Top 100 Southern Surnames or Last Names With Meanings

100 Popular Southern Last Names or Surnames

A surname is a part of a person’s name. It can represent any aspect of the individual, such as the location of birth, physical features, profession, family, tribe, or community. A genetic inheritance or the custom of adopting surnames from different cultures due to mass migration and European colonisation has led to the adoption of surnames in America.

The Southern United States, or the Southern States, is a geographical region of the United States with a culture of its own. It includes the states that fought for the Confederate States of America in the American Civil War. This region has developed its own customs, cuisines, literature, and musical styles with strong European, Native American, and African components. Characterised by being socially conservative, with agriculture and slavery playing primary roles in the antebellum economy, the Southern society remains mostly stratified due to the influence of land ownership, religious affiliation, and Northern and Latin influences.

So, with the first evidence of Native American occupation in the southern States dating back to 9500 BC, it is only natural that the old southern surnames are reminiscent of Southern culture and historical traditions. Southern family names reveal a naming pattern based on a negotiation between the worlds of white mainstream, ethnic identity, or national origin. They are indicative of a certain level of acculturation that immigrant individuals and families experience. Thus, Southern last names may be funny, sweet, or fierce, endowed with interesting meanings. They may help to trace back your family’s past or help in studying the evolution of naming traditions in Southern America. We have compiled some of the most influential and wealthy southern last names for your perusal. You might find yourself familiar with some of these southern last names during civil war. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

100 Famous Southern Surnames or Family Names With Meanings

Surnames have continued to “develop” throughout the centuries with astonishing variants of their original spelling. If you want to pick one from the common southern last names to run in your family, choose one from the curated list given below.

1. Abel

Originating from the Hebrew name Hevel, meaning ‘breath’ or ‘vigor’, this Anglo-Scottish surname was presumably a name of endearment or a nickname. Its variants maybe Abel, Able, Abele, Abelle, Abels, Abeles, Abells, Abelson, and Ableson.

2. Abernathy

Abernathy is a habitational name from Abernethy in southeastern Perthshire. This Scottish surname belonged to a Scottish clan who settled near the mouth of the River Nethy.

3. Adams

According to Genesis, Adams comes from the Hebrew word Adama, meaning ‘earth’. Adam was the first man on earth. The letter “s” in the end generally indicates a patronymic surname, meaning “son of Adam”.

4. Aiken

Aiken is an English origin surname meaning ‘little Adam’.

5. Alden

Alden is a classic last name of Scottish origin. It means ‘old friend’.

6. Allen

Originating in Ireland, Allen is derived from Ailin in Irish and Scottish Gaelic. It means ‘little rock’ or ‘harmony’. It may have also come from Celtic Aluinn, which means ‘handsome’.

7. Armstrong

A historical name made famous by Neil Armstrong – the first man to walk on the moon. Armstrong is a Scottish surname meaning ‘the son of the strong man’.

8. Baker

Baker is an occupational surname of Anglo-Saxon origin. A derivative of Bacan, meaning ‘to dry by heat’, this name may refer to the baker of bread’.

9. Banks

This Scottish and English topographic surname refers to someone who lived on the slope of a hillside or by a riverbank.

10. Belle

Belle has an Old English origin, and it means ‘beauty’.

11. Birdie

Birdie has an Anglo-Saxon origin meaning ‘for God’.

12. Brown

Brown is a popular last name with a good record of higher education background.

13. Buckley

This surname is of Irish origin and means ‘buck’ or ‘a boy’. Famous people bearing this last name include actor Robert Buckley and musician Jeff Buckley.

14. Callaway

This medieval English surname comes from a place called Caillovet-Orgeville in Eure, France. It is derived from the Old Norman French ‘cail (ou)’, meaning ‘pebble’.

15. Carson

This surname hails from Scotland and carries the meaning of ‘the son of Carr.’ Legendary host Johnny Carson is one example bearing this surname.

16. Clark

Clark is a common surname of Anglo-Scottish origin. It means ‘clerk’ or ‘secretary’.

17. Cook

Cook has an Old English origin, and it means ‘one who cooks’ or ‘one who sold cooked meat’.

18. Copeland

This last name comes from Old Norse origin. It means ‘bought land’.

19. Corbin

Corbin has an Old English origin. It means ‘raven’. It may refer to a person with dark hair.

20. Cunningham

You might have seen bold characters with surname Cunningham. It is derived from Scottish and means ‘leader’ or ‘chief’.

21. Davenport

Derived from Davenport’s locational name in Cheshire, Davenport has an Old English origin, and it means ‘market town’.

22. Davis

This patronymic surname of Welsh origin means ‘son of David’.

23. Dawson

Dawson has Irish, English, and Scottish origins. It means ‘son of David’. David, in turn, comes from Hebrew Dodavehu, meaning ‘beloved of Jehovah’.

24. Dillard

Dillard, for sure, is a unique last name of English origin. It refers to someone ‘who is descendent of little Dill’.

25. Doby

Derived from the Old Germanic ‘Hrodebert’, or the medieval name Dobbe, Doby has a Scottish origin, and it means ‘bright’ or ‘famous’.

26. Drayton

Drayton is another surname of English origin. It means ‘sledge town’ or ‘drag’.

27. Duvall

Duvall is a French last name meaning ‘of the valley’.

28. Edwards

This patronymic surname of Welsh origin means ‘the son of Edward’.

29. Ellis

Ellis is an English surname meaning ‘the lord is my God’.

30. Elkins

A diminutive of the medieval English name Elis or Greek name Elias, Elkins means ‘Jehovah is God’.

31. Evans

A derivative of the name Ifan, Evans has Welsh roots meaning ‘son of Evan’.

32. Ferrell

Derived from Irish Ó Fearghail, Ferrell means ‘man of valor’.

33. Fortner

Fortner is an Americanised form of German Pfortner. It is an occupational name for the gatekeeper of a walled town or doorkeeper in a castle or monastery.

34. Freeman

Freeman is an old English surname which means ‘free man’.

35. Fry

This English, Cornish, and Welsh surname is derived from Old English frig meaning ‘free’. It was also used as a nickname for a small person or an offspring.

36. Fuller

Derived from Latin ‘Fullo’, Fuller has an English origin, and it means ‘one who deals with woollen clothes’.

37. Garcia

The sound of this surname itself tells us that it is Spanish. This Spanish surname means ‘young’.

38. Good

Good comes from Middle English personal name Gode or ancient ‘God’ referring to someone pious and respected.

39. Goodwin

Goodwin is a pleasant-sounding English last name meaning ‘good-hearted’.

40. Grady

Grady is a sophisticated surname of Irish origin, meaning ‘noble’.

41. Graves

Graves is a locational name of Anglo-Saxon descent for someone who lived near a thicket or grove. Variants include Grover, Grove, Greaves. It also refers to a ‘manager’ or ‘steward’.

42. Harding

This surname of English origin means ‘strong’ or ‘hardy’.

43. Harrison

Harrison has an English origin and means ‘the son of Harry’.

44. Hayes

Hayes is the last name of English origin which means ‘hedged area’.

45. Henderson

Henderson is a popular surname nowadays because of the character Dustin Henderson in the series The Stranger Things. This Scottish surname means ‘son of Henry’.

46. Hernandez

Hernandez has a Spanish origin and means ‘the son of Hernando’.

47. Holt

This surname of Proto-Germanic origin means ‘forested upland’.

48. Howard

Howard has an English origin and means ‘brave’ and ‘spirit’.

49. Huger

Pronounced as hyoo-jee, Huger is a French surname meaning ‘keeper of cattle’.

50. Inman

This English occupational surname refers to the ‘innkeeper’.

51. Irwin

This surname has Scottish, Irish, and English origins. It is derived from Eoforwine, meaning ‘friend’.

52. Ivey

Ivey has an Anglo-Saxon origin referring to the son of Ive.

53. Jewel

Jewel is an English last name meaning ‘generous’.

54. Johnson

Johnson has a Scottish origin, and it means ‘son of John’. John derives from Latin ‘Johannes’ or Hebrew ‘Yohanan’, meaning ‘Yahweh has favoured’.

55. Jones

This surname has a Welsh origin. It has evolved from Hebrew ‘Yehohanan’ or ‘Johan’, which means ‘son of loan’.

56. Juanita

Juana’s diminutive form, Juanita has a Spanish or Hebrew origin. It means ‘God is Gracious’.

57. Keith

Derived from the German ‘kit’, it means ‘offspring’.

58. Kennedy

Derived from Irish O’Cinneide, it means ‘helmet head’. It is also the anglicised form of the Gaelic name Ó Ceannéidigh, meaning “descendant of Ceannéidigh”.

59. Kezar

An English variant of the Germanic ‘Kaiser’ or Latin ‘Caesar’, this name was used as a nickname for someone with an imperious manner or who played the part of an emperor in a play.

60. King

Derived from Old English ‘Cyning’, meaning ‘tribal leader’, this surname is a sept of the Mac Gregor or Clan Gregor.

61. Kitchens

Derived from Middle English ‘Kychene’, it is an occupational name for someone who worked in or was in charge of a monastery or great house’s kitchen.

62. Lainis

Lainis has a Hawaiian origin and means ‘shining brightly’.

63. Legare

Pronounced as luh-gree, Legare is a French last name meaning ‘abandoned’ or ‘to be troubled’.

64. Leonard

Originating from the Old High German ‘Leonhard’ and Latin ‘Leo’, Leonard means ‘lion-hearted’.

65. Lois

Lois has a French origin, and it means ‘wise’ or ‘more desirable’.

66. Mabel

Mabel has an Anglo-Saxon origin, meaning ‘lovable’.

67. Madison

Madison has an English origin, and it means ‘the son of Maud’ or ‘the son of Maddy’.

68. Martin

A popular Latin surname, Martin means ‘of Mars’. One popular celebrity bearing this surname includes Ricky Martin.

69. Martinez

Martinez is a patronymic surname of Spanish origin. It means ‘the son of Martin’.

70. Mildred

Derived from Mildđryđ or Mildthryth, this name has an Old English origin. It means ‘gentle strength’.

71. Moore

Moore comes from the Middle English era and means ‘open land’.

72. Nash

This topographic surname has Welsh, Jewish, and English origins. It refers to someone who lived by an ash tree.

73. New

Derived from German Neu or Old English ‘ewe’, this is a topographic last name for someone who lived by a yew tree.

74. Nix

This English surname means ‘the son of Nicholas’.

75. Norwood

This English locational surname is derived from the words ‘north’ and ‘wood’, referring to someone who lived near the forest.

76. Oakley

This Old English habitational name is composed of the words ‘oak’, and ‘Leah’, which means ‘wood’. Thus the name means ‘meadow of oak trees’.

77. Ogden

This Old English surname is a habitational name. It is composed of the words ‘ac’, meaning ‘oak’, and ‘denu’, meaning ‘valley’.

78. Omega

A derivative of the German ‘Ohm’ and ‘Ohme’, Omega has a Greek origin, and it means ‘the end’.

79. Owen

An anglicised variant of the Welsh name ‘Owain’, Owen means ‘noble’.

80. Perkins

Perkins has an Anglo-Saxon origin and means ‘kin of Pierre’.

81. Peyton

Peyton is an English last name meaning ‘fighting man’s estate’.

82. Pinckney

An unusual surname, Pinckney comes from Germany and refers to someone ‘from Pincino’s village’.

83. Quigg

A variant of Quigley, Quigg is derived from Gaelic O Coigligh. It denotes a person with unkempt hair. It is also an anglicised form of Irish O’ Cuaig, meaning ‘descendant of Cuaig’.

84. Redd

Redd is an Old English last name meaning ‘read’.

85. Riggins

Riggins is a pleasant Irish surname meaning ‘little king’.

86. Rodgers

Rodgers has an English origin, and it means ‘the son of Roger’.

87. Rodriquez

Rodriguez has a Spanish origin. It means ‘the son of Rodrigo’.

88. Saunders

The Anglo-Norman Saunders is a pet form of ‘Alexander’, a Greek personal name meaning ‘defender of man’.

89. Shepherd

Shephard has a Middle English origin, and it means ‘herdsman’.

90. Smalls

Another from the Old English, Smalls refers to a person ‘who is of slender build’.

91. Smith

This English occupational surname means ‘to smite metal’. It refers to a ‘blacksmith’.

92. Taylor

Taylor has an English origin, and it means ‘tailor’.

93. Umbra

Umbra has a Latin origin, and it means ‘shadow’.

94. Underwood

Underwood has an Old English origin. It means ‘below all the trees in a particular forest’.

95. Villarreal

Villarreal has a Spanish origin, and it means ‘a royal settlement’.

96. Ward

Ward is a topographic surname of Old English or Gaelic origin. It means ‘marsh.’ It is also an occupational surname for ‘civil guard’.

97. Waring

Waring is an English last name meaning ‘guard’.

98. Williams

Williams has an English origin. It means ‘protection’. It is also derived from ‘the son of William’.

99. Yeller

Yeller has a German origin, and it means ‘farmer’.

100. Zumwalt

This German topographic surname refers to someone who lived by the forest.

Classic southern last names show the historical trend of the anglicisation of ethnic surnames by European immigrants to enter the American mainstream. They have been mainly popularised by the characters represented in great TV shows and movies worldwide. Hence, get creative and choose a meaningful Southern surname for your child that would add glory to his personality and represent your family values.

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