Top 50 Plant Names For Girls With Meanings

50 Plant Names for Baby Girls With Meanings

Plants are fundamental for our survival and well-being. However, they serve more than the obvious purpose of giving us medicine, fuel, and food. The aesthetic quality of plants can inspire parents to look for a suitable name in the natural world. Those who love gardening or spending time taking care of plants may name their child after their favorite plant. Science estimates that there are more than 390,900 plants globally, and each plant has a unique quality about them.
From exotic, bizarre to interesting, plant baby names can be as varied and diverse as the species. Cute plant names have meanings related to plants and plant life. A plant-themed baby name could be perfect for a youngster who has parents who specialize in botany or horticulture. Plant-themed baby names are available in a wide range of styles. From vintage and classic to bold and cool plant names for girls, all these names are super trendy and are sure to catch the attention of new-age parents.
Below is a piece of comprehensive information on plant names for babies that will evoke a sense of innocence, simplicity, and reverence for nature.

50 Best Plant Names for Girls

Plants are not just leafy and green but just as lovable as baby girls. Here is a rounded up of some of the best plant names for girls with meanings that are the best fit for your little future botanist:

1. Acacia

This Greek name means ‘thorny tree.’

2. Ainsley

This Old English name means ‘only hermitage wood or clearing.’

3. Alaque

This native American name means ‘sweet gum tree.’

4. Alivette

This Latin name means ‘Olive Tree”.

5. Alona

This Hebrew name means ‘Oak Tree”.

6. Althea

This name of Hebrew origin means ‘healing herb”.

7. Bay

Bay leaves were used to make the crowns of notable poets, doctors, and warriors. It also means ‘sea inlet’ in English.

8. Bryn

Bryn refers to a ‘hill’ in Welsh.

9. Calendula

Another name for the ‘Marigold’ plant, Calendula means ‘little calendar’ in Latin as it would bloom on the first of every month.

10. Cerise

A variant of ‘cherry,’ Cerise means the same in French.

11. Chloe

Inspired by the name of the indoor plant Kalanchoe, Chloe also means ‘growth’ or ‘blooming’ in Greek. It is also an epithet of the Greek Goddess of agriculture, Demeter.

12. Cicely

Cicely means ‘blind’ in Old English.

13. Chi

Chi signifies a tree branch as per the Vietnamese language.

14. Clemetis

Clematis means ’a climbing plant’ in the Greek language.

15. Daphne

This Italian word means ’a Laurel tree.”

16. Drusilla

This Latin means ‘an Oak tree.’

17. Ela

This Hebrew name denotes ‘an oak tree.’

18. Fennel

Derived from Latin, Fennel means ‘hay.’ This plant was highly prized amongst Ancient Greeks and Romans.

19. Ginepro

Ginepro is the Italian name for the Juniper plant, also a symbol of the Syrian Goddess Ashera.

20. Haruki

This Japanese word indicates ’a springtime tree.’

21. Idra

Idra refers to ‘A fig tree’ in the Hebrew language.

22. Indigo

Indigo means ‘Indian dye’ in Greek. 

23. Jacinda

This Spanish name refers to “the hyacinth plant.”

24. Juniper

Derived from the Latin word Juniperus, it includes junio, which means “youth” or “evergreen.”

25. Leena/Lina

This Arabic word indicates ’a palm tree.”

26. Lowrinda

This German name means ’a Laurel tree.”

27. Lubna

This Arabic word denotes ’a storax tree.”

28. Liv

This popular name comes from the olive plant. Liv also symbolizes ‘life’ in Norwegian and Danish.

29. Makala

Makala means “A myrtle tree” in Hawaii.

30. Miki

Miki means a beautiful tree in the Japanese language.

31. Mirti

Mirta means ‘crown of thorns’ in Greek dialect.

32. Odell

This name of Old English origin means ‘woodhill.’

33. Oleander

This Greek name means ‘everlasting tree’ or ‘evergreen tree.’

34. Ren

Ren means ‘water lily’ in Japanese.

35. Roselle

Roselle is the name of Rose in Latin. It also refers to a hibiscus plant found in several parts of Asia.

36. Sage

This perennial evergreen shrub means ‘wise’ in Latin.

37. Sakura

Sakura means ‘cherry blossom’ in Japanese.

38. Savannah

Savannahs play a vital role in the ecosystem and refer to as “grassland with a few plants or trees” in Spanish.

39. Nikki

This name of Japanese origin means ‘two trees.’

40. Philyra

Philyra indicates ’a lime tree’ in Greek.

41. Phylis

This name of Greek origin refers to ‘greenery.”

42. Petunia

This female name of Latin origin means “Flower From Nightshade Family.” This plant of the nightshade family bears brightly colored funnel-shaped flowers.

43. Rowan

Derived from a Gaelic word, Rowan means “Redberry tree.”

44. Silvia

This name from Italian dialect means ‘Forest.’

45. Taimi

Derived from the Finnish language, Taimi means “sapling.”

46. Tulip

This popular girl name of Turkish origin means “turban” due to the distinctive shape of the Tulip flowers.

47. Verbena

The stylish name has a Spanish and Latin origin, which means ‘sacred foliage.’

48. Willow

The name of English origin means “willow tree” and “freedom.”

49. Yasmin

Yasmin means ‘jasmine’ in Arabic.

50. Zetta

Derived from Hebrew origin, Zetta means symbolizes “an Olive tree.”

The scientific and common labels of plants are rich in meaning that more often than not reveal their history, uses, or myths of a particular species. The therapeutic effect of plants cannot be undermined, especially when you’re surrounded by them in a home or outdoor setting. Moreover, as the world is becoming more ecological, parents are showing their respect to nature by choosing cool and catchy plant-based names that add a certain degree of softness and freshness to their baby’s personality. 

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