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Here is the list of 80 of the best possible collection of names for the cute baby girls and boys. The names are based on the preferences of the young couples after analysing various sources. The list showing names with different origins conveying the meaning of peace is prepared to meet your expectations to get a sweet, unique name for your bundle of joy.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Peace

We present to you a list of baby girl names meaning ‘peace’. We hope this makes it easier for you to pick a name and lets you look forward to welcoming your bundle of joy serenely.

  Name                                         Meaning
Amandeep This is of Sanskrit origin and means ‘lamp of peace’, ‘sharp-witted’. This is a popular name among the Punjabi community, and elsewhere.
Amity Amity is another Baby Girl Name meaning Peace. It is of Latin origin and this lovely name means ‘friendship, harmony’, conveying the message of a friendly soul.
Aquene This is a native American name, meaning ‘peace’. This peaceful baby name can be used if you are looking for a unique name for your cute baby girl.
Arcadia It is of Greek origin and refers to a paradise-like Eden. It means a ‘region offering contentment and peace’. It conveys that the girl will bring peace and prosperity.
Businge This is a sweet East African name meaning ‘peace’ in Rukiga language of the Africans. This traditional African name is used for baby boys also.
Cato It is an alternative to Catherine, can be used even for baby boys. This sweet short name means ‘wise, knowledgeable, all-knowing’ connects with everyone.
Chesney This if of Slovakian origin and means ‘peaceful’ or ‘one who promotes peace’. This is a cute name parent can choose from their lovely little one.
Clementine This is a calm baby name derived from ‘clemency’. This is of Latin origin and means ‘merciful and mild’ from the word Clemens.
Concordia This is from the Roman Goddess of harmony. The lovely name Concordia means ‘harmony’ or ‘peace’ and from a Latin origin.
Dove This is an ancient name of the bird associated with the symbol of ‘peace’ and love. It has been in use since the 17th century for a soft and gentle girl.
Evania This cute name has Greek roots. It means ‘peaceful’ or ‘serene’. This name is used in English speaking countries and Spain. A related word is Ivana.
Finna This is a Dutch origin word which means ‘peace’. This cute vintage name is very popular in the Netherlands.
Frida This 5 letter name is of Germanic origin. It means ‘peace’ from Frid. It can also be used as a short name for other longer ones containing Frid.
Fritzi This cute sounding name means ‘peaceful ruler’ signifying an attitude of service to people. It is of German origin, also used as a nickname for Frederica.
Galina This means ‘calm’, ‘clarity’, or ‘light’ and has Greek, Russian and Slavic origin. It is derived from the Greek name Galene.
Irene This is derived from the Greek Goddess Eirine who is a symbol of peace, wealth and abundance. Any parent would love her child to possess all these attributes.
Jemima This is a British name meaning ‘dove’, a symbol of peace. It is of Hebrew origin. In the old testament, Jemima is one of the three daughters of Job.
Karinya This means ‘peaceful home’. This cute name sounds exotic given its aboriginal Australian origin and conveys that the girl brings peace to her home.
Lana This has Hawaiian origin and means ‘calm as still waters’. This short name is supposed to be derived from Greek Helen meaning ‘shining light’.
Malie This is of Hawaiian origin and means ‘calm or serene’. This is a cute baby girl name which you can consider giving your little one.
Mira This has the Slavic element miru meaning ‘peace’. This sweet 4 letter word for your little one in Arabic it means ‘female ruler’ and in Sanskrit, ‘ocean’.
Naima This lovely name has an Indian origin. Naima means ‘calm, peace, or belonging to no one’. This conveys an image of a strong girl.
Nalani This melodious Hawaiian name means ‘calm or serene skies’. It is popular in the US, with it breaking into the top 1000 in 2016.
Olivia This means ‘olive tree’. This popular baby girl name conveys ‘peace’, like extending an olive branch to others to win them over. Can also be shortened to Olive.
Pacifica This is the female derivative of the Spanish Pacificus. It means ‘peacemaker’. You are projecting a girl who promotes peace within the community.
Paloma This soft, sweet and lovely name is symbolised by Dove which is indicative of ‘peace’. Recently made popular with a few celebrities using it.
Paz This 3-letter sweetie is of Spanish origin and means ‘peaceful’. It also can be used as a nickname in Hebrew with religious significance.
Ping This has a Chinese origin. It means ‘peace’ ‘level’. You can use it alone or in combination with another name if you feel it is too short.
Rena This is of Greek origin and means ‘peace’. It is short for Irene or Irena. In Hebrew, Russian, Rena means ’joyous melody’.
Salome Of Hebrew origin, this is the name of the women who witnessed the crucifixion of the Christ and later discovered the empty tomb. It is derived from Shalom, meaning ‘peace’.
Serenity This name is always popular and it is increasing. You can also use Serena which is made extremely famous by the Williams sisters.
Shanti This is a popular Sanskrit word meaning ‘peace’, tranquil or calm’. It conveys universal peace and tranquillity among everyone. It is a popular baby girl name.
Shiloh This is of Hebrew origin and means ‘to be peaceful’. It is a popular name for baby girls.
Shula This is an alternative short name for Shulamit and of Hebrew origin. It means ‘peace’ and popular among the Israeli populace.
Uma This is a name of Sanskrit origin. Uma is a powerful Hindu Goddess, wife of Shiva. It means ‘tranquillity’, ‘light’ or ‘splendour’. In Hebrew, Uma means ‘nation’.
Valentina A popular name, derived from the Latin Valentine. It conveys an image of a strong and healthy girl who can break glass ceilings and stereotypes.
Veda This has an Indian origin. This lovely sounding short and sweet name means ‘knowledge, wisdom’ and conveys an image of a confident mature knowledgeable young girl.
Winifred This means ‘blessed peacemaking or reconciliation’. It is of Old English or Welsh origin. You can use the trendy Winnie as a short name for this.
Yasu This short and sweet name means ‘peaceful’ and is of Japanese origin. It is unique and can also be used as a nickname for its melody.
Zuelia One of the few names starting with Z, this cute baby girl name means ‘peace’ in Arabic. You can consider this if you are searching for a unique name.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Peace

 Name                                         Meaning
Aarav This lovely name is of Indian origin. It means ‘peaceful’ in Hindi and is popular. It is derived from the Sanskrit “rav” which means music and peace.
Aaru A lovely short name with its origins in Egypt. It is a place in ancient Egypt which was a peaceful heavenly paradise during the rule of Osiris.
Absalom This name has Jewish origins. It means ‘my father is peace’. In the Old Testament, Absalom is King David’s son who avenges his sister’s rapist by killing him.
Axel Axel is another Baby Boy Name meaning Peace. This is of Scandinavian derivation from Absalom, the son of King David, meaning ’father of peace’.
Baris This is of Turkish origin. It means ‘peace’, ‘calm’. Can use it if you are searching for an exotic sweet-sounding name conveying peace.
Bohumir This has a Czech origin. This unique name is derived from the Slavic words Bogu meaning ‘God’ and miru meaning ‘peace’. Can use Miru as a nickname.
Benjiro It is of Japanese origin meaning ‘enjoy peace’. The name conveys that the baby would grow into a man who enjoys and promotes peace.
Callum Callum is a lovely biblical boy name that means peace. It is derived from the Latin Columba, meaning dove which symbolises peace.
Casimir Casimir means ‘proclamation of peace’. It is of Polish or Slavic origin. This exotic ancient-sounding name conveys a strong adventurous personality.
Clement This is a masculine derivative of the baby girl name ‘Clementine’, meaning ‘merciful or mild’. It can also be spelt ‘Clemente’. It is of Latin origin.
Frederick It means ‘Peaceful Ruler’. It is derived from the German, Frid meaning ‘peace’ and ric meaning ‘ruler’. Fred or Freddie can be the short form.
Freed This has old German or English origin. It means ‘free or peace’. It is also a Jewish name derived from the word Frid meaning ‘peace’.
Geoffrey This is a Germanic name, possibly derived from a combination of Anglo-French Dutch names. The German Frid means ‘peace’. Another spelling for Jeffrey.
Giotto This is related to the more popular Italian names Geoffrey and Godfrey. It means ‘peace of God’ and is somewhat unique.
Heddwyn This name is of Welsh origin and means ‘holy or fair peace’. You can choose this slightly offbeat name for its uniqueness.
Humphrey This name actually means ‘peaceful warrior’, even though the Humphrey Bogart movie portrayal has given it a rough guy image.
Ingram It means ‘raven of peace’, a Scandinavian name of German origin. Ing was the Norman God of peace and fertility. Can be both Surname and first name.
Jalen Alternative to Galen meaning ‘peace’, this name is a good choice for parents looking for a word with this meaning.
Kazue This short name is of Japanese origin. Kazu means ‘harmony or peace’. Another variant is Kazuko with ko meaning ‘child’.
Kynaston If you are looking for a slightly unusual name, then go for this. This has an Old English origin and means ‘royal peace settlement’.
Jeff Jeff means ‘pledge of peace’. It is a short form of Jeffery and Jefferson or even Geoffrey. It is of German origin.
Jonah This is of Hebrew origin and means ‘dove’. This conveys a ‘peaceful’ message, a messenger of peace to the people around him.
Milo This might of German origin meaning ‘merciful’. It can also be a variation of Miles. This ancient name is climbing the popularity charts in the last few years.
Miroslav This is a Czech name derived from the Slavic words miru meaning ‘world peace’ and slava meaning ‘glory’. Miru can be a short name.
Noah Noah means ‘peaceful, rest’ and has Hebrew origin. According to the old testament, the builder of the Ark helped humans and animals survive the great floods.
Oliver Oliver meaning ‘Olive tree’ conveys a peaceful gesture.  You can think of you son extending an olive branch to his opponents from a position of strength.
Paciano This name has glamour and is Spanish in origin. It means ‘peaceful’ and is an extension of the name Pax. This looks good for your cute baby boy.
Pax This has a Roman origin, being the Roman Goddess of peace. This name shot into more prominence after the power couple Brangelina named a son Pax, meaning ‘peaceful’.
Paxton This is an increasingly popular name meaning’ popular town’. The name with an ‘x’ in the middle conveying a calm disposition is used more like a surname.
Reizo This has Japanese origin and means ‘cool and calm’ and even ‘well-groomed’. It also means rule, law. It is related to the word Rei.
Rinji This unusual sounding name is of Japanese origin. It means ‘peaceful forest’. You can choose this if you are looking for a unique foreign name.
Salem This is of Hebrew origin and means ‘peace’. It has a biblical connection with the name of an ancient city.
Sheehan This is of Irish origin. It means ‘peaceful’. This calm baby name can be used both as a given name or a surname.
Solomon This has Hebrew origin, with the word Shalom meaning ‘peace’. The king of Israel, Solomon was known for his wisdom and prosperity.
Stellan This is a Scandinavian name. Stella means star. This lovely name means ‘peace’, or calm’ and gives a star value to your son as he grows up.
Tully Tulley is another alternative for your little one in this Gaelic origin name. Both mean ‘peaceful’.
Udoka This is an Igbo Nigerian name derived from the word udo meaning ‘peace’.  Udoka is a baby boy’s name meaning ‘peace is great’.
Wilfred This is an English name meaning ‘friend of peace’. It is a combination of the Old English wine meaning ‘friend’ and Fred meaning ‘peace. It is an ancient name still in use.
Xolani As lightly unique masculine Zulu name derived from Uxolo meaning ‘peace and goodwill’. Some may use it for baby girls also.
Zalman A rare name starting with ‘Z’. It means ‘peaceful’ in Hebrew and is from the son of King David who is famous for his ability to communicate with animals.

We hope this list of the most glorious baby names helps you choose a lovely name for your baby that means ‘Peace’.

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