Top 120 Korean Girl Names With Meanings

120 Most Popular Korean Baby Names for Girls

Korea is a trendy and happening place, full of ideas and creativity. There’s nothing this dreamy country does not have, from cinematic blessings to tradition and breathtaking scenery. If you are looking for a perfect name for your little girl, here is the best collection of 120 Korean names for baby girls! The idea is to take away some of the stress associated with searching for the right name for your new arrival. These Korean female names convey positive meanings and have been prepared after studying the latest trends in naming babies.

120 Cute and Unique Korean Names With Meanings for Baby Girls

With this list, make name-choosing a pleasurable family experience! We wish you good luck and a great choice for your bundle of joy from these powerful Korean girl names!

Name  Meaning
A Young This two-element word means ‘refined’.
Aera This lovely Korean name means ‘love’.
Ae-Cha The name Ae-Cha means “affectionate daughter”.
Ae Ri This name means ‘gains, advantage, profit, and merit’.
Ahnjong Ahnjong means ‘tranquillity’.
Ara This name means ‘beautiful and good’.
Areum This name means ‘beautiful’.
Ari This two-syllable wonderful name means ‘beautiful’.
Bae This lovely short name means ‘inspiration’.
Balam This unisex Korean name means ‘wind’.
Bitna This slightly unusual Korean baby girl name means ‘shining’.
Binna This cute name means ‘to shine’.
Bo-a This short name signifies an ‘elegant, refined and a treasure’.
Bom This name means ‘springtime’.
Bong Cha Bong-Cha means the ‘ultimate girl’.
Bora Bora means ‘purple’ colour.
Boram Boram in Korean means ‘valuable’.
Byeol Byeol means a ‘star’.
Chae-Won This popular Korean name means ‘gather’ or ‘beginning’.
Chin Sun This two-word name means ‘truth and goodness’.
Cho This short name also means ‘beautiful’.
Choon Hee This two-element word means ‘a girl born during spring’.
Chun Hei This name means ‘grace’ and ‘justice’.
Chung Cha This means ‘noble daughter’.
Dae This sweet short name is a popular one among south Koreans, and means ‘a great one’.
Da-Eun This combination name means ‘kindness’ or ‘mercy’.
Dal-Rae Dal-Rae is the name of the Korean wild chive and also means ‘to soothe’.
Dam-Bi The beautiful name means ‘martin’.
Dan-Bi Dan-Bi is a cute name meaning ‘sweet rain’.
Da-Som This antique Korean name means ‘love’.
Doh This South Korean baby girl name means ‘an accomplished one’.
Dasom The name Dasom means ‘love’.
Duri Duri in Korean means ‘two’.
Eui This three-letter name means ‘righteousness’.
Eun This is a unisex name meaning ‘kindness’ and ‘charity’.
Eun Ae This sweet name means ‘grace and love’.
Eun Hye This name means ‘grace’.
Eun Jung This two-part name means ‘grace and affection’.
Eun-Kyung The name means a ‘gracious gem’.
Ga Eun This name conveys ‘kind and beautiful’.
Ga-Ram Ga-Ram is a traditional word for ‘river’.
Geumseong This Korean name means ‘venus’.
Geu-Roo Geu-Roo is a pleasant-sounding name meaning ‘tree’.
Gi This short two-letter name means ‘the brave one’.
Goo This unusual name means the ‘one who completes you’.
Gun This name means ‘strong’.
Gyeong This name means ‘respected one’.
Hana This cute name means ‘my favourite’.
Haneul This is a common Korean name meaning ‘heavenly’ or ‘sky’.
Ha-Neul This name means ‘the sky’.
Ha Yoon This two-element name is a combination of Ha, meaning ‘summer’, and Yoon, meaning ‘allow’.
Ha-Yun A trendy name in Korea, Ha-Yun means ‘summer combined with sky’.
Hwa Young The two-element name means ‘beautiful flower’.
Hwan This cutesy name has a beautiful meaning, ‘brilliant’ and ‘shining’.
Hye The short name means ‘intelligent woman’.
Hyeon This South Korean baby girl name means ‘person of virtue’.
Hyuk Hyuk means ‘radiant’.
Hyun Ok The name suggests ‘wisdom’ and as beautiful as a ‘pearl’.
Iseul This is a native Korean name. It means ‘morning dew’.
Jae This popular name means ‘respect’.
Jae Hwa This means ‘rich and prosperous’ and ‘respect and beauty’.
Jee This name means ‘the wise one’.
Jeong This name means ‘silent and chaste’.
Jeong-Suk This combination name means ‘loyal’ or ‘charming’.
Ji Ji is quite a popular name with multiple meanings, like ‘wisdom’ or ‘ambition’.
Ji Hyun This name means ‘virtuous, worthy’ and also ‘wisdom, intellect’.
Jin Ae This two-element name means ‘truth, treasure and love’.
Joon This name means ‘talented’.
Jun This Korean name means ‘talented’.
Ki Ki is a short name that means ‘one who has risen’.
Kkot-Bi In Korean, Kkot stands for ‘flower’, and Bi stands for ‘rain’.
Kwan This single element name means ‘strong girl’.
Kyong Kyong means ‘brightness’.
Kyung Mi Many combinations are available with Kyung, meaning ‘honour’. This name means ‘beauty’ with honour.
Kyung Soon The two-element name means ‘honoured and mild’.
Mee This is another short, popular Korean name meaning ‘beautiful’.
Mi Cha Mi Cha means ‘gorgeous’.
Mi Young Mi Young means ’everlasting beauty’.
Mi Hi Another combination with Mi, meaning ‘beauty’; this name means ‘joy and beauty’.
Min Min means ‘sharp-minded’  and ‘quick response’.
Mun Hee Mun Hee means an ‘educated and literate’.
Myeong This wonderful-sounding name means ‘clear’ or ‘bright’.
Myeong-Suk The name means ‘virtuous’ and ‘bright’.
Nabi Nabi means ‘butterfly’.
Nari This short name means ‘lily flower’.
Nam Kyu This is a popular name in Korea and means ‘southern’. This probably is to suggest that you are from the south of the Korean peninsula.
Na-Moo The name in Korean means ‘firewood’ or ‘tree’.
Na-Ra For your little girl’s kingly features, try Na-Ra, which means ‘kingdom’ or ‘country’.
Na-Rae This cutesy name means ‘wing’.
Raon This ancient Korean name means ‘joyful’.
Sang This single-syllable name means ‘still’ or ‘yet’. It is usually written with a hanja in the Korean language.
Seok This sweet name means ‘like a rock’.
Seo-Yun It is one of the most popular Korean names meaning ‘auspicious’ and ‘soft’.
Seul-Gi This Korean name means ‘blue jewel’.
Seung It has multiple names, including ‘ascent’, ‘victory’, or ‘inherit’.
So So in Korean means ‘smile’.
Soo If you add another alphabet, the meaning changes to a ‘charitable and noble person’.
Sook-Ja The name means ‘virtuous child’.
Soon Bok This two-element name means ‘gentle and blessed’.
Soo Min This is another combination word which means ‘excellence and cleverness’.
Sook The name Sook means ‘pure and natural’.
So Young This name means ‘eternal, beautiful and prosperous’.
Su-Bin Su-Bin means ‘refined’ or ‘outstanding’.
Sun Hee This name means ‘pleasure and goodness’.
Su-Bin Su-Bin means ‘refined’ or ‘outstanding’.
Soo Jin This is another combination with Soo, which together means ‘treasure, excellence and truth’.
Sun-Young Sun-Young is a sophisticated name meaning ‘kind-hearted’.
Whan This name means ‘always growing’. It can be fame, wealth, reputation, etc.
Wook This name means ‘Sunrise’.
Woong The name with double ‘o’ means ‘grand, magnificent’.
Yeo-Jeong Combined with hanja, the name means ‘beautiful’ or ‘gentle’.
Yeong This name means ‘courage’.
Yeong-Ja Yeong stands for ‘brave’ or ‘flower’, while Ja stands for ‘child’.
Ye-Rim The name means ‘gem’ or ‘talent’.
Yoo-Jung Yoo-Jung is a chic Korean name meaning ‘friendly’ or ‘modern’.
Yon This short name means ‘Lotus blossoming’.
Yong This favourite Korean baby girl name means ‘the perpetual and brave one’.
Young-Hee This Korean name means ‘flower’ or ‘beauty’.
Young Mi The name means ‘prosperity, eternal and good looking’.
Yun Hee This name means like a ‘Lotus flower’ and ‘pleasure’.
Young This name means ‘valiant’.

Selecting a name is an exciting but stressful experience for most parents – let this list help you make it a fun journey!

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