Top 55 Hipster Baby Boy Names WIth Meanings

55 Popular Hipster Baby Names for Boys

Looking for some fresh ideas to choose the perfect hipster male names? Check out the cool collection of hip baby boy names listed below.

Unique Hipster Baby Boy Names with Meanings

When you choose a name for your baby, it reveals quite a lot about your personality. In this generation, parents want their kids to stand out from the rest of the crowd, thus choosing a name that is unique and fresh definitely gets your baby the much-needed attention. Here are a few hipster baby boy names that are conventional yet very unique.

Name  Meaning
Ansen Ansen is an Anglo-Saxon name. It is a male name which means ‘son of a nobleman’.
Auden It is a very old name with its roots in English origin. Auden means ‘old friend’. It has a pleasing sound and is made famous by the renowned poet W.H Auden.
Archie With Harry and Meghan naming their first-born son ‘Archie’, it has made its royal connection and would be apt for your baby. A name with a German origin, it means ‘truly brave’.
Asher It is a Jewish name with a biblical reference of being the name of Jacob’s eighth son, by Zilpah. It means ‘blessed and happy’.
August This name has a very interesting history to it. The month, August, got its name from Emperor Augustus which means ‘magnificence or greatness’.
Atticus Atticus has a Latin and Greek origin. It means ‘from Attica’.
Beckett It was originally used as an English surname but now it now it stands out as a given name for a baby boy. Beckett means ‘one who dwells near the brook’.
Bracken Bracken name has an Irish origin and was originally written in Gaelic form as ‘O Breacain’. It means speckled.
Bruno This name shares its history with the German monk, St. Bruno who was the founder of the Carthusian Order. Bruno means ‘brown’.
Byron Byron has an English origin and is derived from the word in Old English known as ‘aet byrum’ or ‘at the cowshed’.
Cobi Cobi has a Hebrew and Hungarian origin. Cobi is a variant of Kobi and means ‘the one who supplants’.
Crew It is a surname originating from Crewe, a town, bordering Wales and England. Crew means ‘chariot’ and has become a unique given name.
Dashiell Derived from the surname “De Chiel”, a French surname, it has become a prominent given name. Dashiell means ‘Page boy’.
Django Made famous by the nickname of guitarist Jean Reinhardt, Django has a Roman origin and means ‘I awake’.
Duke Duke has a royal flair to it. It is a tittle that is granted to English noblemen and absolutely suits your baby boy.
Elvis Elvis has a Scandinavian origin and was the name of the famous singer Elvis Presley. It means ‘all wise’.
Elijah As per biblical reference, this name was borne by a 9th century (B.C.) prophet, who after long years of service was taken to heaven in a fiery chariot. Elijah means ‘Jehovah is God’.
Everett Everett is a variant of Evered. It is a name that has been derived from the Old English word Eoforheard, which means ‘brave as a wild boar’.
Fallon This name has an Irish origin which comes from the Gaellic form, Follamhnus. Fallon means ‘supremacy’.
Finn This name has an Irish origin and is known to be name of the greatest hero in Irish mythology. A brave warrior with mystical powers, Finn was very well noted for his generosity and wisdom. Finn means ‘fair’.
Fitz One of the most unique hipster baby boy names is Fitz. This name has a Scottish origin and means ‘son of’.
Holden Having an English origin, this name is made famous by the hero of the novel “The Catcher in the Rye”, written by J.D. Salinger. It means ‘from the hollows in the valleys’.
Hudson It is originally an Anglo-Scottish surname derived from the personal name Hudde. With three possible origins, the most noted one comes from Hugh which means ‘spirit, mind and heart’.
Hugo This name is taken from both French and German words. Hugo has a mixed origin and is a variant of hugu which means ‘mind, spirit and heart’.
Ignatius Ignatius is known to have originated from the Etruscan or Latin parts of the world. It means ‘the fiery one’.
Jagger Jagger is an interesting name which was first used as a surname to define an occupation. It is derived from the Yorkshire dialect in which the middle word ‘Jag’ means ‘pack or load’. Jagger means a hawker or peddler of goods.
Jasper With strong roots in the Persian history, Jasper means ‘one who brings treasure’.
Kai If you have a love for the sea, choose to name your son Kai. Having a Hawaiian origin, Kai means ‘the sea’.
Kingston Kingston has a pleasing sound and an air of royalty around it. It has an English origin and means ‘from the king’s place’. Give your son’s name a royal touch with Kingston.
Leopold Leopold is the refined version of the Old German name ‘Liutbalt’. It means bold people.
Lionel Lionel is a cute name for a baby boy and means ‘little lion’. It is derived from English surname ‘lion’ and the French suffix ‘el’.
Luca Luca has been derived from the Italian name ‘Luke’. It means ‘one who is from Lucania’ or  ‘one who brings light’.
Magnus The name Magnus was first borne by a saint in the 7th century, a missionary working in Germany. Later during the 11th century, it became popular in Scandinavia when the Norwegian king was named Magnus I. Magnus means ‘the greatest’.
Matteo Derived from the Latin name ‘Matthaeus’ and Greek ‘Matthaios’, Matteo is a cute baby boy name. It means ‘gift from the god’.
Miles This name has a Latin origin and means ‘a soldier’. It is one of the easy to spell and pronounce hipster baby boy names. Miles also means ‘merciful’.
Mikkel Mikkel is a Hebrew baby boy name with a beautiful meaning that suits every child. It means ‘gift from the god’.
Milo Milo has different meanings depending on its place of origins. In Germany, it means ‘mild, calm or peaceful’. From the Old Slavonic origins Milo is derived from the word ‘Milu’ which means merciful.
Moses Moses has a rich history associated with its name. As per the Bible, the pharaoh’s daughter draws out Moses from the Nile and helps him get adopted in the royal family. It means ‘son’ in Egyptian.
Mordechai This name has a Hebrew origin and means ‘warrior’. Mordechai is also known as the worshipper of Marduk, a Babylonian deity.
Nix Nix is an Anglicized variant of the Gaelic name Mac Nioceais. It simply means ‘son or boy of Nicholas’.
Orlando Orlando is derived from the Italian name ‘Roland’ which means ‘fame’ and ‘land’ in German. One of the most uncommon names, Orlando means ‘one who is famous in the whole land’ and is apt for your baby.
Oscar Having an English and Irish origin, Oscar means ‘deer-lover’, ‘God spear’ or ‘champion warrior’.
Ottis Ottis has a German origin and sounds very pleasant. It means ‘fortune’ or ‘wealth’.
Otto Otto is derived from the shorter variants of Audo, odo and Udo. It has a German origin. The name Odo was borne by the Son of Uro, who was the courtier of Sigebert III, in the 7th century. Otto means ‘wealth and prosperity’.
Prince The name Prince itself stands out as a royal name. With a  Latin origin it means ‘king’s son’. It also denotes ‘the first one’.
Ray Ray is the shorter version of Raymond and is widely used as an independent given name. It means ‘a beam of radiance or light’.
Roman The name Roman has its origin in the Latin Language and the Roman Empire. It is coined from the word “Romanus” in Latin, which means ‘One who belongs to Rome’.
Roscoe Uncommon and rustic, Roscoe will surely be a head turner. It is a combination of the Norse words “ra and skogr” and means ‘deer-wood’.
Rufus In the olden days, a lot of saints bore this name and it was also the nickname of William II Rufus, who was the king of England. Rufus means ‘red-haired’. Since the king had red hair, he was named Rufus.
Ryder This name is taken from the Old English name “Ridere” which means ‘the mounted warrior’ or ‘the knight’. It is perfect for a brave little boy.
Sebastian Sebastian means ‘one who is from Sebastia’, a well known city in Pontus, derived from the Greek name Sebastos which means ‘revered’.
Sullivan Sullivan is the improvised English name derived from the Irish name ‘Suilleabhain’. It means ‘hawk-eyed or dark-eyed’.
Tate Tate is a short and sweet name that would be just perfect for your baby. It has a Norse origin and means ‘cheerful’.
Tennyson Widely used during the 19th century, this hipster baby name was borne by the famous poet Lord Tennyson. With its roots in the English origin, Tennyson means ‘one who is the son of Dennis’.
Theo Theo is a name with Greek origins, it means ‘divine gift’.  One popular hipster male name.

With a baby arriving soon, it is surely going to be too much work taking care of the newborn. Give yourself and your partner ample time to be ready with the perfect name for your little bundle of joy with this comprehensive and trendy list of cute names for baby boys.

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