Top 60 Names That Mean Fast and Speed For Boys & Girls

60 Names That Mean Fast and Speed For Boys & Girls

The following list the top 60 baby names that mean fast or quick for boys and girls. Your child’s character serves as a constant reminder of the most precious times in their existence.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Fast, Swift & Quick

Here are our top 30 baby boy names meaning quick, which we are sure will make their way into your shortlist: 

1. Ari

This common name for a newborn boy has its origins in Hebrew. Derived from ‘ariy,’ this name signifies lion.

2. Altair

This rare boys’ name has an Arabic origin and means the flying eagle.

3. Aayan

This Hindu name means someone who is fast and takes rapid decisions.

4. Busby

Represents a buzzing humming noise or quick movement of Scottish and English-American origin.

5. Celerino

It is a short name with a Latin origin. It is not often used as a baby boy’s given name.

6. Chapal

It is a short name with its origins in the Sanskrit language. 

7. Citino

It is a Latin name that means ‘sharp thinker.’ It has its origins in the Latin language.

8. Dahy

The name means ‘fast’ in Irish and is used as a first name for newborn boys in the US.

9. Dash

It comes from the fictitious character is a kind young man who is swift.

10. Doocey

Doocey is a quick-witted guy with the English-American origin of the name.

11. Ephah

This rare name means ‘in the air,’ whose origin is Hebrew.

12. Flash 

Is a dazzling boy name, a quick one. The name Flash has an English-American origin.

13. Guayra 

This name of  Native American origin means swift like the wind.

14. Hayato

Hayato means a swift guy. Both its origin and its use can be traced back to Japan. 

15. Java

With its Sanskrit origins, the name means quick. 

16. Lanh

Lanh means the quick-witted one, derived from the Vietnamese language. 

17. Lassiter

It is a name for someone who is quick-witted and is of English-American origin.

18. Motor

Motor is one who is quick. The name is of English-American origin. 

19. Recene 

Quick-witted is an ordinary newborn boy’s name coming from Old English roots.

20. Speedy

Full of speed and darting comes from English roots.

21. Souta

It is a Japanese baby name that means ‘fast and thick.’ Both its origin and use are found in Japan.

22. Sufjan

It means to move quickly, taken from Arabic roots, and is almost seldom used as a baby name.

23. Suri 

This boy’s name originated from Native American-Quechua origins.

24. Swift

It is a name for someone quick and is taken from Old English roots.

25. Teneangopte

It is a Native American baby name reminiscent of a high-flying bird. 

26. Tobikuma

It is a Japanese name that means ‘flying cloud’; its origin and use are found in Japan.

27. Wilny

It means’ eagle was singing while flying,’ a Native American name in origin.

28. Wings

These are appendages that are used for flying. The name is of English origin.

29. Zeki

It is an intellectual and quick-witted Turkish name.

30. Zippy

This is a slang name for fast originated from English.

Baby Girl Names Meaning Fast, Swift & Quick

Here are our top 30 baby girl names meaning fast, which we are sure you will enjoy:

1. Achira

This Latin name means the person who is alert, fast, and prompt to act.

2. Aeola

Derived from Old Greek, the name means ‘changeable, nimble.’

3. Ainia

It means ‘swift’ in Greek and is derived from Old Greek roots.

4. Asvini

This Sanskrit name means ‘one who is practical and fast.’

5. Apce

A Latin baby girl name, meaning a person who learns and adapts quickly and rapidly.

6. Camilla

This Latin name means acolyte, a ceremonial attendant.

7. Deanne

This gorgeous French girls’ name means ‘swift and exquisite.’

8. Dianna

This English-origin name is most renowned for its swiftness.

9. Emer

This Irish name means speedy or ready to go.

10. Fleet

It means ‘fast, reacts promptly and rapidly.’

11. Fleta

It means quick-witted, rapid, and speedy.

12. Flyta

It is a nickname derived from the Latin name ‘Fleta,’ and it has the connotation of ’a hurricane, a rapid runner, and a nimble-footed person.’

13. Gijima

It is a Hindu name that means ’a rapid runner or a nimble-footed person’.

14. Javistha

This distinctive name is for a person who is ambitious, quick to react, and makes judgments quickly

15. Haya

This version of the Hebrew name Chaya means ‘elegant, swift, lively.’

16. Hayase

In the Japanese language, the word means ‘rapid stream.’

17. Kaholo

It means agile in Hawaiian and is used as a newborn girl’s name.

18. Kakama

It is an agile name that originated from Maori roots that is unusual as a newborn girl’s name.

19. Kohana

It is a Hawaiian name that means a person who is a quick learner. 

20. Maira

The meaning of the name is a girl who spreads light, has a pure heart, and is quick.

21. Merlene

It is a name for a fast and energetic person.

22. Meadghbh

It derives from the Celtic language and is perfect for a little girl.

23. Saranyu

It means fast, with the name’s origin being Sanskrit.

24. Saya

It means rapid arrow and is of Japanese origin.

25. Skete

It refers to a person who runs rapidly or makes judgments quickly’ and has English origin.

26. Stella

This name means shooting star and is of Latin origin.

27. Swerfred

This English-origin name is for a swift girl.

28. Trariti

This name is a form of the revered goddess Durga and means an agile or speedy person.

29. Tvarika

This Latin name has become more popular for infant girls, meaning ’a quick learner’.

30. Vanessa

This Latin name refers to a speedy and dreamy butterfly.

We’ve included all of the most innovative and memorable baby girl and boy names meaning swift in the list above. It’s impossible not to be awed by these incredible and well-known individuals.

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