Moses Name Meaning

  • Name :moses
  • Meaning :born of god,born of yahweh; rescued from the water,delivery of water,which drags moses how a young man by the name is pronounced, the ministry of health-ziz. it is of hebrew origin, and the meaning of moises is "saviour". it is also possible (in hebrew) "drawn out of water". biblically: the name of the hebrew child was moved from the nile and adopted by the egyptians by the pharaoh's daughter. moses later became the great leader of the exiled children of israel. moses ben maimon (12th century), also known as maimonides, was a jewish scholar born in moorish spain. he was the personal physician of saladin, the sultan of egypt, and was famous for his writings in hebrew and in arabic), in logic, mathematics, medicine, law and theology jewish. the name of moses, which was accepted by the puritanern in the 17th century. the nineteenth century, and especially in jewish families. the israeli defense minister moshe dayan.
  • Gender :Boy

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