.
Thiago This popular boy’s name is of Portuguese origin meaning “supplanter.” The correct Portuguese pronunciation of the name Thiago is chee-AH-go.
Tomas Derived from the name Thomas, the version Tomas originates with the Spanish. The meaning of the name is “twin”.
Toro The name Toro is based on the name Taurinus. It is a different way of spelling Taurus, which is popularly known for being one of the Zodiac signs. Toro, like Taurus, means “bull”.
Víctor This Latin-origin name means “conqueror.” It makes for a good choice to pick from traditional names for boys.
Vincente Vincente is a name that originates in Latin. It is a popular choice amongst people from America, France and Spain. Vincente means “Conqueror” or “victorious”.
Videl This is one of the uncommon, yet cute names that is much loved by the Mexican people. The name means “Life” and is a wonderful name to give your little boy.
Virgillio Virgilio is a name that can be found rooted in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. It means “staff bearer,” “flourishing” and “to profit” and is known for being an attractive name for its elegance.
Xavier The name Xavier became a sensation after Saint Francis Xavier. It is said that the village he was born in was called by the same name. Due to his missionary work that took place in China, India, Japan and others. The name is said to mean “the new house”.
Zacarias The name is a variation of the famous name from the bible, Zechariah. This was the name of the father of John the Baptist. The meaning of the name is “the Lord remembers”.

Mexico has its fair share of natives, but these days, most of the population consists of people who immigrated there years ago from many different parts of the world. It is, therefore, not very surprising that there are many Mexican names that originate in many European countries. Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Mexico, making the Spanish names the most common in the state. Go ahead and give the names on the list for your sweet little baby boy some serious consideration. 

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