80 Geeky And Nerdy Names for Girl and Boy Babies

Nerdy & Geeky Baby Boy and Girl Names With Meanings

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Soon-to-be parents first start the hunt for the name for their new arrival even before they start picking on the colours for their room. Names are very important today and parents certainly don’t want to give their loved one a name that will scar them for life. We have come across several books and movies where the name of the pivotal character has left them scarred for life. Jhumpa Lahiri’s Booker prize-winning novel, “The Namesake” was all about that. Parents are inspired by quirky ideas and varied trends when picking a name for their baby. The latest trend is parents zeroing in geek baby names. Well who does not want their baby to be a Galileo, Einstein or a Socrates! Well, irrespective of whether they are one, no harm in naming them so!

Geeky And Nerdy Baby Boy Names With Meanings

Boys- naughty, funny and inexplicable, need a name that is synonymous with their typical characteristic traits. Well research does say that men have a certain amount of intelligence that is higher than women. So parents of baby boys want some cute nerdy boy names that will carry on as a legacy. Read on to pick the best of some fabulous geeky and nerdy names for boys. Some are from comic books, ancient mythology or even science fiction to please the nerdy spirit of the parents.

Name                                         Meaning
Albus Albus Dumbledore, the headteacher of Hogwarts- a pivotal character filled with wit and wisdom. Harry Potter named one of his sons after him so why not you.
Alyx A nice spin to Alex- Alyx is the name of the video game character. The presence of x and y adds to the nerdy twist and it is hard for people to guess it is a character from a video game.
Anakin No nerdy name list would be complete without a few references to Star Wars. Anakin is one such name that has been popularised by the series and soars high on the popularity charts.
Ash Pokemon, is on top of the charts with respect to kid’s shows and Ash is a pivotal character in the series. Your kid will ever love you for that.
Atticus An ancient name of Latin origin, it means from Attica. It has a timeless appeal with a different sound and a wonderful connection.
Bijou Pronounced as Bee-zhoo, the name is of French origin and will definitely spark the interest of hipster and cool parents.
Buran Buran is Russian for “snowstorm”. It is also the name of a Russian space shuttle and a shuttle program.
Calvin Inspired from Calvin and Hobbes, the name just spells humour and repertoire of wit.
Dash/Dashiell A character from Pixar’s “The Incredibles”, the name sounds unique and just a lot of fun.
Dax An alien in the universe of Star Trek, Dax lived inside humanoid hosts.
Dewey An English version of the Welsh name Dewi, it is also a nickname for Dafydd which means “beloved”.
Ender Inspired by the humans versus alien battle in Ender’s Game, the name is also a short form for Andrew.
Finnick A tribute to District 4 in the Hunger Games series, Finnick Odair was the youngest winner.
Ganon A unique name, it is short for Ganondorf- the bad guy in the “Legend of Zelda” series. Different in its sound and appeal, the name is picking up on popularity.
Geordi Geordi La Forge- the character epitomised by LeVar Burton in Star Trek. Who did not love him! He was most definitely loved by the geeks of the world.
Grimm Meaning fierce, it is of Anglo Saxon origin and has reference to the Grimm brothers who wrote ghastly and exciting fairytales.
Hank Name your boy after the original Ant-Man and set a tall order to match and big shoes to fill.
Harvey Another popular name, it is inspired by the famous underground writer of comic books.
Hedwig The name of Harry Potter’s pet owl in the Harry Potter series, the name is ideal for the lover of J K Rowling’s epic book series.
Hermes Greek mythology revers Hermes as the God of transitions and boundaries but very recently it was a spaceship in The Martian movie.
Hudson Sir Arthur Conan Doyle popularised Mrs Hudson and so did BBC’s Sherlock, but the name goes well with any last name.
Jules Name your kid after Jules Verne, the author of the famous novel, “Around the World in 80 days”.
Kenobi A Star Wars name, Kenobi was the name Obi adopted when he became a Jedi Knight.
Kent You do not want to name Kal-El or Clark, but this last name of Superman from his adopted parents is different and surely catchy.
Kylo A famous character who committed patricide, but if you do not mind that the name Kylo sounds unique, appealing and sweet.
Liam Another one from Star Wars: The Phantom Menance,Liam is a great first name.
Linus A perfectly nerdy sounding name, Linus was a charming character in the Charlie Brown comics. Linus in Greek mythology was also a musician and poet who taught music to Hercules.
Logan A popular X-Men character, the name sounds Scottish and has the sound to garner a huge fan base.
Mars It could be the fourth planet from the Sun but originally was the name of the Roman God of War.
Marius Inspired from the famous book written by Victor Hugo – Les Miserables, Marius is an out-of-the-box name but could become a cult of sorts.
Milton An English surname that means “settlement with a mill” is a perfect twist to a chic name from something that no one would prefer .
Napolean The name is actually of Greek origin and means “lion of the new city”. It is also a tribute to one of history’s greatest leader and conqueror.
Ronan Well we do have other Ron’s, but this one is inspired by the leader of the centaurs in the Battle of Hogwarts. It is particularly a great name for a child born under Sagittarius.
Sheldon Of English origin, the name means “steep sided valley” or a “protected hill”.
Theo Short for Theodon from “Lord of the Rings” , you can choose the long or the short version.
Trillion A unisex name, the name is unheard of except for a slight association with the word “trillion”.
Tyr It is inspired from the huma sort of splinter species on the Artifical Intelligence ship of Andromeda.
Wade Oh!what a joy to have your kid be a namesake of the winner of $240 in Ready Player One. Pick this and your kid is on the road to be a winner right from the word go.
Wesley A character from the Princess Bride , it is also a character in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Zack After the success in a relatively miniscule role in Final Fantasy VII, Zack Fair soared high in popularity with his name.

Geeky And Nerdy Baby Girl Names With Meanings

You are sincerely wishing it is a girl and you want to pay tribute to your geeks, nerdy snobs from books, movies and fictional shows then pick one of these nerdy girl names. Make your first big decision a piece of cake with this exhaustive list that will let you make an impression on your daughter for a lifetime. There is no greater joy than your child priding about the fact that their parents gave them a unique name.


 Name                                          Meaning
Ada Ada was the first computer programmer who worked on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine and was daughter to Lord Byron.
Adria The name appears in Stargate and was a half-human, half-Ori child that was born to Vala Mal Doran. It is also the name of an asteroid belt.
Auri Such a beautiful sounding name, Auri is a character from the book “The Wise Man’s Fear” by Patrick Rothfuss.
Aurora A famous Disney princess, Aurora, is also an X-Men character. In Latin, it means “dawn”. In Roman origin, it means “Goddess of Sunrise” whose tears become the morning dew.
Cersei A powerful name and perfect if you are raising your princess to be one in every right.
Clara Clara Oswald was the Doctor’s companion in the Doctor Who series and became one travelling the entire cosmic space in her own Tardis.
Cora The Siri of Battlestar Gallactica, Cora is a short and sweet-sounding name.
Coraline A staple feature in Tim Burton movies, the name is a lovely twist to the traditional “Caroline”.
Cordellia A perfectly elegant name of Latin and Celtic origin, Cordellia means heart and daughter of the sea. It has a vintage appeal to it and a trendy name for hipster parents.
Dione As per astrology, Dione is one of the moons of Saturn. It also has a Greek origin to it and was the name of the mother of Zeus.
Dorothy An English variation of the Greek name Dorothea it means Gift of God. The name has piqued the interest of several parents and you can choose to spell it as Dorothea.
Echo Echo featured in the Daredevil Comis and it was the character of woman of many facets- pianist, ballerina, athelet, college professor and an Avenger.
Elora A variation of the name Eloria, it came to light after the release of the fantasy film Willow in which Elora Danan was a character.
Felicity Member of Team Arrow and living it to the name of a MIT graduate, the name has a certain elegance and elan to it.
Fleur Inspired by Fleur Delacour who featured in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire as a participant in the Triwizard tournament. Fleur went to prove her mettle in the Battle of Hogwarts. Battle of Hogwarts.
Gretchen Of German origin, the name is a dimunitive of the name Margarethe. It means “pearl” and is very popular among parents.
Hera The Queen of the Gods and the consort of Zeus in Greek mythology, Hera also appeared in the sci-fi show- Battlestar Galactica.
Imogen A trendy name with a Shakespearean sound to it. It is ideal for grammar nerds and the name can also have a cool nickname- “Immy”.
Jemma Jemma in Marvel’s “Agents of Shield” was the biochemist and member of Phil Coulson’s team. It is also the Italian variant for the name Gemma which means “precious stone”.
Kamala Also known as Ms Marvel, Kamala is a teenage shapeshifter.
Kara A name that appears in DC comics,a supergirl call Kara Zoe-El and is also the cousin of Superman. The name means beloved in Italian.
Katniss The name hits the bulls eye for fans of Hunger Games series.
Kaylee A feature in the Firefly series, Kaylee is a modified version as it sounds beautiful.
Keiko Of Japanese origin, Keiko was one of the characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation. In Japanese it means “happy child”.
Leela A name from the Futurama Series, Leela was the head of the Planet Express spaceship. The name means “Night Beauty”.
Leia Not all princesses become generals but you could not expect anything less from Carrie Fisher in Star Trek. It is also of Hindi and Spanish origin, and a variation of Leya which means Lion.
Natasha A popular name it is actually the name of the Black Widow who covered her ninja skills with a ballerina cover. Sleek, deadly yet enticing, the name is a perfect name.
Nichelle Another Star Trek inspired girl name. It originates from Lieutenant Uhura.
Peggy Peggy got her identity as Captain America’s love interest but got her own persona in Agents S.H.I.E.L.D and also in Agent Carter.
Pepper Gywenth Paltrow brought Pepper Potts from Ironman to life and there could not be a more spicy yet sweet name for your baby girl.
Primrose The sister of Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games, the name is an English word – “first rose”.
Rowena The name has a Celtic origin and was the name of the heroine in the novel “Ivanhoe”. Die hard Harry Potter enthusiasts will also know the relevance.
Ruby Not just a pretty stone but an object oriented programming language, the name never gets old.
Sabine A character from Star Wars who was a Madoralian human. She was a weapon’s expert during the Galactic Empire reign.
Sonya The Special Forces Officer, Sonya Blade was known for her fighter spirit in the Mortal Kombat series.
Tauriel Tauriel was an elf in the Hobbit series and the captain of Thranduil’s guard. In Elvish it means “forest maiden”.
Teyla A name from the Stargate Atlantis, Teyla is different, intriguing and equally nerdy.
Thalia Inspired from Greek mythology, Thalia was one of the Three Graces. It also appeared in the Percy Jackson and Olympian series.
Veronica Cute, smart and funky the name will forever be associated with the snooty girlfriend of Archie in Archie comic series.
Zelda Inspired from Shigeru Miyamoto’s video game the name has a legendary feel to it.

Parents want to go the extra mile to name their kids. From superheroes to unconventional names of rare origin, parents today dig deep to get that perfect name for their child. It has now become a primary responsibility of sorts to pick the best name. Nerdy and geeky is cool and parents want to ditch the traditional names to the unique monikers that will define the childhood and even the personality of the child forever.

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